rose creek village

Humboldt, TN

#977 Apr 21, 2012
How is it so easy to see what is going on on the outside your life than the inside of our life?
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Mesa, AZ

#979 Apr 23, 2012
We cannot judge completely a person or a group...only God can see a person's heart.

But we can look at the "fruit" of a ministry.

RCV has done some good, and some "bad."/sinful stuff.

IF a christian group leaves you feeling rejected, condemned, abandoned, disillusioned, confused....well, this is not a sign of bearing "good fruit."

It is so sad. I think RCV has some great people and I think they have great potential. But they have such attitude and such stubbornness and their leaders like Noah Taylor are so slow to listen to what God is trying to tell them.

God help us all.

Millington, TN

#980 Apr 23, 2012
Beth you get back in this area,you should contact ca96ms. They appear to be quiet a leader.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Mesa, AZ

#981 Apr 23, 2012
no thanks, I've got the best spiritual leader already: Phil Grieves. Him and God is all I need.
Phil really loves me and is not out to just control me.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#982 Apr 24, 2012
Why does God allow suffering?

Why is God's church so "weak", "unloving", etc.?

Anyone have a good answer for these questions?
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#983 Apr 27, 2012
Well...who am I to question God?

God is God, I am not.

Of course I won't understand a ton of things that happen on this earth....I just have to trust God to be God and accept things as they are and look forward to heaven where I will know much more than I know now.

As for the church...well the things of God are not the ways of man, and "the church" is selfish and does not love God very much, thus leaving few examples for young christians to follow.

We live in wicked, evil times but we are all so used to the wickedness and evil that we can barely recognize it and we certainly ignore it in ourselves.

God help us all.

I am sorry for my sins and I wish to love God more.

Praise be to the great and mighty God.
please let it go

Stratford, CT

#984 Apr 30, 2012
beth please for the love of God/let go of rose creek.There is freedom in letting things go.Love holds no records of wrongs.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Mesa, AZ

#985 Apr 30, 2012
I keep thinking of them. I think I really deeply loved them and still do love them.

I was reading their blogs on their website and it seems like God has been dealing with them strongly.

Noah's blog sounded so vulnerable and human....there is such "good" doctrine on their website.

But then you think of the harsh ways that people have been handled and it doesn't seem to add up with what you read about God's love, etc.

God is dealing with me. I am with God.

I think I have forgiven them for the most part.

I love them and wish for them to change and repent.

I see a great ministry there if they can root out some fatal flaws.

Some of my writings are God for them I think...some of them just plain ol blogging out of loneliness and boredom and some of my writings are me trying to work out my own insanity.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

God bless you.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Mesa, AZ

#986 Apr 30, 2012
by Neil Anderson

April 30


Matthew 18:35 NIV
Forgive your brother from your heart

Forgiveness is agreeing to live with the consequences of another person's sin. Forgiveness is costly; we pay the price of the evil we forgive. Yet you're going to live with those consequences whether you want to or not; your only choice is whether you will do so in the bondage of bitterness or the freedom of forgiveness. That's how Jesus forgave you--He took the consequences of your sin upon Himself. All true forgiveness is substitutional, because no one really forgives without bearing the penalty of the other person's sin.

Why then do we forgive? Because Christ forgave us. God the Father "made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him" (2 Corinthians 5:21). Where is the justice? The cross makes forgiveness legally and morally right: "For the death that He died, He died to sin, once for all" (Romans 6:10).

How do you forgive from the heart? First, you acknowledge the hurt and the hate. If your forgiveness doesn't visit the emotional core of your past, it will be incomplete. This is the great evangelical cover-up. Christians feel the pain of interpersonal offenses, but we won't acknowledge it. Let God bring the pain to the surface so He can deal with it. This is where the healing takes place.

Ask God to bring to your mind those you need to forgive. Make a list of all those who have offended you. Since God has forgiven them by His grace, you can forgive them too. For each person on your list, say: "Lord, I forgive (name) for (offenses)." Keep praying about each individual until you are sure that all the remembered pain has been dealt with. Don't try to rationalize or explain the offender's behavior. Forgiveness deals with your pain, not another's behavior. Remember: Positive feelings will follow in time; freeing yourself from the past is the critical issue.

Prayer: Lord, I desire to be free from the hurt and the hate of offenses in my past. Today I move beyond desiring to forgive and asking Your help to forgive. Lord, I forgive _________ for __________

Thank you for using the Daily in Christ devotionals brought to you through Crosswalk by Freedom in Christ Ministries (FICM). We are a faith-based, donor-supported ministry. If you have been touched by these devotionals, and would like to make a monthly pledge or a special gift of any amount, please use the link below to give as the Lord leads. Thank you so much!
Click here to be directed to our secure donation page at Freedom in Christ

Click here to purchase your own copy of this devotional!
jean baptise

Crawfordville, FL

#988 Jul 11, 2012
I visited rose creek village. First thing I would like to say the people know how to roast a damn good piggy (NOT)!!!
Secondly they told me I couldn't wear any deodorant or have any condemns on the the property!!!
Upon arrival the leader "NOAH" David Taylor, asked to frisk me and my wife we both felt very uncomfortable and he seemed to really enjoy doing it,"if you know what I mean"!!! I will leave it to you to decide whether or not you like it! Good Luck just know there are some nice people there, but NOAH is not one of them!
One thing I thought to be odd is all the children must be fully covered while swimming and they said that me having my shirt off made them feel very uncomfortable, geezzz do they want me to drowned!!!! To each his own!
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Mesa, AZ

#989 Jul 11, 2012
Hi Jean:

Have you ever been asked: If you died tonight are you 100 percent sure you would go to heaven?

Has anyone ever shared with you the message of salvation: that you (we all) are sinners...that Jesus came to die for our sins and have you asked him to be your Lord and Saviour?

Then have you ever listened to someone like Dr. Charles Stanley on ? He has a good foundation, good teaching....based on the Bible.

God is Love and He is also Just. IF you sincerely seek God, the Holy Spirit will help you find HIm and learn about His ways, desires for your life.

God loves YOU. If a group of christians does not have "God's love" then it does not matter what they teach.

I hope you will keep on seeking and find a good Bible believing church. Charles Stanley has a teaching on what to look for in a church or group of christians.

I wish the best for RCV but they do not walk much in God's love in my opinion and suffer from unforgiveness and a lack of God's love.

I do love Noah and have forgiven him and ask his forgiveness of me, but I think he has some serious issues to deal with before he can be a really effective leader for God.

Like I've said before I think Noah is more concerned with controlling others then he is really discipling and loving people in Christ.

He needs much more Agape love, meekness, patience, longsuffering and forgiveness to really be able to lead people closer to Christ.

God can use anyone and He has used Noah, but Noah really has a dangerous edge to him.

Steer clear, but don't give up. God loves you.

Peace and Love to you,
concerned neighbor

Tallahassee, FL

#991 Nov 20, 2012
has there been any reports of sexual abuse within the village? please help i need to know.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Glendale, AZ

#993 Nov 20, 2012
One member was found out in ?2006 when we were there of doing something sexually inappropriate with a school-aged girl....his stepdaughter...

when the village leaders found out they immediately took the man to the police in the middle of the night.

They seem to adhere to the Bible when it comes to sex and are not wild like some folks might imagine.

Hope that helps....
bethanygrievesat gmailcom

Tulsa, OK

#994 Mar 19, 2013
Hi there....been over a year since I've written on Selmer Topix.
I have finally gotten over Rose Creek Village.
I am getting help from Celebrate Recovery...a christian 12 step program for issues of all kinds...
I've been delivered of sex addiction/lust totally...been sober for a few years now and have a counselor from our church that is helping me a lot....I'm working on anger, hurt, rejection, low self worth.....I'll be in Celebrate Recovery for the rest of my life!
It is a successful program all over the world.
God is not done with me yet and neither is He done with Rose Creek Village. I am sorry for any hurtful writings written in anger against RCV and ask forgiveness from any RCVers that I may have hurt.
God loves us all.

Phoenix, AZ

#995 Mar 22, 2013
praise the lord sugar...i love you ...your the best wife anyone ever had....

Tucker, GA

#996 Mar 24, 2013
That place would make a sane person crazy in a heartbeat! Stay away!
jennifer joy

Lexington, TN

#997 Apr 7, 2013
jean baptise wrote:
I visited rose creek village. First thing I would like to say the people know how to roast a damn good piggy (NOT)!!!
Secondly they told me I couldn't wear any deodorant or have any condemns on the the property!!!
Upon arrival the leader "NOAH" David Taylor, asked to frisk me and my wife we both felt very uncomfortable and he seemed to really enjoy doing it,"if you know what I mean"!!! I will leave it to you to decide whether or not you like it! Good Luck just know there are some nice people there, but NOAH is not one of them!
One thing I thought to be odd is all the children must be fully covered while swimming and they said that me having my shirt off made them feel very uncomfortable, geezzz do they want me to drowned!!!! To each his own!
I lived in Rose Creek Village for 8 years. I only left because I had brain surgery for a tumor in 2011 and, over time, I became less and less able to cope with being with large groups of people and combined households.

I left on good terms and still have many, many friends at RCV.

I actually had one of those sudden bursts of LOL'ing at the screen when I read this post because it is patently false. Everyone at RCV wears deodorant and no one has ever been told not to. We did not "frisk" people (probably to our own detriment sometimes!). And not that it's really anyone's business, but many families in the village use condoms as birth control. I've been with married ladies when they purchased them (I accidentally saw the boxes upon checkout; that would've been kept private normally).

We actually were pretty careful about swimming clothes. Part of RCV's culture as a Christian group is to protect each other from exposeure to things that would lead a young or single person's thoughts astray and possibly lead to sexual impurity. THIS IS SIMPLY MODESTY. Honestly, what is the point of not exposing your breasts or chest or butt or whatever, then wearing a swimsuit that shows everything when you swim in mixed company? And why should dressing modestly be only for the girls/women? That's backward thinking for sure.

This post was absurd and patently false, and like I said, amusing.
jennifer joy

Lexington, TN

#998 Apr 7, 2013
The main reason I got on this forum to begin with was to say some honest things about the Village. I never felt free to before because as a member, I would've been making it my place to speak for RCV, and I also felt that we had a sort of common idea that a heated discussion would only make the haters more active in their defamation of RCV.

All that said, I feel free to say what I like now because I am on my own now.

I moved away from Selmer in November of last year. RCV members helped me move, put my furniture together, and continue to be my friends and come see me when they can.

I left because I have an MTBI, a brain injury, from brain surgery i went through for cancer in 2011. I wasn't able to tolerate the gatherings (church), meetings, or sometimes just coming out of my room. this took away a lot of why I was there at all, and I felt guilty because I couldn't be as involved or help as much (RCV didn't make me feel guilty; guilt and I go waaay back, LOL).

I was taken care of physically and financially at RCV. I couldn't have lived in a better place to get so sick, and I'm grateful for all of the support. There are evryday things I will not continue now I'm on my own, but that's precisely because I'm on my own... I won't clean my bathroom every day or every other day because there are not 4 or 5 people using it. I will cook and eat what I want, when I want (and not when I don't) because there are not hungry people waiting to eat when it's my turn to cook (I believe this would be best described as TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER). I will keep my cat inside my house. BUT these are not freedoms I was denied at RCV; they are things I did or did not do because I was considerate of my housemates and their needs, or because we have to keep things on track when we live in large households, and busy people usually need a schedule of some sort to coexist.

The people of RCV are just trying to do the best they can to live Godly lives. They have taken the story of the original Christian church in Acts to heart and feel led to share life. We did not ever in my 8 years of being there believe we were the only true church, the only true Christians, or the only ones going to heaven. I learned more about myself and the meaning of life at RCV than i have in the rest of my years combined.

Did I agree with every single way of doing things or every rule in place at RCV? Not necessarily, BUT I feel free to say so, and I always felt free to discuss my disagreement with anything that happened while living there. I never felt I would be ejected for disagreement with an elder or leader. I felt listened to, heard, and like my friends (including leaders) were interested in going the distance with me, in looking at what I was saying, and even in backing up if necessary.

One last thing: you would very likely be amazed at how many of the individual users posting on this forum are the same two or three people. Every one of them has a story I could tell, but I'm not interested in smearing the unfortunate; I just wanted to relate my experiences there because everything I've read here is so negative. You have to remember that complaints are always going to comprise the better part of what is found on any forum like this... People with good experiences who have other things to do won't really go looking for a place to vent.

Love to you all in Christ.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#999 Apr 8, 2013
Thanks for sharing, Jennifer Joy.

There is nothing wrong with bringing things to light and discussing things.....

to ignore issues that are real is not in the Bible...

the more humble, courageous thing is for all of us to look at what God wants to deal with as HE leads us.

Thank the Lord that He is ever working in everyone of us everyday to work out His Salvation in us.

None of us will get to heaven on our own.

Apologies for anything hateful I have written, no apologies for being totally honest and bringing to light some issues that need to be painfully and honestly looked at.

True, I do have some respect for RCV for a lot of the good I see. True, I do have some disrespect for the hurtful and hateful things I see there and for what I know they have done ungodly to others...with never any attempt to make amends or ask forgiveness.

But I know that this is why RCV has had limited success.

I think RCV could be oh, so great....and much bigger and more powerful....if some critical issues were looked at honestly.

But taking that first step out of denial...well, that is a big and sometimes painful step.

God help us all....

Big Mouth Beth :)

Humboldt, TN

#1000 Apr 8, 2013
How i would love to have sex with you again,our hot bodies together side by side,you on top of me, i can never forget you Beth. Please always remember me.

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