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#23 Sep 5, 2013
well then

Riverview, Canada

#24 Oct 17, 2013
I'm surprised to see this on Dr. Phil! In my opinion, it belongs in a police investigation, not in the court of public opinion.


#25 Oct 17, 2013
Clear Eyed Cat

Columbia, SC

#26 Dec 4, 2013
Let Toni rave on as she will. She is still obviously in deep pain and denial over the loss of Morgan. No one in Law Enforcement believes that this poor girl was "horribly stalked and murdered" or in invisible tree climbing teenaged serial killers in the making. Toni appeals to the paranoid masses who are all too willing to buy into her rewriting Morgan's history, health and death. While I truly feel for the Ingrams this internet silliness is getting very very very old.
the doubtfull

Hillegom, Netherlands

#28 Jan 23, 2014
that mother has a serrious problem with letting go of what has happent to her daughter looks to me she is showing a type of disorder that needs to be treated by profesional help that woman i manicly convinced that her daughter is murdered and she seems to seems to have a sense of sorruw that can be randered or be satisfied and the next thing is that things need to have a close somewhere can not reopened as we say in my country dont open up old wounds shes saying alot of wierd and sickly stuff abaut the things on her reports she been hearing witch at some point problebly havent even happent so she need to drop the fact that things that might have happent deffinatly couldnt have happent at all alot of what her mother has said on dr phil show sound over reacted and made up and shes taking alot of the storry out of context so that woman need to seek help herself and let dr phil help her with that and not abaut how she was killed or how and just help this woman get past the fact that her daughter is dead annd not looking at the cases facts with all due respect live on and do the thing a favor and get help that what i think

Colchester, UK

#29 Feb 11, 2014
Motherof1 wrote:
I feel and for this mother of Morgan. She is inside blaming herself for her daughters death, but on the outside blaming anyone and everyone who has come in contact with her daughter. Seems Morgan came from an affluent family/area in CO and that has a lot to do with this. I don't think Morgan intended on killing herself. It's sad she probably felt like she had no one to talk to. She seemed like a pretty chill girl. She just wanted her mom to back off but at the same time care, truly care about her. My opinion is that she came home after some drinking, mom greeted her in the driveway, made Morgan upset. She probably went into her room and took some pills to help her sleep and it ended up being a bad mix of prescription pills and drinking.
Her father gives me the impression he is going along with the mother but knows the real truth that this was not a murder. This is a sad case of two parents that have a lot of guilt because they were not there for their daughter. Very sad, had this girl had one person in her life that she could have bonded with, she would still be here. Her mom is in total denial and needs help dealing with how her daughter truly died. May Morgan RIP and ill pray for her family that they too can find peace soon. I also pray for the families this mother is accusing. May they find peace and hopefully Morgans mother will back off.
Not wanting to sound offensive in any way, but sleeping pills by her parents, also occurred in the jonbenet case. Also an affluent area of Colarado. do so many people need these.

Colchester, UK

#30 Feb 11, 2014
Reno wrote:
I agree with those that say the mother just can't admit to herself that she must share in the blame. It is sad for someone to die but I believe like many others that it was an accident or suicide.
All their so called 'evidence' has simple explanations. Footprints outside the window, a friend passing drugs or alcohol to her because her mother basically had her in prison. That is why I'll bet their was NOT a camera right on her window as she did not want her parents to see who was visiting in the night. The person walking across the lawn, taking the short way home. The person running down the street, what, nobody should be running down their street. All their so called 'evidence' is very explainable. Couple that with a Marijuana card & pipe, cocaine use, alcohol abuse & other drugs.
The mother said no drugs in her stomach so she thinks they shot her up with them. Well as far as I know to shoot up it has to be intravenous & I think it would be very hard to do that to anyone that was awake.
I feel bad for them but these blogs of the mother are endangering other people. The neighbors should sue & take her to the cleaners or get her committed to a mental hospital.
if we're going to get into spelling, it's there NOT their

Vancouver, Canada

#31 Feb 20, 2014
I saw the Dr. Phil show on this, so I just spent the last couple of days going over Toni's blog, the media reports, police reports, and all the public evidence. Then I saw the hate blogs made about anyone who disagrees with Toni. Before I saw those I still felt like Toni wasn't being honest about the amitriptyline There is zero evidence of murder. There is zero evidence of a break in or an intruder. There is zero evidence that she was "injected" with anything. It would show up in the autopsy. All the evidence claimed by Toni to be fact is mere gossip and conjecture, that is it. The jealously motive just doesn't fly, it makes no sense. I have no vested interest in this other than the truth. I know none of the involved parties and speak for neither. Police do want to catch criminals, especially murders. I cannot suspend rational belief enough to consider a conspiracy by so many people. I would have to do just that in order to believe that Morgan was murdered.
The blogs about the people Toni publicly accuses are abhorrent. For someone who's daughter was allegedly stalked, she has no compunction regarding stalking and bullying others. I find that behaviour confusing and disturbing, to say the least, and also very sad that she is acting out in a way that does not honour her daughters life.
Sometimes we never know what happened, but here it is clear what didn't happen. Morgan Ingram wasn't murdered, and I hope her parents can find peace and learn to celebrate their daughter's life instead of creating drama and more pain in their inability to accept the facts of her death.

Boise, ID

#37 Mar 5, 2014
Monarch wrote:
Starrie: I think anyone would be nervous, upset and scared if they were sitting on national television being accused of murder. What do you think? That does not mean she had anything to do with Morgan's death.
After watching the episode myself, I wonder how much time has passed since T's first accusations and the filming of the episode. How would anyone feel if someone who is crazy is accusing you of something outlandish and won't let it go? I'm not saying T is crazy, but if I'm innocent and someone is insisting, slandering, my emotions would change. I'd probably roll onto national television to stand my ground. Would be nervous? Yes. Would I pour emotion over the family accusing me? No.

Old Bridge, NJ

#38 Mar 5, 2014
Donna, I did not realize you had access to the evidence. Please share...

Old Bridge, NJ

#39 Mar 5, 2014
I am 1000 percent convinced Morgan was murdered. 1000 percent. It may take years but the truth always comes out in the wash. Always.
Clear Eyed Cat

Montgomery, AL

#41 Mar 6, 2014
How? How was Morgan murdered?

How did anyone sneak in, fight with Morgan, inject her under her fingernails with a medication she had been prescribed in the past no less, undress and redress her and leave the house again without being caught on any of the cameras or alerting either of the two dogs?

A fawn was caught on camera walking by the house the morning Morgan was found dead but nothing and no one else. Did the deer do it?
Sereena N

Glendale, AZ

#43 Jun 5, 2014
mary wrote:
You people don't know what actually happened, not many people do. None of you guys are being very respectful. You guys are acting like you know everything and that Morgan's parents were delusional. Stay out of things that aren't your buissness. Who knows maybe it was murder maybe it wasn't but there is not enough evidence to support either side.
Well this wasn't really the entry I wanted to comment on, but oh well. My imput is this: I was a stalking victim from Oct 1999 to summer 2004. The predator that stalked me tampered with, tortured and murdered many helpless caged domestic animals. He had an obsession on strangling and suffocating baby animals in particular. Not all stalkers make phone calls -- sometimes only the overt ones do. This is especially true after the victim has shown she will not give the stalker what he wants and if he continues to harass her via phone she will use the calls to have him arrested. Depending on the terrain it is possible to not leave foot prints. Depending on the shoes the stalker wore or covering for shoes this ability to move without leaving footprints all over is greatly enhanced. The fact that the dogs did not bark, well considering how much time a stalker spends in the bush, so to speak, most dogs can be made accustomed to the predator. A mediocre stalker knows he can buy the compliance of dogs by using dog treats -- just like the country postal worker does to deliver mail in rural settings where packs of farm dogs run. Give them cookies each time you come and soon enough they are your very best pal. Even gaurd dogs can be manipulated in this manner. In regards to the stalker not following Morgan other than watching her when she was home -- alas with being stalked only a short time it is unlikely she would have known enough (been trained enough) to spot the stalker following her on the road and else where as a dangerous stalker is COVERT NOT OVERT. In regards to the tapping on windows and minor things -- it is possible Morgans stalker has very little self-confidence and it takes massive confidence to commit more aggressive crimes. Morgans alleged stalker was YOUNG. YOUNG means lower self-confidence and a faster track to the final act -- i.e. murder in this case. YOUNG means he does not have the guts to really slam out the big scary crimes over and over again and built it up for years before he moves in for the grand finale. However, young does not mean he could not figure out how to be covert instead of overt as being covert is quite simple -- plus there are books and materials on the free Internet, not to mention movies, that show a perpetrator how to be covert. As for the meds allegedly found in Morgan's room -- the meds do not mean she did not have a stalker. The meds also do not mean she committed suicide or was prone to killing herself, etc. The meds mean nothing at all..... The allegations about Morgan's mother are ridiculous. The aggression of her parents, if it existed on any level whatsoever, would merely serve as more reason for Morgan's alleged stalker to be extra cautious and covert and not big-bang away at huge loud gaudy crimes prior to moving in to get fully at his target...The stalker would know, if there are protective parents, to stay quiet, get in and out fast to do the crime he really wanted to do... As for the comments of Morgan being a bit a party animal -- well these comments alone destroy the suicide theory. The chances Morgan would flip from happy party animal to killing herself are small at best. Etc. It seems the people commenting here are for the most part those who have never been stalked or if they have been stalked it was via an overt stalker. There is a vast difference between the overt stalker and the covert one...
Clear Eyed Cat

Montgomery, AL

#44 Jun 20, 2014
Morgan died in her house - who else was there? Who at Morgan's house was used to doling out her meds as she needed them and where did she get them that night? From a magical Ninja stalker who terrified her or someone she trusted to help her feel better?
Sara Smith

Zephyrhills, FL

#45 Jul 14, 2014
I read Toni's blog, watched the Dr. Phil show, and read a few other sources. And, I believe that Morgan's death was not a murder. I am not sure she committed suicide either. I think an accidental overdose might have been more likely. When I first started reading the blog, I didn't think that she was being stalked either. Honestly, I thought the whole family was just crazy. She would hear noises and their lights would come on but there was nothing on the camera. The dad would run outside and find nothing. However, I did see the video clips from the driveway and the trek through the snow. Honestly, I think someone may have been messing with her a little, but not to the degree that they are claiming. I find it hard to believe that the stalker was on the roof and no one heard him walking around. I find it interesting that the stalker was caught on camera was not until well into the stalking. The family had already begun to point fingers at that point. I wonder if some of the incidents were not retaliation for fingers being pointed. The one video clip from the driveway is pretty clear. The one where the car pulls up and then someone walks up to the door. The person looks like one of the accused named on the blog. So it makes me wonder if they might have retaliated. Even so, the stalker was only caught on camera three times, which I find hard to believe considering that the entire yard was being monitored. It is such a sad case and my heart goes out to the family. But, I really can't imagine that the murder scenario is true. It seems like something out of a Lifetime Movie.

Moscow, ID

#47 Aug 19, 2014
She was stalked... but i don't believe she was murdered. I think Toni and her husband are desperately trying to keep from believing that their daughter committed suicide. I think it is easier to believe someone murdered your daughter rather than to think she killed herself. However there is quite a bit of evidence that she was in fact stalked, by who? It's unclear since their video is a bit grainy and hard to make out. Someone was in the drive way, someone did tap on her window, someone was around the house. But I sincerely doubt anyone killed her. I think she thought it was never going to end and the only way out was to end it all. It's sad, it's tragic, but it's not murder.

Johnstown, PA

#48 Aug 28, 2014
Does anyone have any links to any of Morgan's old social media websites or her photobucket?

Belmopan, Belize

#49 Sep 7, 2014
been reading up on this from the new reports to dr.phil and the blog.

What i took from this:
1)Morgan may of been stalked in the beginning.

2)The stalker at some point stopped but the mother kept it alive with paranoia.

3)This began to crush morgan as she had to come home early and couldn't do the many things her mother is saying she did not do.

4)Led to suicide(intentional) or accidental.

I Do think there WAS a stalker but he did not stay for long which explains why they never had any real proof of him being there nor the dogs ever barking. It just has to be accepted that she did indeed die of suicide.


#50 Oct 21, 2014
I, too, was banned from Toni's blog. However, that doesn't stop me from believing her bizarre tale. Stalking is strange and bizarre and stalkers are difficult to catch. Stalking is life-threatening. Stalking often leads to murder or suicide.
I have been stalked for years. I see no end in sight anytime soon. The state in which I live believes all their residents are God-fearing, law-abiding citizens working for the common good. I have only met one person through all the terror that has ever stated: Stalking is a serious crime.(Unfortunately, the stalkers burglarized their home and left remnants in my back yard by criminally trespassing through a neighbor's backyard. They then proceeded to leave objects near the curb to let me know of their investigation of the people whose home they burglarized).
I live in the state of Oklahoma and this is their primary thrill. There should be no expectation of privacy, no expectation of help unless you can pay for the $500 an hour extortion rackets they run. They have threatened my family by driving and recording and playing it back on my answering machine. They have stolen mail. They have stalked neighbors. They have sent death threats through the mail filled with powder. They have left a bullet.(I say they because no one person could possibly do all this and I have noticed different faces stalking me). They bug the cars of relatives that visit and play back their conversation on my voice-mail. They have gone after friends. They have followed me to other places and turned on my cell phone to listen in on conversation. They have stolen my house and car keys for burglary purposes. They have even placed someone else's key on my keychain and emptied my pepper spray to terrorize me. They have cut a wire to a camera. They have vandalized my vehicle, ripped my tires and left literature in places in my vehicle and in my home to let me know they can murder me whenever they want.
Just this morning I saw a suv that matched the description of one stalker that I caught watching a veterinarian hospital and then this woman followed me to Wal-mart after I passed by. A man had an extension ladder on top and got out to access the phone box in a neighbor's yard. Could have been legit, but after all the stalking the paranoia is justified.
There is no requirements on bounty hunting in the state and little knowledge to become a PI. Most from the military get into the racket for money and whodunnit novellas-destroying innocent people and entire communities for their self-serving agendas. The police stand back and watch it happen; they encourage the crime because that's that much less work they'll have to do if "charity" does it for them.
School has began once more and a new "team" of terrorists are making their antics known. They want to be like what they see on TV.

Anonymous Proxy

#51 Oct 21, 2014
Stalkers may peck on the windows. My neighbor swears someone is pecking on hers. I have a hard time hearing things which is why they have to go to such extravagant lengths to get to me. The denial part of her friends tell he it may be a bird; she puts masking tape in the screen and I can see a chair up against the fence to look over to see if I am the culprit. She, like may of the commenters on here, is a firm believer in psychobabble and unreality. Even after they take mail from anothers home and place it under her mailbox, the conspiracy minded psychobbabler still thinks the mailman dropped it there.

If what you are saying is true, why haven't we seen the proof? Who has to prove anything to morons and the suspicions minded? One woman in my state blasted a stalker with a shotgun after everyone else had analyzed her. Still they don't believe.

These are drug addicted, drug hauling, let's make money off the fact there is no police force now nor will there ever be in the future crowd. Let the media run the show. People believe their farces.

"My daddy was in the military and yours wasn't;therefore whatever I say is true and whatever you say is a lie." Pff!

We are third in the nation for women murdered. Something tells me it won't stop until we're #1!

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