RLCD stopping water service to Sesser

RLCD stopping water service to Sesser

There are 15 comments on the Mt. Vernon Register-News story from Mar 8, 2011, titled RLCD stopping water service to Sesser. In it, Mt. Vernon Register-News reports that:

The Rend Lake Conservancy District is refusing to provide water to Sesser due to past due balances and late fees which have piled up to more than $115,000. "The City of Sesser has, since July 2009, refused to pay Inter City Water, a fund of Rend Lake Conservancy District, for $5,000 of water each month," information from RLCD states.

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Ted Harrision

Evanston, IL

#1 Mar 8, 2011
Why is it that the town of Sesser, has a mayor who thinks he can do what ever he wants, Mayor PAY YOUR WATER BILL. It's not fair for other towns and citys picking up the tab for Sesser. People of Sesser it's time you take control of Sesser again. Vote your SO CALLED MAYOR OUT NEXT TIME. And start voting out the city council, they have control over that so called Mayor. But he, I quess has them all scared of him. He is nothing. when you all wake up with no water, call him a great mayor now.Wait a Min I forgot you can go to the opra House and probably take a shower. And with all the Money he is paying for legal fee's, it would probably more than enough to pay the water bill.
Sesser is in the right

United States

#2 Mar 8, 2011
Mr Harrision...
By the looks of your typing, you are not very worried (or lack of intelligence?) about your spelling or punctuation.
Sesser is in the right when withholding payments because of the overbilling. The RLCD Manager is twisting the facts and missleading the public about accuracy claims of the old meter that is in dispute, and they are now trying to use scare tactics to say that other towns will have to pay for Sesser not paying their bill, thats a laugh..it will all come out in court, and that is really what the RLCD should be worried about. I really wonder if the RLCD board knows all the real facts about the accuracy claims of the old water meter made by the General Manager...It will show other towns where they need to look to see if they have been overbilled... So whether you like the Mayor or council, they are sticking up for the citizens of Sesser by not being bullied by the RLCD with threats of water disconnection..and demanding the towns money back...sound fair to you?
I Agree

Dubuque, IA

#3 Mar 9, 2011
Ted Harrison (or whoever you really are) sounds like sour grapes to me. I wish our town had a mayor that would stand up to these people. Stay in your tavern, drink your beer and waste away your life, but I hope Sesser wins its case.
PS take a shower while you are at it. It might wash away some of your bias.
Big Top Pee Wee

Mount Carmel, IL

#4 Mar 10, 2011
Sounds like "Ted Harrison" might be part of the propaganda RLCD is trying to spew.

Good job, Mayor Mitchell and city council!!!

West Lafayette, IN

#5 Mar 11, 2011
Sounds like The Mayor has many names. Good try, No one is buying it.

Mount Carmel, IL

#6 Mar 11, 2011
LOL.....yeah, the mayor is cleverly moving from computer to computer in order to squelch the idiotic ramblings of one loser.....sounds like you've got him figured out.

Next time you want to start a discussion, you probably better research it a little better....
Not the Mayor

United States

#7 Mar 11, 2011
Hey BTPW..

What research are you talking about, do you know of different facts that Sesser is in the right posted about that would be wrong? Please fill us in on what you know that are facts and not some rumors that you heard about...

Mount Carmel, IL

#8 Mar 15, 2011
The money for the unpaid water bills is in trust. It will be paid in full IF the judge finds in the RLCD's favor.....which he won't. The empty threats about turning off an entire town's water just because they want ed a faulty meter fixed are absurd.....and against the law.

United States

#9 Mar 31, 2011
why not just put the money in the escrow account?
i don't get it!
if i did'nt pay my water bill they'd turn me off
within days!
why should any customer get special treatment?

Carmi, IL

#10 Apr 3, 2011
ohwell wrote:
why not just put the money in the escrow account?
i don't get it!
if i did'nt pay my water bill they'd turn me off
within days!
why should any customer get special treatment?
Here is a scenario for you: You take your car out for a Sunday drive and you hit another car. Let's say that the other car had been suspiciously following behind you since you left your house, the driver falls out of the car withering in pain. You don't think it was your fault. The driver sues you for his injuries. Before the trial you find out that the driver of the other car has sued two other people for the exact same accident. In order for you to keep your license, the other guy demands that you put the money he thinks his injuries are worth in an escrow account, BEFORE your case has been heard by the Court. How fair does that seem? It might suggest that you are admitting your fault before the blame has been placed on you before the facts have been weighed. You would be angry. You would also find out that you cannot be punished (having your license revoked) for the duration of the legal proceedings. In fact, the law explicitly outlines that this revocation is against statute.

To break it down, in tort proceedings you cannot and should not assume guilt unless proven innocent. The facts of the Sesser v. RLCD case are similar. RLCD has settled out of court with Benton and Ziegler for this exact same situation. RLCD was grossly overcharging these communities for water while the master meter provided by them was malfunctioning. Why RLCD has decided to take up arms against Sesser is a mystery. Some claim it is political, some that RLCD is afraid that another admission of fault will open a huge can of worms for other communities to probe into the usage rates of water from RL. I don't know. I actually don't care. Due process must be followed, whatever the outcome of the case may be, neither RLCD or Sesser should have the burden unjustly placed upon them before the Court rules one way or the other.

If RLCD prevails, Sesser will have two choices: Pay or appeal. If Sesser prevails, RLCD will have the same options.

As a water customer of Sesser, if you are in fact one, you should be cheering for Sesser. If RLCD was over charging Sesser, Sesser certainly wasn't overcharging you. By refusing to lay down and submit, Sesser is protecting you as the consumer, insuring that you are receiving your services honestly and fairly. Irregardless of anyone's like or dislike of the City government, you should expect that it is representing you and when an injustice has potentially been made against your community, you should be on it's side, not on the side of the offender.

United States

#11 Apr 3, 2011
very good response.
thats all most want is understanding.
i respect that

Syracuse, IN

#12 Apr 13, 2011
BTPW wrote:
The money for the unpaid water bills is in trust. It will be paid in full IF the judge finds in the RLCD's favor.....which he won't. The empty threats about turning off an entire town's water just because they want ed a faulty meter fixed are absurd.....and against the law.
So lets just say that the mayor is right...What is he going to do with all the money that we "over paid" for months and months. Is he going to write each resident a check for over payment?

United States

#13 Apr 13, 2011
Dear Mr. GetReal

I'm not going to insult you, I will educate you on how this works. The people payed their regular bill as usual, the city payed a portion of that to Rend Lake. The rest is used to provide for the expenses of operating, upgrades and such. The Overcharge has already been paid, well, now the city is witholding the overpaid amount, and when they win in court, it will be used to help pay regular upkeep and maintenance costs, which will in turn help keep the cost down for the citizens of Sesser. It they had not caught the problem when it did, the city would have had to raise its rates substantially to its citizens to pay the overbilling if it hadn't stopped when it did. The people of Sesser did not over pay anything to the City, it was just getting where there was no money left to help with other expenses. I hope now this will clear things up and stop some from thinking that the water Dept has cheated people. There is a rate study that is done by the City of Carbondale every 3 years or so, Sesser ranks in the lower 50 percentile of all water rates, and yet they have one of the highest Iso ratings of all towns( which if you don't know, that is really good).

Highland, IN

#14 Dec 6, 2011
I read on the 5th District Appellate Court website the City of Sesser won their case at that level against Rend Lake, now a jury will get to decide who is right or wrong. I am betting that Rend Lake in the final analysis does not want this case to go in front of a jury. Rend Lake officials will have to answer who gets all the goodies out there. Sesser is right in chasing this case as any of us would do if we have evidence of over billing. Sesser says they are ready to put their evidence to a jury and abide by the verdict. What say you Rend Lake?

Highland, IN

#15 Dec 8, 2011
Woa, Waltonville kicked Rend Lake Conservancy District right in the butt on a big court case in Jefferson County this week too. So Sesser has won, now Waltonville has won so it looks like Rend Lake is 0 and 2. There is also a huge class action suit against Rend Lake pending right now in Franklin County. How could it be that these little towns are winning cases and the big shots at Rend Lake keep losing? Ask the mayors of Benton, Mt Vernon and West Frankfort plus County Board Chairmen from Franklin and Jefferson County why they keep appointing these Bozo's and allow them t pick on the tax payers. BTW, Rend Lake board members voted to allow themselves to play golf for $5.00 per day with cart. That is totally wrong and violates every ethical statute on the books! Who pays for that little perk? Oh, that would be me and you!

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