Bratz Dolls, look like little "hooker...

Bratz Dolls, look like little "hooker dolls'?

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#1 Nov 10, 2006
Question, am I the only one that thinks those Bratz dolls look like litte hookers? I had a friend whos daughter got one for her birthday. She's wanting to take it back, I don't blame her. What do Ya'll think


#2 Nov 11, 2006
My daughter took my grandaughters back after getting it as a gift. They aren't even cute. I agree they do look like "painted women". Not much of a role model.

Port Huron, MI

#3 Nov 16, 2006
Hookin It With Hookers.....


#4 Nov 26, 2006
I saw where moms were standing in line, hours before the toy store opened to buy those "hooker" dolls. I won't let my children anywhere near them. The lady(?) the news crew was interviewing looked like a "real winner" too. I don't understand the attraction either.

United States

#5 Jan 11, 2007
I know. These dolls are a bad influence on girls. They tell girls that as long as you're hot you're cool. The Bratz dolls should be taken of the market. Girls need a better influence in their life than some doll that dresses like a prostitute.


#6 Jan 13, 2007
Leyla wrote:
I know. These dolls are a bad influence on girls. They tell girls that as long as you're hot you're cool. The Bratz dolls should be taken of the market. Girls need a better influence in their life than some doll that dresses like a prostitute.
you hit the nail on the head

North York, Canada

#7 Mar 30, 2007
Um Excuse Me! Bratz dolls Are Great Role Models For girls! And Plus There Not all About shopping or whatever u Think. They Have Jobs. Maybe if u Would actually Stop Judjing what Other People Say and Actually go Out and Buy a Bratz doll you'd see That There Not Bad at all! They Actually go Threw What every Girl Does. Bad Grades,Boyz,Shopping,Prom! Duhh. So Stop Judging Bratz. If u ask Me Barbie is a Bad Influence On Girls. Sure shes Kinda pretty, But Cmon. And They Make Barbie Have Big Boobs, and Small Head and Barbie, Bratz... well They Look Half Real, u Know Normal Sized Boobs. And Normal Sized Head. And Barbie, well shes all About Fairy Tale Princess Land. Girls need to Learn How to Be MATURE Young Adults Not fairy Tale Princesses. At Least In the Bratz Princess Line they Say 'Modern day Princess' Not 'Boob Jobbed Barbie' Barbies Only teaching girls 'Get Boob Jobs and Be a Skinny Skank' Yeah. Im Sorry But this is all True. Lesson to the Story - MGA Kicks Ass!





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Woodstock, Canada

#8 Apr 23, 2007
Ashley, when you get a little older you'll understand exactly how twisted the statement you made is.


#9 Apr 24, 2007
Lorne wrote:
Ashley, when you get a little older you'll understand exactly how twisted the statement you made is.
Well said.

Bangkok, Thailand

#10 May 2, 2007
i thiNk 'Bratz'
doLLS is Fashion inTrend dollS
it's Cool foe Adult Girl.
i liKe theM SomucH.
My FrienD anD every Girls IF i know
plaY bratz Not barbie.i think barbie So borring somuch.anD i dun like Her fashion.
i thiNk barbie is baDD influence.
b'Cuz many years i'm Dun buy baRbie.Buy bratz only. thi$ is true.
aMM. Barbie 'MYSCENE'i thiNk LOOKlike
Bratz dOlls 'i HATE MYSCENE
4th generation local

United States

#11 May 13, 2007
I think I may have an inkling of why we are always hearing about children being left unattended, abused and neglected. Children don't play with "baby dolls" anymore. All little girls use to want their own infant type baby doll to take care of and nurture - most little girls took care of their "baby" just like Mom. They had their own furniture, diapers, bottles and all the other necessities to take care of a baby. It helped teach responsibility and the real task of mothering. Now they ALL want to be a princess - very self-absorbed - it's all about them and they don't seem to grow out of it. Saw a bumper sticker once - I hate Barbie; the b$@c8 has EVERYTHING. The Bratz dolls go even more extreme than Barbie. At least Barbie was supposed to be a grown-up. These Bratz dolls look like little girls asking for trouble!

Sydney, Australia

#12 Jun 12, 2007
i think bratz are disgusting little rats.. just theie name is repulsive

Sydney, Australia

#13 Jun 12, 2007
Bratz are disgusting. Little girls are not supposed to be sexy!!!!'


#14 Jun 12, 2007
Rhianaa wrote:
Bratz are disgusting. Little girls are not supposed to be sexy!!!!'
You're so right!

Bremerton, WA

#15 Jun 14, 2007
I think they are great! My 5 year old loves them. She lets the dog chew on the little shoes, and all the outfits have somehow found their way into the trash. Bottom line is the role model in young girls lives are their parents. Kids are not going to do something just because their dolls do it. I mean who buys them their clothes anyway. It's probably the parents fault in the first place. For you to place reservations about a stupid doll is idiotic!

Norfolk, VA

#16 Jun 25, 2007
My daughter loves the bratz. She is 6 years old and she is a well mannered child. She just likes to dress up the bratz dolls and do their hair or whatever. Her entire room is designed in bratz. i think the bratz dolls are ok. Barbie is not much of a influence either. The only real role model should be the parent anyway not some made up dolls.

United States

#17 Jul 2, 2007
barbie is supposed to be an adult though, and she has breasts but they have to nipples or anything; it's like their supposed to teach girls that one day you will have a grown up body and have jobs, like doctor, actress and so on.... the bratz dolls are suppossed to be teens, like thats what your suppossed to look like as a teen, and they all look like that had botox injections in their lips, we dont want our children to think at age 12 they want plumper lips!

Oakville, Canada

#18 Jul 13, 2007
Okay i agree with Ashley. All the parents out there are probably just jelous because they didnt have dolls like bratz when they were kids. Barbie was cool for a while but now shes not. All the bratz wear is skirts and tank tops. Now im betting that more than half of you adults wear stuff like that? and when you put it on i bet you dont think its skanky. and also your kids probably dont even know what skanky means. They are just trying to have fun with a doll. Like honestly get over it. Its a doll. So next time you think that bratz are skanky then just think about when you put on a skirt or whatever. Honestly bratz are pretty much the same as you.
no name

United States

#19 Jul 15, 2007
Even the bratz baby's look like hookers

Kathleen, GA

#20 Jul 17, 2007
In all fairness, everyone makes some good points. The Bratz dolls do look like hookers, but the harsh reality of life is that this is what teenage girls like to dress like now. I know, not ALL girls dress like this. Its just the majority. Before you start to flame me, consider that I am in high school, I see these things day to day. I also work at a Wal Mart, meaning I see more of the 'hooker look' in a day than most of the people on this forum see in a month. Its sad. Its a bit ridiculous when you look at it. It's not a bad thing to try and look good. Its not even always a bad thing when you try to attract a little attention. But to have your boobs and butt hanging out, thats when you start attracting rapists and child molesters. I won't lie, either, when I say that some of the people who wear these things have no business in them. It can be a little disgusting. I also agree that little girls aren't supposed to be sexy. That's what brings child molesters around.

What I agree with most, however, is that parents are the child's number one role model. If the parent's are bad, odds are the child will be too. If the mom dresses like a skank, more than likely the daughter will too. If the dad beats his wife, the son will probably beat his. It's psychology. That's all I have to say, I suppose

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