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I must have blinked

Berea, OH

#1 Jun 1, 2012
What was the reason Maple Hts built two elementary schools right next to each other, The JFK El and the Abe Lincoln El? Wouldn't it have made more sense to build one on the east side and the other one on the west side? And if they wanted them all in one place, why didn't they just build one larger elementary school to hold all the little demons?

Brook Park, OH

#2 Jun 2, 2012
Better question: who was the idiot that decided there was enough parking? When you go down Dunham road when school gets off, traffic is backed up at least ten cars. There are three police directing traffic and it takes you ten minutes to get through. Many don't have time to wait and zoom down side streets trying to avoid the mess. I hate it. What terrible planning by the city of Maple Heights.
Well Actually

Cleveland, OH

#3 Jun 5, 2012
There is plenty of parking between the buildings, the problem is the SCHOOLS are allowing the parents to pick up their kids by driving up the small drive, instead of making them go into the parking lot, get out of their car and get their child. It's not a city decission it's the schools, and they are paying for the aux police officers to keep traffic moving. On the other matter there are actually 3 schools there. 2 are connected together and the other standing alone, which it the main contributor to the traffic prob. They did this because they could use that property faster and build all the schools there and then tear down the others.

Brook Park, OH

#4 Jun 5, 2012
Well where do you think the schools get the money from to pay the cops? Taxpayers. If those cops can solve the problem, let them tell the school to open up some space to clear the road.
Fed Up

Berea, OH

#5 Jun 6, 2012
I made the big mistake of going up Dunham just after the schools let out and like you said, xxx, it
takes 10 minutes to get through all of that! And then some of the parents drive like idiots! One pulled into a driveway to turn around and started backing out right when I was going past the drive. Missed me by about a 1/4 of an inch! Bad planning like usual. I'd hate to live in those houses between the driveways to the schools there. The city should have spent more tax payer money and bought those houses to put a pick up road there and they could call it 'Drive By Pickups'. lol
Maple Native

Fairfax, VA

#6 Jun 6, 2012
I remember you could access the old West Junior High from both Dunham and Glenwood. It sounds like these 3 new schools only have access to Dunham. If so, lots more cars are trying to funnel in and out of a more restricted area. Who planned this fiasco?
Well Actually

Cleveland, OH

#7 Jun 6, 2012
Considering the new High School, yet to be completed and opened, is suffering from a mold problem and will most likely cause a delay in opening, do you really think the schools are capable of designing a drop off or pick up pattern which will not effect those of us using Dunham Road? Seems like it's more of get them out of here so we can go home.
Maple Native

Fairfax, VA

#8 Jun 6, 2012
Well: I did not hear about the mold problem at the HS. The school board is being quiet about that one. Include it with the fire at Milkovich and the traffic on Dunham, and it looks like our 50 million is being well spent!

Brook Park, OH

#9 Jun 6, 2012
Speaking of which, was that money invested wisely? How much better is Maple Heights because we have new schools? Are people buying houses like they are going out of style? Are people flocking to Maple Heights so their children can get educated in these new schools? This from a city that doesn't even have their own police dog. The money would have been better spent for a helicopter and training officers to fly them.

Brook Park, OH

#11 Jun 9, 2012
What happened here is that when Strickland was in office, he told our city that the state will provide half of the money for the new schools if the politicians can con us into coming up with the other half of the money. So after several attempts, the bill finally passed, and up went my property taxes. Mind you, neither me nor my tenants have any kids in these schools.

We have a lot of rentals and HUD houses here in Maple Heights. So these people don't care if they vote a new property tax hike for new schools. They will never have to pay for them. If the rent gets too high, they just pack up and go somewhere else. After all, there is only so high of rent you can charge here because of the blacks. You have to keep rent a little lower than nicer suburbs or your units stay empty for longer periods of time.

Of course, when Strickland was voted out and replaced by Kasich, he left us with an 8 billion dollar debt. Well no kidding. It's all vote buying. I wonder how many other cities he made this offer to? Indirectly, we Ohio taxpayers paid for half of our schools, and directly, I'm paying for it through property taxes.

United States

#12 Jun 11, 2012
No state money was used at all for the schools. This was all tobacco company money that they settled with Ohio strictly for building of new schools

from the Maple Heights Press archives

February 28, 2008

by Tim Troglen


Maple Heights -- Informational meetings have been conducted. Signs have been posted. Questions have been answered, and dinners to raise support have been served. Now the wait begins.

Voters will decide March 4 if five new school buildings will be constructed in Maple Heights.

If passed, Issue 5 would raise $53.4 million of the $109 million needed to build a new high school, middle school and three elementary schools. The remaining $55.6 million would be funded by the state, thanks to a settlement in a lawsuit with tobacco companies.

The bond issue would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $237 a year in taxes, or about $20 a month, for 28 years.

The money would be used to match the state's contribution.

If the issue is not approved this year, the state will withdraw its funding proposal, according to Treasurer Christopher Krause.

Superintendent Charlie Keenan said if the school district does not take advantage of the opportunity now, the cost to replace the buildings in the future will be funded 100 percent through the school district -- and residents.

Keenan and Mayor Jeff Lansky both called the chance to build new schools with such a large contribution from the state "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Council unanimously passed a resolution Feb. 20 in support of the bond issue.

If Issue 5 passes, the Rockside Elementary School building could be used as a City Hall or Senior Center.

Keenan said that eventually the district will have to start replacing the schools. He said the buildings have begun to deteriorate, and added that two buildings were built in 1920.

Keenan said the district was initially slated to get state money for new construction in 2012. However, after the state received the tobacco settlement, some districts, including Maple Heights, were "fast tracked" for new construction plans, the superintendent said.

Maple Heights is one of 13 Ohio school districts that could receive money for new buildings in the first round of funding from a 1998 multi-state settlement with tobacco companies, said the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Brook Park, OH

#13 Jun 11, 2012
Have a link to that. So far, people who challenged me on this issue never found anything about the cigarette lawsuit money. That lawsuit took place when Al Gore was in office.
Well Actually

Cleveland, OH

#14 Jul 25, 2012
Has anyone else noticed how great the new schools look with all the weeds growing by the driveways? What a shame to have new schools like that, only to have weeds 3 feet high growing.

When the city building department drives around citing people in the city for their weeds in the yard or uncut grass, why don't they cite the schools.

Driving down Dunham Road by the schools is looking more like driving through some getto.
Jerry Sandusky

Berea, OH

#15 Jul 28, 2012
When I get out of prison, maybe I can get a job at one of your elementary schools.

Portage, MI

#16 Nov 29, 2012
I am african american, I work , and I am moving to maple heights on Dec. 8th. I am not some lazy, black greasy fool who thinks I can live off of some food stamps and a welfare check. I agree that most people of my race can cause others to form negative opinions about african americans, but they do not apply to the entire race! Im sick and tired of people forming these stereotypes and thinking that if some people of certain race act a certain way then the whole race does as well, its not true and.its sickening to see these things written by people in a city where I will be living in less than 2 weeks!!
Lived Here Long wrote:
And they could have built a bigger jail house. But the city still wants to cater to the blacks by giving them the new schools. It's kind of their way of saying we're so sorry for putting your long dead ancestors on our plantations down south as slaves. Also it's to shut the blacks up from moaning that they don't get anything like the whites do. Hell, most of them I see have nicer and newer cars than I have and live in more expensive homes too. They just don't know how to take care of them. When the blacks and Hispanics take over the country, no one will be working. They'll all be on welfare and food stamps and all the other free hand outs. The only ones that will be working are the small numbers of whites and the Arab people who run the convenient stores.
Maple Resident

Berea, OH

#17 Nov 30, 2012
Anti wrote:
I am african american, I work , and I am moving to maple heights on Dec. 8th. I am not some lazy, black greasy fool who thinks I can live off of some food stamps and a welfare check. I agree that most people of my race can cause others to form negative opinions about african americans, but they do not apply to the entire race! Im sick and tired of people forming these stereotypes and thinking that if some people of certain race act a certain way then the whole race does as well, its not true and.its sickening to see these things written by people in a city where I will be living in less than 2 weeks!! <quoted text>
I been a long time Maple Hts resident and since the blacks have moved here, I and many, many other whites have seen a huge change in the city, and not for the good. We now have way more crime than what used to be here. It used to be maybe some shop lifting or someone cuts through your yard. Now we have murders, and not just one or two, many. We have drugs being sold out of houses, burglaries, break ins, car theft, vandalism, gangs roaming the streets, and it's not the whites doing this. The whites were busy moving out of here. So, we hear about all of these crimes and find out the ones doing them have names like Jamel, DeQuell, Montese and Tyrone so, what do you expect us to think? How we supposed to feel? You hear of gangs of kids roaming the city robbing people, then one day here comes 4 kids walking home from school. What we supposed to think these kids are going do? Walk past us and say, "Hello sir", or "Hello ma'am."? No! We expect to get robbed at gun point! And yes, all these thugs DO make it look bad for the rest of you. So, welcome to Maple Hts. and unfortunately, you'll see what I'm talking about within a couple days of moving in here.

Brook Park, OH

#18 Nov 30, 2012
I will say this: since the catching up on foreclosures, the city is much more tame now. I remember on weekend nights where Maple had to request assistance from surrounding suburbs because of their overload. In the last year or so, my scanner is often quiet on weekend nights with the exception of traffic stops and the consistent calls on children.

Maple Heights will never be what it was 20 years ago or so, but if we are at least heading in the right direction, the best we can do is make it tolerable. After all, much of the real crime is not from residents who live here. They are people who live in the inner-city or perhaps a surrounding suburb.

Since: Nov 12

United States

#19 Nov 30, 2012
Some 'blacks' don't have respect for themselves or other people, but there are some, like myself who have values and morals. I do not condone the bad behavior of those who commit these crimes, all im saying is not all people of the African American race are bad! I have always taken excellent care, and great pride in the homes ive lived in. I am not lazy, I have never committed a crime, never been in jail and I do not associate with people who have either. I hope that I never have an encounter with any of these rejects, if I do I will be hard pressed to not tell them that they are giving african americans a horrible name, and an even worse reputation!

Since: Nov 12

United States

#20 Nov 30, 2012
By the way, My name is not Ja'Queeta, Quiana, or Shaneeka , my brothers names are not Jayquan ,Jamel,or Damonte. My name is Dorothy, my brothers are Elbert and Robert. No one in my family has one of these made up ghetto stereotypical names.that blacks are so commonly given at birth by mothers who are clearly not thinking about how names such as these can brand their child as an undesirable in the future.

Brook Park, OH

#21 Nov 30, 2012
It is funny. I purchased my police scanner years ago. Back when this was a white neighborhood, the police would call in a name like Mike Jusestisky. They would pronounce the first name, and continue by spelling the last. They would say "Mike J-U-S-E-T-I-S-K-Y."

Maple Heights is different now. Today, they have to spell the first name and pronounce the last. "Juikila Jones. Fist name J-U-I-K-I-L-A, last name common spelling."


My how times have changed.

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