blacks in lowell??!!
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from lowell

Chicago, IL

#1 Nov 24, 2011
does anyone else think that black people do NOT belong in lowell? its not that im racist but the statistics speak for themselves! lets keep Lowell a small town "feeling" and keep the blacks out. every year the blacks move farther south and ruin every town they take over and the "whites" just move away. i for one will not let that happen in Lowell....anyone agree?
from lowell too

Goshen, IN

#2 Nov 24, 2011
Uh, I hate to say it, but that statement alone makes you "racist" as you claimed you were not. Just sayin. You know... there are black people who make money ... more than you make, and don't wish to live in places that are the majority black. That being said, there are places in Illinois where homes cost $500,000+ and the majority is black... ever heard of Matteson? Olympia Fields? Flossmoor? Maybe you should tell the blacks you're seeing to go over there. See how well it goes over. What exactly is your plan to stop it from happening? "I for one will not let that happen in Lowell...anyone agree?"

Maybe you should just move further south.

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Nov 24, 2011
I also live in lowell and i agree with the first person. I may not of worded it the same way but i totally agree! I dont agree with the person who said to move farther south. We need to stand our ground and stop "white flight". Idc about the "rich" black neighborhood in IL. Statisics prove that crime,drugs,poverty,murder...e tc r WAY higher in the black neighborhoods. U cant deny the proof and if u dont mind having ur property value decreased and crime around you then PLEASE by all means....MOVE AWAY!! we wont miss you.....have a pleasant thanksgiving
from lowell

Lowell, IN

#4 Dec 9, 2011
Dont let white move away. they can stay and fight for it and save our town! dont let ruin it!
Indian Heights

Bedford Park, IL

#5 Dec 14, 2011
I totally agree w/ from lowell, black people really don’t belong in our fine town. Its kinda weird because... they know it too; for the few that currently reside here. Every now and then you'll see one at Stracks or Aldi and they keep their heads down and mouths shut. Its up to our legislators and townspeople really, how long can we hold out on needing federal funding (sec 8) to keep our town afloat? It seems cool though. More money's moving in than trash. There aren’t any surrounding cities to infest and tear apart our good schools. Everyone who lives in Lowell pretty much thinks this way and that comradery or common interest will aid in keeping our streets "safe".
As far as your comments about Matteson and Olympia Fields. Have you driven through these areas in the last 10 years? They’re shitholes and perfect examples of what happens when you let in a few “good ones” in and they bring along their cousins. Those $500k houses you speak of, the tax payer floats 85% of that bill.
There are 2 kinds of white people in this world. The one’s who’ve lived around black people and the one’s who haven’t. It’s usually the ones who’ve never had they’re house robbed or parents mugged that criticize others for being racist. Watch your beautiful town get torn apart by animals; parks turn to drug havens, gangs walk in the middle of the street, your kids cant play outside, cant go to the 1 store in town without being harassed for money. Bar your windows and sleep on the floor.
Its sad but theres thousands of pie charts that justifies our concern. I will do anything to protect my family and neighbors, anything.

Goshen, IN

#6 Dec 14, 2011
Good luck with all that. sleep with your gun in hand. night night.
lowell transplant

Gary, IN

#7 Apr 25, 2012
REALLY!!! what a bunch of racist aholes

Chicago, IL

#8 Jul 2, 2012
WOW!! I am a black woman looking to move to move my family and was checking out Lowell...Racism is STILL brewing and REAL!! I pray God's mercy on your souls!!
truth hurts

Mokena, IL

#9 Jul 2, 2012
@ LaKeisha, what do you expect? All people want is a nice quiet place to raise their children. Name one predominantly black town or city that isn’t riddled with crime and drugs; there aren’t many. A large portion of the people who live in Lowell are from surrounding areas; Lansing, Calumet City, Sauk Village, Hammond, Merrillville, etc. Can you piece that puzzle together? Can you see why people can be a little apprehensive of the thought of black people moving into their nice quiet town? Here, if you’re having trouble I’ll paint you a picture.
All white town flourishes for decades, hard working people take pride in their homes, bbq’s, parades, kids play hide-n-go seek, women go for walks at night, car doors stay unlocked, everyone looks out for one another.
Black people move in, just a few at first, no big deal then after a couple years, a few more. Small crime ensues nothing big, a break here a mugging there, talks of gangs selling weed at the park. Then a shooting, property values drop, people start to leave. Stories of kids getting jumped at school, another mugging another break in, more people leave, and more rentals start to pop up. Businesses’ feel the pressure, lower income higher crime, they pick up and move. Crime, drugs, rentals open up, crime drugs, rentals open up.
Get it?
Lowell Resident

Gary, IN

#10 Jul 12, 2012
I find it funny that all of you people call us racist assholes and claim that it's wrong for us to want to keep the blacks out of our town. I grew up in the heights and had to watch my hometown go from being decent to a ghetto ass neighborhood. had to watch my school go from being a place kids enjoyed being at to a maximum security prison (not literally but might as well have been with all the armed security guards walking around). I agree with every person on here that posted about keeping them out. for those of you that think it's perfectly fine for them to move i think you need to move the fuck out. There are plenty of cheap homes in gary.
what do you call it

Goshen, IN

#11 Jul 12, 2012
If it's not racist then what is it? Would it be okay if the man moving his family there was a doctor, as well as a home owner? What you really want is riff raff to stay away, right? I would be more concerned about the meth addicts that live in town than the black people... There are plenty of white trash around as well... and if there are gang members (*be it black or white) there - get them out! Anyone would agree with that.

But to put a blanket over all black people and say you don't want them there would be considered racist ... I don't know... maybe that's just me. Check the definition and get back with me ;)
what do you call it

Goshen, IN

#12 Jul 12, 2012
Oh, and one more thing -- what would you consider Cedar Lake? There are not many black people there either -- and it's really not the nicest place in the world... what's the problem there? Is it still the black people????
truth hurts

Mokena, IL

#13 Jul 13, 2012
what do you call it wrote:
Oh, and one more thing -- what would you consider Cedar Lake? There are not many black people there either -- and it's really not the nicest place in the world... what's the problem there? Is it still the black people????
The lake may not be the cleanest but I dont understand why CL gets such a bad rap. Theres new subdivisions going in, new businesses going up, and it has tons of potential. Not every black person is bad and not every white person is a hillbilly. All I'm saying is statistically and from past experience when black people begin to move into an area the area goes bad. Prove me wrong! Please, change my ways! If a black family bought the house next door I'd welcome them all the same. But if a black person moved in Sec 8 I may approach the situation with a different demeanor
from lowell

Oak Lawn, IL

#14 Jul 16, 2012
LaKeisha wrote:
WOW!! I am a black woman looking to move to move my family and was checking out Lowell...Racism is STILL brewing and REAL!! I pray God's mercy on your souls!!
from lowell

Oak Lawn, IL

#15 Jul 16, 2012
once one black person or family moves in then its just a short time before more and more blacks move into town and then property values go down and the crime rate goes way up!
Ex Lowellian 2004

Goshen, IN

#16 Jul 17, 2012
What is funny about this "way of life" is that we are all the same regardless of color. Do you realize that a persons skin complexion is determined by location, meaning how close their environment is to the sun (via north or south pole)? That means that we are all basically the same color if you are concerned about color (originally). As far as economic status, well, that's a different story. People who are racist have set up this system so that certain people stay at a level that is meant to keep them in those poverty stricken areas. Living in those areas, people adopt a particular way of behaving that is looked down upon by the upper class individuals. That is the way of life nowadays, you are right about that. Does it make it right? Can one assume that all black people are the same? No, one cannot. That would be to say that you (ms. clean, upstanding, prestigious, white woman) no better than your white trash neighbor with the unkept grass, or the garbage in their yard. Does that make any sense? This is really something not even worth talking about anymore since you obviously aren't going to change your opinion. You who are consumed with hatred.

United States

#17 Oct 20, 2012
I never thought I was racist until I felt as though I had to move out of Dolton 15 years ago for my own safety. I now commute almost an hour everyday to work there and the time and money to do so is well spent because that town is now a ghetto... I grew up there, it was once a nice middle class place to grow up; but was slowly invaded. Unfortunately, this is now happening to Crown Point and it is my understanding that blacks who are recent transfers from Ford Atlanta, Georgia to Chicago Heights, just purchased a home here on Holtz Rd. Middle class folks; I'm sure they are very nice; earn a decent wage but that is how it starts.... does it make us racist because we like our town the way it is and don't want to lose our property value?

Goshen, IN

#18 Oct 23, 2012
I don't know, does it? when you assume something is going to happen because of the color of one's skin -- might be a little racist.
Moved South

Kendallville, IN

#19 Dec 3, 2012
From my perspective, it appears that facts in history have guided people's assumtions and aided their concerns for their hometown. No one can deny the statistics that black communities have a higher crime rate. When I read the comments from concerned white citizens of Lowell, I understand their issues. They are not racist, they are concerned for the welfare of their town and their families. If black communities had a better reputation, I am sure many Lowellians would be fine with welcoming them in. Of course, I can't speak for all Lowellians. Racism is still alive and I don't condone it. But the topic on this board seems to be of a different matter, one that I mentioned above. I personally chose to move a little south. My parents had to move us out of Calumet Park when it became overrun with crime and now Lowell is starting to turn into that. The street that I grew up on for 25 years just recently has had gangbangers living nearby. They walk down the street, stoned out of their mind in the middle of the night, yelling, singing at the the top of their lungs, and making a commotion. Their pants are hanging off their behinds. And then there are the shoes that hang over the phone lines, which means it's a drug house. I had never seen that my whole life until the last 5-7 years. Crime is up in Lowell. That is for sure. Just read the Lowell Trib's Police Blotter. Facts are Facts. It has got nothing to do with racism. And may I be so bold as to suggest that blacks are just as racist as they claim white people to be. That is another whole conversation in itself, which I will pass on for now. I support Lowell and I support small, peaceful towns, whoever live there. It is not the color of the person, but their actions that matter after all. Peace.

Oak Brook, IL

#20 Dec 22, 2012
I cannot believe that in 2012 anyone living in the USA would say a person of color or any specific race should not move to a town. Get a grip on yourself!!! Move to another country if you don't like the direction the US is going. We are all equal, what don't you get about that? Please respond with exactly what you do to make a positive contribution to our world. I would also like to know what makes you so special.

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