Poor Quality of Dan Ryan Homes

Frederick, MD

#96 Feb 18, 2013
I have had my house since 2001. Starting at the curb, the water hook up on my property sprung a leak. The sidewalk sank 3 inches on my property. It cost $1000 to have the yard dug up And the leak repaired. It cost $2000 to have the yard reinstalled. They cost about $700 to put more concrete over the sunken sidewalk on my property. There was no insulation under the bay window and it was open to the weather. When you stood on the living room floor in the bay window just the board thickness was between you and the cold. I have put a board on the bottom of the bay window but probably should tear it off and have insulation put in first. The boards that make up the decorations of the exterior of the bay window were of fake board. They rotted completely through and were replaced. Moving inside and starting in the basement, the hot water heater was plumbed backwards. The finished bathroom had no connector sleeve on the pipe leading from the tub to the pipe leading to the sewer and the water What's flowing from the tub to the raw concrete. Somehow I housing inspector found it for me before the warranty was up. Through no fault of the builder, kids had apparently thrown rocks In the sewer pipe sticking up in the yard so within the first month of my moving in sewage backed up into my washer dryer room and into the bathtub downstairs. Tiny worms were living in the carpet downstairs when I moved in and they came back every year. That has now stopped. Mice entered freely from the back outside and have been a problem for some years. There apparently is an easy way for them to get in. In the kitchen, the appliances chosen where the bottom of the line, and they didn't have any options. Everyone on this block has replaced their garbage disposal, and their dishwasher. That's really not the problem of the builder. Upstairs, the bath in the master bedroom is simply a compressed version of the bath in the longer bump out townhouse which I do not have. Nothing was done to optimize the design. The day I moved in I Was told to put a rubber bumper on the front of the shower door because as it opens the corner of the sink would break it. So I have an oddly placed rubber bumper stuck to the door. There was no room to put up a toilet paper holder, so that was just placed over the soaking tub. The design was simply jammed Together, based on the master bedroom bathroom in the larger townhouse, to make it fit. In the backyard I was told there would be sod. But when push came to shove the builder put out grass seed and told me to keep it watered. Don't say something you don't mean. Maybe it was a late decision to save money. I recall how the saleswoman kindly found a closing company for me, but a year later my neighbors and I realized that was her daughter. Back to the basement for a second. When I moved in I could stand in the dryer washer room and a breeze would move my hair. In Winter that makes for a very cold washer dryer room. Moving up to the roof. The pipe that extends from the roof has flanges that are supposed to go under the shingles. The flanges instead were left on top of the shingles, but I didn't find out until years later when a very strong storm lifted the flanges and blew rain directly into the attic. From there it ran down to the walls and damaged ceilings. Then the leak had to be discovered and fixed and the ceilings repainted.
Horror-sheer horror

Clarksburg, WV

#97 Mar 2, 2013
Dan Ryan Builders is awful at best!
DO NOT buy a home from them. Terrible construction and just plain junk!!!
They tell you all lies and then more lies.
RUN FAST! My home is a disaster!

Nampa, ID

#98 Mar 5, 2013
Dan Ryan Builders and quality do not belong in the same sentence. My brand new townhome has a leaking roof, clogged drains, nonworking appliances and a tub so substandard, I wring out my bath mat after every shower. Fortunately, I rent it from the owner and I can walk away after my lease is up. He can't. I have lived here just three weeks and I have a put sheets of plastic over my computer equpiment to protect it from the roof leaks. THis place is a wreck and it's only three weeks old. Can't imagine anything will be left standing in a year or two.

Brunswick, MD

#99 Mar 11, 2013
Karen wrote:
We are living in a Dan Ryan home in Maryland, and we absolutely love it! There were some things to be fixed after we moved in, but the company was very attentive in getting it fixed.
Yeah ok "Karen".....did you frget to list your last name??? "Ryan!!!" Dan Ryan builds crap
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Debbie W

Washington, DC

#102 Mar 19, 2013
This is a builder with a serious lack of integrity. They will refuse to fix things that were on the punch list and then your only recourse is taking them to court. They have built homes in the known path of Highway 340 and left the homeowners with the possibility of losing their homes. They have no conscience, no integrity and should be avoided. If you buy a Dan Ryan home buy a well cared for resale and get a home warranty. This builder should be run out of any state that cares about integrity and right and wrong for the consumer. Unfortunately many in government are "encouraged" to look the other way and often go to work for Dan Ryan after leaving public office. AVOID THEM!!!!!!!
R Thomas

Easton, PA

#103 Apr 24, 2013
If you want him to build quality force the issue tell your state and federal rep and in list the help of the quality builders in the area and free speech is a wonderful thing. Their is no law that says you can't talk with prospective buyers on public property

Frederick, MD

#104 May 9, 2013
Wish I could have been able to get out of my contract. We just purchased in Stonebrook Village. Our yard has a large drainage issue so we are unable to fence in the entire backyard. No one had said anything about this and we learned on our pre settlement walk through about this. Technically you can build the fence to enclose the entire yard but you have to leave clearance on both sides leaving gaps In your fence and if you have dogs like we do, they can get out. We will be losing over 10 feet in yard space which is a lot for a townhome backyard. I'm very disappointed that we were not apprised of this prior to contracting. I take responsibility on my part for just assuming that we could fence it in but the sales rep should have advised that this drainage issue existed.

Hagerstown, MD

#105 Jun 20, 2013
Fixit Man wrote:
They're built as if on a production line, most of the materials are now cardboard (cabinets, doors, trim) built in a factory that's never heard of good building practices. Drywall is used in most homes, which is the cheapest possible wall material, it's faced with PAPER, and you can easily punch a hole in it with your fist, and if it ever gets wet, will crumble and mold. It should be banned, as there are many, many better materials available, such as rock, cement, or cement board. I make a ton of money fixing drywall, so I'm not complaining at this point, but I'd never live in a home with drywall in it, and that is over 90% of the homes built since 1950. Make sure there is NO DRYWALL in your new home, NO wood, and certainly no presswood, inside or in the siding.
We call these homes "7 year homes" as that's all the longer they were designed to last. Consider buying one about the same as buying a car. Do you expect your car to last 7 years? Most people don't, now.
Plan and budget to tear the home down and have it rebuilt every 7 years, as it will have too many problems by then to be repaired. Even the plumbing behind the walls is now plastic. It is designed to last only two years!
You also won't find craftsmanship such as hand carved molding, foundations that have cured for at least a full year before being inspected and then built on, solid wood doors, screens that won't break if you fall through them (they're cheap aluminum that breaks the first time you touch it and fiberglass screening that weathers, and pulls out of the frame, not wood frame and metal screening the way they should be.)
NO HOME, even a multi-million dollar home, is built correctly, nowadays.
Here in Arizona, where it's important to have thermal mass to keep the home from overheating in the summer, they're building frame structures with very thin roofs, and SPRAYING "stucco" on. NO HOME in Arizona is worth buying if it's frame. You'll pay more in air conditioning than it costs to move here. Basically in order to have a good home in Arizona, it needs to have 3 foot thick stucco walls, not 4 inch thick frame. No one should live here in a home built less than 60 years ago, probably not less than several hundred years ago, before the "white man" came.
I am so sorry for such a bad experience, sounds terrible. However, the Dan Ryan Builders I am familiar with only started building homes in 1990 not 1950 and is not building in Arizona. So, there is a Dan Ryan Homes homebuilder and Ryan Homes. I think Dan Ryan Builders of Frederick, MD has been focusing very heavily on a better customer experience the past 5 years and has won the "Builder of Integrity" Award 2008-2012. I wish you luck in getting your home where you are happy with it.

Pittsburgh, PA

#106 Jun 20, 2013
berrynutville wrote:
Dan Ryan builds way to many homes in MD WV VA.
Don't know why you would buy a home that looks like everyone else's.
You would think Ryan homes would have it down building the same homes over and over.
The only thing Ryan homes is concerned with is their greed for profit.
When I see a sign on a site that says Dan Ryan homes, I know they will be piled on top of each other and ruin the areas beauty.
Just FYI. Dan Ryan homes ans rya. Ho e's are not the same builder. Ryan homes is owned by MVP homes I. Virginia . Ed Ryan homes is owned by an original Ryan.
Dan Ryan Builders sucks

United States

#107 Jun 26, 2013
Char wrote:
<quoted text>
I am so sorry for such a bad experience, sounds terrible. However, the Dan Ryan Builders I am familiar with only started building homes in 1990 not 1950 and is not building in Arizona. So, there is a Dan Ryan Homes homebuilder and Ryan Homes. I think Dan Ryan Builders of Frederick, MD has been focusing very heavily on a better customer experience the past 5 years and has won the "Builder of Integrity" Award 2008-2012. I wish you luck in getting your home where you are happy with it.
You must work for this slimy, unconscionable piece of crap so-called builders. Everyone that I know (and that's plenty) that owns a Dan Ryan home (and yes DRB not Ryan Homes in your fantasy mind) has numerous issues related to quality and craftsmanship. It's not a surprise that your company gets worse and worse, the entire organization from the top trickling to the very last person refuses to recognize that you build a terrible product and the service you provide is horrible. How you continue to stay in business is beyond comprehension? For anyone looking to purchase a home from this builder, SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE AND RUN NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
It's sad to say that the only defense you guys have is to nit pick a customer's comment on some technicality such as a typo on the year the company started. Great example of why this company has such a bad reputation for customer issue. They don't deal with it, they dance around it.

Pittsburgh, PA

#108 Jul 2, 2013
STAY AWAY FROM DAN RYAN BUILDING....TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!Dan Ryan was building me a townhouse. The homes were already in the building process and we signed with Dan Ryan in February. Before we signed they guarenteed us we would be in our townhouse by the middle to the end of April at the latest. Three weeks after we signed we met with the PM and he told us the project was now a month behind because they missed a permit. The end of my May we were told was the latest we would be in the house. It was the last week of May and we were scheudle to do our final walk through on a Thursday and the PM called me the Tuesday before to tell me they were a week behind. The very next day I got another call telling me we won't be able to move in until the end of June. All this news one week before we were suppose to do our final walk through. They gave us two days notice about this delay. There are many other problems that came during the process such as the lending agent they provided wouldn't reply to any of my emails or phone calls for a week. He was two weeks behind in getting me my Good Faith Estimate and when I went to him looking for it he wouldn't reply to anything. Eventually I had to go his boss for answers. There are numerous other issues I had during the process that I'll be more than happy to share, but my fiance and I both walked away from our contract because of all these conflicts. We were warned by a co-worker to stay away from Dan Ryan and we should have. A woman I work with was building with Dan Ryan and they Specs. called out Anderson windows to be install. Well an off brand window was put in and the home owner was never made aware of it. She caught them putting the cheaper window in and confronted Dan Ryan. Long story short she also walked away from her contract.

Charles Town, WV

#109 Jul 14, 2013
I was looking at the new town homes in the Fairfax Crossing subdivision in Ranson WV last week and drove around a bit. It looked like a nice neighborhood and the town home prices are quite reasonable. I stopped and chatted with a few of the newer residences and they gave me a pretty good dose of reality in regards to the poor quality, finish, workmanship, and lack of communication from the builder and warranty department. One woman indicated that I be careful and watch out for their production supervisor Rich as he is a bit of a slimy used car saleseman type who cares more about signing paperwork than giving you a good quality home so he can move onto the next poorly constructed building. They also indicated the HOA management company are a nightmare to work with, the declarations are incomplete, old, and the new manager lady is making up rules as she goes that are not in the original by laws. I decided to look elsewhere as I don't want this kind of headache.

Morgantown, WV

#110 Sep 14, 2013
No, you're not the only one.
Dan Ryan Builders suck. They build these houses within a few weeks, and then leave you with their mess.
Dan Ryan Builders sucks

United States

#111 Oct 3, 2013
Char wrote:
<quoted text>
I am so sorry for such a bad experience, sounds terrible. However, the Dan Ryan Builders I am familiar with only started building homes in 1990 not 1950 and is not building in Arizona. So, there is a Dan Ryan Homes homebuilder and Ryan Homes. I think Dan Ryan Builders of Frederick, MD has been focusing very heavily on a better customer experience the past 5 years and has won the "Builder of Integrity" Award 2008-2012. I wish you luck in getting your home where you are happy with it.
What are you drinking Ms.Char? Y

Fort Bragg, NC

#112 Oct 6, 2013
Dan Ryan builders find neighbor hoods wich are incomplete and buy up lots, they guarantee their money by building a cheap house at bare minimum cost. Selling it for a profit and bring down the property value of an entire neighborhood. This is the same as stealing, since I no longer have the equity in my home that I had before Dan Ryan showed up. They also seemingly use illegals immigrants to build these homes at an even cheaper cost to them.

Durham, NC

#113 Oct 7, 2013
DRBuilders wrote:
I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with one of our homes.We do appreciate your input and will try to correct the error. We apologize and do contact our warranty departments and identify yourself. Someone will be back with your shortly and we can rectify this situation and give you the wonderful experience you deserve.
i am so sick of Dan Ryan's empty apology's take action again and make right on all of your errors. You are the worst customer service.
Dan Ryan Builders sucks

Chesapeake, OH

#114 Oct 24, 2013
We all work too hard for our money to hand it over to a company that has no shame in painting the America dream before you sign a contract only to deliver a poorly constructed home and blow you off when it's time to take care of items under warranty. Check all the other websites and blogs regarding Dan Ryan Builders complaints and issues. DON'T BE STUPID..,YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
Dan Ryan Builders sucks

Chesapeake, OH

#115 Oct 27, 2013
Unknown wrote:
<quoted text>i am so sick of Dan Ryan's empty apology's take action again and make right on all of your errors. You are the worst customer service.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I've heard this BS before, have you? You are working with the worst home builder I've ever met. There's not one straight wall in your homes and you find every excuse in the book to not take responsibility for your short falls. Noone's looking for perfection here but your work is just TERRIBLE. The subs that works on DRB homes are low balled so GARBAGE IN is GARBAGE OUT. Stay away from a future headache. If you think you're saving money buying from Dan Ryan Builders, believe me when I say you're pay it back in repairs down the road.
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Old Tyme Builder

Martinsburg, WV

#127 Dec 19, 2013
My advice to anyone buying a new production home from any builder is this. Take the time to get involved.

Make comparisons between other builders. Talk to people living in the neighborhood. Read online reviews. Never believe what the sales people tell you, they more than likely, have never driven a nail. Remember, a model home is just that, a model. The builder spent 300k to furnish, hire an interior decorator, and punch out crew to fix all the mistakes. It is not the home you’re buying.

Know what you don’t know. Hire a home inspector or a retired superintendent to inspect milestones such as foundation, framing, rough plumbing, electrical, and hvac. Talk to the trades working onsite, if they aren’t happy, chances are you’re not going to be. If the home is trashed inside or out, this tells you it’s not being properly supervised. Most production builders offer customer meetings to view the home at these critical points. Attend these meetings take pictures, ask questions, and document everything. If something is really wrong with any of these components, call the local building inspector to arrange a meeting onsite to discuss your concerns.

Never take no for answer. If something isn’t to your satisfaction, tell your sales person and then be prepared to escalate things. Never sign anything until the situation is resolved. If you have to delay settlement, so be it. This puts pressure on the builder to resolve things.

Finally, if all else fails, walk away. Losing a 5-10 deposit is cheaper than being stuck with same amount in repairs plus the cost of a new home. The upper management of the builder rarely will ever let a sale go. After closing, you have no leverage unless your a lawyer or independently wealthy.

Hagerstown, MD

#128 Jan 14, 2014
We currently live in our 2nd Dan Ryan home. The first was a Town house, which we lived in for almost 3 years before selling it as the market peaked, so that we could buy a single family home. I have to say that my experiences, unlike the previous comments, have been positive. With both houses, customer service was friendly and quick to take care of any concerns we had, and during both 120 day walk throughs, the contractors took care of everything we found, and showed us a few things they found that we didn't notice, and corrected them. They even fixed a wall we had damaged ourselves at no charge or question. The only problems we have had in our current home, which is now 8 years old, was a leak that developed around the exhaust vent in the roof, because the sealant/caulking had dried out, and a few nail pops that only appeared after we had the earthquake a couple of years ago. I have had a couple of independant contractors in our home throughout the last few years, and all have noted that we must have had a pretty good crew who built our house. One did not that he had been in the same model home, but in a different devolpment, and could notice differences in quality.

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