lets see if this is news you did,nt no
the parents need to have a investagation on the building construction teacher
Vickers started teaching 9 years ago
with his friend Bobby Hale backing him witch several years ago was the building teacher
but Bobby become a board member now with that said how did the 2 felonies Vickers has on his record get by the back ground check you have to have ha ha what happen
hell the set up for phipps just mite back fire on the peices of shit that started this mess and killed thes guys
oh that is just a bit of info about the BOE and how people gets by with anything where is the tv, coal valley and etc, on thes issues hell with felonies the law states you can not teach oh well i forgot Bobby hale was behind it dam where is the law now he is not arrested he gets job permotion with the people he screwed that is so funny BOE is stupied and then they will give him a retirement he needs to pay us tax payers back