Yes, Virginia, you CAN split your ballot. I’m doing that come November, when I vote for Steve Kestell’s one and only opponent, Jack Lechler. Here’s why:

Do farmers “need” illegals working for them? All the farmers my kids ever milk/ed for, want fluent English speakers, and they have to fill out paperwork PROVING their workers are legal. Lechler wants to support our existing immigration laws.

Jack Lechler has been at every politician’s town hall meeting I ever went to. His input was always valuable; he listens to people’s concerns. He will represent CONSTITUENTS.

Kestell was one of a minority of Republicans who voted against S434/AB628, the raw milk bill. A number of non-corporate farmers had direct-to-customer sales built into their business plans, until DATCP changed the goalposts again. The bill would have corrected the situation for these farmers, and allowed them to continue. Jack Lechler has seen first-hand, farmer friends driven out of business by corporate manipulation of prices. He watched the raw milk bill hearing on TV, and says he “was most impressed by the intelligence and logic of those in favor of raw milk.” He’ll give smaller farmers a chance!

There’s no reason not to vote for Jack Lechler; Kestell does not have any Democrat challengers. Kestell is not too bad; but Jack Lechler will do much better. Please vote for a STRONG voice in WI Assembly—vote Lechler!