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Bellevue, WA

#21 Sep 1, 2012
You Rosario and your way of thinking is the problem. The people on this forum ARE doing something about it they are spreading the truth so others such as yourself might become better informed.

Knowlage is power.

And to say that because these people who care deeply about the neglect of innocent animals need to "grow up" as you say perhaps it is you that needs to grow up and become better educated.

Olympia, WA

#22 Sep 11, 2012
Knowledge is not power.

Knowledge PROPERLY USED is power.

If knowledge was power then anyone with access to the internet or a free library and is vast holdings of information would be gods. Sharing personal experiences accented by angry comments bars full understanding.

United States

#23 Sep 15, 2012
And your comment has to do with animals how exactly? Perhaps you are the one that needs a bit more "properly used" knowlage.

Olympia, WA

#24 Sep 15, 2012
There is nothing wrong with calling out Animal Services on their negligent performance. I do help animals in lots of ways and will for my entire life, so that isn't the point at all. The point is that they are charged with certain duties, they get paid by the tax payers, and they are failing miserably. Therefore, they need to be held accountable. If you do a crappy job at work you'd be told to improve or get fired or something. It seems Animal Services is never held accountable for their direct responsibility for the loss of life of thousands of animals. They are old school, unmotivated, unaccountable, and failing in their duties. Believe me, if I were made director of Animal Services things would be 100% turned around, with the same budget, the same laws, but new staff. But I'm not, so I complain, and it is valid to complain, and I do what I can to help animals to pick up their slack.
Edward P

United States

#25 Sep 16, 2012
Very good comment Moe I agree with you 100%. As yu say they are unmotivated and unaccountable but isn't that the norm these days? Make a paycheck and do as little as possible to earn it? Personally I blame people who are not responsible pet owners more than this place. People want to raise dogs and cats not knowing anything about how to care for them properly. They let their dogs run all over freely and let their cats live outdoors when it's a fact that cats live longer and healthier INDOORS. They refuse to spay or neuter or their pet nor feed their pet properly. The fact is many people are not educated enough to take on the responsibility of a pet so sooner or later they end up at the shelter. Overpopulation of unwanted pets will always be a problem as long as we have stupid people period. If you want a dog quit trying to raise one living in some small apartment. If you want a cat quit expecting the poor thing to live outside all day and night having to contend with cars, raccoons and coyotes. If you can't let it live indoors with you all day perhaps you should not own one. people are to blame for the mess these animals are in and the only way to fix it is to clamp down hard on irresponsible pet owners with hefty fines/and or take away their pet and educate them better as to HOW to raise them.
Dustin - Animal Services

Seattle, WA

#26 Mar 9, 2013
I apologize that I haven't been keeping up on this topic. I can understand the frustration with some of the staff here and the different answers you are getting. The responsibility is to pick up any cat or dog that is confined anywhere in the county. It's only the city limits of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater that are contracted to handle dogs that are flat out running loose. It's just how our contract is written that the animals need to be confined for us to come out and get them. I can see both sides to the shelter taking your crates for transport. The reason is so that we don't risk losing the animals once they are caught but it is difficult to ask a citizen to come all the way in to retrieve their carriers.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is sometimes to hear these complaints. To say that we don't care about the animals is an absolute lie and truly offensive. All of us here care deeply about animals, some more than others for sure.

Feral cats we just don't have any options for, it's a sad reality. I wish we could do more for them, I truly do. It's extremely frustrating.

Sick or injured animals are rarely euthanized within 24 hours. You would be amazed at the amount of animals that we treat and the money that we have to spend in these situations and place for adoption.

As a caring shelter worker it is so hard to hear all of these things. I have no idea where people get their information and they base their entire review of a place on one experience and it's usually a tough one. I understand all of the frustration. I only wish that more people understood the pressure and pain that we as shelter workers have to deal with every day. We pour our hearts and souls into all of the animals in our care and take the pain home with us every day. There are no excuses for bad customer service, I know. We do have our limitations and procedures that we have to stick to which is just how it works but we truly do care.

Aberdeen, WA

#27 May 15, 2013
Forget the animals ...... what about starving children man and women..... use funds and time for Humans not animals...... especially these flea infested mutt mongrels

Seattle, WA

#28 May 19, 2013
If we could trust that people would not use money given to them for cr@p like alcohol, smokes and drugs then perhaps many of us animal lovers might agree with you. And if you want to start helping starving men, womn nd children you can start by writing a letter to your woderful president and see if he even gives a sh1t.

Obamacare baby!

I wonder how much you give to the homeless every week? Hypocrite.

But don't worry, with your kind of attitude there won't even be any beautiful trees, flowers and animals to enjoy in another 100 years.
Sheltie Queen

Bellevue, WA

#29 Nov 18, 2013
I think those of you complaining should have to work a day (JUST ONE DAY!) in an animal shelter. As for not wanting risk getting yourself or your family sick from these "diseased animals". They're called gloves. Use them. It's called disinfectant. Use it. But a CHEAP kennel. Bait kennel. Wait for animal to go in. Close kennel. Drive YOUR LAZY @SS to the shelter and drop it off. I would NEVER let a sick animal suffer if there was ANYTHING I could do to help it. Shame on YOU. You disgust me. I've volunteered at shelters. I've groomed dogs for six years. I'm more disgusted with "animal lovers" who don't actually do a god d@mn THING about animal abuse/neglect (usually because they're the ones responsible for it in the first place.) then I have ever been with shelters, whether they are HIGH KILL or NO KILL. These people are doing the best that they can under terrible circumstances with NO HELP FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU, who have the means AND opportunity to take a few hours out of your day to make a difference.
angelica wilson

United States

#30 Dec 1, 2013
I took a emecated homeless dog in from a man who neglected his dog and had no means off taking care of him he was a Gordon setter the man was not mentally stable enough even to care for him self he signed the dog over to me with two witnesses I trained him and he learned almost instenanessly he was then written up on a perscription by doctor as fit to be my service dog for my autism spectum disorder and epilesy I felt threatend by this man as he was not letting me sleep and I agreed to give him partial visits he went further and took my dog I couldn't find him I was stressed my lease was almost up and I was going to balance a lot not having an advocate id have to go homeless I get a phone call my school district denied me help I can't pass a GED and I made some illegal choices while I was in jail telling everone I don't want to talk to them Id rather talk to my dog after my aunt my payee and gaurdian signed me off basically to a stranger I had an address but two to three hours before I was released the man I said whom gave me his dog had turned around for 9 days starved my dog beat him severly I get out of the jail my new gaurdian takes me home and tells me my dog would be fine tell the next morning I creid myself to sleep the next day I'm looking for my dog I go to city hall the animal services van type thing is there and I ask her if she's seen gordon a gordon setter she's said yes I said I've been looking all over for him she says he's hurt badly and I'm never going to see him again and he might die I tell her he's under weight and why she scolds me for having him with that man and I ask her what there going to do with him and told he he has to not have his balls cut off I didn't think to tell her why but the reason was because of his weight he needed more weight to get fixed well she threatens me threatens me that if I try to get my dog there going to get me for what they charged the man for I ran to the woman whom was know my gardian and was puking with such distress of not seeing my dog again a regesterd service dog well she talked to them nd my gaurdian got him but she said he'd have to go to her brother after I was forced to sign over papers so I wasn't illgally charded by these people and they gave my dog to this person unfixed and then she had to return him because her brothers feianca didn't want him and then he went to another strange place on the internet my dog who was three whom was my love and joy of my life the reason to live without a supportive family sence infancey whom gave me joy is gone the did that he and the man whom hurt my dog he's out and free to harm other dogs my dog Gordun is gone for ever I've tried replacing him but its not the same he suffered a tramatic brain injury two broken ribs and a spinal injury I was told I miss him so much he's three now I had the right and still do to sue but I. Having an autism spectum disorder doesn't help I have no advocate whom will take time to understand me I love you gordon and miss you very much I hope your out there still old man your three now I hope you still get feed the best and have nice hikes like we use to I cry every year on my birthday and give your sister icecream she would have loved you I have painting after drawing of you love you I wish you were home in my arms and greeting me bright eyed and bushey tailed with einstine hair in the morning mommy misses your gordy

Olympia, WA

#32 Dec 27, 2013
Its very simple. Instead of buying lotto tickets and meth and booze, put the loose animals in a box or cage, pay someone to go the animal shelter, and have the animal put down. Give some bucks to the animal shelter for doing a job well done.

Most people who allow their animals to roam free from their property should not be allowed to have pets of any kind. Their animals damage property, get other animals pregnant and pass on disease.

In fact, everyone should take some time out and gather up the stray and roaming cats and have them put to sleep. Billions of wild birds and small mammals would be very happy for it. the end. Oh, i like animals.

Seattle, WA

#33 Apr 1, 2014
Perhaps stream we should round up all the blood sucking welfare people who sit around doing nothing soaking up tax payers dollars and put them to sleep. Just because an animal is a stray does not mean it is not adoptable but attitudes like yours stream is more "hiterlesque" IMO.

We can pay $$$ to take care of low income overweight pregnant moms with cells phones but not fund animal services? I'd rather fund the latter thank you very much.:) I'd get more love and appreciation from that "feral" cat that you speak of than even one of those people we help survive on welfare.

Oh, and I Like animals to.

United States

#34 Sunday
Animal Luvr wrote:
Agreed Pink Poodle.
I have a sick stray cat that needs immediate attention and was also told that I need to bring it in and they cannot pick it up once I capture it. This poor cat lives every day with bugs flying around it's head which has an open wound and obviously has many more health issues but this shelter and the women I spoke with didn't give a cr@p. Like you said cats are on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to animals which is sad.
I'm not sure what to do at this point as it's so heartbreaking to see this cat suffer and as a citizen you feel helpless to do anything because those who are "supposed" to help you won't. They say that if you feed a stray cat for so long you become "responsible" for it and I say BULLSH1T! I feed this cat because it hasn ever known any love and if it's going to die of disease or whatever it's going to die at least knowing someone in this world gave a sh1t enough to give him food.
Thurston county can take their laws and shove them right up their @sses. Whats worse is that people who live around me know this cat is sick and won't even attempt to help capture it and take it in. The only thing lower than cats on the totem pole are people.
Why would you let the animal suffer with an open wound i understand ther not doin ther job. But put on some gloves and take the animal to the VET dont prolong the suffering i could never watch an innocent animal suffer
All ive rescued i take them to VCA they clean them up aome charity donations. 4 i paid for and they are happy living long healthy lives.

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