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Morning Dew

Hickman, KY

#1 May 11, 2008
Does anyone know the principals at Sikeston Public SChools? I heard the one at the Alternative School is a real jerk according to some people and then I have heard from others that he cooks for them, lets them leave early and it is one big happy family??? I have a friend that thought about going over there and then changed her mind because she was told that the teachers over there are rejects from the other schools??

Arnold, MO

#2 May 11, 2008
Morning Dew,
Let me start off by saying I am one of those "rejects" from one of the other schools. I started out at a different elementary school and transferred to the Alternative School. The transfer was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have never had a job that made me so happy before. I actually look forward to going to work every day. One of the reasons I love the job so much is my students. We handle the students that the other teachers, you know the ones that aren't rejects, simply could not handle. And not only do we handle them, we love them, teach them, and nurture them. Another reason I love the job is because of my co-workers. Yes, we actually are one big happy family. Instead of the back-stabbing and bickering that often occurs on a job site, we laugh together, cry together and grow together as teachers. So if that makes us rejects, then at least we excell at something. Finally, yes I love my job because of my principal. He does cook for us, and he does let us go early occasionally. But that is not the only thing that makes him a phenomenal boss. He truly cares about his staff. Recently my father was in the hospital and was not doing very well. And my principal, the one that some people say is a real jerk, was by my side. He is compassionate and understanding. He supports us educationally and emotionally. Yes, he can be tough, but only when he needs to strengthen us. So your friend who changed her mind, let her know she missed out on the best opportunity of her life. Us "rejects" have a philosophy at the alternative school: "Let's keep quiet about how great this place is so only a select few people join our family." I guess that philosophy served us well this time.
Wish I were there

Columbia, MO

#3 May 12, 2008
I teach at Sikeston High School and have long wanted to teach at the Alternative school. The teachers there have a sense of comraderie that we do not have in our many separate buildings here. They are a team and the reason they are a team is their principal. The students feel the same way, last year at graduation over 50 of the students who graduated were from New Horizons, the alternative school. Every one of those students stopped and either hugged or shook hands with their principal because they would not have graduated without the extra attention they received at the alternative school.

Columbia, MO

#4 May 12, 2008
I am a teacher at Sikeston Public Schools and my best friend works at the alternative school and I can tell you from conversations with that teacher THEY ARE NOT A HAPPY FAMILY. There is a lot or harassment and intimidation that takes place there. I have known other teachers that taught there, and they are no longer with the school district because of the treatment they received there. He constantly degrades the staff, then he will cook them something to make up for it. Most of the staff is retired teachers that only teach a couple days a week, and the rest are either 1st year teachers or teachers that can not make it in the regular schools. The Alternative School is NOT for any teacher that wants to be treated with respect. Word of advice to any teacher thinking about transferring to the Alternative School: THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL IS A CAREER KILLER BEWARE.
Wish I were there

Columbia, MO

#5 May 12, 2008
anonymous doesn't really know the alternative school.
anonymous 2

Columbia, MO

#6 May 12, 2008
Obviously you are ashamed of your comments or you would post your name. What school do you work for in the district? Does your principal support you the way the teachers have said the principal at the alternative school supports them? I myself have worked in an alternative setting before. I know for a fact that not only can the teachers "make it" in the regular school, but they can out teach most any teacher in the district. Those teachers have to handle discipline issues, emotional issues, and academic issues and still teach the same lessons that the "regular" schools must teach. If you are happy in your job, hooray for you, but that doesn't mean you have to belittle other people. It is a scary thing to think that an educator that is resposible for molding young children could be so narrow minded and judgemental.

Columbia, MO

#7 May 12, 2008
I fully agree with anonymous 2. If you are happy at your job, great stay there and do something productive, teach our children what they need to know. Leave those of us who are happy at the alternative school alone to enjoy our little slice of heaven.

Hickman, KY

#8 May 12, 2008
I am a teacher at the Sikeston Alternative School and can say their are good teachers there so I don't know about not making it in the regular school, but I do agree with anonymous about the principal. It is not a slice of heaven. Actually it is the worst place I have ever taught. The principal has made several of the teachers cry because the way he has talked to them. He is a very negative hateful person. He is rude and has no respect for anyone. Unlike other principals that stop by classrooms to peek in, he has to make a grand entrance and interrupt the whole class. If you try to continue teaching without making a big deal about him stopping by you will suffer the consequences. He is constantly talking to teachers about other teachers to cause conflict between them. So to someday I am glad you are happy there, you are one of the few. Next time he says something to you negative about another teacher before you respond remember he is probably saying the same thing about you to someone else.

Since: Mar 08

Eureka, MO

#9 May 12, 2008
Who is the principle over there?

Hickman, KY

#10 May 12, 2008
Lynn Crader
He used to teach at high school. He is a big guy with red hair. His wife is a Spanish teacher at high school.

Hickman, KY

#11 May 12, 2008
Sounds like "Wish I were there" may be his wife!ahahahahah

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#12 May 13, 2008
I actually attend New Horizons, whose principal is Lynn Crader. The alternative school, is a completely separate item, from New Horizons. However, it is all an alternative method of regaining credits and learning. The teachers we have ARE NOT "rejects from other schools." Actually, if you must know, the majority of them are retired, or semi-retired. Maybe you should check your facts before starting some forum on a website that all the alternative teachers know about? Our principal is very unfair on some issues, I will say that. But I've yet to see someone get the nerve to have something done about it. If anything could be done, that is. We have amazing teachers, and I can tell you, if it wasn't for those teachers, some of these kids we have here, wouldn't make it. They wouldn't graduate, and have a shot at college. I know if I for one wasn't attending,(and I attend to make up credits from being sick, not disciplinary issues) I probably would be trying to get a G.E.D instead of an actual in-school diploma. We go to New Horizons because we need that little extra push, that extra help to help us forward and be productive with our lives. So we have a crappy principal. Do other people in the world not have crappy bosses?
P.S. "anonymus" I for one, and a great deal of other kids, treat our teachers with respect. Some kids just haven't been taught, and I would like to thank our teachers for having the patience to teach some of us that. I must say, it's too bad nobody taught our principal a lesson in respect. A side note though, learn to spell before you post something on an international website.=]

Hickman, KY

#13 May 13, 2008
You made some very good points and you are right about the teachers there. But I think what Anonymous and Truth are saying is that the principal makes it very hard on the teachers there, and he has made a lot of good teachers quit because of the way he treats people. I know from 1st hand experience that he does degrade his staff and he does make the working environment very poor. He treats people like trash (including the students) then he thinks by popping corn or cooking out it makes everything ok (IT DOESN’T). Where does that money he spends come from?(School budget) He should be spending that money for the students. I have seen the teachers crying from the way he talks to them. He never has a word of encouragement for the teachers, only negative things come out of his mouth. He does try to turn the teachers against each other by telling things that were told to him in confidence. He loves it when a teacher comes to him complaining about another teacher. He enjoys all the drama all the time. And the students are treated the same way. Two students may be sent to his office for the exact same infraction one gets suspended 3 days the other gets to go back to class. People have tried to do something about him, but the board office turns a deaf ear. I know for a fact there are at least 4 staff members that are not coming back to the Alternative center because of him. All of which are exceptional in their fields. He is vindictive, manipulative, arrogant disrespectful, and has no character as a person. And every teacher there should get extra pay to have to put up with him.
anonymous 3

United States

#14 May 13, 2008
From my experience at the school I can tell you that the principal is less than perfect. You never know what kind of mood he is going to be in or how he is going to react to a situation, he likes to surprise us. We definitely do eat at school. I believe the funding for that comes out of ‘petty cash’(Thanks, taxpayers!). He turns people against each other at school and gets them to backstab each other. He definitely likes drama and gossip. He likes to be the center of attention and thrives on others acknowledging his position of authority. He has his favorites in the building; ignoring some and pampering others. His methods of discipline are erratic. The same behavior might be punished in different ways and levels of severity (depending on his mood, I guess). He doesn’t do everything by the ‘principal handbook’ as he should. His idea of how a classroom should be run is a little ‘off’ at times. Personally, I don’t have a problem with him, but some do. Either you like him or you don’t, I mean, either HE likes YOU or he doesn’t (if not, he makes your life hell). As for one big happy family, the staff gets along pretty well I think -- We run to each other’s classrooms if we hear someone screaming! ;) The students here get ‘extra attention’ because they are behaviorally and/or socially challenged and can’t function in a regular classroom appropriately. I can also say that he has made the majority of the staff cry. He just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. His ‘jokes’ are demeaning to the staff and he does it often. Perhaps it makes him feel more of a man...
teacher X

Hickman, KY

#15 May 13, 2008

Since I don't like drama, I will tell you in a few, short, simple , words. 99.9 % of the people that were talked into going to the Alternative School thought it was great for several months.
We then discovered that Lynn Crader was like Jeckle and Hyde. I will tell you, as I was told, "You had to find out for yourself". It won't take you much longer unless you like the game he plays. A few of the women do!
teacher X

Hickman, KY

#16 May 13, 2008
Wish I Were There,

I wish you were too! Sounds like you two dorks need each other! It would probably be in the best interest of the high school to get rid of you!
dont know

Arnold, MO

#17 May 14, 2008
I too work at the Alternative school and I shared someday's opinion of Mr. Crader for the first several months. Then I got tired of all the sexually innappropropriate jokes, racist jokes, and mood swings. Many people believe he is bipolar. I found that the teachers there are wonderful. The support staff is wonderful. Mr.Crader is an ass. If you flirt back, talk about other teachers with him, and kiss his ass by buying him things, you will get along great. But the moment you don't do those things, look out. Your job will be in jeopardy.
concerned 5

Hickman, KY

#18 May 14, 2008

You made some excellent points . You hit the nail on the head when you stated, "If something could be done". Countless complaints have been addressed to the administration at Central Office.
As you can see, nothing has been done. It is very sad for the teachers, staff, and students. Thanks for your insight. You must be an excellent student!
teacher x

Hickman, KY

#19 May 14, 2008
don't know,

All I can say to your comments are, Amen!
I totally agree with you!

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#20 May 14, 2008
One of those instances where Crader's ruling was a bit off: Say you have one student, who doesn't miss school, has straight A's, and is late a third time. This student gets detentions or a something odd hundred word report. You have another student, who is called to the office for the same infraction, has a history of being in trouble, failing grades, multiple absences, and drug related issues, and what does this student get? A smile and an alarm clock. Please tell me how this makes students actually want to go to school with a good attitude? If we hear about how unfair things are, aren't me more apt to just not care about what happens since we think our "judging" will be biased anyway? We get more grief for being a minute late in the morning than if we'd just not shown up at all. And yet they wonder why attendance sinks so low...

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