Two riots break out at Abraxas school

Two riots break out at Abraxas school

There are 61 comments on the The Derrick story from Feb 20, 2008, titled Two riots break out at Abraxas school. In it, The Derrick reports that:

More than a dozen juveniles are involved in incidents Monday and Tuesday. More than a dozen juveniles were involved in separate riots that broke out this week at Cornell Abraxas I in Marienville. via The Derrick

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anf hiker

Butler, PA

#1 Apr 1, 2008
Take the little billy bastards out back and kick
the stupid out of them. That's their problem.
They haven't been corrected. Their parent(s)
should be paying for their crimes and stay.
k- inu

Amherst, OH

#2 May 27, 2008
i worked there for a long time, you have it all wrong it the ppls running the facitly would pull their heads out of their asses and change it back to enforced care a more structure way of doing the treatment as it was before and stop over looking the little things when i first worked there their was no image ware there was no garbage of the grounds the clients were happy to pick up tissues and to be curtious to everyone saying please and thank you occasionally you did have one bad seed in the group but it is noting like today where they cus you out because they feel like it flip gang signs at each other and staff just turn their heads. they even have gone as far as assulting staff as other staff walked away because they were to scared to raise their voice or say anything because RANDELL or JAMES would be takeing the staff to the office for disinpary action. Where students would steal right out of the classroom and everyone would cover it up until the item was found, i am not talking about little things i am talking about items they could use as wepons and the everyday staff had no idea that one of these crimials had it or could possibly use it on them, then you have its a 7-1 racio yah right you would be lucky to have 1 seasoned staff on grounds that knew how to defuse a situation and then you had some billy hard asses that thought they could just come in restrain and walk away but what they did not take in considerations is what happens when they were gone. what happens to when no one else is around but one staff and 15 or more pissed of clients. Someones going to get hurt if the heads of the company do not get their heads out of each others asses and start taking care of problems the clients can not be expected to learn treatment if they do not have sturctured disipline to make them want to be productive in the society that they are returned to. Heres anther thing that pisses me off what happens at abraxas if they have a cleint that doesn't adhear to what they see as adjusting? They send them to psych center then they are relased yah, thats a good one. what happned to do the crime pay the time? Working on the problem is what they said for years working of relationships is what they want to achieve but how can relationships be built if they have no disipline to know who needs respect and what respect really is to them respect is witha gun or a wepon at abraxas the heads say respect is meaningful relationships. BULLL SHIT!!!
first thing i was taught at abraxas is Kindness is weakness and the are like lions the weekest is always the target.

Lexington, KY

#3 Jul 8, 2008
Saturday 7/5/08

3 injured in Abraxas riot

Four men are arrested in the melee that leaves three buildings damaged.

MARIENVILLE - Four 18-year-old Philadelphia-area men were arrested after a riot that left three injured Saturday night at Cornell Abraxas 1 in Forest County.

Tionesta state police said Derek Barnes, Vernon L. High, Richard Gale and Rasheed M. Seward damaged property and incited others during the riot.

Police said the riot broke out around 10:26 p.m. Saturday, resulting in injuries to a resident and employees and damage to several buildings at the Howe Township facility.

A juvenile resident and two employees were injured and transported to Clarion Hospital for treatment, police said.

At least three buildings were damaged during the riot, police said. They said rioters caused approximately $5,000 of damage.

Police said the four men vandalized windows, desks, chairs and other furniture and incited additional juveniles during the riot.

The men were charged with riot, institutional vandalism, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and corruption of minors.

They were arraigned before District Judge Laura Bauer and remanded to the Warren County jail on $25,000 bail.

Police said an investigation will continue. Ridgway, Kane and Clarion state police assisted in securing the facility.

Lexington, KY

#4 Jul 8, 2008
Juvenile resident assaulted at Abraxas

MARIENVILLE - A juvenile resident of Cornell Abraxas I was assaulted and injured Saturday night during a riot at the Forest County facility.

State police said the minor was attacked around 10:30 p.m. in his dorm room by at least six other juveniles during a riot that occurred Saturday night.

He suffered a concussion, brusied ribs and a pulled muscle as a result of the attack, police said. They said an investigation will continue.

Two Cornell Abraxas 1 staff members were assaulted Sunday by a 17-year-old resident of the Jenks Township facility.

Police said John C. Desantis, 32, of Brockway, and Bryan S. Fischer, 33, of Fryburg, were attempting to restrain the unruly youth when they were assaulted.

The minor punched Desantis in the face and head-butted his forehead, police said. They said the juvenile also head-butted Fischer several times.

An investigation into the aggravated assault will continue, police said.

Lexington, KY

#5 Jul 8, 2008
Check out this link that talks about privitized corrections

Bellwood, PA

#6 Jul 8, 2008
As an insider at abraxas I can assure you the company in marienville is and has down played all recent riots. With an onset of more and more violence the company and safety of all is at great risk. Never have I seen our juvenile system fail as it does accountability and no support from legislation or courts. Violence is on a steady climb in facilities such as A1.

Kingman, AZ

#7 Jul 13, 2008
I recently resigned at Abraxas and have worked with and personally know the two staff that were involved - both of which are assertive and strong staff members. I also worked with one of the juveniles involved and I am aware of his unpredictability and aggressiveness. I'm shocked to see that he was still AT the facility and wasn't sent back to Philadelphia after his first assault on staff that was over two months ago! What is wrong with this facility is it's poor leadership and inability to hire and retain competent staff. I have a degree in the field and yet worked with other counselors who had degrees in business, sociology, and even sports! I am now happily working at a medium security prison and I have absolutely no problems there. If an inmate even goes as far as getting into a fight with another - they are immediately sent to CDU and then transported to a higher security prison. That is what JAMES NEWSOME and his newly acquired assistant BRIAN STOEZ need to be doing. I know that there are some people still working there who are trying to follow the right path but are often not permitted to do so because James says "no". In fact, before I resigned the facility was accepting a client with an attempted murder charge. What is up with that? Several of the clients there have aggravated assault and violent criminal charges that we should not be dealing with at a TREATMENT facility. Philadelphia even closed their intakes to Abraxas I in February (I know this because I was standing in front of judge Rebstock at 1801 Vine Street in Philadelphia when he announced it) but apparently Cornell and James are only interested in receiving their $260.00 per client per day and are not at all concerned with client or staff welfare. DPW needs to SHUT THE PLACE DOWN and start from the beginning. Abraxas was already in jeopardy of losing the DDAPL license due to the # of unqualified counselors working there - so what's the hold up? Next time I call my former co-workers I'll probably receive news that one of them is in a coma or even dead.

Lexington, KY

#8 Jul 24, 2008
I have friends that work there and quit because it is out of control. The night before this riot they said the one dorm was outside after they should have been slepp and were surrounding the staff. My one friend quit because he went to school to be a counselor but was told there weren't any postions then to find out half the counselors worked there way up and did not have a degree. This is crazy that hese people are supposed to help the kids. shut it down

Johnsonburg, PA

#9 Jul 25, 2008
Ya know I worked at Abraxas 1 for a little while and its not worth it. Sorry people but these kids should be in jail. Its no wonder there are riots there the staff members and so called leaders of the facility are a joke. The kids have no discipline and no morals. All they are waiting for is to get out so they can hit the streets again. They teach one thing and practice another. Its a good thing they offer health insurance for employees cause you need it when you work there. They need to close that place down. Its a waste of money. I feel bad for those that were involved in the riots maybe if you could punch the little assholes in the face instead of using a "safe crisis management" hold the kids would not be out of control. As usual our justice system protects the corrupt and punishes the good.
Rock Star

Houston, TX

#10 Sep 16, 2008
Hey all,

I've been working at the facility for 2 years. I can say that things here are finally turning around. I had a kid call me the other day and thnk me for his time here - he is now in the Marines serving our country in Iraq. We aren't going to change everyone, but we will get through to some of them.

I'm not ready to give up.

Etters, PA

#12 Oct 8, 2008
damn thats crazy. i rememmber looking out pioneer's window watching all the staff run up for the all staff call... and then they brought up a couple ambulance's up to take away clients and staff. Explorer and similcare were out of control that day... glad im out of there now cause all it did was get worse..

Etters, PA

#13 Oct 8, 2008
what staff is this

Van Meter, IA

#14 Nov 13, 2008
yeah things definatly turned around huh. tonight there was another riot just like in feb '07. yeah it seems fine for a few month maybye a year, but it keeps happening at least once a year. Oh yeah July '08 riot deal was a bad one as well.

that place just isnt right. most of the kids dont belong there they need a secure treatment facility with better critical incident management plan to deal with serious situations before someone gets killed, kids or staff!

Since: Nov 08

Sidney, OH

#15 Nov 28, 2008
which riot was in feb 2007?

Brookville, PA

#16 Dec 10, 2008
a-1 alumni wrote:
which riot was in feb 2007?
Feb '08 i ment

Since: Nov 08

Sidney, OH

#17 Dec 25, 2008
I left at the beginning of '08 and thought i missed something in '07. THANKS!!! I am so glad i missed the one in February. And I agree someone is going to get raped or killed up there if they don't do something different. But I am sure they will just form a committee and debate about what is really wrong and then work on the clinical schedule some more. idiots!
pat h

Philadelphia, PA

#18 Jan 18, 2009
skylor wrote:
damn thats crazy. i rememmber looking out pioneer's window watching all the staff run up for the all staff call... and then they brought up a couple ambulance's up to take away clients and staff. Explorer and similcare were out of control that day... glad im out of there now cause all it did was get worse..
yeah sklor you i remember man got appendicitis right after the riot
Sergeant Reading Pa

Reading, PA

#19 Feb 23, 2009
Hello to all I recently had an interview at Abraxas Academy The one in Morgantown PA. I have not been haired yet however I did have the walk through. Need less to say I don't know what happen in the past I'm doing my own little investigation of the place. I hope to reach some of the children there and I think my military training and experience will help me. I don't even know if I will get the job but I hope so I'M more than qualified. I hope to pull security and all the above I know I will connect with some of the children there.
Former Resident

Sewickley, PA

#20 Mar 6, 2009
As a former resident of Abaxas (1984) I think this is simply outrageous. When I was there, if a resident even so much as THREATENED another resident (much less any staff) he was kicked out and returned to juvenile lockup. Now you have these filthy "gangster" types rioting, assaulting and threatening and getting away with it. It is SUPPOSED to be a treatment facility for youths with drug problems that led them astray -- not violent animals who need locked up. This just makes me want to vomit. And by the way, I went on to go to a prestigious university and am now employed as a paralegal. So things DID work when under the old system.
x -A1 client 09-10 HBG

Hummelstown, PA

#22 Apr 4, 2010
abraxas1 in marienville is tha worst placement in penslvania.tha staff are ignorant assholes who dnt care about ur progress or getting u home but instead wil du anything in ther power to get in ur face and POWERTHRUST to abuse ther power over u and make u feel small.i was praying for a riot my whole stay. they wil keep u ther as long as possible thanks program director finch because 'tha countys pay us for our services'. if ur talking about sendin u to a1,i suggest to plead with ur judge to go anywher else.f*** a1 and f*** paul craig

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