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wonderful one

Louisville, TN

#1 May 24, 2010
had a wonderful meal here and great service,nice people in the community

United States

#2 Sep 28, 2010
Who's the new girl there
cant belive it

United States

#3 Dec 31, 2010
U can buy ciggs and beer on food stamps there

United States

#4 Jan 15, 2011
I like Miss Sherry's better nicer people, that's only my opinion!


Since: Apr 11

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#5 May 5, 2011
wouldnt eat there if it was gave to me nasty nasty nasty!!! the foodstamps thing is true have saw that done before, i guess they believe in making it the best way ya can right!
knowing better then most

Ooltewah, TN

#6 Jun 20, 2011
lmfao here.... best food in the chapel, you should try thier ribs best youll get in these parts and dont forget the friday night all you can eat catfish.... hushpuppies made fresh when you order and dont forget about Rhondas coleslaw, stop and get it to take to every cook out I have or go too..... not sure why people is lying on here bout bull crap but I know Rhonda and she would say your an asshole and get a life..... so yeah you want some GOOD country cooking then take the 1st right on the hill after you enter the chapel....... MMMMMMM MMMMMM GOOOD

Ooltewah, TN

#7 Jun 20, 2011
Knowing better than most, gotta agree with you on the ribs, as a matter of fact my fiance still on the hunt for ribs better than Rhondas the fact that she just doesn't advertise home cooked meals, that in fact she is there before the sun comes up preparing home cooked meals every day 7 days a week, as far as nasty nasty nasty, lol, well i guess customers love nasty cuz the parking lot is always full, heck we come from knoxville just to eat there, we always get GREAT service. Never seen beer or smokes bought with foodstamps, just a great atmosphere great food and the owner goes out of her way to make sure it stays that way. so Kudos to Rhondas, and we will continue to eat our ribs and honeywings every weekend!!!!
truck for sale

Winchester, KY

#8 Jun 21, 2011
The Corner Store is great, try it sometime!

Louisville, TN

#9 Jun 22, 2011
We eat at rhondas deli all the time the food is good the place is clean allways that why she keeps a score of 97 very good and as for selling cig.and beer on foodstamp you NOB you dont no what you are talking about maybe you need to get a real job and lay off the drugs you sell for a living.

Sweetwater, TN

#10 Jun 26, 2011
NOB wrote:
wouldnt eat there if it was gave to me nasty nasty nasty!!! the foodstamps thing is true have saw that done before, i guess they believe in making it the best way ya can right!
you dont no what you are talking about you need to get a real job and get off the DRUGS

New Tazewell, TN

#11 Aug 12, 2011
It is good food as long as rhonda's working but if she isn't then it's hard to say what you'll get. Some of the workers are a little confused in general. But overall good place.

Nashville, TN

#12 Mar 2, 2012
i have lived there all my life and i would agree about the food but the service sucks and all her workers are on drugs i have seen it with my own eyes they dont wash there hands before cooking and are allways on the phone with personal calls to there old man or kids.All they do is cuss and start trouble with people.They have alot of drama her kids are the worst jessica is the worst one to start lies about people nobody likes her and the whole bunch is on drugs,you can buy food and acohol on foodstamps and cigaretts.someone should close her down like i said i have lived there all my life and when she first opened up in imagens her food was good but her store suxs and how she got a good score on anything suprisies me cause she has bugs in the back room.thats were her daughters have there friends with benifits see them how nasty all of them.and rhonda has the worst attitude i have evere met i think they all need to go back up north.Oh yea i have seen all of her workers let people sell stuff of stamps that you are not suppossed to get but money money to her i guess.
oh my

Nashville, TN

#13 Mar 4, 2012
I think rhondas is the worst place i have ever been in the services suxs now her food is ok,as long as she is there and is in control of the situation her daughters have ruined that place everybody would like to blame amanada for a lot of stuff and i am not a big fan of her myself,but the real problem is jessica who rhonda has put more control in that girls hands than she needs. She cant control herself let alone a place of business
She has three pretty children who poor things dont even know who there daddys are,cause she slept around so much she dont even no one suppossed to belong to jim mcknight,and one to dustin brown,the other she tries to tell people it is dustins but everybody thinks different,cause she was having a affair for over two years with travis masingo while dustin was out of town working,then oops he finds out and then all of a sudden she is pregnate,travis has also admitted to me that they think it is his but will never tell no one intill she is over 18 so they can try to get childsupport on her to pay for his cars he gets at the autions,
when she does get her child support most of the time she just waits untill the fathers get behind and uses her moms influecences of sleeping with the cops to have them picked up so she can get the cash bond all at one time,i just feel sorry for dustins kids {if they are his} cause they have to stay in the shadow of her oldest one who acts like her grandmother,who jumps around like a fucking rooster when she dont get her way,what a baby,
they whole dam family should go back up north were they belong,nobody wants them in chapel even the old people they act like they like as customers they wait till they walk out and talk about them as soon as they leave,before the wheels are even turned to leave out the parking lot.The other workers they got are so strug out on pills its not even a joke,they sell and deal drugs out the back door and back window they have to smoke pot so they can even get a buzz so they can work,and most of the time they just trade there services for there drugs all there services.everybody knows what goes on in there and nobody cares so i dont think the reason the parking lot is full because of good food its people waiting for there fix not diner.I just wish i could get me some foodstamps and i could get my cigarettes and dog food there it would make my life easier just like it has theres.Just ask jessica her daughteer or amanda thats how they make it cause it sure not from doing the work they need to do to run a place of business.Mabey someone should turn them in but it not do no good they would just fuck the inspector
or case worker,or the cop that was looking into it.everybody in chapel thinks they are a joke why wont they just leave they have caused so many marraiges to split up.people are tired of them and there shit,but as far as food it used to be good but now who knows i cant stand to even drive by there let alone eat there anymore.So use your own judgment.And hope your insurance will pay if you do get sick from the food or your blood pressure gets high from watching all the drama.

laughing with you

Nashville, TN

#14 Mar 12, 2012
You tell them everybodys so tired of there shit and drama but like you said no body do nothing cause they will just fuck there way out of it like allways.Whats so sad they dont even try to hide.they are proud of them self mabey if they would comb there hair, and take baths and shut the hell up sometimes and do some work it might not be a bad place, as long as you got stomack pills but im sure she would sell you one of those if you asked.
snowbitch extrodanaire

Au Gres, MI

#17 Mar 22, 2012
wow can you all leave the innocent children out of it and as for gossip and drama you all seem to be doing a good job truth hurts and karma really works believe me i have seen it and no one is perfect Im sure that you are all good god fearing people as I am remember JUDGE AND YOU SHALL BE JUDGED !!! TAKE CARE GOD BLESS!!
jessica masingo

United States

#18 Mar 22, 2012
for all you concerned citizens i feel so sorry for you all and will pray for you and as far as rhondas goes if you cant stand it drive around and you dont have to stop and as far as my children they no who their (father) is but anybody can Be a FATHER but their daddy is travis which takes a real man and as far as child support that i dont see from their dead beat fathers that doesnt pay for our vehicles thank its anybodys business and as far as the drugs go i can say we have been clean for 5 years can u say the same but if any of you want to keep talkin about me and my wonderful family please do so cause you will take the drama as you call it off somebody else thats fine i have the balls to post my name and aint afraid are you and it seems to me somebody must not be happy about their life if you need to talk come see me we will talk and try to get over you problem

Ooltewah, TN

#19 Mar 23, 2012
You people need to leave the kids out of it they have nothing in it. say whatever you want about the grownups but the kids have to go to school and be mad fun of and told about this stupid stuff by other kids. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE. Dont forget you was a kid once and you know how other kids are and how mean they can be to other kids.
No one in perticular

Tazewell, TN

#20 Mar 27, 2012
sounds like to me someone has it out for Jessica?? So why pull the Deli and the Kids into it?? We all know Rhondas a bitch but if she wasnt one then why has her business survived this long. The fact that she sells cigs and beer on EBT is VERY TRUE...and I will by no means defend that but as for the rest of it...take it up with she'll stomp your ass!!

United States

#21 Mar 27, 2012
yeap looks like they do have it out for jess probably her Xs baby daddys girlfriend misty she would do somethin like this its rightup her ally or her brother danny i know all them and jessica aint even the one that causes drama she is a good person as well as her husband is to looks to me you all ar jealous of what they have accomplished and ifyouns would get off your asses and do somethin you could have something in life instead you sit on here and talk shit about people that you apparently dont know that well cause you did you would know that dustin dont even pay childsupport and travis works everyday to make his money and it called tax money that buys vehicles you know that you get back every year cause you have a JOB oh yeah dead beats like youns prob. dont even work as far as rhondas its the cleanest dam place i have ever been in you must have been on those halucinating drugs when you went in there and thought you seen cockroaches you full of shit looks to me the people talkin out their heads on here is the drama starters so go figure we all know the truth so why start stuff about people on here
No one in perticular

Tazewell, TN

#22 Mar 28, 2012
you said it 'TRUTH'

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