Who do you support for Governor in Wi...
Ron Raygun

Eau Claire, WI

#7108 Dec 10, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>You wrote that you were leaving this thread, so do it. Go to cuba and be with your master fidel. Oh!!! I get it,you can't be a person of your word cuz you're a long nose democrap.
FU assbrain. you are a special kind of stupid.You little minority of the country. You are f-cking teabaggin' intolerant racist, get your head out of your ass.If you want to tell me what to do ,tell it my face COWARD. Hide under your fake cloak of patriotism. Your phoy just like your small minded illiterate Gov. So my BALLS to your Chin wingnut. That would put my large DICK in your mouth.
Lick me good ,oh yea bagger do it.

Madison, WI

#7109 Dec 10, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
Do you know when I found out my daughters thought I was a rotten parent?
I was just infomred of a promotion form my standard $11,500 a year to a Relocation and $45,000 and moving costs provided and start up.
I was also pulling my daughters from Licoln Elementary and JC WRIGHT middleschool and putting them on COrrespondence studies with MATC, UW and YMCA were going to assist me.
I was just offered the Grant for the Female Aspiring Entruapenuer
I was offered a 4 Plex ownership and rennovations for my grandparents to reside under income substady
We went to Iowa to eat by the casino boat and I was going to call a Surgeon that wanted to date me years before for getting a $250,000 policy paid in less then 24 hours as his wife and children played foul on his accoutns and he almost went bankrupt.
A tornado formed on the way out of town and my daughters declared I was the worst parent in all parents for permitting their DEATH and that family was right to pay to have me killed.
This tornado was all black and fell like a computer program form the sky, It was 2 weeks after they had a Surgeon Conference on a casino boat in Iowa and a mans neck was broken and shot at Doctor, THey have a gambling ring on peoples Medical records and had the results of 7 females of the nation with cleanest vaginal bacteruim count, used for the most marketable and cleanest da records of the nation, I scored 1 or 7 And Wisconsin only legal female da file. A DOctor got pissed with his liposuctiona nd breast job honeys honor that her vagina regardless of how much surgical and costume recovery cost she had a profuse rating in comparison hosted in her crtoch, tookk the cheap shot of my short and fat and mentally challneged bio and the gorup damn near killed him and tossed him off the casino boat, Local residents fished him out the harbor.

I met the skateboarding kids that day, that live up on the bluffs with my daughters, I took them to IOWA to eat while I assisted them enjoy the surrounding and get ready for Mining there and esploring as we may be moving, Boys came to mee tthe girls 4-10 years olde, and promisary for clean records a matrmonial possibly and definately house friends.

A uncharted storm and non registered tornado formed, The girls freaked out indicated all that indicated they would kill their mother wih prmisary of payment an dtoys in a policy, for their signature from school teachers and family friends of their fathers, both their dads are my 9th and 11th cousin. How they hated me and that I never do their work at school for them as other parents do for their kids and that means I never loved them, and thought I wa strying to kill them in a tornado that I never went into the storm I raced past it when I found the rotation direction and sped all the way to safety......

All I got was "oops sorry mom, but you have to admit those buying us cool stuff love us more"


Dating and engagement and Marriage is

2 weeks for dating never to extend 2 months, or the boy and parents pay $25,000 or 25% of a annual earning and contingent on age and conspiracy to faulter engagemnet is PRISON for boy or parents both.

Engagemnt is 2 months a ring and legal contract, that does not exceed 2 years Or same legal rmifications by law.

Sex after marriage is contracted most couples take 2 years to finally consimate their marriage, if they could not is is grounds for legal annulment not divorce never married contract could not be followed threw form psychological hold or conspired assgined matrimony of families, no legal stipulation just return money and gifts aquired in court room and maybe a small assisted like child support for a coupel months to assist get back on your feet. Depends on a legal couple.

Madison, WI

#7110 Dec 10, 2013
SatanLives wrote:
<quoted text>Good riddance to gutless fleabaggers like yourself. Go back to your commune and your pregnant sister. You both are going to make rotten parents.
I met Satan(Devil), Beezebal, and Lucifer in 1976 when I was attacked by a spider and giant snakes in Middleton WIsconsin as a child.

Satan healed my karma from venum, Beezebal bit me like a vampire where the snake teeth went in and sucked out 1/2 the poisen, we merged like TWIN SOULS he freaked out and walked threw each other when the molecules seperated our mouth, I was sucking the air from his open mouth to get venum reminence out his mouth and in eco system and we merged.

Lucifer was a remote viewing astral projector form BAraboo WIscosnin that came threw a portal eclipse he was sent for the spider and other tick or myte bites form exploring the woods,

The devil went to St MArys of the LAke of Waunakee, by Bishops COve in Middleton WIconsin as a huge group formed to pray for me that day, He made them take all MY VITAL FLUIDS And thoughts out the walls to get my cells back into my body to rehydrate me, so I would not die.

I loved my new friends much...

I met a crow boy once, he was a shdow of what look like corw and human, I thought gargoyles shadow, but he feced on a boy named KEith head that talked bad about me, Bat and bird poop? Wierd

But the day by BRidges golf ground breaking ceremony I met another boy, we battled a few sankes that got away and a giant man, that disipitated into eco-system when I found his human body... Then that dead body woke up and the god went away. He was dressed in all black, probably 6 years older then me aroudn 53 now I would think, He lived in Arboretum witch colony, but was on the east side at a adult party for a drug pick up, I pulle dhis mask up and kissed his bottom lip and said I wold like to share a kiss before my death, nobody thinks I will live past 2 weeks, He indicated when he blows the colony in Arboretum for wastin ghis time form the underground he will be back to look for me. More magic in a girl that hung with grasshopper humanoids then in a huge coven that was for sure.

Rio, WI

#7113 Dec 13, 2013
Ron Raygun wrote:
<quoted text>
Fuc me hard in my assbrain. you are a special kind of stud.You are the type I like. You are f-cking teabaggin' big boy, I want my head up your ass,.If you want to tell me what to do ,then I want you to spank me. I like it in the baracks by all the gay boyz. So your BALLS to my Chin lover. That would put your large DICK in my mouth.
Lick me good ,oh yea bagger do it.
You need help Zippard.
braindead teaparty

Eau Claire, WI

#7114 Dec 14, 2013
Zippard wrote:
<quoted text> You need help Zippard.
Shut up you selfish tea party loser,my bags to your chin Who Tea Who. Now again, That puts my large dick in your mouth. Oh do me whotea.
Whoot toot too

Rio, WI

#7115 Dec 16, 2013
braindead teaparty wrote:
<quoted text>
Shut up you selfish tea party loser, I need my bags to my chin Who Tea Who. Now again, That puts a large dick in my mouth. Oh do me whotea. I'm a Child and small animal molester.
Filth from trash.
Zipptard Too

Oconto Falls, WI

#7116 Dec 17, 2013
SatanLives wrote:
<quoted text>More tripe from the Eau Crap Eunuch.
I;m with you in your stand against corporate America. Please tell Bo Jangles OBee to stop giving Billions $$$$$ of tax payer cake to his little buddies at GM. Got to buy those union votes right?????? Big Corp get'in the goverment candy,$$$$$$$$$Right??????

Madison, WI

#7118 Dec 17, 2013
Zipptard Too wrote:
<quoted text>I;m with you in your stand against corporate America. Please tell Bo Jangles OBee to stop giving Billions $$$$$ of tax payer cake to his little buddies at GM. Got to buy those union votes right?????? Big Corp get'in the goverment candy,$$$$$$$$$Right??????
I think the real problem is, Felons at large, All Congress President Senate and other stations of power in USA, killed or hid bodies of people they would be impersonating in life.

Do not do genetics testing off computer, you do womb genetics, to female parent spinal marrow. In center of spine that decomposes last, to test genetics of partisipant.

When it is found they are held for Murder and removed from office, civilians are funded for crimes agaisnt humanity and given assigned locations to live and finances, until a replacement after audit has commenced.

If Vatican and International police and military have to get involved to sort it out every 36 years.... They will somehow dry out the body source of the perosn you are impersonating to bleed threw the electric grid and computer screen and throw out the blood in YOUR HOME of all they killed, hid body, papers to peoples property, aka stealing someones identity and funds and livlihood. Then they are up on murder of all they had knowledge of their deaths, as if they assasinated them that day.

Angels of death(men in black or a dark angel comes in to rehydrate the innocent and a giant blast of several locaitons, and clean up commences.)

I witnessed several take downs in my life;

1. the baby unicorn, by DMV FIsh and game BoIA Animal rights activists, media Veteran affairs all involved take down by eagles truax area. I refused hosptial stay as I fought a white buck, mustang and the decomposed unicron I brought back to life, and indian shamans had to assist me, I had broke my spine again and they had to realign. Much granade and gunplay, I had been their to call INS on a Mexican party and drug task force, and assist a missing Veteran, his son kidnapped him and put in a convelesant, DNA it was never his son, abused and beatin physically and financially his whoel life, I found him in a tent behind the club and found some veterans and his dr and attorneys at the bank and they rescued him form the man, not his son, blocked house sale and acocutns, the man shot at police refusing genetics test and fled.

Police in MAdison all illegal civilans impersonating police officers.

No fine books with court dates , they have to pay out their own salary for it, and refuse or not legal to know and made out civilan police reports hit and had RN shoot with lethal tranquilizer doses and put in dane county mental health or other institutes they date or have relations an dconnections with.

Madison, WI

#7119 Dec 17, 2013
Around 2000 a.d. a Drug heist occured at the car wah on park street.

Park Bank was picking up a partial kilo that then went halfsies on with Comstock garage. They were to put the money in a bag and wrap it tightly and put in a Broken vaccum at the car wash. The owner of the carwash men will empty the vaccum later. I was at the carwash with my 2 daugthers, and could hear the men while me and my daughters went to get a pop in the machine, the man grabbed my hose and I took it and bent it to have the money bag roll open, he ran back towards the comstock, with the drug bag, and grabbed my daughters with, Drug task force and fbi units all were coming in with guns, the men had a shoot off, and kidnapped my daughters.

With one of the Police drug force down or fed I grabbed the gun form him ask how to shoot and went after my duaghters with the moeny bag, and drugs that fell out, we had a stand off int he road, for my daughters, Finallly I threw both sources at them as the girls were instructed to run towards a shielded man, "I" pursued after checking my daughters, one giggling "did that really happen?" I said delierious you must forgive and checked my other daughter who was in shock and tears, THAT BLEW MY MIND and I ran after the park bank and comstock men, ANd blew several rounds into the gorund with one of the federal agents who was shot I DONT GIVE A FUK my kids were kidnapped and crying stupid Fuk

Madison, WI

#7120 Dec 19, 2013
The federal profiling units that they call in for drug task force and Vatican, are all ironically color blind, so they possess a civilan that has a legal file and normal vision, so they can do their work, if money is in grass, they need you to go to grass location tell you where to look and pick it up. The money.

If perp is at large in color and stands by a object of that color they can not see them until they move.

Usually you see them in Madison Wisconsin and surrounding areas, when The International Witch conference is scheduled, at the same time is a huge drug distribution of nation leads, and state authorites.

The above cirme I pistol whipped the Park Bank delegate for ordering his zipcode oridinence, STate Rep gorups to grab my children, then aimed at his head and said tell them to let my children go or Ill shoot you because I think they are dead already. SInce Drug task force and police were in a shoot out a officer was shot and killed, I took his fire arm and called in for assistence on a STING operation that went worse case scenerio hostage situation MY CHILDREN I blew rounds into a snobank where the men were hoping to god I shot high enough to hit shoulder or legs wherever I dont beleive a child pulled down could be. the snow turned red immediately,l the men released my daughters, My youngest I had to bring back to consciousness with instructing my other daughter to pull her out and push her chest, The men had hands on their mouth and nose, and around neck like they were going to break it, those not shot coming out of the snow bank me and a uniformed officer or drug officer shot the same time at the propane tank by comstock and blew the men yards off their feet for their arrest.

Civilan drug pick ups were out of cars shooting at police each other, and federal units.

Me and my daughters walked many ways but discruttled police officers were trying to shoot or arrest me. I couldnt figuire out why until the police were counting drugs and money at the fire station leaving route not on crime scene I blew a round in firestation that blew something up in their garage and a big drug cloud happened men came out other officers not affiliated with the drug load arrested those officers and firemen immediately.

The Witch gorup is always at one huge drug load, sedating the civilans like zombie or drones.

The next run is SPecial Olympic walk and awards at Monona terrace,

Then Jewelry heist is connected with Dane County fair grounds, wine and cheese events antiques and collectables.

Is city officals involved YES is police and banks, Most definately biggest heist is witness protection groups killed by tip ioffs to their locations for vatican groups that are waiting to turn Saint status and promoted to GOvernors house location in Maple Bluff.
CIty and sentate tip off and promise fbi and military witnes sprotection in their state with a partial Kilo and money of the witness protection civilian to live off of, better deal then being killed for a snitch

WOW and that is professionalism

Shaman may be dead, PAID by WIsconsin Indian affairs several years ago, by DMV and Eagles club by Truax, they had their grandsons with them, and feds were with DNR and fish and game, doing a shaman order for top indian nation for control of affairs and funds, they were going to kill the shaman paid by inidan females to better looking men not scarey magic. Or ugly, the men were all scarred up, I am blood brothers that day with a dead unicorn I found and brought back to life, decomposing for about 3 months inside the white stallion mare. She sat in White buck leak. Birthed a demoic uncorn.

blood brothers, with the shaman unicorn and a half man half fawn.... leprichan or pan I knew not.

But their death if they did not return was paid by females they would nto take orders by old ugly scarred men that stunk of death all the time...

Yes the lump on the head from being head butted by the unicorn beast is down, spine? Im sore

Madison, WI

#7122 Dec 20, 2013
So when I found the snake nests and got bitten when I thought I stumbled on a goose egg nest but had dreams I was talking to a 2 headed snake and a duck snake combo. That attack....

We could ntop med flight out of locaiton, civilans refused to permit any publicty without them, they had spirit attacks and deserve same treatment, the helocopter was banking at Middleton airport and we were told to get me there. Had to walk thru the traffic jam, and someone drove on the edge for us, by the time we got t o the Middleton Airport, I was seeing in many shades of colors and infa red, I seen a group of men tag something on the underside of airforce 2 or something, VICE PRESIDENT OF USA meeting with Bishops and C's Vatican advisors, I identiied it as a bomb and demanded at gunpoint everyoen out the plane, THe VP men came running out indicating terrorist attack against the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES< and held myu broken bitten body down, my dad was trying to explain fast, as feds were holiding off the g-men, It was a Bomb, I had it in my sites and blew off the device hoding it to the plane, the bomb fell off the plane and the secured most all men, it exploded under the plane, the plane lofted and came down no damage, BUt driver got spooked and began flooring the plane at top speed sin circlurlar directions, the helocopter told it to bank, they had med flgiht pick up, they refused and the security on med plane open fired, The helocopter went down and plane blew up. I was strapped to the only legal officer, a HORSE LT> and they had rigged up a motel matress and tied me on as th ehorse was racing up univeristy avenue out of Middleton trying to get me to Meriter Hospital.

Still and yet I was only "thanked" for saving the VP and Vatican groups life.

On the day of the car wash STING operation, ALot of dead people arrived at the hosptial, Drug task force had a new device in their trucks, a bullet shooter that has wires and hits targets off computer grid, shooting 8 people at a time and cautorizing wound to heal, they pull out bullets so not tracable, Nobody could tell those men were shot unless you did a hand held ultrasound.

SInce it was a hotage situation and to many people involved I was free to go with my girls, they had a APB because their was a man following me NOW HE SAID He was a fire demon promoted to death watch angel, and I seen some pretty wierd things. APB was because the man escorting me and my daughters was armed and dangerous, we were takin to the bowling alley a police officer tried to shoot me and my chidlren, he was coming to the bowling alley for HIS DRUG PICK UP another police officer opened fire on him. A cab came to pick me and my daughters up, and a Police squad rammed him, he had already picked up his drug load and they confiscated his couple quarter kilos out the cab.

I wound up paying my grandparents a couple hundred dollars to watch the kids, but my poisen episode side effects were acting up and heart attack and nobody will perscribe my medications because MAyor SOglin has them all blocked in the nursing sectors files...... SO I spent the night at a hotel if I was going to die and be called crazy faking my injuries... I slept 4 days strieght, the man slept in another room, and had taken front desk after her shift in she was hostage and raped and thrown around the room like magic, I called 911 to get her to a hospital, he used me as hostage until he could create a diversion to get away. He set fire with a lighter, it became as like a blow torch and blew up the hotel by Dennys east towne mall area, it was a huge WICCAN Convention in town other motels that had the witches in town came out running after me, all places that went up some of own histeria, magic fire? weird,,, They said they will hunt down the casue of the fire By Dennys and kill that source and what they were protecting, so I have a International witch colony after me for some drugoad and ruby necklace on a spear...

Madison, WI

#7123 Dec 20, 2013
The human size medallion went back with the Goddess after healing some of my injuries and taking some pain away. BUt I had found the little people gird system too in that location, and got to keep the little people ruby medallion and spear, I gave it to the fire demon for attmpting to be a hero. Death really does follow that rehabilitated fire demon indeed.... He was wanted for the rape and beating of the hotel female kidnapped and beatin for 4 days that night

What I witnessed when I woke form my 4 day coma I can not say that man to be human DEMON and fire demon I would agree,
David Koch

Eau Claire, WI

#7125 Dec 21, 2013
Whoot toot too wrote:
<quoted text> Filth from trash.
A display of ignorance from a Right wingnut CRACKER. Go back to your bunker and await annihilation. What a backwards hillbilly. On your knees before the mighty Kochster. I am your Master.
Who Tee Who

Rio, WI

#7126 Dec 22, 2013
Lazy on your Money Too wrote:
<quoted text> Carry me,cuz you owe me. Cry Cry Cry ,,,, more of your money for me to retire on,,,,Cry Cry Cry. I brag about how I ride on the back of others hard work!!!!!!! I give nothing cuz I have nothing that I have ever earned to contribute. Buisness owners owe me,,,everyone owes me Cry Cry Cry!!!!!!!! I am all that matters Cry Cry Cry. If someone is successful $$$$$$ cuz of hard work and a brilliant and creative talent, then they have cheated me. Suck,suck,suck,oik,oik,oik!!!! !! Walker kicked me in the head!!!!!!
You are right the world owes you. Everyone from now on be nice to Zipptard!!!!!!!
David Koch

Eau Claire, WI

#7127 Dec 22, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>You are right the world owes you. Everyone from now on be nice to Zipptard!!!!!!!
More lies and misrepresentations from the Teabaggers and the paranoid right.

Madison, WI

#7128 Dec 23, 2013
Arboretum in mid 1970s, When I had the body castings to hold my hip together, partial cast and tape around my middrift form my broken ribs, I had a shatterd hand and foot, arm dislocated form shoulder wrapped on and partial cast, and bone on thigh had to be put on body men broke the hip in 4 places and it fell apart, and foot had to be reattached, Left knee had to be reattached, broken neck, head and brain injury, Men had to take the bones out my body but could not give me any pain medications as a result I had a couple snake bite a hybrid spider bite, toad and grasshopper(rare human hybrid insect, it sealed the sanke holes so that the acid could not deteriate my skin, they reopened the wounds) pee in and on me.

Arboretum was not that location Middleton Wisconsin was, But men with guns with the Local MAyor had removed me form the hosptial by force to find the last member of the Skulls or Judicial/medical Brotherhood. The ones with the pins, medals and gold shoulder breasted attire, I was thrown in the lake to his location and they told me to find him, I had to swim under the lip of the lake a Carni boy or chimney sweep orphan kid was there to help me nobody knew he was there, I foudn a underground city that the brotherhood man was trying to get to but died in the roots, The boys went in and ran across the city under the city to tell all those that survived above the sky needs help.

I was shot at threw the ground, and had taken off his attire he grabbed me to see the men aboves cirmes, COLD AS BRITTLE ICE I thought I drowned again, but came back to life and he had called a sturgeon to assist move his body out, the men freaked out and began shooting at the dead man, I was made go to a location and find a panel that opens with his ring, I broke the little tree stump and revealed the panel asserted the ring and turned it like a safe lock like the men said to do, the mayor had a deal with them to be leniant on him and not report him and his famileis cirmes if he can find someone to obtain a big gem stone and put in the cylander that will come up like a bank drop, I put in one of my little tumble stones and a granade a miliatry man threw at my dad to throw to me and blew the undergorund up. I threw the other belonging to men in another underground bunker, and they locked themselfs in all men were crying, THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM you wanted crime and it leads to your death and prison NOT MY LIFE you knew they would come for you.

There was a little treasure box with a message in it and ironically it was a letter to a lover or wife and then Please get this messgae to Jaimie Drews, in the event of my death,,,, I am still displaced on the letter, it said men will look for me in the brotherhood from other nations and states and retrieve it out my head non-hostiley and may have payment for my trauma as well.

Madison, WI

#7129 Dec 23, 2013
The next drug load in Wiscosnin, Did you here what will preoccupy FBI and Military and DNR and Vatican During our next drug load chaos

To see if they have a cloning chamber in the GOddess Demeters full bottom.. I overheard when the big take down at the Eagles by DMV truax area happened I called on illegal drugs and a unlawful meixcan peoples smuggling racket BUT DNR and Indian Affairs was doing a search for the mustang run, white buck, and a ruby necklace of Demeters worship It brought me back to life that day after I gave a dead unicorn mouth to mouth and was plowed by a white buck and a white mare Then a damn unicorn head butted me and I went down hard

The shamans did what they could to put my spine back together and releave some pain, My grandma Jeanette was mauled and thrown by the damn demonic beasts as well and was taken to a hospital too.... My Aunt Bonnie was talkin gto the PRess and tv crews tipping off identities she could see int he crowd and ordered some arrested...

But The ruby necklace was placed on me, and a spear was given to a shaman grandson or apprentice, we lifted in the air to the lazer beams of the human size and little peoples, He was harmed I was and a goat man was as well by a GOD, He tapped our heads and the whole sky showed our futures briefly and whatthey are planning next, TO SEE if they can catch a giant goddess half human looking and spider They think a cloning cylander cyrogentics lab is in her robust bottom....USA VATICAN FBI MILITARY AND DNR AN DINDIAN AFFAIRS have money on who will collect find and catch the goddess.... THis way they cant catch the drug smugglers and buyers.....
Who Tee Who

Rio, WI

#7130 Dec 24, 2013
David Koch wrote:
<quoted text>
More lies and misrepresentations from the Teabaggers and the paranoid right.
The flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz killed our American ambassitor in Benghazi. If you like your doctor you can keep your Doctor. No nukes for Iran ,cuz that would be a game changer! Bahahahahahahaha Democrap Lying Trash. HEY!!!!!!! Guess what???? Repulican Gov.,,,,,, Assemmbly and Senate in Madison...... Get It ?????? Zee Tard??????
for you scat breath

Eau Claire, WI

#7131 Dec 24, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
<quoted text>The flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz killed our American ambassitor in Benghazi. If you like your doctor you can keep your Doctor. No nukes for Iran ,cuz that would be a game changer! Bahahahahahahaha Democrap Lying Trash. HEY!!!!!!! Guess what???? Repulican Gov.,,,,,, Assemmbly and Senate in Madison...... Get It ?????? Zee Tard??????
More misrepresentations and witch hunts from the "I'm darryl Issa and everything you tell me I will leak to the press". You and you ilk are doing a disservice to America, Your a bunch of me first,Iwant it all, selfserving flea baggers. I am so dissappointd in my generation for spawning a bunch of sissy "it's all about me" useless idealogues.
Who Tee Who

Rio, WI

#7132 Dec 24, 2013
for you scat breath wrote:
<quoted text>
More misrepresentations and witch hunts from the "I'm darryl Issa and everything you tell me I will leak to the press". You and you ilk are doing a disservice to America, Your a bunch of me first,Iwant it all, selfserving flea baggers. I am so dissappointd in my generation for spawning a bunch of sissy "it's all about me" useless idealogues.
Cry Cry Cry for your tax payer goverment teat to suckle. Four dead in Benghazi,,,,,,,Oh how did that happen Hillery?????? Have you seen that old gargole Hill C. Lately????? Whoa!!!! kill a Tee wrex with a look at that mug!!!!

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