Yeah, always blame the police whenever there's a shooting and someone's killed. about this? What would have happened if the guy driving that car DIDN'T run from the cops? Maybe the cops would have pulled him over to question him on what that popping sound like a gun was? And if the guy didn't run and lead the police on a car chase, would him and that 30 year old still be alive? Probably. So, why not blame the driver for running?

And that 30 year old 'woman' that was killed in the chase, I saw her on the news the other day. The police had picked her up before for something and they had film of her at the station in handcuffs swearing at the cops and telling them she was going to kill them. All they did was ask her to turn around and face the back wall of an elevator, which she wouldn't do. So when they tried to turn her around, she went off on them telling them she would kill them all. Her relatives said that she had some mental issues. All I saw was another angry black that was mad at the whole white population. Maybe if she didn't do whatever it was she did to get picked up by the cops, she wouldn't have been in cuffs in the jail house, no?