Sevier County Detention Center
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No one

Sevierville, TN

#43 Jun 27, 2010
Who runs that place anyway.

United States

#44 Jun 27, 2010
I would guess that the sheriff would be boss.....don't know. Someone's no 'count relative, I'm for sure!

Lexington, TN

#45 Jun 29, 2010
Alright I'm not sayin my name but that's pretty much a lie, I got sent there 4 30 days some months ago and I just went there again. They make you clean your cells and the reck room every other day and yes sometimes the food isn't the best but sometimes it's not that bad either.. It is boring as he'll though.. They should let us atleast get more than an hour reck a day.. Kinda cruel staying in the cell almost 24/7. But I guess I diserved it and I ain't going back. Officer ball is not so bad.. Officer t too.. Fuck the shackles lol but im straightning my life out and I'm going to be successful in life! Alright well thanks 4 reading my comment on this

Seymour, TN

#46 Jul 3, 2010
What in the world is happening here
fukd up teen

Knoxville, TN

#47 Jul 21, 2010
i have been in sevier county detention center many many of times and i consider it child abuse!!
in my opinion it causes emotional damage on kids. try sitting in a cell all day and yes the milk is sometimes currled and the guards wont tell u what time it is.
i understand saftey percautions but being 12 years old and having to bend over spread ur cheeks and cough is not fun. it is very scary...not being able to call ur parentsa hurts,
having people watch u when u piss isnt very fun either..hmm and we do have to clean but thats the only fun we have!
the only time we get out..
they lie.

hmm. it is sick. sick that people would put kids in there for such stupid shit

Maryville, TN

#48 Jul 24, 2010
I was placed in the sevier county juvinile facilty or two weeks,and it is disgusting. There is tons of bugs,cockroaches,and mostly spiders,they make the kids clean there,so of course it isn't going to be clean. They need to step up,and get in under control.
Everything is alright

Columbia, TN

#49 Aug 12, 2010
Hmmmm, im not trying to be a prick or anything but i can assure you that the children held are not bein abused or living in filth. there are no tours you cant just walk in and take a look but i can tell you about the facility inside and out.the detainees are requiered to clean thier own individual cells and the sitting or recreation room every other day. food is prepaired everyday at the sevier county jail right next door, milk is delivered by a flovorich truck once a week. phone calls there are a priveledge and can be taken away the child had to be acting up to have those calls taken away.i know Director Layman personally. he is very strict on staff about cleanliness and respect. all of the officers are really nice and polite. they like joking and playing around. most kids in a detention center think like in jail they have to prove they are the biggest and the baddest so they act up cuss scream bang on doors and show dissrespect to the staff therefore they are not allowed to do the same things as the other inmates. Also phone calls books rec time parent/ guardian visits are all determined on the charges the child is accused of. I hope this clears everthing up for everyone.
Everything is alright

Columbia, TN

#50 Aug 12, 2010
forgot to add that detainees get two or more hours a day depending on the officer in charge, if they wanted you to know what time it is they would give you a clock. they do not watch you pee they cant even though you are in juvie it is still illegal to have a camera directed on a restroom area unless it is a drug test, toilets are set aside from the door so it cannot be seen by the cameras. if you do not beieve me there are pictures of the entire facility on the website. NO COMMENTS please im just trying to help everyone who her.
Bill Wright

Seymour, TN

#51 Aug 26, 2010
It's all a front for drugs
Courtney Rowland

United States

#53 Nov 15, 2010
Wow. I see alot of people like to argue on here!! Okay I was incarcerated more than once there as a teen when I was 14 as well as 15 years old. I now live in Michigan my home state. When I was there yes it sucked. However the milk was not spiled and the cells were decently clean.
Concerned parent

Cleveland, TN

#54 Nov 18, 2010
I just had my child charged and sent to the Juvinil Detention Facility, I will not be able to contact nor see her until Friday.. wich is killing me, but the law she broke needed the consequences. All this about filth and spoled food/milk is concerning! I really wish that there were more comments made on how these children are AFTER they get out, or what might happen if they have to stay in for a long period of time. It is up to me ifI want to bond her out here ina few days, or not... now i am worried that even tho she deserves the punishment, does whe deserve the "place". The filth or whatevermost of you claim to be there. What my daughter did, was an awful thing, very serious, very much more than a mom/parents can handle.. on thier own. She needs the consequence of her ations to be proven, so she will never do it aain..are you saying that even just a few days in here could be more harming than a "parents own punishment?

Just askin' as a concerned parent.
Maryland Mom

Fairfax, VA

#55 Nov 18, 2010
hmmm wrote:
I was recently told by a child who was held in the Sevier County Juvenile Detention Center that the facilities there are filthy. The place is overrun with cockroaches and the bathrooms were too filthy to use. The child also said that he/she was not allowed to call their parents. The milk that was served with their meals was spoiled and curdled. The rules that were posted were taken down soon after the child was placed in the room. One of the rules stated that two paperback books were permitted in the room, but a book that was brought to the child was not given to him/her.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this at this facility?
Its easy for people who havent had a child thats close to them in a place like this to judge. These are children...worthy of a second chance and rehab. I have been there... Look in to becoming a member of the public advisory board to the facility. Its your only way in. They will have to give you a the least. Too many states are not putting the money in to rehabing these troubled kids. It will also give you a chance to access these kids and see what they need. Clergy visits...mental health visits. Without the publics help these kids do not get what they need. They shouldnt be thrown away and they should know that someone cares about them.

United States

#56 Nov 29, 2010
Who keeps bringing up old news?

Spring Hill, TN

#57 May 4, 2012
How many ignorant people are there ?? If a kid is sent there it is their own faulght. My son is in there right now and it's better than prison. When they go to prison what will happen ?? It isn't meant to cater to these kid's it's meant to detour them from doing the wrong thing's in life!!!
I have read so many comment's that were negative about the detention center and wake up people. If your child is there they brought it on themselve's. If you would have done something to disapline them they wouldn't be there in the first place maybe you should go to jail instead.
We have to many kid's dying everyday because of drug's go to a funeral and watch the family hurt when they bury their child.
hitler seals

United States

#58 Mar 31, 2013
Have u ppl ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?? Putting someone in such deplorable conditions when they're guilty of a crime is one thing...but someone who has NOT been convicted of any crime should not be made to live in cockroach infested filth! Not to mention raw sewage backing up in the jail, ppl getting sick as a result and then denied medical care! Wake the hell up ppl! We've got judges popping pills, detectives being arrested and probation officers stealing fees and going to jail so who are the criminals here? Its not about justice or rehabilitation ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND CORRUPTION! It will be a great day when someone finally gets rid of the disgusting good ole boys system this county runs on!
Rather not say

Charlotte, NC

#59 Nov 23, 2014
Im 13 years old and my mom is threatning to send me to a juvinile delinquint center in tn

Maxton, NC

#60 Nov 26, 2014
Rather not say wrote:
Im 13 years old and my mom is threatning to send me to a juvinile delinquint center in tn
Well then, don't you think it's time to straighten up and fly right? Are you being disrespectful? Are you hanging around the wrong people? Have you gotten in trouble for truancy, bullying, figjting, etc...

13 is old enough to tell the difference between right and wrong. Do the right thing all the time. Listen to your parents and teachers. Rules are made for a reason. If you're not sure then ask someone you trust to tell you the truth.

Good luck kid.....

United States

#61 Feb 16, 2015
hmmm wrote:
No matter what they did, they should be allowed to call their parents. And I'm sure even our convicts on death row are entitled to milk that is not spoiled!
Regardless of whether or not you think the child lied or not, shouldn't the allegations be investigated? What if it was your little angel that was arrested for doing a "kid thing" and was put in a nasty pit for three days and nights before their hearing?
I am a Christian mother of five; ranging in age between 14 and 22 yrs old. I love my kids and stalk them; however, I will never be in denial of their bad decisions and consequences. Some of my kids have gotten into ONE-TIME brushes with the law. I can truly say that I hope the facilities and experience while in jail are so horrific and nasty that my kids would never want to see the place again; nor choose to partake in activities or hang around people that would put them in that place again. I am SOOO OKAY with the conditions being bad enough to put that fear into juvenile's minds so they may get the opportunity to not repeat bad decisions and possibly end up with them on their record after they turn 18. Its not a country club to read books and get good food; mom should be doing that instead of letting their kids run rampant.

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