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Louisville, KY

#21 Dec 16, 2012
Tony, that is awful!!!
John Cook

Naperville, IL

#22 Dec 16, 2012
Around March/April of 2011 we towed Tony's camper to Alabama for an event we were attending. During the trip, and in the uphill mountain grades the truck would overheat. Tony figured it was either a head gasket or a cracked head. I drove the truck during that trip and while it would overheat if pressed (much boost) up a grade, it ran beautifully otherwise. This issue had happened once or twice before under warranty (known problem in 6.0 power strokes). His truck was just out of factory warranty by a month or two and Ford even though they know it's a common issue and design fault of the motor would not fix it(typical).

Tony found out about a cat on youtube called "powerstrokehelp" that has a shop in Georga that "bullet proofs" a 6.0 motor. Basically, what they do is rebuild the top end of the motor with quality parts. Head studs(ARP), better head gaskets, test everything etc.... He wanted to take his truck to GA to get it fixed, but it was a long hike from him to get the truck there, and I want to say on one of the guys videos he outlines their pricing for the mod and I want to say it was about $4-5k total(I could be off, but it was a lot). However, one warning the guy states is don't just let you local mechanic try this as he(powerstroke help) gets lots of trucks towed to him by guys trying to get this done on the cheap by a local. The powerstroke 6.0 is a complex motor and unless you 110% know what you are doing, you can mess something up on it.

Moving on, Tony was saving a bit here and there for the mod. I think he sold his Bobcat so he could pay off his Honda Fit and get the repair done. Around that time I talked to Tony on the phone and he was talking about his local shop he was going to have do the mod. I remember warning him in regards to what the guy in the youtube video was saying about not letting just anyone tear into a powerstroke motor. Tony told me they work on diesels all the time and have done good work for him in the past. Next time I talked to him truck was in the Bullit Truck shop or w/e they call themselves.

Fast forward a month or two, I want to say mid July 2011, I was down at Tony's with another friend flying our helicopters. He had just got the truck back and he said something was off. When my friend and I drove the truck it was NIGHT AND DAY different from when we'd driven it a couple months prior BEFORE the repair, and NOT for the better. It idled fine. It seemed to run ok, ie no vibration, mis firing(although it's diesel so aside from pump, injector, fuel or fuel timing issue it would) etc... HOWEVER, it made almost no boost and had 1/4 of the power it normally would. You couldn't tow with this truck if you life depended on it.

Tony took the truck back to the shop, and from what I heard, he said they were going to make it right. I live in Illinois so I don't see Tony but maybe once a month or so. I'd periodically talk on the phone with him and he's say they were trying this and that to get it fixed. I remember talking on the phone with him and he said they wanted to replace the turbo and to me that's when I knew they didn't have a clue what they were doing. It wasn't a turbo issue. Yeah you might think it with the lack of boost, but the turbo was fine before the work being done. My bet is on something in the boost/intake lines, they may have damaged intercooler, or a vacuum leak somewhere. Or they messed something up when re-installing the heads/intake and a leak there. Anyway, I talked to him a day or so after the new turbo didn't fix it(surprise) and he was then getting miffed at the shop, but still wanted to give them a chance to make it right.
(continued in next post)
John Cook

Naperville, IL

#23 Dec 16, 2012
Now we are getting towards Fall/Winter 2011. I was down visiting him again, truck was still in shop. I was sitting in passenger seat of his car, we're driving to Roosters to go eat(have to eat there every time I visit). Guy from truck shop calls Tony and while I didn't pay particular attention to all the details of the conversation what struck me as memorable was the guy apologizing all over himself for the time it was taking to fix the truck and the parting comments of this guy, and I heard this over speaker phone, was "you are good people Tony. I'm sorry it's taking so long to figure this out. Most people would be suing me by now."... I thought to myself, they might not be the best diesel shop but if they make it right then they are ok in my book. That comment struck me as stand up and I remember it vividly.
Well the next thing I heard a month or two later was that the truck still wasn't fixed. STill ran like ass, the shop had about doubled the original bill or estimate and it still wouldn't tow. Tony was upside down on his loan on the truck, that now didn't work thanks to this repair shop. Granted they may have fixed 100,000,000 trucks in the past year, month or whatever all satisified, but if you don't fix one right that's on YOU in my book. Truck ran fine before the "Mod" and like ass afterwards. Mechanics are people and people make mistakes. So be it, it's life and it happens. I don't think Tony harbored any ill will at any time in this whole affair until the guy tried to stuff a bigger bill at him for a still broken truck. I think the shop thought they could do the mod. Forgot a step, or did something wrong, or maybe even broke a part during the process and either couldn't fix it(lack of experience) or wouldn't fix it(b/c they didn't want to eat the $). Well either way it just sux. In the end, he finally let it go back to Ford. Which is probably fitting as they made that POS truck, or let International put that POS motor out for them. I know what I heard, and I know that the truck was fine except for the overheating prior to fix. Tony wanted to never worry about it again! He wanted it fixed right and "bullet proof". What he got was "Bullit screwed". Take your truck to Bullit county truck repair and tempt fate. They may be excellent mechanics for most things, but if you got a diesel truck I wouldn't let them touch my motor for FREE. Plus how can you trust a business that won't stand behind their work. Yeah it sux if they messed something up and had to pay themselves to fix it. That's business though! Man up and stand behind your work. This guy coming in here saying Tony's lying and trying to cheat them. I can tell you in the 4 years I've known Tony I've never EVER known him to try to screw another human being, even people he didn't like. I've seen him bend over backwards and spend $ out of his pocket helping others, even when he didn't have $ to spend extra. I wasn't around 100% of the time, nor aware 100% of all the dealing that went on, but in MY HEART I trust Tony and I heard what I heard on that phone conversation that day. In my book this shop just didn't want to make it right for whatever reason and in my book they are cheats and thieves just the same as a burglar. In the end you are out $ and time, and that folks just aint right!!!!!!
John Cook

Naperville, IL

#24 Dec 16, 2012
I should also mention the good shop in Georga takes the cab off to do the work as the motor is wedged in that bay hard, and not much room to work. Bullit shop evidently told Tony that they do it w/out removing the cab, that's how they could save him a lot of $. Guess they didn't know wtf they were doing in the end....

Radcliff, KY

#25 Dec 17, 2012
I have know Tony for quite a while now and I can say this with out a doubt. He would not have lied about this or anything. He is a very stand up guy. If he tells you he's going to do something he does it. For this to get posted on here I know with out a doubt he was done wrong. I work for a company with several trucks and we are located near there and I promise we will never use them for anything. I just hate it when people do stuff like this.
Will Holland

Louisville, KY

#26 Dec 17, 2012
I spent a lot of time with Tony last year as part of the team developing a Helicopter. I was there to overhear several conversations and red flags popped up immediately after only a couple. I even asked Tony "Are you sure this guy knows what he's doing" Tony assured me that Mark was the best around and knew him a long time stating "Mark is a cool dude, he's just going through some rough times". In the end... I still maintain he was Troubleshooting on Tony's dime and conducted himself as a shade tree mechanic would. There's a few people on here with the same claims as Tony had before being burned "Mark has worked on my trucks for years" and I'm sure to those who haven't been burned yet "He's a cool dude" yadda yadda yadda. Tony DID NOT have access to the truck while in Marks possession unless the bill was paid FIRST. I know this as I finally talked Tony into having a Ford Mechanic look at it and access was denied. As far as the truck being "Repo'd", I've done the same unfortunately, there comes a time when you MUST look at it from a logical standpoint and realize the repair bills are going to surmount the value of the truck. It still amazes me that Mark would consider almost $7k worth the repairs acceptable on a $9k truck. I'm a home remodeller by trade and I too have "Rough Times" but there comes a time when integrity comes into play and I must stop and tell one of my Mobile Home Community customers in particular "You are better off scrapping it than remodelling it, you're going to invest by far more than it's worth". I too have come across projects where I bit off more than I could chew, Projects that took me far longer than anticipated, our time is worth money but when it's our own short fall that racks up the bill..... it's not really fair to pass the cost to the customer as done in this case.
bullitt truck repair

Shepherdsville, KY

#27 Dec 18, 2012
I have said some things I should't have. I've always liked Tony,at least till this got started.It's the untrue statements I have a problem with. Three people here remembering Tony wanting to build a web site us (to promote). And I denied permission (period). Also, paying over $500/mo. on a truck in a shop "without a clue" come on, we were in contact. Also I merely stated the EMPLOYEE who got him to sign the repair order wasthe best I have at that-thats all! And I drove the truck, several times,worked on myself alot too. SO, if not intended lies, then some really mistaken beliefs, blown way out of prorportion. I AM SORRY, anytime a customer feel we did not honestly to help them. I have over 35 yrs. diesel experience, have worked at 2 dealerships (1 ford truck). We do eng. work for EMS, for last15 yrs., maintain a privete school bus fleet, an work for 2 worldwide disteleries. Our qualifications are prove.After double checking & getting backup that the accel. prob. was nothing we caused, we had to address everything that failed tests or produced a code, such as the V.G.Turbowith the bad unison ring. We have sibnce seen a problem, with no codes or failed test by the injectors, folowing a disassembly, from opening the system,esp several times & if a programmer had been used. And yess all 8. we would have prefered to finish the job, with mutual satisfaction, but when told wasn't paying & letting go back we did what any shop would have. We feel any unauthorized Intrnet web site, posting,video, printed ads or signage, which can be proven untrue, by witness,office security video or documented paperwork or phone cass is illegal & will be taken to a court of law, seeking compensation,all court & atty's fees paid by the offender. we'll have no more coment here.
Mark Banta- Bullitt Truck Repair

Louisville, KY

#28 Dec 18, 2012
tony whiteside wrote:
Mark lets for get all the head job stuff,
You had a bill for 4000 bucks, and you fixed nothing!
A bill I never even knew that was adding up.
I just feel so wronged, I can stop thinking about it ever.
After 60 cars in my life I have never been done like this.
All the mean things you said, I just hate this dude hate it.
Your the only person in my life , has ever did me this way , and I'm taking it hard, pissed hurt, ect ect.
The way this sounds,,,immediately after reading my prior post,,,had me wondering where you was going with that.

Since: Dec 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#29 Dec 18, 2012
Take me to court! The sig you ever got for me was on a a water pump.

So you say I signed and agreed to pay for a job you trashed! Can't wait for count!

My story true, my store and web site will go on till I die, I will live in a box! To fight for the truth!

Be cheaper to just pay me what u did to me:)

That's how it will stop.

I had no choice, to let it go back you left me no choice. God I pray you have phone calls recorded!

Since: Dec 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#30 Dec 18, 2012
Just be a good man and give 2900 buck you took from me on a un repaired truck.

Hey there's no sign the the head repair for 3600 so maybe that's not legal :)

The truck I got to pay off will be payed off, after I go to court with ford. And see what can be done on this things popping heads like crazy.

I will have 6 folks coming to witness all when we go to count, heard all you talking on the phone, as you can read they remember more than me.

Sue me!! Take my life away don't care!! I will not stop! Lock me up! I'm willing to go to jail on my knowing what you said and done mark!

You did not just say things you didn't mean you did them!

Since: Dec 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#31 Dec 18, 2012
Mark I begged you like a girl to take 1500 bucks in a un repaired truck! You said no, I want all my money fixed or not fixed.

I freakin begged you man!!

Web site and sign are a freedom of speech. My story! That happened.

You ever thought of opening up the motor to see what was wrong after you worked on it:/ nope!
Tim Martin aka genuine

Jasper, AL

#32 Dec 18, 2012
Man tony whiteside is a good friend of mine,i met tony in birmingham alabama,an as far as tony go's he is a nice southern goodhearted person an is honest an tell's like it is to he's knowledge. almost think of him like a far distance long lost brother. An most of the time since i met tony he's always been honest when speaking to him like a brother.
T Howard

Dadeville, AL

#33 Dec 19, 2012
I have known Tony for about 4 years now and I can not believe he would lie about this, he has been very honest with me and all my friends. He will give the shirt off his back to A stranger if it will help them. I just can not see him lying about this, if he tells me he was done wrong I will put my money on Tony. When someone is always honest with you , you trust them. I trust Tony with my life. He is A great guy and needs to be treated that way. Has the biggest heart in the world and I just can not see him trying to screw anyone.

Since: Dec 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#34 Dec 21, 2012
Ok , the big painted signs will be ready soon, and telephone signs are already done!

My work trucks will be done up by my buddy that owns a vinyl shop! Should be sharp!!

Pix soon!

Since: Dec 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#35 Jan 2, 2013
Happy new year mark banta! Going to be a great year!:)

Since: Dec 12

Duluth, GA

#36 Jan 6, 2013

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