Cheyney, PA

#22 Jun 14, 2011
I have been forced and harrassed to pay child support for a child that is not mine. My ex knowingly and willingly had several affairs while we were separated and NOT having sex, she got pregnant and after we divorced she filed for child support and named me the dad. This has continued for 9 years and the courts in Pennsylvania justs sides with the whore. I am done! I am ready and willing to go to jail after I put a bullet in her fucking head. I need help ASAP! I've been crying out for help and no one will listen until I am on Action News for murder...please help somebody!
Garrard MD

Pasadena, MD

#23 Jul 19, 2011
Hey Jay check out this Ask.com page
Scroll down and look for How to win a paternity fraud case." The case was in PA and the fella got the case in his favor and won...check it out..
You need

Casa Grande, AZ

#24 Jul 28, 2011
jacob queenan wrote:
i do not think child support is wrong, i do believe in providing for my daughter, but i pay ex-girlfriend support, not child support. the number i pay on 1 girl is so hi i wont tell. and i get my daughter 15 days a mth....DESTROYS FAMILIES AND GIVE DUMB YOUNG GIRLS WANTING TO HAVE 3 BABIES FROM THREE DIFFERENT DADS AND THATS THERE IDEA OF SUCCESS,.. REFORM REFORM REFORM.. WE ARE LOSING OUR HOMES OVER THESE INFLATED JUDGMENTS THEY CALL RULINGS. FEMINIZES STSTEM AND MUST END.
You need

Casa Grande, AZ

#25 Jul 28, 2011
Help Jacob Queenan.
J C Price

Atascadero, CA

#26 Oct 30, 2011
I have paid my ex almost $40,000 in child support over the last five years. She has not earned 1 dime of her own money. However she was still able to afford financing a new car about 3 years ago. She lives with her boyfriend who does work. Why is it that myself and this other man are the only ones supporting my kids? I want custody of them and if my ex can't support them and relies on me and another man, shouldn't my children just be allowed to live with me? I posed this question to the Department of Child Support Services in California. They told me that if I had visitation with my kids (I do) and paid child support that the courts would impute minimum wage earnings on her. That makes me feel a little better, but why was she able to leech off me the past 5 years, and who is supposed to enforce that? Do I call the police and tell them that my ex doesn't have a job? Also, is it even against the law and what would her punishment be for not following those stipulations? My case worker sounded genuinely frustrated by the situation, my guess is that she probably sees these kinds of things all the time and is as confused as I am. It is too easy for unambitious, lazy, entitled women to manipulate the system. I also have a 12 year old daughter that I have had sole custody of for the past 10 years. What does my ex pay in child support? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! She doesn't earn enough. I agree that I should support my kids, but, if I am the only parent doing so, they should live with me. I am finally in a position where I can afford to hire an attorney and I fully intend to do so, this may help me, but, the system as a whole needs to be changed. There are way too many stories of good people, good fathers, being taken advantage of, bullied, and abused by the system.
Joseph Heger

Cincinnati, OH

#27 Dec 10, 2011
After 9 years of being divorced I find child support to be one big scam so they can misery for and x husband. What woman say is taken at face value and men must file a motion to be heard and the judge allows te woman to get away any how. My ex wife stalled for a year while I awaited for her to appear in court to get my support lowered and at the mean time I barely could eat. But this last scam they pulled on me was taking my drivers license. I had finally gotten a job and am now trying to catch up with my bills but child support takes my license away so now I'm looking at loosing a job because I can't make it to work. This defeats being able to pay bills pay support or even get my basics(food and medication). Child support I believe is noting more than making lawyers judges child support and even government make money off of my misery. Something that child support told me that really make me think they are crooked is they tell me they can do anything they want. Also I have done right with my ex wife and kids in my divorce of 9 years but I still get harassed by child support support.
Joseph Heger

Cincinnati, OH

#28 Dec 10, 2011
JC over the last 9 years have paid around $120,00.00 and most went to my ex instead of my 4 kids
just saying

Knoxville, TN

#29 Apr 3, 2012
JGGrey wrote:
So, my daughers mother decided about 12 years ago, to give me the nice little surprise of a paternity order.I wouldnt have been so shocked if she had ever even told me she was pregnant to begin with, or maybe that she had a child, but that isnt the issue. I ended up being charged child support which since the child was mine makes sense, but what doesnt make sense is that over the last three years, my daughters mother has had my daughter living with her less then six months?!? The first place my daughter was "sent" was to live with her mothers boyfriends sister for over a year, now after talking with the woman my daughter was staying with, her mother was providing no assistance to this woman and her husband for taking my daughter in. Just when she gets home again with her mother, I get some legal paperwork in the mail asking me to allow my daughter to live with her mothers aunt and granting her temporary custody. I don't mind this much since my daughter and I had discussed some issues and CPS had been recently called on the mother for supplying drugs to my daughter, heck the girl needs a more stable environment, yet shortly after this, I get a phone call from a state not involved whatsoever demanding I pay the mother child support for a child she doesnt even live in the same STATE with. Has anyone else had issues like this? Or have a reasonable solution? I live in Michigan, my daughter lives in NY, and the mother lives in Tennessee (yes the mother is attempting to collect child support from all three states)
You need to hire an attorney, I dont know the law there, I know the law in tennessee.If you file a petition in court for custody of your daughter, You have first rights to her above anyone else. Also if you can prove through school records, DCS,CPS or DHS the whereabouts of this child for solid amounts of time you would not have to pay her, for childsupport although the other persons she stayed with could sue u for support during those times. In any situtation there, at least you tried your best. If you have a clean record and can provide the better more stable income and environment for her, then you should have her. I dont know your ex but your daughter is just at the age she needs to learn now that the way mom is living will get her no where and she doesnt need to be role modled for through this woman, she will be a woman soon and think her moms responsibility options are the right ones and her mom abanding her here and there! God forbid if your daughter has a child soon what do you think she would do. Her mother is her guide, I pray you do reach out and get this child before the mold you thought was broken: rebuilds.
just saying

Knoxville, TN

#30 Apr 3, 2012
Joseph Heger wrote:
After 9 years of being divorced I find child support to be one big scam so they can misery for and x husband. What woman say is taken at face value and men must file a motion to be heard and the judge allows te woman to get away any how. My ex wife stalled for a year while I awaited for her to appear in court to get my support lowered and at the mean time I barely could eat. But this last scam they pulled on me was taking my drivers license. I had finally gotten a job and am now trying to catch up with my bills but child support takes my license away so now I'm looking at loosing a job because I can't make it to work. This defeats being able to pay bills pay support or even get my basics(food and medication). Child support I believe is noting more than making lawyers judges child support and even government make money off of my misery. Something that child support told me that really make me think they are crooked is they tell me they can do anything they want. Also I have done right with my ex wife and kids in my divorce of 9 years but I still get harassed by child support support.
i know what your saying. I dont know your whole story of situation. I just wanted to say this for the ones who knew they had kids or possibly had kids from day one what is the problem with going ahead and setting aside 200 a month after the very month you seperate from the childs mother.Then by the time u go to court you should basicially what u would owe in arrears and then after court day start paying every month and wah la no worries. You can also always get an attorney and file for joint custody and you would have no more current payments and only arrears and pay half of medical bills. There is hope at the end of the tunnel it takes the know how
Struggling to survive

United States

#32 May 23, 2012
I've been paying child support for almost 14 years I love my children dearly and I do all I can for them but this so called child support system is dead wrong and America should be ashamed to do people the way they are doing some men I'm n a situation were I can't live a barely decent life cuz I don't hav d money but I get the chance to sit back and struggle y the mother of my kids & her husband enjoy all there money & half of mines as well nice cars a nice house but I'm not left with enough money to evn pay rent r hav a companion cuz wat woman wants to b with a man who can't hold his own & d best part is no matter wat d father hav r don't hav this so called system doesn't care I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the system is corrupt so whn its my weekend to keep my kids I don't hav room for them so d best thing I got goin is to take thm to my moms jus so we can all stay together but to all d good men who continue to struggle but do what u hav to survive know God sees all and it says in the bible one day first will be last and last will be first
makesensenotcent s

Hudsonville, MI

#33 Jun 25, 2012
The child support system I believe is one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer dollars in history.When you really think about all of the programs available to young woman and couples that are actually making an effort to succeed in this economy,what kind of sense does it make to suspend someones drivers license or throw them in jail because they aren't able to pay child support.And what is child support really....being supportive of your child is way more than a monetary issue.If they wanted to enforce an issue that has plagued millions of children's lives they should start by enforcing ACTUAL support,which is being there for your child in a time of need and for all sorts of questions that they have that they would have to their parents while they grow.I DO believe in (CHILD SUPPORT)not ex girlfriend support for eighteen years.What are these children going to think of a judicial system that has taken there parents away from them when,emotionally these parents have been there through these hardest of times.I have witnessed way too many situations of vindictive woman that use this as either a crutch or a weapon against someone they no longer have feelings for and all it really does is hurt the children that they are suppose to be helping.Why don't we let the kids vote on this one and see how many want their mother or father to go to jail for something that is as hard to come by as a job these days.If they really want to enforce child support why don't they throw people in jail for A)either not spending time with children that paternity has been established or B)either parent keeping the other parent from seeing their children and spending quality time with them.THAT IS CHILD SUPPORT!!!!PERIOD.
Paymaster Joe

United States

#34 Nov 3, 2012
For many many year there has been court or garnishment taking any payments under my number. Here the funny things these grandmothers of the mothers & the daughters now are using my s/s number to claim more payments by using the same two cases numbers for child support. There caseworker are aware of all pay out. But then tell that I still have to pay, my daughters will be 30 each. With 5 to 6 kids of there on. In Tampa. 1 grandmother told the court that my child from here daughter belong to her. That we was married. That was a lie. I got sued for that too. Both girl at young age was dropout. Reported that nothing happen. Blah blah blah blah, step up and don't end like me.had to pay from 1986 until now that lady's keep reopening my same cases. Up to this day. Pay master Joe telling that free is over. That this and was fraud. Check your credit get a police report call all agencies & protect your childrens from abuse people mothers as well as other of there lovers or there so call friends. When they start saying they say or said its over. Get your kids or kid and run to the CourtsHouse sign those papers men or women's it doesn't matter. Respect to all put your kids beside or back in GoD hands that do not mean kill them love with or with that mother or father. It will work out. Pain is good. Look
Into your kids eyes Seriously
Paymaster Joe

United States

#35 Nov 3, 2012
Here something else these same lady has taken old statement to resued for when my cases began. Also I was on Social Security Benefits fully for 5 years and payments was taking too. But here the things 1 family claim that they married to so that got them all of my benefits and I never married neither of them.But was Paid out or off my benefits even after my benefits stop & they both mother and daughter which was the mother of 1 my daughters. But as of this day there are still living off my income as well as my wife income too. But they ass are grown. And these women has family and friends working in the Childsupport office in Florida. That has kept this group in my pocket, here a red flag or a eye opener these same two mothers has been lock up for wel fare fraud. In the past for the same things. But the State of Florida let happen again then the same lady went many other states using my number to opening new cases. So how about this. Yes I did a face to face with many Lawyers about this White Collar Crimes that so many other has taking part.So now this. When any Judge Order that your income will be garnish any where as long as I has a Job or receiving any pay ments under my number. That state or states will have the right to take it thats understandable but when the same lady return to the courts then while being on SSA/SSI and they send everyone the same letter telling that payments has stop at there 18 birthdays. Yes I was working before then I got hurt on a Job. Again these lady's reopen many cases threw this Departments. I still here in need of a Serious Job. Again but I'm strong. And this time I'm sueing all with the right lawyers. So talk to who's ready to take on these cases or case.
All order -No justice

Lansdowne, PA

#36 Nov 7, 2012
What a scum bag industry, feeding off our children like a rabid hientas.
no doubt it's failed social experement, that funnels money into corrupt county offical pockets.

For the children, HA yeah right...
What a joke!
Fed up single mother


#37 May 19, 2013
Child support has caused nothing but a continuation of abuse after a leaving domestic violent marriage.

An intelligent psycopath will live in luxury via any clever tax deductions, not declaiming income, putting assets in a another's name, offshore accounts etc..

My 3 children and I get $8 a day in child support, this is supposed to cover $500 on rent, all kindy and school fees, bills, groceries, all expenses and the ever growing needs of a family.

Then if you outgrow your tiny 2 bedroom unit that costs 3/4 of your income per week, you can't get department of housing because the waiting list is 10 years.

So what do you do?

Your forced to try to afford housing on the same income to suit the needs of a growing family.

3 1/2 years later, there's no other option but to relocate.

Then the psycopath takes pride in stating that due to the family law court, in the event we move to an affordable area, I will incur a recovery order made by the federal court that my children be taken from me and will now be handed over to the ex husband full time. As its a crime!

I'm not saying that all fathers do this! Only the psychopathic fathers, such as the situation I've been in since leaving my marriage for a "so called better life"

And yes they can do it because its easy for them to do.

Where does that leave us now ?

El Monte, CA

#38 Aug 8, 2013
My ex id comiting child support fraud,
What procedues can i take to report it.

Little Rock, AR

#39 Nov 5, 2013
I have problems with the with the past due support my ex lied about being owed not being counted as paid. Maximus child support is to blame. Lets stop them.


Montréal, Canada

#40 Mar 3, 2014
In 2011 my husbands daughter decided to come and live with us. His ex wife sent a letter to FRO to stop child support. Then in July 2013 she went back to her mothers. He also pays for his son which is fine since the money that has been taken out goes to him so we thought. About a month ago my husband was sent a letter from FRO stating he was behind on his child support for his son.He couldn't understand how since his work takes the money out of his cheque every two weeks and it's sent to FRO. He called them to find out what was going on and come to find out that his ex wife had written a letter to FRO in 2012 to reactivated his support for his daughter even though she was living with us. Now he gets a letter stating he's behind 1000's for her. From what we have found out so far she has been getting half of the support that was sent for his son to the other mother. He called and talked to the case worker and he couldn't of been more ignorant stating they have already discussed it. This all came out when we went to the bank and we were denied a loan because his credit went in the toilet because of this crap because if his ex wife. We know it's fraud but how do you fight FRO. Can someone give me any suggestions on how to deal with this.

Peoria, IL

#41 Mar 16, 2014
Think about it -
I been with my three boys - 24x7 , homework, school, working with them, activities, nights, weekends - Then as our divorce got closer, Tazewell County IL and its crooked laws informed my ex to take the kids out of school in August 2013 and move the children into her home -Someone had to coach my ex to do this - Since august, I have continued to document my ex's behavior -Clubs, bars, night out on the town, Chicago Trips, Vegas Trips, St. Louis on the weekends while I stayed home with my kids and spent as much time with them waiting for the special custody court date to happen. THen I would be able to move my kids without fear of this push and pull game that was about to take place with the ex - After all the kids shouldnt suffer through this, right ?

I have met with my Peoria IL lawyer multiple times preparing for this case, documents, photos, text messages, kids comments - you name it I probably have it in my laid out document.

March 11 - I go to court just to sit outside a courtroom for nearly 3 hours to then be convinced Joint Custody blah blah blah. I agreed because It was the right thing to do - afterall I want the kids to see their mom and I wanted to be as fair as possible.. Then I am issued a statement that tells me I am the non-custodial parent. I didnt even see a judge!?!?! How was this issued?
According to my lawyer, Wait... "You make a shit load of money, you are f*cked just like the rest of My Caterpillar clients". Yes, those words will stick with me... But wait, what happened to the leaving the kids at age 9 running around the appartment complex alone ? What happened to me picking up my kids because it is sunday night at 11:30 and my kids are still wide awake while mom is out with friends at the river boat here in East Peoria ?! What about her being gone on weekends that were her weekends that we agreed upon through mediation?
What abou ther turning off the childrens phones so I can't communicate with them via phone and resort to other means like Skype or online via facebook?

I did everything I was suppose to do to support my kids but because I am the money maker, the bread winner, the GDamn State of IL and its judges are convinced that she is the custodial parent. All I can say is Burn in Hell and I will piss on those ashes!

Why is it my fault for taking the time, buying their cloths, helping them with homework, cooking for them, preparing them for the next day while their mom is away or messing around with other men at bars... Why do I have to pay the price for these issues without even speaking to a Judge - How the hell does this ruling get determined and who put these laws in place ? NO where in my online research did I find this to be a one sided fight - or where it clearly spelled out that the mom is the winner by default. IL I hope this state falls off the map... Maybe the Tornadoes that hit in November were an early warning of the corruption and greed this State pulls - As a punishment innocent people have to suffer every day - Senators and lawmakers are thrown in Jail for their ignorance and fullishnes. But as a Loving father and a dad that spend 24x7 of his time for his kids is now taken away but given a chance to se them every week and every other weekend (Jointly) bu yet ruled to pay over 1700.00 a month because I MAKE SO MUCH MONEY working for a Huge Corporation. Taking it up the *SS by the system is expected because us Money Makers have to work while the other parent runs, parties, and refuses to work until the oldest turns 18.... Where is this a fair trial ?!

Peoria, IL

#42 Mar 16, 2014
Yes, it is a struggle but the courts and these GDAMN judges dont care about you ... They care for the kids ? In respect to what ?
They give the kids to a mom that does nothing and expects a lot of money because it is hard to raise these kids - I cant survive on the money given to me. Well, my response - GET A F*CKING JOB !!!!
Cry to the local govt and lawyers love it- That is more money in their pocket but yet someone will end up paying mor eand that someone is the person struggling to survive, now because you probably make a lot of money or make more than the ex will ever consider making, you have to work and work - but god forbid you get another job - You will be paying child support ou tof that money as well - Don't quit or this God Damn Govenrment and its twisted laws will come after you - Yea, Child support is a crime and it needs to be dealt with but how?
Not enough people are willing to stand up against the asshole lawmakers that never have to fear going through this - YEs, their day is coming and They will burn in hell!

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