Illegal immigration and schools

Illegal immigration and schools

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#1 Dec 16, 2008
What has been the effect of illegal immigration and your schools? It costs taxpayers $9,420 per student for education in Wake County, how many illegals can afford this?
Kathy Amick

United States

#2 Jan 4, 2009
I no longer live in Franklinville, when I did there were no Hispanics there at all. One girl in the whole Franklinville Jr High School. Franklinville is a really small town with one street light as far as I can remember. I now live in Dallas tx. We should call it Mexico. Mostly Hispanic. I dont even regcogize my own country anymore as the Hispanics have taken most of it over and have made it a two language state,
Spasnish being the one they would like recognized as the primary language. Sad isnt it?

Chapel Hill, NC

#3 Jan 5, 2009
Might be that way in TX, but it's that way all over!

When I went to high school there were 3 or 4 in my entire school. When the class pictures came out at the end of the year for the graduating class; they're printed in the Chatham News. Last year, there were more hispanics than any other nationality.

And now my kids are being made to learn spanish. I don't think that's fair at all.

Since: Jun 08

Bailey, NC

#4 Jan 11, 2009
You know that you can not blame the Hispanics. You have to blame the State, If I knew that I could go to another country and find work that paid better than where I was living and NO TAXES were taken out, or I could get on Welfare and Food stamps, free health care and basically live here for free why wouldn't I. Wouldn't You? But, as far as being made to learn a new language in school I remember we had to learn one to pass the 12 grade also, whether it be Spanish, French, Latin or Etc. So why not pick the one that is going to benefit them the most now..Because the Hispanics are not leaving this Country not now not ever...I mean Hell would you?...Some are good people, I would ever go as far as saying that some are great, but you do have some that drink to much and drive and hurt people and then we have to support them in prison, but guess what so does the Whites and the Blacks...So if you want to send all the bad Hispanics away, send with them the bad blacks and the whites..But everyone deserves an education, every child no matter what color they are..True it may not be fair but, these are innocent kids that you are talking about....You say it cost $9,420 to send a Hispanic child to school and what Hispanic could afford this, well right now with the economy what black or white could afford that...

Chapel Hill, NC

#5 Jan 13, 2009
You know... Jenny, it's that attitude "Wouldn't you" that has allowed this country to be bought out by these people. Too many are taking advantage of those who ask to be taken advantage of.

I can blame the hispanics... If they'd learn English before they came or shortly after... my kids would have been allowed to choose; Spanish, French or whatever. But no... they're pushing Spanish.

Everyone may deserve an education, but I shouldn't have to pay for it. Our health care systems shouldn't have to bear the burden of their; what's a nice way to put this... lack of self control in the reproduction section...

There's your difference; Legals (black, white, hispanic, whatever) know how many children they can afford or at least can't get help from the State, county, whatever... illegals... they're eating the medicaid and county systems up with all their kids. And why shouldn't they? We're paying for them.

I would love to have more kids; could I afford more: no. So we solved that problem.
SC -til I die

Lillington, NC

#6 Jan 13, 2009
To Born and Raised: In this day, people have to have someone to blame everything on. With you and USA Legal Citizen, hispanics are the scapegoats now. According to people like you, illegals are the cause of terrorism, diseases, gangs, taxes, identity fraud, healthcare downfall, economic downturn, job shortages, etc. Shame on them for causing all of this upheaval in the USA! Have you ever thought about it like this? It's mainly the so-called legal citizens--white, black, hispanic, asian, etc. that have a no-work ethic, screw the system ethic, take what we can get ethic, criminally-minded, and had rather not work than take lower pay so corporations can stay in business. Not to say this is the reason that the USA is in the shape it is in, but it has a hand in it. Talking about self-control, evidently you are blinded by your prejudiced ways and have not taken notice of the whites, blacks, etc. that we are also supporting. Since when did they quit getting help from the state. We must live in different states. I live in North Carolina! I'm glad to say I live in North Carolina because no child is left behind. Each child, whether it be white, black, hispanic, etc. has the same opportunity for an education. I would give anything if I had the opportunity to take Spanish in my grade school years.
USALegalCitizenN onAlien

Carthage, NC

#7 Jan 14, 2009
back to the root of the problem (to whomso ever it may concern on here or anywhere) illegal is still Illegal......any way you paint must agree with breaking laws if you agree with what the illegals are doing..its just called breaking the law does that bother you people who take up for others who break the law and seemingly get away with it? Like i said if they come over here legally fine,all are welcome,to my opinion, if not they who-ever they are, are breaking the laws,we have to abide by the law,why do you people justify their wrongdoing...and call it ok..? its not ok.For you who said in a note before this...all who taking up for the law breaking illegals who ever they are you are either a illegal or married to one,and or your just a law breaker yourself...i hope you get caught also in your wrong doings...he who takes up for all belong in one place. Jail...Prison....locked up,thats where most law breakers the way, your from the USA should know that much!Like I said you who-ever you are if your taking up for a illegal who ever they are..your either one of them or your married to one...both of you need to be locked up,if you love the illegals and what they are doing,why don't you and them go back where you came from and break their laws...fill their us all a favor..that's my final answer to whomsoever it may concern on here or anyone that reads it.
descended from immigrants

Kirkland, WA

#8 Jan 15, 2009
people are people so why should it be ,you and I should get along so awfully.>>>.Do the paperwork, wait your turn,pay the fees,become a US citizen,reap the rewards.
Big Sister

Greensboro, NC

#9 Jan 22, 2009
It seems to me not to only be il;legal, it is also one big LIE. They are not doing jobs Americans do not want. They are hired for the jobs we are laid off from or just can't get because the employers do not want to pay their half of our S.S., pensions, taxes, etc. And they can get the il'legals to work for less because they draw more without these things being deducted from their pay. My husband is a construction worker, out against the elements in all weather, but most of the buildings he builds will not hire American maintnance men, a job coveted by construction workers, custodians, etc. The inside work goes to the illegals. Retail? Resteraunts, even fast food? You all try to shop and eat out. How many of you guys have trouble getting the countermen, and some managers, to understand what car parts you need at your local parts stores? This is NOT work that is too tough for our Americans who build skyscrapers, mine coal, and have been tough enough to make it through all climates. Who are our lumberjacks? Our sawmill workers? American mill workers were just fine until the mills found a cheaper way. Coleman Cable even supplied them SS cards. Of course, they had to close down first. Darn right they got caught. So as my fellow American so eloquently put it, whoever it concerns, you are not doing jobs we will not. You are being duped to keep from paying benefits you should and would have a right to, IF you were legal. And the 1 or 2 kids Americans can afford speaks for itself, when we see you and your croud in Walmart. My son had to pay 5000.00 up front for my grandaughter bc he and his wife work legal. By the way, get control of those you have before making more. Know where they are and what they are doing when you take them out. If you can't watch them all at once, time to quit. Children are God's gift to us and mean people are taking them away daily and no child deserves what is happeneng. Watch over those little angels God has blessed you with.

Chapel Hill, NC

#10 Jan 24, 2009
SC til I die... Guess what? I'm not blaming illegals for everything... just what I see everyday! Like Big Sister said... if you come here and have kids; then you pay your way. You don't get to ride the coat-tails of other tax-paying, law abiding citizens!
And as for your "no work ethic" comment... I have every right to state my opinions BECAUSE of my work ethic. I work more than 60 hours a week (and my week is only paid for 40 hours, no comp time, no nothing). I'm salary. Could I go home after I've made my 40 hours, sure. Do I? NO, I don't. I have a job to do and it'll get done whether I'm being paid or not.
Bottom line; if you can't read the sign, learn ENGLISH. People hiring illegals should be fined and charged with everything possible. Maybe if the governments cracked down on both sides... we may see some changes. Do I think it'll happen? Nope. Too many ritzy areas are benefiting from cheap labor.

Since: Nov 08

United States

#12 Feb 18, 2009
I suggest anyone desiring more knowledge on the cost illegal immigration has to American’s, especially hard working North Carolina taxpayers, need to Google, The Costs of Illegal Immigration to North Carolinians [ ws2/1938790790?page=NewsArticl e&id=19723&security=16 01&news_iv_ctrl=1761 ]
In 2007, it was estimated NC 400,000 illegal aliens live here at a conservative estimate of $1.1 billion dollars; however, this is only for the medical, education (K-12), and incarceration costs; all which are drastically low in their estimates. It does not address other costs such as the amount of money that is sent to other countries thus it takes away from our economy. People need to base decisions on facts, not feel good emotions. This is why America is BROKE! What is going to happen when our government cannot send out social security checks? What happens to those who honorably served in the military and receives a retirement check? How about retired civilian workers on retirement? What happens when the government cannot pay states for Medicare and Medicaid? America is broke, think about it. Think what is going to happen when we lose our AAA bond rating and it costs us much, much, more for interest on our loans.

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