Stephanie Bradshaw (Scandalous)

Stephanie Bradshaw (Scandalous)

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Little Rock, AR

#1 Jan 30, 2013
Is this the teacher accused of having sex with a minor?

Lockhart, TX

#2 Feb 12, 2013
Man I heard about this . What has become of the situation?
Could be even worse

Marble Falls, TX

#3 Mar 17, 2013
I never heard this.. what in the world!

Monticello, AR

#4 Apr 24, 2013
Highschool stories and kids. We all know this is not true. I don't see how it has gone any farther than the this. 90% of rumors are not true. But if there is blood in the water, the sharks will come!

United States

#5 Apr 25, 2013
Truth wrote:
Highschool stories and kids. We all know this is not true. I don't see how it has gone any farther than the this. 90% of rumors are not true. But if there is blood in the water, the sharks will come!
Over 1300 texts messages between the two with photos and details of their sex life. Looks to me like it's not just a "rumor". She plead not guilty yesterday, but there's too much evidence against her for her to be innocent.

United States

#6 Apr 25, 2013
The rumor got out of control, WAYYY out of control! To the guys: Anyone remember how pissed you were when your first love broke your heart? Did you lie and say you slept with other females just to make her jealous? Ever had a cute teacher you made jokes about? What's the term ..."MILF"?

FACT: The children don't live with their mother, Angie Irvin. They choose to live with their stepfather because she is an unfit mother!

FACT: This is a media circus. The "victim and family" have changed their stories numerous times and are seeking their 15 mins. of fame, or shall I say ...shame!!!!

God Bless Their Souls for ruining the life of this single mother and her 3 year old daughter.


Sheridan, AR

#7 Apr 25, 2013
Her story vs his story and somewhere in between is the truth. She cant be totally innocent or they would have never arrested her. I mean why in the world would a grown woman let alone a teacher text a male student! Sorry guys I don't see her as the innocent victim here.
harry rex vonner

Conway, AR

#8 Apr 25, 2013
i know growing up there were at least 3 teachers that would get "friendly" with students. so it is not as unlikely as many believe. the 1300 texts in a short time kind of ruins the she is innocent rumor thing too

Monticello, AR

#9 Apr 25, 2013
She actually did plea not guilty.. If you were familiar with the case , you would know that. And that is exactly what I am talking about sheridanite . If every time I heard a story like this when I was in highschool, there would have been about 4 teachers and they're family that would have been in situations like this. And yea I see the point about the number of text messages. But let's see. 1300 divided by 2 is 650. Because this was text messages between the both of them. And I wonder how many the teacher actually responded too. But that being said she should have never text the kid!. Ever!.. But she is being accused of sex not text messaging!..and if they had some real evidence she would be arrested.(which she has not been) Ugh .. That's kind of a big difference. The reality is ppl love to hear story's like this because it makes them feel better about there own pitiful lives!. Even the news crew was salivating like dogs about the story. It is sad because rumors like this could potentially ruin a life.

Monticello, AR

#10 Apr 25, 2013
Last time I checked texting somebody and sex are completely different things. My question to you intheknow is .. Where is all this evidence? Because everything I have heard is that it is what a young teenage boy said to all his friends vs what the teacher said. No proof. No true evidence. I'm sorry to say. Text messages are far from liable evidence. All they have is a bunch of he said she said. if they have some good evidence. She would be arrested. And she's not!..

Monticello, AR

#11 Apr 25, 2013
She should have never text the kid. But I do see what you are saying truth. Texting and sex are 2 different things. I was in highschool once and we heard stories like this often. Do I think any of them were true? I would say very unlikely. I don't anything more than what was on the news last night and I must say it was one sided. It actually left me wondering what the other side of the story was?

Monticello, AR

#12 Apr 25, 2013
I agree tom. The news story was definitely one sided! I mean is it guilty until proven innocent or innocent until proven guilty? There is no way I would ever advise anyone to be a teacher if what a teenage boy says holds more power than what an degree holding teacher says. I mean what is this world coming too?. We should start electing our highschool students to congress and let them run the country why don't we? ridiculous!

Cabot, AR

#13 Apr 25, 2013
Why would he lie about something like that? I mean really people. He is the victim here. In the eyes of the law she raped him. He may have known what he was doing and wanted to do it but he's the teenager, she's supposed to be the adult. Do you honestly think he did this to make himself look better? I seriously doubt that. She is a teacher and teachers are supposed to be trustworthy individuals not the kind to be texting teenage boys and having a sexual relationship with them. She was irresponsible and justice needs to be served, I wouldn't want her teaching my children. Yes, this will probably "ruin" her life but she did it to herself. I do pray for her daughter, this is not fair to her at all.

Monticello, AR

#14 Apr 25, 2013
How do you know what this young man said is true ADA? I have to disagree with you. Yes if this is true, she should have her life "ruined". But how could you only feel for the daughter and not the mother. I was in highschool once (20 years ago) and you wouldn't believe what young boys will lie about. I have a daughter that had many rumors created about her and a young man sexually that were absolutely not true. We finally got to the bottom of it and the young man cracked and admitted it was a lie. I am sure that the same thing will happen to this young man. Once the police crack down on this kid, the truth will come out. The kid has many reasons to keep this lie going. He does not wanna go to juvi for lying to the cops? I'm sorry ADA but your point has no base! Kids make up story's. If I was an attractive young women I would think twice before becoming a teacher!

Monticello, AR

#15 Apr 25, 2013
Why do y'all assume the women was attractive? She could be an ugly and fat for all we know. I never saw her on the news. And I have to disagree with you to ADA. Your point is one sided and you sound like one of the sharks that "truth" was talking about. People want to believe this because it is a better story than the boy being a lier! Come on people! Highschool boys will tell you they slept with every girl in highschool if your gullible enough to believe. Now if she is guilty , yes she should pay the price but if she's not she shouldnt be treated like a criminal! I must admit the news story was very one sided! I mean what do you expect the boys mother to say! Sounds to me like she thinks she is some kind of " mesiah"! gonna save the world from this "evil" woman. So if you watched the news like I did you are probably against the teacher! But if you have the ability to form your own opinion, you would be a fool to sentence this woman to "death" after just hearing one side of the story!

Cabot, AR

#16 Apr 25, 2013
Well I will say if the woman is truly innocent then no she shouldn't be treated like a criminal. I guess we will all see when it's over. Let's all just pray justice is served either way.

* But I will add, the boy should not be ridiculed either, he is innocent until proven guilty also, right?

United States

#17 Apr 25, 2013
Just because a news station reports something doesn't make it true. News stations go for the sensationalism hence better ratings. The juicier the gossip, the more heads turn. Disgusting!
If she is found guilty by a court of law (not from peeps online) then she needs to be handed a very tough sentence but if she is found innocent then the accuser/accusers deserve the same fate. This woman has a family also, a small child. Lets not forget that.

United States

#18 Apr 25, 2013
in my opinion, this says a lot:

According to the affidavit, officers said they did not interview anyone during the investigation that claimed to have direct knowledge of an inappropriate relationship between the two.

Monticello, AR

#19 Apr 25, 2013
You are right about that ADA. The boy should not be judged either until more is found out. I'm just really disgusted with the report from channel 7. It is a real eye opener about how viscous the media can be. I guess I thought we were different here in the great state of Arkansas. But I guess not! Munez or whatever the reporter was horrible! The way she reacted you would have thought she had already been found guilty! ITPG obviously found more to the story than channel 7 did! Channel 7 nightside has really been a joke for a long time ( news anchors that are not natural and choke on their words half of the time) and now they give you the story they like the best! They lost a viewer in me! I'll tell you that!
Just my thoughts

Sheridan, AR

#20 Apr 26, 2013
1300 + text messages... No reason in the world for a grown woman to be texting a student like that. She should have had better sense than that. Even if it was totally innocent (cough cough). She had her reputation and career to protect and she made the choice to text that kid and throw it away. Now she pays the consequences of her actions. Even if she never had sex with him, there apparently was enough evidence to have her arrested. No one forced her to return that kids text. And there is undeniable proof of the messages. She as the adult should have stopped it before it could go any further and ruin her life. I just don't feel she can in anyway be considered the poor unfortunate victim she made choices and they were not smart ones.

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