I am a Florida State fan and rabid college football fan I have been to football games all over the Big Ten, Noter Dame, USC, Colorado, many SEC schools and many bowl games. This was my second trip to Clemson the first visit I sat on the 50 yard line on Clemson home side, everyone was gracious and welcoming but I thought it was a more mature section of the stadium, we lost that game, not a harsh word from the home crowd that day. I was there again last Saturday this time I sat in the upper deck on away side and after a hard climb to the top we didn't want to get up again. A Clemson fan sitting behind us with two young boys said I'm going down can I get you something? We where so impressed with the crowd they where cheering for their team I know it was a big game for all but everyone said nice things to us it was humbling! The only loud drunken fan in the crowd acting obnoxious was from FSU. I apologize to the Clemson faithful if you had a FSU person acting badly around you. After the game as we lost our way to the buses we were congratulated by every student we passed also given directions many people stopped to help. The couple we were with had not been there before and commented on what a wonderful place Clemson would be to live with all those nice people. What ever you are doing to make Clemson such a class act I wanted you to know it doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality, I will most certainly be back. Laura Caskey