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#1 Jul 22, 2008
I noticed over my past three visits that the Choctaw Casino has become greedy and selfish as their machines pay nothing since they have replaced them all with brand new machines. I though Winstar Casino was the biggest rip off in Oklahoma but I believe the Choctaw Casino will be right up there with them before long.

They are going to find themselves like the Shreveport and Bossier City Casinos driving all their business away.


#2 Jul 23, 2008
Lost your ass and gonna cry on the interweb about it.Get a life loser.Very few come out ahead gambling.


#3 Oct 6, 2008
Ha ha ha I got your laughing hanging


#4 Oct 11, 2008
Yeah but choctaw casino has got your money hanging and believe me they are laughing at both of us.
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Celina, TX

#5 Oct 27, 2008
When the Indians start new construction, the machines get plenty tight. With all the money made from casinos and concerts, you would think the government would cut the welfare checks to the tribes. Classic case of double dipping.


Since: Oct 08

Big B

#6 Nov 3, 2008
seems like none of yall know the ins and outs of a casino. What the hell does construction have to do with the machines?? The machines get reset at a specific time every other day.
And if their was welfare checks for the Native Americans, where the hell is mine?Sorry no food stamps here!!

Kansas City, MO

#7 Nov 3, 2008
Durant isn't nothing but a welfare town. That's why there is so much crime in that town. Durant it self is a nice place to live. I think the scum need to get off their dead beat butts and get a job, then maybe, just maybe that will help out the economy. Durant's economy has alot of good potential. The city officials have done an excellent job on bringing in new jobs, now listen up welfare reciepiants, GO LOOK FOR A JOB AND QUIT READING THIS POST!!!!!
Somone who knows

Durant, OK

#8 Nov 5, 2008
well first of all. how about u stop gambling all the time... second houw about all the big buisness places who make millions and millions a year? i dont see u complain about that?? why dont u go and do somthing more usfull and complain to the tobacco compainies or better yet the slaughter of the rain forest in order to make the paper u used to pre write the post u just left?? how about that? stop dogging the choctaw casino, and all the other casinos that have sucessfully made a growing buisness....
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Quinlan, TX

#9 Nov 5, 2008
The coming Depression should take care of fools like me who give their money away.


#10 Nov 11, 2008
The tobacco companies slaughtered the rain forest?Why wasn't I told about this?If anyone on this earth "pre writes" an internet post on a piece of paper it should be you,SOMEONE WHO KNOWS.I got kinda dizzy trying to decipher that shit.Is that choctaw shorthand or what?
wake up

Durant, OK

#11 Dec 8, 2008
look the choctaw casino has gotten greedy and the day is coming when that greed will catch up with them. they make millions off of the choctaw heritage. naming the casino choctaw the smoke shops choctaw billboards choctaw and believe it or not they dont give that money to the choctaws they take for themselves. i feel sorry for the choctaw ppl they get exploited and blamed and for what b/c you see the choctaw heritage used as a name brand choctaw ppl do not recieve checks for any of the money made by the casino's...

Woodward, OK

#12 Dec 11, 2008
I would like to know where all the money goes? I think its into the pockets of the choctaw nation chief and his buddies. Almost all of their "help" to their people, like housing assistance and even the Choctaw Nation Hospital in Talihina is from FEDERAL grant money. I think they should take they money and start writing checks to the people of the actual choctaw nation tribe. Start with the full bloods and go on down the line.

Arlington, TX

#13 Dec 19, 2008
If you are planning a gambling night my advise is go to Las Vegas - you can get great deals on plane tickets and hotel room if you book it yearly or check last minute deals - go to the real deal - Don’t go to Choctaw casino it is a huge tent with VGT slots (if you don’t know what that means these are slots that may never pay - everybody’s money can come out from one slot that keeps jackpotting all night long to the same person playing it and the rest of the slots are collecting and paying to that one slot) enough for the slots now the poker room is small and they don’t have big poker games you can waste time playing 1$-2$ if you are into that -the other gambling activity they have is blackjack (which costs you 50 cents a hand to play-I never heard of that before - only in Indian reservation) they don’t have crap tables they don’t have roulette tables they don’t have baccarat or Caribbean poker ,and also this is the Casino with the most complaints ,and paying the most fees to the gambling commission – if your intent is not gambling but a nice resort relaxed weekend this is not the place either – don’t get fooled the hotel isn’t luxury it is more motel 6 ,the rooms stink and the view is terrible it is either highway view or truck stop view don’t think you can upgrade to top floor sweet ,the building architecture is ugly too if you don’t believe me just Google Choctaw casino pictures. The other thing people like to do when they are on vacation is shopping – forget about it – no shopping center or mall around –you can go to the truck stop get a cowboy hat or you can spend some money buying junk like key chains from the casino’s gift shop big foot by 2 – if you are smoker cigarettes will cost you 7$. Something else a lot of people like doing when on vacation is have a drink at a bar and relax or go clubbing – I am sorry to say it but again forget about it too- Indian reservation does not serve fire water – surprise surprise no drinking - even beer – all you ‘bad’‘bad’ people that like to have 1 drink and enjoy the night it is not your resort. Ok, now other think – if you don’t drink pop or watered up coffee you will have to go to the truck stop – fancy ha?! Did I forget to mention no fine dining either unless hotdog and turkey burger can be considered so. For those of you that want salad or soup you won’t get it there. If despite all of that you decide to go there my advise is don’t pack anything fancy -jeans and t-shirt is perfect – this is the kind of casino that is filled up with local people that rolled off bad with their pajamas and went across the street to spend their paycheck. If you put on your new dress and your fancy shoes people are more likely to stare at you – and I don’t blame them – it will look like you went to change your oil in tuxedo. Just trying to tell you this is not Vegas Wild nights atmosphere there – just simple local people and old couples going broke at the slots. And at the end your friends will want to see pictures from City of lights not from Bigfoot truck stop .

Arlington, TX

#14 Dec 19, 2008
I play at the high limit room and just to let you know where your money went I would like to inform you that on December 18 Thursday 2008 between 6 to 12 at night they paid over 250,000 $ with the jackpots to 3 people roughly 60 000$ a person – I saw it you can ask the guys that give the jackpots – they paid each of those people at least 7 different jackpots between 5,000 to 40,000$-7-11 jackpots a person while the other side of the room never jackpotted all to those to 3 people - they gave them over 30 jackpots – I have seen it before every couple months they pick people to pay them off amazingly the same people hit over and over not on the same machine either – I had myself one of those nights but it wasn’t December 18 though  All I can imagine is they have to pay off money before they get audited – My advise to all of you is they empty the machines and they are not going to pay again like this soon Don’t play for a while people –they are going to collect next – It is not brain surgery they have to have money in order to pay and they just paid 250,000 at least that I saw in a couple hours who knows how many more they paid – Don’t play give it a rest enjoy yourselves and your family don’t go there for a while.

Arlington, TX

#15 Dec 19, 2008
Indian casinos need to pay tax to US government just like I do– especially in these economy crisis and especially if they make more money than Vegas casinos - if they expect the US Army to protect them if something happens they need to pay too–pay the taxes you greedy asses – the law should be changed – if you call yourself American you should agree with me – they have more rights and protection then the poor people risking life and health in Iraq – pisses me off

Arlington, TX

#16 Dec 19, 2008
I was gambling all last week playing 25$ machines and I notice a fat mexican guy and his girlfriend getting paid all week anything they want It looked to me kind of crooked check on them next time you go there they paid them a 100,000$ in 3 days I wonder if they were one of those 3 people that got paid on Thursday. It almost looks to me they pick people to pay I know it is out there this suggestion but the way they paid them all week looked incredible I was watching this old lady loosing money thousands and thousands of $ and they come behind her and first push hits 20,000$ you cant convince me the lady was 1 push away after 6 hours playing something stinks there lately –they used to play differently seem to me.

Woodward, OK

#17 Jan 2, 2009
Choctaw Casino is tight as a drum right now and yes prolly because of the new construction...hey gambling is a recreational activity if you can afford it, which I can, but I can still complain the machines are to tight.
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Blue Ridge, TX

#18 Jan 5, 2009
Winstar has a million dollar winner, Choctaw has a $2,009.00 winner on New Year.

United States

#19 Feb 13, 2009
I totally agee with you. I am not crying over loosing money but I do agree that most macines do not pay out very often or very much like they use to when they first opened. I guess they just paid out when they first started to get everybody hoooked. Most people I know use to win enough to aleast keep you playing for a little while and now the machines will eat up your money fast. I just wonder if they have been investigated or reported to the gaming commision.
dennisg40 wrote:
I noticed over my past three visits that the Choctaw Casino has become greedy and selfish as their machines pay nothing since they have replaced them all with brand new machines. I though Winstar Casino was the biggest rip off in Oklahoma but I believe the Choctaw Casino will be right up there with them before long.
They are going to find themselves like the Shreveport and Bossier City Casinos driving all their business away.


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#20 Feb 13, 2009
Choctaw Casino is dumb. They need to not make so many casinos, and gas stations and fix the nearby highway. It has been like that for decades and nothing will ever be done about that. The extra traffic caused by the Casino just makes it worse. I don't gamble. If I did, I would never make the Choctaw Indians richer.

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