Jefferson City, MO

#122 Mar 18, 2010
I mis-spoke in an earlier comment when I called Mike and Diane step brother and sister. They would be Dwanna's half brother and sister as they had the same mother. Sorry about that.
Jim Man

Madison, WI

#123 Mar 18, 2010
I would like to find Mike and Diane and have them tell me what their observations were. From all of the articles and postings I have seen about Helen Pusser it appears to me she was a little on the edge. Helen went as far as to hire some goof from Wisconsin to investigate Buford's death. The crash appears to be simple: speed plus intoxication = crash.

I also find it a little odd that Deputy Punk's wife thinks Buford killed his wife. A veteran deputy is not going to make a claim of that nature without some idea of the truth. Years ago (1988) Jim Moffett's daughter was working for Adamsville at the Pusser home. Did her dad, the Chief Deputy, think the same?

I wonder what the law enforcement officers of Mc Nairy County think today about Pusser?

I have heard all of good about Pusser but until I read this forum I am starting to think someone did their work and I now have hundreds of questions.

Has anyone every spoken with Dwana in person? Something doesn't add up. As far as the step children didn't they talk to others as time went on? Didn't Pauline's family talk? Did Pauline have a sister?

Rogers, AR

#124 Mar 18, 2010
you need to visit a sight called crimemyths if you want some good info about buford.
Super T

Brownsville, TN

#125 Mar 20, 2010
mikeelam wrote:
Take about believing in conspiracy! If you had bother to do a little more checking you would know about McGann & Gagliardi and that Buford had nothing to do with what happened to them.
Tell me VC, what do all these people have to gain by telling the stories they do.., The state liners and the law enforcement people alike? How to they profit in their old age by insisting what they say is true? Just this last week I spoke with Former State medical examiner Doctor Jerry Francisco. I called him to learn what the protocol was back in 1967 to get a autopsy performed. I was wondering why one was not done on Pauline. He stated that the Local M.E. had to request one and the District Attorney General had to sign of on it. So why wasn't one done? You would think that they would want to dot all the i's and cross all the T's on the death of a sheriff's wife if he was going to claim it was a hit.
During out conversation I told Dr Francisco that Peatie Plunks wife had told me that Buford and Pauline were separated at the time of the ambush. Francisco was aware of this as TBI investigator Warren Jones was suspicious of the ambush and this was one of the reasons. Jones had Francisco examine the crime scene even though he did get to examine Pauline's body.
And by the way, I said no other McNairy County law officer was ever attacked the way Pusser was. You want to confuse the issue I guess by mentioning officer from other counties. OK, Cleaton Wilbanks of Alcorn County MS, was a sheriff who really did WALK TALL. He had problems with the state line bunch as well as the Eaton Bunch on the other side of his county. They were just as bad..., they didn't have a movie made about them though. His home was shot up. But again...who in McNairy County had problems other than Buford?
Well, do you think the body of Pauline could be examined today> if so what would it prove???

Jefferson City, MO

#126 Mar 20, 2010
That she died from a gunshot wound to the head. I read that it took the whole top of her head off. The funeral director had to make her a head out of plaster of paris to hold the wig on for the funeral. I honestly don't know what an autopsy would prove at this late date. It would'nt show how long she had been dead the night she was killed, etc.

Rogers, AR

#127 Mar 22, 2010
Well, we have been told that Pauline died of two gunshot wounds to the head, but stories persist that she also had a wound to her upper throat. Without an autopsy having been done we have no way of knowing if the stories about wound to her throat were true, and if they was true, the exact nature of the wound to her throat. Without an autopsy, we also have no record of the exact trajectories of the shots that allegedly killed her. Would those trajectories have match those of shots being shot from another car?

An autopsy might also tell us if the gunshot wounds to the head were meant to disguise that Pauline may have actually died from other causes.
Many have alleged that Pauline was dead before she arrived on New Hope Road and that the ambush was staged to make it appear that her death was the result of such a shooting.

Without an autopsy having been performed, who really knows what happened.

Ask yourself this also, why was an autopsy done on Louise Hathcock and not on Pauline Pusser?

Jefferson City, MO

#128 Apr 18, 2010
I have been following you all on "Crimemyths" also and have found this subject fascinating and also right on to my way of thinking. Anyway I was in Adamsville and Selmer, Tn last weekend and I talked to several people. You are right about most people not wanting to say anything bad about Buford, but you can see from their weary expressions that they probably get tired of answering questions. It is obvious that they don't want to lose what tourist trade that they get from the Pusser legend. But, I actually did engage a couple of people in conversation and from what the people who would talk to me said. Nobody actually liked Buford. They were afraid of him and thought him to be a bully.

Rogers, AR

#129 Apr 18, 2010
Anyway you look at it, Buford is a part of the history of McNairy County. With Adamsville having been his home it benefits from the "Walking Tall" movies as it does bring them some much needed tourism. I seriously doubt that many arrive in Adamsville to visit the Museum without leaving a few dollars at local restaurants , gas stations etc.

If there is a place in McNairy County that seems to support Buford's legend, its Adamsville. It seems to go downhill from there.

Having said this, I do support the idea of the museum and hope they keep it open. I visit there when I am close by.

Did you happen to make it over and visit Buford's office at the courthouse in Selmer?

Jefferson City, MO

#130 Apr 18, 2010
I just drove by the courthouse, but didn't go in. Why?

Odessa, MO

#131 Apr 24, 2010
I just read on "Crimemyths" that Diana is terminally ill. If this is true, someone needs to talk to her pronto so that she can clear the air. I would think that she would welcome the chance to tell her side of the story and I am very sure that she has one. She should contact Mike and talk to him ASAP. If it is true that she is terminal, she can now safely tell the truth without fear of recriminations or family outrage.

Odessa, MO

#132 Apr 25, 2010
Also, I forgot to mention that she just might owe it to her mother.
Road Runner

Leipsic, OH

#133 Apr 27, 2010
my thoughts wrote:
The real problems at the state line were at the White Iris and the Shamrock Motel and Restaurant. Towhead White and Louise Hathcock operated these establishments and there was a lot of activity there,
These are your remarks and they speak for themselves. He shut em down.
The IRS was shutting down the Shamrock, back taxes. Pusser had prior knowledge of this prior to going to the Shmarock when Hathcock was killed. Tishoming County Sheriff and the ATU agents arrested White for making moonshine, but the White Iris didn't close down. Jourdan's burnt down, Blue Tic's place is still open, Moore's place closed after Pusser was out of office, I could go on with other bar NOT closing during Pusser's era. The fact is the more bars?taverns open during Pusser's time as sheriff than any other sheriff. More bars, more money for Pusser, more stills, more money for Pusser, and more jobs. Win / Win for all.
Road Runner

Leipsic, OH

#134 Apr 27, 2010
Veteran Cop wrote:
WOW Mike, you give all new meaning to one of Bill O'Reilly's favorite sayings in reference to "KOOL AID DRINKERS"!!! lol, Keep drinking the kool aid Mike.
You know, I could take apart your posts and answer all your questions like I've been doing since I posted here but why? There's a saying in law enforcement with union lawyers and if you are indeed former LEO you would have heard it. If a cop has to be represented by a union attorney of an allegation/charge against him, the lawyer will always say make sure you are telling me the truth because I can defend the truth but I can't defend against a lie! So, in other words Mike, you will just keep making up the b.s. as you go along, it'll just go on forever and I've really got better things to do with my time than address your bullcrap. Mike, you will just keep rambl'n on and on with your sick obsession against Sheriff Pusser as you keep sipping the kool aid and making the most ridiculous and outrageous allegations which you offer no definitive proof of nor does anyone of substance stick their neck out for you and come forward. The Pusser story that you deal out and try to sell will never come to be simply because it's a figment of your imagination. You make Oliver Stone and his JFK movie look historically accurate, lol. You should have been a writer for Rod Serling's 'Twilight Zone' series.
This is not to mention that you take the alleged statements of people that are either the low life degenerates that Sheriff Pusser fought against or the next generations of their lineage.
Give it a rest Mike, you're beating a dead horse. No one is really 'listening' anymore. Your statemnets and allegations are so far out on the fringe, the absurd, that you have lost all credibility with just about everyone except for your fellow kool aid drinkers. Mike, I'm done here, bottoms up! lol. Take care & be safe, VC
Who shot Chief Murphy then ?
Mcnairy Co Born Raised

Humboldt, TN

#135 Apr 27, 2010
And by the way, I said no other McNairy County law officer was ever attacked the way Pusser was. You want to confuse the issue I guess by mentioning officer from other counties.(Mike)
Frank Crocker,Chief of Police Selmer Tn was gunned down while standing inside a auto dealership in Selmer..No one was ever charged.
Mike i find most your posts pretty much spot on.Veteran Cop you are so far off on Pusser that you stick out like a sore thumb to any person from McNairy County Tn. Stick with the Boston Strangler.
Was Art Murphy Shot?????

Odessa, MO

#136 Apr 27, 2010
WOW! Did VC ever tell you off. But, it is obvious that he has never been to Adamsville or Selmer or anywhere in McNairy County and talked to the people who knew Buford (or even to people who didn't) that he wasn't well thought of or trusted very much. Do you suppose that VC is really a veteran cop or a member of the Pusser family? Oh! I know, he is Charlie incognito.
Road Runner

Leipsic, OH

#137 Apr 28, 2010
Lets clear this up. Was Chief Art Murphy shot by McDaniels or not. Barbara Bivins told he that he was shot by McDaniels, but didn't think it happened the way McDaniels and Inman told it. McDaniels left the Cornith PD shortly after the shooting and started a life on the either side. Inman retired from the CPD. I did not confirm all this, just what Barbara told me.
Road Runner

Leipsic, OH

#138 Apr 28, 2010
Chief Frank Crocker was shot and killed Nov 3, 1933 at Dave Robinson's Garage, who was also wounded. Crocker was out on bond and waiting grand jury action for the shooting death of Frank King, 2 weeks prior. Crocker shot and killed King during an argument over arresting King's son. Crocker claimed self-defense. Deputy E.F. Maxedon thought the cases were related. Crocker and Robinson were seating in the garage when a vehicle pulled up and fired a shotgun (1 shot) into the garage hitting both.

Humboldt, TN

#139 Apr 28, 2010
David Robinson's is now mayor of selmer tn.

Road Runner are you a Mcnairy co native?
Road Runner

Leipsic, OH

#140 Apr 28, 2010
No, but it feels like I am LOL. I have traveled to McNairy/Alcorn Counties/Memphis/Dectuar,Alaba ma the last 20 years, mostly McNairy

Humboldt, TN

#141 Apr 28, 2010
No, but it feels like I am LOL. I have traveled to McNairy/Alcorn Counties/Memphis/Dectuar,Alaba ma the last 20 years, mostly McNairy.

10-4 Your awnser about Crocker was so on target i thought you had relatives or was from mcnairy.What brought you to travel to N/Ms.West Tn?

You mention Bivins, Tommy was and is a friend of mine.Tommy was a pipeliner heavy equip operator mostly ditching machine.Tommy was a great guy,but his temper,inter thoughts could change in a second.

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