berzerkers and odin worship
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Lakewood, CA

#83 Sep 20, 2012
honest wrote:
"All About Odinism- Your Questions answered."
There is a drawing of a hammer, that resembles an upside down capital letter "T"
The bottom lines follow that symbol.
From the literature we can see that Odinists in ancient times incorporated this symbol into their liturgies, using representations of it to hallow new-bom children, to bless wedded couples and to sanctify the funeral pyres of the dead. We also read of the sign of the Hammer being used to consecrate libations offered to the gods; and it was frequently worn as an amulet or pendant, many such finds having been discovered by archaeologists. It is, above all, a sign of divine protection and hallowing, by which we demonstrate that we have become allies of the Æsir in their struggle against the forces of chaos.

Odinists also nowadays often sign themselves with the sign of the Hammer in the course of celebrating their rituals. This is done by clenching the right hand in a fist (indicating strength and determination), raising it to the forehead, and then tracing the sign of Miollnir, in the shape of an upside-down 'T', by moving the fist, first, to the sternum, the mid-point of the chest, and then to right breast, and then to the left breast, while reciting the words:'In the name of the Æsir: and of the Vanir: and of all the Powers: of Asgarth.' The symbolism of this action can be explained as follows: Showing strength and determination, I shall honour the gods with all my mind (indicated by the forehead) and with all my heart (the sternum), from the rising of the sun (that is, from my earliest years), which is indicated by the East (i.e. the right-hand side, when facing towards the sacred point of the North), until the setting of the sun (that is, until my dying day), which is indicated by the West to the left.

Lakewood, CA

#84 Sep 20, 2012
honest wrote:
Odinism Ideaology, Practice, and Customs
<< Beliefs:

As said before, Odinists beliefs come from the works of Snorri Sturlusson. In relation to belief’s, these particularly come from the Elder Edda and the Prose Edda. It is important to again note that the original Vikings did not have access to these books, so their views of the spiritual world, names for Gods, and cosmology could have been different from Snorri Sturlusons representation.

First and foremost, Odinists are polytheistic. They believe in the three main groups of deities as described by Viking Literature:

Aesir - the gods of the tribe or clan, representing kingship, order, craft, etc.(incl. Odin and Thor) Vanir - gods of the fertility of the earth and forces of nature (incl. Freyr and Freyja) Jotnar - giant-gods who are in a constant state of war with the Aesir, representing chaos and destruction.

The four main deities that are worshipped by contemporary Odinists include:

Odin (Germanic Woden)- god of magic, poetry, riches and the dead; ruler of Valhalla (gave his name to Wednesday) Thor - sky god who wields a hammer, controls the weather, and protects the law and the community (gave his name to Thursday) Freyr - fertility god represented with a phallic statue and seen as the founder of the Swedish royal dynasty Freyja - fertility goddess of love and beauty, sister of Freyr, known by many names (including Frigg, Odin's wife and patron of families, who gave her name to Friday)

Other deities also exist, but they may not be worshipped as exlusively as the previous four by modern odinists.

Njord - father of Freyr and Freyja, god of ships, sea and lakes Tyr (Germanic Tiu)- god of battle, sacrifice, and justice (gave his name to Tu

Lakewood, CA

#85 Sep 20, 2012
This is also from.the above link. Folkish Odinists are more serious about their faith and see it as reviving their connection to their fellow community. Because of this, they believe you must be a descendent of the Norse bloodline to be a part of their faith. While this may be used by white supremacists to bolster themselves above other cultures, the average Odinist advocates that while you must belong to the Norse or Germanic bloodline, they do not necessarily discriminate against other races or faiths. They simply believe that each respective bloodline has its own pagan faith to practice. For a Germanic person to practice Native American spirituality or a Native American to practice Odinism seems illogical to them.

Lakewood, CA

#86 Sep 20, 2012
So, it's ok for berzerkers to associate with other races just for social purposes. But, if you are not of Norse or GERMANIC bloodline, you cannot be a "berzerker."

Caldwell, ID

#89 Nov 5, 2012

Tucson, AZ

#90 Nov 5, 2012
dumb wrote:

Tucson, AZ

#91 Nov 5, 2012

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