Husband held on $1.5m on murder charge

Husband held on $1.5m on murder charge

There are 258 comments on the Connecticut Post story from Oct 24, 2006, titled Husband held on $1.5m on murder charge. In it, Connecticut Post reports that:

After leaving his wife in a bloody mess on the floor of their Wedgewood Place den Sunday, police said Xavier Figueroa wandered sobbing into the Norwalk Police Department.

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Melissa Clarke

Bronx, NY

#1 Oct 24, 2006
This is so crazy I went to school with this guy. Who would of ever thought he could end up a murderer. He was such a nice guy. The world is coming to and end these people really need God in there life. That is the problem so many people turn there backs on the Lord and this is what happens. Now three kids suffer without a mom and Dad this is so sad. We need to really do something about this Violence it has to stop!!!!

Bronx, NY

#2 Oct 24, 2006
Where were the police in all this. How come no one knew that he was capable of doing something like this...
Lance Hertzbach

Marlborough, CT

#3 Oct 25, 2006
I didn't believe myself when I heard it yesterday.....I knew him since 6th grade. His wife worked in my building in Wilton. This is such a shocker....

United States

#4 Nov 13, 2006
does anyone know when he will be sentenced

Farmington, CT

#5 Nov 14, 2006
You ask: "When will he be sentenced"? Don't you think there might be a trial first? Or at least a guilty plea, or possible plea bargaining, then testimony from those that know him, etc... a prison sentence, if imposed, is the LAST step.

United States

#6 Nov 17, 2006
I should have asked when is he going to court my mistake

United States

#7 Nov 17, 2006
I feel really badly about what happened and just wanted to follow the situation. He was a nice guy.people snap. it can happen to anyone its just an unfortunate situation.

Lincolnshire, IL

#8 Nov 20, 2006
Well he went to court on November 7th the day of his birthday. Nothing yet is said. I went to the awake of Lisa and it was very sad. Her sister's had beautiful things to say about her as Lisa was a lovely person inside and out. Lisa was a great mother to all 3 of her kids. Her husband Xavier, who would have thought. Nobody ever thought that Xavier could be capable of such a thing, but he snapped. It happens.

Little Neck, NY

#9 Dec 14, 2006
Who cares what happens to him now? I mean he took the life of someone else and destroyed his family and children.
He'll definately spend jail time...even if he see and psychologically unwell...which is obvious.
What I find more distrubing it that our tax dollars will go to keep him alive, feed him, care for him, etc. So he has to give up freedom...big deal...he's still alive and shouldn't be.
Hope he gets what he deserves in prison. Maybe someone will do us all a favor and do him what he did to his X Wife.

Snapping is one thing...but if you're capable of such hostility and anger then that's not snapping...that's the real you comming out.

May he burn in hell forever.

United States

#10 Dec 19, 2006
Responding to wanting him to burn in hell or get death penalty doesnt make you any better than him. I personally believe that the better punishment is to make him think about what he did over and over again. To make him realize that he messed up and is serving the ultimate punishment for that. Death penalty just ends it like that, and that wouldnt do justice either. Xavier is my cousin...therefore I know that this is something that just happened. It wasnt planned and its not like he had this extreme temperment. I know its terrible, and believe me, I, along with our entire family, is grieving over the loss of Lisa. She was an amazing person and will never be forgotten.

Croton On Hudson, NY

#11 Dec 23, 2006
He planned the whole thing. He lured Lisa to the house under the guise that there was a leak in the basement, and that she should come and get the kids things in storage. THERE NEVER WAS A LEAK IN THE BASEMENT! Now he's got a lawyer. It's bad enough that he killed his children's mother, but now he's going to put everyone through a trial. Hopefully justice will be served and he'll never see the light of day.

United States

#12 Dec 24, 2006
The lawyer is only to get him a fair trial, its NOT to get him out of jail by any means, or to get him a lesser sentence. Believe me, we are all pissed too. And the fact that he did it with the kids in the house is what makes it 20 times worse..

Germantown, TN

#13 Dec 26, 2006
I was also related to Lisa and know the story with all of it's grueling, twisted and disgusting details. Bridget/Norwalk is correct that he did lure her to the house that day, claiming a leak in the basement. He got her down there with the kids upstairs. She was begging for her life, but did he stop? NO. The kids were able to hear her begging him to stop. He managed to clean himself up, changed his clothes and calmly took the kids to Gina's house, saying that they had a fight and that they needed some time together. In the meantime, she lay dead in the basement. Yes, he was seeing another woman. This other woman was with him when he turned himself in to the police that night. Gee, wasn't that nice of her? Do you suppose she's still standing by her man?

To: WONDERING. Yes, people do snap sometimes, but you're very wrong to say it can happen to anyone. I know I could never be capable of such a thing. Did you include yourself in "anyone"? Could you "snap" and do something so horrific? You must already possess anger and rage and the propensity of violence to do that. After all, she wasn't cheating on him, he was cheating on her.

To: TickedOff. I would be happy to see my tax dollars go to support a very long, sad and pathetic life in prison for him. The death penalty would be far too easy for him given the brutal way he carried out her murder. I, along with several other people are putting together a campaign to be sure that he remembers what he did while he lives out his life in prison. Anyone can join in. Simply write letters to him on a regualr basis. Send him pictures of Lisa and the children when they were once a happy family. Let him suffer.

Lisa was one of the sweetest and most kind people I've ever known, as well as an incredible mother. What Xavier thought he would gain from this is beyond me and anyone who truly knows about this case. This didn't happen in the heat of passion. It was well planned out. But why? Sure, they've had their problems in recent years, but I must admit, I never thought he would ever harm her.

I pray that he lives a very long life of hell-on-earth, then burns in hell for eternity. He has destroyed the lives of so many people she left behind. I can't imagine what the last minutes of her life was like. It's one thing when you suddenly lose a loved one from an accident. In time you can come to terms with that. But this is something I personally cannot wrap my brain around. It's just so senseless. May she rest in eternal peace.


#14 Dec 27, 2006

Do you have a monther a sister a daughter.. how can you say that.. he killed the mother of his kids. He is a liar his own family didnt know he was divorced........ he cut them off so they didnt know how bad it was and he didnt snap.. he was like this for years and she didnt leave in fear of this finally he has a sick girlfriend whos standing by his side and so she thought she was out and look.. he tricked her and never stopped he could have stopped it was not a mistake or an esculated fight it was planned. It was a play room.. GIVE ME A BREAK! and all who knew him that thought he was nice thats right what a good show he put on even for his family who should wait and see the pictures and see how bad it really is!
Lisa was too good


#15 Dec 27, 2006
I can not believe how people can just sit here and say he snapped.. you dont call someone and tell them to come over have a huge hunting knife...
and attack her with your own children in the house let alone attack her at all! Does he know what he has done to his CHILDREN he has reunied their lifes forever.. the one person who matters most in their world is gone. I have known Lisa since her family moved to Norwalk and I can not tell you how sick this is! No one deserves to die in such a way and with their children upstairs not knowing if he is going for them next and papers say he has scratches well she faught for her life wouldn't you. SHE TRIED TO SAVE HERSELF FOR HER KIDS>..... I can not imagine what she went threw and her poor kids having to hear their mom being taken from them by the 1 man you are supposed to be able to trust your dad. SCUM! that is what he is! and anyone who knew him before this knew the show side the side he wanted everyone to see and believe he was. Lets ask his friends and family if they knew he had a girlfriend, if they knew he hadnt been the best dad, hit their mom, didnt help money wise, reuined birthdays and holidays! DID YOU ALL KNOW THAT no because Lisa put on a happy face to give her kids a good life! I will never forget when I met her in west rocks she was soooo sweet I was new and she befriended me the 1st min she saw I was confused. I kept in touch off and on but threw emails I even knew how amazing of a mother she was! I know her family and friends miss her and her children will never be the same! HE IS SICK! not he snapped!

United States

#16 Dec 27, 2006
That other woman is probably the reason all of this happened. I know someone who actually dated her and I can quote him saying that Xavier getting with her is his sure was. And that stupid lady is still standing by him, thinking that he will one day be with her again..give me a break..if she hadn't stepped in, this probably never would have happened. Xavier says that it was all an accident, and that he snapped out of anger, which I can believe because he does have a bad temper, but we cant forget that they did once live a happy life, and things like this do, sad to say, happen..its just so hard to believe that an angel like Lisa is gone now..

Croton On Hudson, NY

#17 Dec 27, 2006
Right, let's blame someone else besides Xavier! I guess his "family" has been letting Xavier off the hook for years instead of having him take responsiblity for his actions. Thanks for turning out such a "wonderful" human being who has shattered so many lives.Losers!

Croton On Hudson, NY

#18 Dec 27, 2006
Oh, and by the way "family" WTF! "The lawyer is just to make sure he gets a fair trail." Was it fair what he did to Lisa? Is it fair that our tax dollars, time and energy are going to be spent to find out the obvious? What a man! We shouldn't be surprised though how he turned out. His family seems to be making every excuse in the book for him.
Oh yeah, how did that bogus raffle ticket fundraiser turn out for you all? That was really a new low in humanity. Selling tickets for Xavier's legal defense, and having people think it was going to the kids. Thank goodness you all were exposed. Way to go Figueroa Family!!!! How much lower can you go pieces of S H I T !

United States

#19 Dec 28, 2006
Didnt know much of the details only what I read in the paper.(which apparently left out a whole lot) It made it look like a crime of pasion also that the kids were not in the house but clearly it was'nt that way, this changes my entire outlook on the situation. it wasnt someone who snapped i guess I was just trying to see the good in him.i cant believe someone would plan something like this out, and with the kids in the house. terrible just terrible, and your right anyone can not just snap that badly. I am truly sorry for the loss, especilly the kids. May god god bless them.

United States

#20 Dec 28, 2006
First of all, no one ever told anyone that the fundraiser was going to the kids, so if they thought that, its because THEY wanted to. Second, that raffle wasnt started by the family, it was started by friends OF the family. No one is making excuses for him, we all know what he did was the worst thing anyone can do and none of us want him OUT of jail, we all think he should stay in there and suffer for what he did. Xaviers father thought of Lisa as a daughter and when news of what happened came around, he wanted to kill Xavier himself. But he cant just leave his son high and dry like that, so of course he has to somewhat stand by him. And you cant put the entire family in his category. Its not like we are all walking around with his mentality.

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