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party child

Christiansburg, VA

#22 Mar 15, 2011
OK I simply must add my 2 cents worth on this yes it's unfortunate that ms.Gorman died however all the hipocrits who are on here bashing Jessica ask yourselves one question can anyone say they have never gotten behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks, I almost positive that if everyone would tell the truth the answer woudl be yes. Jessica should have faced some kind of consequences however 4 years is a bit much.
Florida 24hr News

Saint Petersburg, FL

#23 May 13, 2011
Saw Jessica Radall earlier this week in Pinellas county doing road detail picking up trash, on work release, seem she will be out soon I think october some say or sooner, I guess she did get a slap on the wrist

Spring Hill, FL

#24 Sep 22, 2011
Jessica is going too be out of Prison in a few weeks and back on the streets Living in her Mansion over in the Baywood park section of seminole near the golf course, funny records show that Mr Gorman dropped the law suit against her, and now is still has a suit on club skyy in ybor city, also Jessica is far from poor in her 650 thousand dollar home she will do her Probation at

Saint Petersburg, FL

#25 Oct 16, 2011
This is where Jessica rasdall was released from shortly after 12 Midnight oct 15th 2011
A Teacher

Hudson, FL

#26 Oct 16, 2011
Jessica and Laura were both nice girls. They made a choice to go to Ybor. The bartender thought they were cute and gave them free drinks. He never got in trouble for serving underaged girls! They were having a good time. They danced. They drank, as many, many of you have done! The facts are that Jessica was LESS intoxicated than Laura! Something happened on the drive home on the Interstate that caused that accident. There was another car involved!!! The facts beyond that are now history. Laura lost her life. Jessica did, too! Both parents have paid a high price. The fact is, that no matter what any of you say, Jessica will pay for the rest of her life. The fact that Jessica was considered a "Youthful" offender is what got her the "so-called" light sentence. She spent her time trying to stay out of trouble, taking classes, and growning up. Before the prison time she shared her experience with other youths. She was truthful and emotional at the presentations. She now needs a chance to move on with her life. She is still on probation, paying restitution to Laura's parents (If it were me, I would not want the money!!!!, but they are trying to punish in any way they can!!!) and she can never drive again! At this point everyone needs to move on. Jessica has physical and emotional scars. She has a fresh start and needs to take control without all of you HATERS saying things about her. She has learned her lesson! A costly but valuable one. Good luck to you Jess!!!





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Saint Petersburg, FL

#27 Oct 16, 2011
Funny how you pop up, and just tell this story now, when you know dam well no other car was ever involved, hmm who may this be "The Jessica Rasdall" behind the writing on the wall or her good, friend Miss Lambert who back doored her in court, claiming she was so drunk one day in 2005 she threw up in Lamberts car, and still drove drunk, please. I guess you must be the lawyer or Judge cause everything was public record thru Pinellas even the Toxs reports and never did it once mention of any other car, nor Laura being drunk more then Jessica was, also you may add, she had a nice High profile lawyer, and after the 48 Month sentc, she was cut short, and further more Rod Gorman dropped the law suit against the Rasdalls How funny was that after 2 yrs later she dropped it in a second I wonder why, MS Teacher you claim too be , seems 10 News need too think in too this futher such as Mik Deson and a few others she got a slap on the wrist

Saint Petersburg, FL

#28 Oct 19, 2011

seems she didnt learn and now has a fb page and a new job Pouring drinks at a place in clearwater Florida
A Teacher

Hudson, FL

#29 Oct 22, 2011
I am NOT Jessica! I am a person that knows some imformation that was not allowed in court. Jessica is a good young lady and happened to make a mistake. She has grown up, is trying to fulfill her probation, and move on, if you can ever move on from such an incident. You, dear James, don't know God or forgiveness. You are a mean spirited person. Have you never had a drink and driven? I am willing to bet, by YOUR comments that you have some issues in your closet. It is usually the most vocal that are the most guilty!

Yes, MADD, for which I am a member, Jess is working in a place that serves alcohol. BUT, you can be sure, she is not drinking, and she can not drive. She is doing good things though! And moving on!

You BOTH need to move on!

And James, learn to write. You sound many ways!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#30 Oct 22, 2011
Seems you must live on here, and also remember why dont you say who you are the lady caught a break a huge one if that. plus how do we know she is not drinking are you there at her work of place, I bet the ranch you are not she will never learn maybe a local news station can shed some light on this person that caught a break and had money too burn on a good lawyer first offender or not she got lucky. I happen too see a person almost same as Jessica and got 14 years now what
florida news

Saint Petersburg, FL

#33 Apr 22, 2013
well well it was a big pay day for her self ms jessica rasdall on the Katie Couric show

bet that show payed over 100 thousaand for her prime time story link below
florida News

Saint Petersburg, FL

#34 Sep 13, 2013
was told that she was payed over 250 Thousand and also for off camera interview that had taken place and she tells a story she dont remember, or who was sitting her the Passenger seat, ya right
Sarah Jean

United States

#35 Nov 16, 2013
If any of you really knew Jessica then I am certain you would not be so critical of her. She is a genuinely nice girl who made the choice to drive INSTEAD of her friend who was MORE intoxicated than herself. She has used her story to help educate others in hopes that they won't make the same mistake as her. And as far a punishment goes, living the rest of her life knowing she killed her BEST FRIEND is more of a punishment in itself than the 4 year prison sentence. Not to mention all the hateful words that now surround her reputation when NOT ONE PERSON ON THIS EARTH IS INNOCENT, at least she is using her guilt to try to make a difference.. Most people could care less about righting their wrongs. I can personally say that Jessica's story has impacted me, and, subsequently, all the people in my life as well, because now, WE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. So thank you Jessica, for the choice that changed your life forever and what you decided to do because of it, the lesson you had to learn the hard way that hopefully someone else will learn because of you.

Indianapolis, IN

#37 Nov 22, 2013
MIKE wrote:
SHE plead no contest to dui manslaughter
Florida 24 hour News

Saint Petersburg, FL

#38 Jan 3, 2014
she got a slap on the wrist, as another girl same charge same plea gets 14 years in state prison, and that girl never got a Huge pay day for her on camera interview like Jessica Rasdall did, slap on the wrist less then 48 months and 10- of thousands of dollars spent on that Law firm she hired from day One plus she sat in jail less then 24 hours when she came from the Hospital and posted up 50 Grand bail Like it was Nothing

then went out and Hired that high Profile Lawyer and got a hold of ABC News for that pay day Interview on 20/20 just another casey Anonthy here that got a Break
Just me

Stanley, VA

#39 Jul 13, 2015
So this is a situation that happens all to much this girl has and will pay everyday for her mistake it could have been the other way around when you're with your friend's in the moment you don't always think they both chose to drink they both chose to get in the car I have friends with the exact situation and it's so sad on all sides truly a bad decision you can never take back but that was her best friend and I truly don't think her best friend would want everyone hating her she did not do this on purpose yes it was stupid but like I said they both drank they both got in the car. But for people to be so hateful and nasty over a tragic situation is ridiculous so what if her family has money that's got nothing to do with anything the point is they both made a decision together they were having fun and the outcome could have been reversed either way they both lost and Laura family is hurt and acting out of anger but blame is on both sides not just the one who got lucky and lived yes she drove but it was a decision they both made! At least she's trying to make a difference and change lives I commend her it's so many people this could happen to stop blaming and make it about not letting these bad decisions repeat themselves!

Washington, DC

#40 Jul 14, 2015
party child wrote:
OK I simply must add my 2 cents worth on this yes it's unfortunate that ms.Gorman died however all the hipocrits who are on here bashing Jessica ask yourselves one question can anyone say they have never gotten behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks, I almost positive that if everyone would tell the truth the answer woudl be yes. Jessica should have faced some kind of consequences however 4 years is a bit much.
You are delusional. Thankfully, there are A LOT of us who have NEVER had a drink (let alone more than one!) and gotten behind the wheel. And I'm in my early-20s, so I know what it's like to face the pressure to drink.

At the end of the day, though, if you have any value for your own life and for the lives of others on the road, you'll make the smart decision and either forgo the alcohol or forgo the driving.

It is honestly disturbing to me that there are people like you out there on the road, making life for the rest of us more dangerous than it needs to be. It says a lot about you and the kind of people you hang around that you think "everyone would answer yes" to that question -- makes me wonder, do you not give a crap about the harm you could potentially bring to someone else by driving drunk, or is your "enjoyment" of alcohol more important than everyone else's safety?

United States

#41 Aug 26, 2015
Wow! I love it how someone can profit from a tragic situation. She was at several clubs that night as was apparent as she had several club bracelets. There was no other vehicle involved just her versus a tree, the way she hit the tree prevented her death and if I remember correctly snapped the neck of her friend

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