Dcs taking children away

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#22 Jul 27, 2011
Snookie wrote:
If they would take the children that have parents selling drugs, always partying, etc then a lot of this would be stopped. There are so many people selling their pills here, its said! But they take children from parents who are trying! What about the ones that need to be taken. I can name 2 mother's right off hand that sell pills and crack here but nothing is done! Why?
Have you called the hotline and reported this? If you know it's happening as a fact.... Call n keep calling. Take action!!!

Jackson, TN

#23 Nov 12, 2011
[QUOTE who="_plh.(:"]DCS in Selmer is NOT a joke.
Taking children is a part of their job.
They do NOT "kidnap".
They simply take children from homes where they are treated wrongly.
So if people these days would learn how to raise/treat their children.,stuff like that wouldn't happen.[/QUOTE]

Selmer DCS has more problems then you know. Obviously you do not understand how bad it is and how out of control Maria Mullins is and what they let happen as an organization. I can't tell you what I know and I can't explain in a public forum, but it would bring tears to your eyes if you knew. All I can tell you is keep your kids safe and away from DCS. Don't expect help if you call them. One day I'll be able to tell more, but can't because of the safety of children. Google DCS issues, and you'll see, then multiPly it by ten and you'll have some idea how bad the DCS system in Selmer is.
Sooooo true

Jackson, TN

#24 Nov 12, 2011
disgusted wrote:
DCS is a joke! They tell you nothing but lies and do nothing for you!!!They are to suppose to keep your children safe "what a joke"! They put the children right back in unsafe homes and turn their heads because they are scared if they do what is right they will lose their job! Tell me what is wrong with this picture?
Amen my friend. So true! More people find out every day but no one can fix it as DCS is untouchable. It doesn't matter how bad they perform, they just keep taking our tax dollars and ruining childrens' lives! Let the children suffer Maria, but there will be Judgement day. Wake up and do your job and help the children!
Oh really

Lexington, TN

#25 Nov 13, 2011
I dont believe for one second children are being took away from good homes.. Drugs and violence in homes is not a good home.. DCS is doing the best they can in a pathetic system
Oh really

Jackson, TN

#26 Nov 13, 2011
Oh really wrote:
I dont believe for one second children are being took away from good homes.. Drugs and violence in homes is not a good home.. DCS is doing the best they can in a pathetic system
People believe what they want to believe. Don't bother looking for the truth. Ignorance is bliss. People would rather pit 10,000 posts about Buffard Pusser than think children are being left in abusive homes with the full knowledge of certain folks in DCS in McNairy County. Oh judgement day. Lord come quickly.

United States

#27 Nov 14, 2011
DCS/DHS is not always in the right and sometimes make a case personal. I have lived this nightmare all because my child was sick. Even when the doctors explained what was wrong with my child, I had to spend over a year fighting to get her back. She was left in a shelter even though multiple family members tried to get her out. My whole upstanding family from McNairy County could not do anything to change my caseworkders mind. She has since lost her job and was told by the judge how wrong she was, yet my family is who had to live through the hell of it all. My child is who has suffered the most, all because I was a concerned Mom who carried her sick child to the doctor.

Charlotte, NC

#28 Oct 10, 2012
My daughter has mental issues she was taken we went to jail. My other two were almost taken and six months later it was deemed we did nothing wrong. Thisnwasnthree years ago she was taken out of state abused in two group homes and is not getting mental help. She has tried to kill and almost seceded in killing 5 people. We need help for her and can't get it. We went thru the ringer proving we were doing nothing wrong we do not sell or take drugs we own our home. CPA lied on the stand said we had no electric for periods of time we took her the bill we have never been shut off it was said we have no heat we kruse wood and electric and our. Electric bill shows we do. I have been told we have a case burnout lawyer will help us. Foster revie board says and put in paperwork she needs testing ithas not been done we need help for our daughter if anyone can help her is my email and I will do whatever it takes to get her help. I called themes they won't touch it she's a minor. Scabru@yahoo.com
been there

Humboldt, TN

#29 Oct 10, 2012
I don't believe DCS took kids without a good reason from my own standpoint and this is first hand it has been very hard to get DCS to step up to the plate and do what is best for the kids. They want to have someone take them tell the parents what they must do to get them back and a year down the road same bull nothing the parents are not doing anything the kids are out of there home and the state pays or does absolutely nothing and I mean nothing except try to get meth heads there children back it took multiple calls and from several different people to even get dcs to investigate and this is not the first time of loseing the children from this home either they never not one time made a follow up call after takeing the children the first time. I wish I could meet this Marie Mullins or whatever her name is maybe she could get the parents rights revoked and let the children move on since neither parent has even tried to straighten up they have a full time babysitter and get to waltz in for a few hrs. visit each week and tell about what a wonderful life they have childless tell me what is fair.

Bolivar, TN

#30 Nov 12, 2012
Jazzie wrote:
It was Shay Brown. The DCS tried to take her kid that was present during the huge bust that went down in her house. She had to take a Drugtest to prove she was only selling the drugs and not taking them. The DCS let the kid remain in her costudy. This is the second very large bust that her kids have been involved in.
Keri hanna your snitching ass would know!!!you dont even have your children so why would you run your mouth about someone else oh but i forgot we all know your a habitial liar! and you are a snitch trust me I KNOW YOU ARE A LIAR AND A SNITCH that calls in and gives the DTF then ask 4 outragous favors and the whole DTF laughs at you cause you lie so much I KNOW because i work for em!!!!!!sad thing is you need some serious help mentally!!!!

Stanton, TN

#31 Nov 12, 2012
Is ths the same Keri Hanna that was going to protest/picket the Independent Appeal over a article they reported?

Oakland, TN

#32 Nov 13, 2012
Joe wrote:
Is ths the same Keri Hanna that was going to protest/picket the Independent Appeal over a article they reported?
Yes it is. Truth about it is she just likes to jump into any drama she can find. She saw people were upset at the independent appeal and decided to jump in and act like she was somebody lol But the point that the person posting before you made is very true. She is a habitual liar, snitch, and doesn't have her kids. Hasn't raised any of them. She likes to justify her snitching on people by saying that she is going to school to be a probation officer and she has turned her life around, but you have to stop doing your own dirt before you need to put yourself on a pedestal above others. She probably snitches to hide all the pills she sells
wow really

Lexington, TN

#33 Nov 15, 2012
First off the momma shouldn't even have drugs around the kids! Your kids should come first no matter what!!! What the hell is she thinking Even having her kids around that crap? If that's so she deserves to have them taking away cause she wasn't thinking about no one but herself! She wasn't thinking about her kids not one bit! Her kids deserve to be around better than drugs! Weather the mom is just selling or using too! Kids DON'T need to be around that!!!! She should be ashamed! She's a lousy mom!
concerned citizen

Tucker, GA

#34 Nov 15, 2012
Is anyone really thinking here? My goodness the girl was selling drugs even if she wasn't taking them how many of our children are exposed to it? So she's ok with selling them to someone else's? How long till her child will realize what their mother is doing and even consume some of those drugs she's "not" taking. so its ok to endanger her kid and other people's. wonder what shed think if someones kid overdosed with what she was selling would she even think she was responsible? Some kids aren't mature enough to think its bad for them but obviously if she's mature "not" to take them herself she should know that it's wrong to sell! wow hope she gets locked up and they throw the key

Lafayette, TN

#35 Feb 7, 2013
Virginia Tompkins Can come up. With any excuse. To. Remove. Child. If. You. Get. Her. Watch. Your. Butt
Typical Jackassery

Tucker, GA

#38 Feb 7, 2013
"Boohoo! I'm a dumbass crackhead who can't spell, and the sheriff is mean. The mean old DCS wants to take my kids out of a house full of drugs, child molesters, and/or worthless bitches."

Milan, TN

#39 Feb 8, 2013
Typical Jackassery wrote:
"Boohoo! I'm a dumbass crackhead who can't spell, and the sheriff is mean. The mean old DCS wants to take my kids out of a house full of drugs, child molesters, and/or worthless bitches."
That is so true. Listen if you deal drugs, have a child while you are on drugs, mistreat or don't supervise your child, DCS is not taking them away, YOU ARE GIVING THEM AWAY. It is your fault drugheads!

Good for DCS! Get those children out of the scummy drughead homes!

Byhalia, MS

#40 Mar 20, 2013
Well...all I can say is I know for a fact that children are being taken away from good home's based on call's and accusation's that were being made just to get revenge on the children's parent's. They don't even go in and see if anything is really going on before they jerk them out of their home...and threaten the children if they don't quit screaming for the parent's. Know for a fact!
2 sides

United States

#41 Mar 20, 2013
I know a few people that have been called in on... including three situations in which it was an ex trying to cause problems. In the 5 reports I'm familiar with... DCS contacted the parent being reported, set up a meeting to discuss the report, gathered additional information from the parent... including personal references, daily schedules, other parent, the home, drug tested on the spot if there was a question about that, etc. The homes were checked & recommendations given for improvements if needed. Then the parents were informed that the case would remain open for (I believe) 90 days. If nothing "bad" happened, it would be closed. In none of those instances was there ever a threat or attempt to take the children away. Of course these were all decent parents (some with some minor problems, nothing major), had decent /stable homes, & the kids were obviously healthy & cared for.

Covington, TN

#42 Mar 20, 2013
My Lord. No wonder there are problems rampant in the education system. Some of you people have children? There should be a test, which includes writing skills, that allows licensure for procreation.

Byhalia, MS

#43 Mar 20, 2013
The kid's I'm referring to are straight A student's involved in beta club and other club's/group's and since they have been taken they say there's a chance that they will fail this year. How is that in the best interest of the child? They work hard all year and because someone wants to lie and cause problem's they have to suffer and possibly repeat their grade. The parent's in the home are decent people and do not use drug's or anything like that. All the children are in good health and get regular check up's. They never checked anything out. They went in and took them with no warning and no chance to prove none of it was true.

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