Rape reported from Shreveport Church

Rape reported from Shreveport Church

There are 23 comments on the KSLA-TV Shreveport story from Aug 4, 2010, titled Rape reported from Shreveport Church. In it, KSLA-TV Shreveport reports that:

SHREVEPORT, LA An alleged rape of a child is reported from a Shreveport church. Police say they were called out to Calvary Baptist church on Linwood last Monday, where a 14 year old reportedly raped an 8 year old during a summer camp.

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safe nowhere

Shreveport, LA

#1 Aug 4, 2010
guess our kids or not safe anywhere even at a church

Toledo, OH

#2 Aug 4, 2010
safe nowhere wrote:
guess our kids or not safe anywhere even at a church
Your right because nobody watches the kids. It's all about the public image ohhhh yes they are so good they have summer camp for kids yipppeeeee hoooray. How about you watch the kids instead of screwing off or giving head in the bathroom or something this is a simple process you have multiple people keeping track of their group you take counts every time u leave an area and when u get to the other and u pay ATTENTION don't sit over reading a damn book or talking about the guy u are sleeping with or making a " bathroom" trip I described earlier. This is why you don't trust other people with your kids I hope the little bastard that raped the other boy is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and he better thank god I'm not his judge or the boys parent that he raped

Toledo, OH

#3 Aug 4, 2010
I agree 100% I have helped with summer camp for 9 yrs. We also use the process Jason described yes there have been kids sent home from camp and others banned from ever coming back but when u watch and pay attention you can prevent these things before they happen. Like Jason said u don't have 1 person watching 30 kids or more we have 1 person to every 8 kids and we usually have 70 to 110 kids so yes it's possible that way everybody can easily keep up with their group and also very important yes there is no place for distractions like books, headphones, naps, or yes even head in the bathroom. This could have definately been avoided

Shreveport, LA

#5 Aug 4, 2010
The summer program is an unlicensed child care program that is using the church facilities. It isn't ran through the church nor are the workers affiliated with the church. This is what happens when the state does not force groups like this to abide by the same rules and regulations as other child care facilities. If they were forced to abide by these rules there would be a lower teacher to child ratio and the teachers would not be only a couple of years older than the participating children.

Grand Prairie, TX

#6 Aug 5, 2010
Onetimebelieveri nCalvary

Albertville, AL

#7 Aug 5, 2010
I keep hearing that Calvary was unaffiliated with Rock Solid. Here's my question... WHY would Calvary allow a group of unlicensed soccer coaches from their school operate a Day Care on the premises, when Calvary has a day care? The answer... Rock Solid's CEO is Calvary Academy's Soccer Coach and the majority of the Camp workers are students and former students of Calvary Academy, Rock Solid was operating on Calvary grounds, insured under the Calvary umbrella, using Calvary's license and accreditation... Just like "Kids Zone" is Calvary and "318" is Calvary... "Rock Solid" is Calvary... just a name of their Summer Sport Camp. Why is this story so difficult to find in the news? Because people with influence have influenced the media to hush... Rock Solid doesn't have that kind of influence. Calvary does.

Shreveport, LA

#8 Aug 6, 2010
I suspect that you are correct. I can olny speak about the academy. I witnessed first hand their hipocrisy and their hate toward another private school. They tried so hard to be just like ECA, yet they had only hateful words to say about it. That equals jealousy to me. Aside from the fact that Calvary is a christian school, which I wanted for my student, the only positive thing I can say is, Thank Goodness someone finally had the good sense to FIRE ED HEARON!! I was on the verge of filing a harassment suit against him. N ever mind the perverted side kick that he had for awhile.They should have both been investigated.

Carthage, TX

#9 Aug 6, 2010
If you read the story of theacademysucks, you would also be reading my story. When I read that article, I almost thought to myself, Did I write that and not remember?? Wow, I am not suprised to find that others were affected as well as me. Pastor Edmonds would not step up and help us either. You reap what you sow.
Also enlightened

Indianapolis, IN

#10 Aug 7, 2010
I know what yall are saying. It also begs the question how they are a not for profit and and they are all earning money hand over fist. Is the Mudbugs head coach still involved in all of it. He is a crook too.
concerned parent

New York, NY

#11 Aug 10, 2010
I'm the parent of former RockSolid "campers". One of my sons nearly drowned recently because the "counselor" watching him was too busy texting on her cell to watch the kids. My other son was belittled by a teenage "counselor" daily until I finally pulled them out. There are literally TWO adults monitoring the teens who take care of our kids. I understand that the CEO has a great vision to help all children and I commend her for that desire. When you invite Rutherford House kids and other troubled adolescents as a service to help them improve their life experiences, you MUST have qualified people watching them, NOT teens. Rutherford House is for DELINQUENTS and those kids should NOT be intermingled unless closely supervised. This is why they are in Rutherford to begin with!! I can't count the times I have phoned RS to ask a question or speak about an issue and they could not even locate an adult for me to speak to, that is IF I got a human instead of the voicemail! There are never adults present....and if there are it's no more than 2! Because they remained a "camp" they didn't have to follow any child care guidelines that mandate adults, ratios, and cirriculums. There is obviously a close affiliation to Calvary and suddenly they are being asked to leave due to "overcrowding" according to a recent letter mailed to all parents by the CEO herself. Yet they had registered and parents had paid for the Fall program. The letter states the closer is UNRELATED to the incident......does she seriously think we are that ignorant? Again, I think she has very good intentions but needs more qualified people supervising the teens she employs. I'm sure that would be costly, but I'll bet she's wishing she had spent the money to hire a few more adults now rather than building a new home for herself, and spending most of her summer at her new RS Camp in Missouri. She needs to slow down and stop trying to take on the world and focus on those who have trusted her to care for their precious children. When we hand our kids over to "caregivers" that's what we expect....CARE for them.

Dillon, SC

#12 Aug 10, 2010
to The Academy Sucks... you can say that Calvary has a "hate" for evengel... and im sure there are a few who do harbor bad feelings, but to say that as if ECA doesn't have parents and children who do the same back is just adding fuel to the fire. i have seen first hand ECA parents throwing drinks and food at calvary students during games and calling them VERY obscene names.. Also they have been known to key cars as well as other hateful things..
To everyone else, You can bad mouth all you want but there are two sides to every story and the truth always lays somewhere in the middle. This form is full of hypocritical gossip and hear say. I'm sure every person who has posted on this has had perhaps one or two bad experiences but also remember there are good people and bad people every where you go and you can not judge an entire group of people from one or two. I wonder how you would feel if someone took your worst moments in your life and judged you by them, probably not too good. So perhaps before you speak you might consider how you address the situation and how you choose your words.
Also enlightened

Milton, KY

#13 Aug 10, 2010
I chose my words perfectly thank you very much! It is very concerning to me that the same people keep getting away with these activities, building nice big houses, and carrying on like they are something they are not. ALL at the expense of our children. It needs to be stopped. Maybe now it will be.

Shreveport, LA

#14 Aug 10, 2010
Please remember that our students read these posts, too! They learn from the actions of others.
Christian schools should NEVER talk negatively about another school. We should feel very blessed that we have the means to send our children to a school where it is okay to say a prayer. I am a teacher at a private school (not at Calvary or Evangel) and I have never heard one of our teachers, students, or parents talk badly about another school. As Christians, we should not teach our children that this type of behavior is in any way okay.

Shreveport, LA

#15 Aug 12, 2010
I am deeply disturbed that as a parent of an 8-yr-old boy camper at Rock Solid, I accidently learned of this heinous crime while surfing through the Shreveport times. I received the rediculous letter from the camp that "an incident occurred between minors, and thank you for helping us have the best summer ever". My question to the camp is, How could this possibly be your best summer, to allow a tragic, avoidable event to occur under your watch? I am also disturbed at the massive cover up of the story. This should be huge news. I had to search pretty hard to get any kind of detail about the story. I read blogs that kids from Rutherford House were brought to the camp. How can we confirm this? I use to work with such kids, who are too emotionally disturbed or disruptive to be placed in a home. While they still need hope and love, I would'nt dream of mixing those kids with the young children, let alone, my own kids. We paid good money to send our kids in what we believed to be a safe Christian environment. We were nowt let in on this foolish plan! Apparently, I foolishly trusted a reputable camp to have fully screened counselors and helpers, and to have policies about safety and accountability in the bathroom. Isn't that standard practice at day-cares and churches?

Carthage, TX

#16 Aug 12, 2010
If you school is based upon being better than one school or outdoing them and everyone there has the same attitude, what foundation is it based on? There are too many politics at Calvary Academy which are reflecting on how the pastor is operating. Bad things happen everywhere, it's how you handle them that really matters, and when you are in the public eye, it's even more damaging to do the wrong thing.
Although it seems as if this incident could have easily been prevented if someone where looking out for the children and what's going on instead of looking for where the next buck is coming from.
I would suggest praying for a pouring out of the Holy Ghost on that congregation and especially the school population to lift the curse of hate that someone has instilled in them.

Carthage, TX

#17 Aug 12, 2010
Did you know that during Homecoming week at CBA, everyday is geared towards Evangel? They don't even play Evangel at the Homecoming game. Hurt ECA day, where kids are wrapped up in casts and acting like they are beat-up, not to mention a WHOLE WEEK dedicated to bashing and hating... This is accepted and promoted by the faculty and administration. I could see if they played against each other in the game, but they don't. What does that say? I have had children go to both schools and like I said, neither is perfect. Now that my kids changed schools, no one from Calvary will even speak to them. What is that all about? It has to come from somewhere, kids don't just dream this stuff up. I know first hand that the attitudes of most at ECA are loving, and they all love each other because that's what they are taught... It is not the same at CBA.
It's not suprising that they would want to be as great as ECA; look what they have accomplished in world that condemns their beliefs. People either love them or hate them, there is no middle.
Also enlightened

United States

#18 Aug 12, 2010
This is all a jealousy thing. They want to be Evangel. They want to be "elite". If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Again I will say it is a group of people trying to be something they are not. They think if they make all of this money, and build brand new houses, and drive brand new cars that changes who they are inside. It does not. Seriously I hope someone is investigating ALL of the people involved in this debacle. They and everyone else is going to be surprised at what they find. The cover up is just beginning

Shreveport, LA

#19 Aug 13, 2010
Enlightened wrote:
If you read the story of theacademysucks, you would also be reading my story. When I read that article, I almost thought to myself, Did I write that and not remember?? Wow, I am not suprised to find that others were affected as well as me. Pastor Edmonds would not step up and help us either. You reap what you sow.
I went to Pastor Edmonds once or twice. I could tell that he knew he had a problem, but maybe wasn't quite sure what to do yet. My original post was just the tip of the iceburg! I am thankful that Hearon's preverted 'campus stud wanna be' didn't get my daughter in the corner. I think he was busy with his own daughter. I was never so glad to be done with something as when my daughter got done with Calvary. I am sorry about the child that has suffered this terrible crime, and Calvary should be held accountable. Oh, let me tell you about the one that was 'messed up' half of the time and in charge of children. Or the mother on a pedestal, who blatantly lies to have her way and in the same breath, praises the Lord.I CANT STAND HIPOCRACY!!! I know they will reap what they sow. Every day I thank GOd for His Promises.

Shreveport, LA

#20 Aug 13, 2010
Yes, a bad thing did happen at Calvary but is that all their fault? NO! That kid obviously was not taught how to behave or else he wouldn't have done such a terrible thing.
Also enlightened

United States

#21 Aug 14, 2010
Not taught how to behave. I think you are not taught to have compassion for victims of a crime, seriously you are ignorant. Rape is a violent, angry crime, not a behavioral problem. Educate yourself before you post.

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