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Mount Vernon, MO

#1 Mar 22, 2009
If you have a haunted house or things of the paranormal activities. Please send a comment.

Dr Thompson

Grovespring, MO

#2 Mar 25, 2009
I always heard the old state mental hospital Nevada is quite haunted.
Dr Thompson

Grovespring, MO

#3 Mar 25, 2009
'in Nevada' that is.
Megan Rye

Albuquerque, NM

#4 May 14, 2009
Well there is thirteen curves, witches bridge, take any back roads out of town at night and you will find something. Nevada is one of the oldest towns in Missouri.....we did use to have slaves and most of them still wonder the fields at nite looking for a place home.... anyone who was born and raised in Nevada know about these haunted places!!!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#5 May 14, 2009
The State Hospital is indeed haunted, especially the building that was recently renovated to create Ash Place Apartments. Also, there is a story of Cottey, being haunted by both a girl, and a man....stories from different eras. In addition to that, the historic jail supposedly has activity, as does the Moore house on North Washington (the giant blue one with the matching carriage house behind). My favorite story, though, is that of the grave of the Unknown Woman just off of 43 Hwy. If you go south on 43 from 54, cross the tracks, and turn left on the gravel (immediately across the tracks) about 1/8 of a mile down on the left, there is a lone grave. My grandma always took flowers there, and claimed that the woman (victim of foul play along the railroad before the turn of the century) was still lingering in the area! I agree with Megan, in saying that our county is so rich with history, there are BOUND to be many paranormal things happening!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#6 May 14, 2009
I don't know why on earth this said I was from Illinois. I live in Nevada!

Mount Vernon, MO

#7 May 24, 2009
Thanks for your comments

United States

#8 May 25, 2009
These stories are great! I would like to check these places out!
Nevada previous resident

Carthage, MO

#9 Jan 7, 2012
clerkgirl wrote:
These stories are great! I would like to check these places out!
I have lived here for 40 years and I have never seen a ghost! The story about the woman that was murdered south off 43 & 54 is true. The state hospital was a hospital for MR/MI and the only thing haunted about it were some of the mean workers there-not the majority-but a handful of mean spirited who liked to abuse the people whom were sick. I dont believe in ghosts, but this is just my own personal opnion and right-if you do thats your choice-just my 2 cents.

Springfield, MO

#10 Aug 28, 2012
Does anyone know if 610 N College St in Nevada, MO is haunted? I've had some weird activity and a little girl I babysit says she met a little boy here. Says his name is "Checkers" and she took him home! Also I used to live on S. Clay and there is a little blonde haired girl that haunts that house. I had pictures of her but when I uploaded them onto my computer, the next day my computer crashed and ABC couldn't recover ANY photos off of the harddrive!!!
#11 Sep 22, 2012
i work at the old state hospital in nevada missouri. the only thing haunting the hospital is the memories of the patients that have passed thru here. and the imagination of curiouse "ghost hunters"!. and there were a few folks that mite have mis treated the patients, but we care about our folks! thats where the care givers get a bad rap is when people assume we are all out to hurt the patients out at the old state hospital!

Bentonville, AR

#12 Nov 20, 2012
Honestly, Nevada is evil, along with most of the people. I grew up in a rather haunted house, since my backyard was a part of the civil war. Plus my house was built on an Indian burial ground. I had a pretty interesting childhood, that's for sure. Also, the Cottey Library is haunted. The ghosts there aren't harmful once you've made friends with them. I would know since I spent most of my childhood in the Library. Nevada has some pretty weird history, but that's only because of the people. Karma always gets her revenge.

Greenwood, MO

#13 Mar 3, 2013
dullboy wrote:
If you have a haunted house or things of the paranormal activities. Please send a comment.
Theres an old cemetery off of South Cedar-sorry I cannot remember the name. In it is a large above ground tomb where a prominent man was placed by his widow. You can see that there is a large Bible on top of it,made of the same material as the tomb (marble perhaps?)
Anyway the Bible used to slide to reveal a glass panel. The story goes that the young widow would come to the cemetery daily, move the Bible to see and talk to her husband. Of course over time,he decayed and its said it slowly drove the woman insane. She was eventually institutionalized at the State Hospital in Nevada. My mother worked for the state and confirmed the story when I was a child, that the widows records were there.
The tomb is still there,unfortunately around Halloween in the 50's or 60's the glass was broken out and the skull removed by pranksters. The cemetery then cemented the Bible into place over it, so it would move no more. So you can go see it, its the only one that looks like it has a cement book lying on the top. You can see around the edges, the different hued cement that was used on it later.
Rumor has it, and if you can get the name of the man off the stone, his wife was buried, destitute in the State Hospital cemetery. If you take Ash St out past the State Hospital, it goes straight for just a bit and then curves to the left. Up just a 1/4 of a mile, youll come to the State Hospital cemetery on the left. I believe that cemetery was also used as burial for the Heartland nuns and children as it was once an orphanage.
Im sorry I cant remember the names but its an easy grave to find, the mans. If you take that name and the story to the newspaper office or the library, theyll be able to look up the headlines, as it was once quite a sensation.
The unmarked grave off of 54 and 43 is still marked quite well, people decorate. You can go to the Unsolved Mysteries website (they tried to revive the show a few years ago and the site is still there) and look it up under 'Unexplained'. The grave was dug up at least once for a modern autopsy and the attempt to make a composite, extract dna etc. And then she was reburied in an actual coffin.

United States

#14 Mar 13, 2013
Witches bridge is not haunted,it's just a story so don't waist your time. 3rd floor of heartland, old state hospital and old sheriff's office definitly have something paranormal going on in them.

Saint Louis, MO

#15 May 25, 2013
Hello, I know of va truelly haunted house that should be torn down soon. I would say where but I'll leave as it's a home on Walnut. There was a aparent death there. At least that was what I was told. I lived there as a kid and part of my teenage. My first incounter there was of a little girl who never spoke her name or why she was so scared. When I had asked her she'd simply shake her head and say "I can't tell you he is watching" then she'd back up into the t.v. I used to sleep in the laundry room where when I'd sleep I'd look into the closet like area there was always a tall man in a lab coat standing there and when I'd slowly get used to him he walk around my small bed to the waterheater and back each night every night. The man gave me nightmares where my mouth was sewn and him and the little girl would cut me open but i couldnt scream. The other encounter was of a woman and her son he looked about 16-17 dark hair and pale. The mother was young looking still with brown hair and long very lanky and thin. Theyd stand in our dining room. The boy had gained a liking I could say cause hed cry when id leave, i used to sleep in the dining roomin winter cause the heater was in there and id wake up to him sitting with me watching me sleep. And to be honest i kind of miss them now that ive moved. I was a lonely child so the two seemed to be amazing though theyd never speak only motion. But the major violent haunting started when me and my schoolfriend were packing my stuff when the room shook and a eye peircing yell came from nowhere and a few things flew out the closet. My friend later on told me we couldnt be friends. After i moved id visit the house i still do id feel a over baring sadness and a smile from old friends. I currently live in nevada mo. And i believe the place is truelly evil. There were more acurences that is to scary to tell cause id start crying and have nightmares so this is expiriance. Thank you for reading.

United States

#16 Aug 18, 2013
I have heard about almost all these places , but I have always wanted to see if the old jail is haunted, the sheriff's station,used to be the post office also, before they made it a jail, now that they sold it I would love to stay overnight and do some paranormal research

Overland Park, KS

#17 Aug 22, 2013
then man in he tob is buried in deepwood cem on south wash his name i believe is L Dorsa the tomb was broken into in Feb 0f 1987 his skull was taken and police found it in someones house on top of the T.V. it made the paper including a front page Picture of the skull

United States

#18 Sep 10, 2013
Does anyone know of any owners to contact for any paranormal research? Be good for anything thanks
Missouri Miss

Plattsburg, MO

#19 Sep 12, 2013
If you believe that stuff can be haunted then I've got some oceanfront property in AZ that I'll sell you.

United States

#20 Sep 13, 2013
So cheap like real cheap?

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