Who Protects New Yorkers From The NYPD?

Nicholas Heyward is a haunted man. He is one of many New Yorkers who have lost loved ones to the police. Nineteen years ago, Heyward’s son was playing with a toy gun in the stairwell of a Boerum Hill housing project in Brooklyn, New York, when he was fatally shot by an NYPD officer. Nicholas Jr. was 13 years old when he was killed.

“I heard Nick say,‘We’re playing,’ and then I heard a boom,” Katrell Fowler, a friend of Nick Jr.’s told the New York Times shortly after the incident. Yet blame was placed on the boy’s toy rifle, instead of officer Brian George, who fired his very real revolver into the child’s abdomen.

Charges Against Cop Who Killed Unarmed Teen Thrown Out On Technicality

A judge has dismissed the indictment against the NYPD officer who shot and killed an unarmed teen in his Bronx home last year. The dismissal was for a technicality, as the Bronx DA’s office erroneously instructed members of the grand jury that they did not have to consider if Officer Richard Haste’s colleagues informed him that 18-year-old Ramarley Graham was armed.

“With no great pleasure, I am obliged in this case to dismiss the charges,” Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett said as he made his decision, according to DNAinfo.

Graham’s mother Constance Malcolm had to be removed from the courtroom after the judge announced his decision. Video from NY1 shows Malcolm screaming,“He killed my child! What more can you do to me?”

John Stossel's Everything Is Illegal In America - What CAN You Do Without Breaking a Law?

In this TV special John Stossel asks,“Is everything illegal in America?” From kids’ lemonade stands to food cooperatives to filming in public, what CAN we do in America without breaking the law? And when police infringe upon your rights, why are THEY never punished?

Cop Backhands Handcuffed Suspect

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Former Love County Oklahoma undersheriff Jason Bone was recently arrested and charged on 4 felony counts of embezzlement. Jason Bone resigned amid an O.S.B.I.

Springfield, IL newspaper reporter filed fed suit alleging mistreatment by more than 12 officers over last 3 yrs

NY, NY parents filing wrongful death suit; say son laid mortally wounded on ground for 15 min before getting med attn

Leland, NC police officer named in a wrongful arrest claim has resigned
Colorado Spring, CO man who was wrongfully detained by police for carrying a pistol is suing

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