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Tempe, AZ

#21 May 1, 2012
All of the above was

Condensed by Bill Jackson
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Tempe, AZ

#22 May 1, 2012
Once again I would like to emphasize in my writings and constructive criticism of RCV that I myself am a growing christian and I have many problems myself.

I am working on learning more about how to have friends and good solid christian friends and relationships.

I have a whole list of things I am working on.

RCV certainly has their strengths and some things I definitely admire about them.

It is my humble and passionate opinion that if this group could rid themselves of some harmful practices and learn more about how to deal with people in the context of Gods love and forgiveness and GODS governance and not their own over control...

That they could be perhaps one of the most effective, far reaching ministries around.

So I do love them and wish the best for them and I am deeply sorry that we were not able to join with them in christ.

I feel deep sorrow for both them and also for the christians they have hurt.

I pray for repentance and healing on all sides and a great and mighty show of the power of God to heal and restore not only Noah and Haviylah Taylor and RCV but also those whose lives they have affected in a negative, ungodly, hurtful way.

All I can do is blog out of my freedom of is up to RCV and God to do the rest.

bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Tempe, AZ

#23 May 1, 2012
I don't think I agree totally with this article...

in fact, I repent of calling Noah David Taylor the "persecutor father"...isn't that name calling and labeling as well?

I understand some of this writing and think some of it does apply to RCV...

but I think I would rather say that RCV and Noah David Taylor suffers from a lack of revelation and understanding of God's love and forgiveness...both toward themselves and others.

I always go back to God's love...the Bible states clearly that you can have a million works but not have Gods' Love in it all and you have absolutely wasted your time.

In fact it states it stronger than that: It says you can GIVE YOUR BODY TO BE BURNED and not have God's LOVE and it means nothing.

So it all goes back to people loving one another and I think respect is a part of love.

Simply controlling people through shame or guilt or condemnation or humiliation or rejection is not God's Love.

God's Love respects others enough to allow them freedom in their relationship to God and others.

Over controlling people is not loving.

I don't want to name call or label anybody.

Hopefully it is all about walking in a deeper level of God's love and forgiveness.

Well, I've analyzed this thing to more time!

Peace and Love to everyone! including the infamous Noah David Taylor and Rose Creek Village.

May God speak to us all soon.

RCV can excommunicate all they want heaven we will all be together the Spirit of God we are all together.

I often feel like I am spiritually at RCV. They can kick my body out but they can't limit my freedom of speech and they cannot kick my spirit out.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Tempe, AZ

#24 May 2, 2012
I don't know. This article stimulates THOUGHT and I think that is good...but it seems that INTELLECTUALISM is in itself rather harsh and cold.

So if something is not said in the context of GOD'S LOVE then it is meaningless to begin with.

So in this honest and open hearted analogy of RCV let me try to make a list of their good points:

1) I like the way the women are allowed and encouraged to stay home. Even the single women. The men support them financially and really this is no small thing these days. So many families today feel the need to put momma out there in a the high-pressure world to increase the amount of money they make.

On the other hand, in the spiritual realm I don't think women should be excluded from being "spiritual leaders". I think some women at RCV are informal "spiritual leaders" but they are not given a formal title or a formal position in leadership and I think this bothers me some.

Seems a little sexist. I mean at Reba Place Fellowship when "the leaders" meet with a woman...they always include a "female leader" in this meeting.

I think this would help RCV in that females bring something different to the table naturally can be very competitive and aggressive with one another....prone to fighting.

And often women such as myself may feel threatened when approached by a group of men....I think having just one woman in the group makes me feel immediately a little bit more at ease. I guess it all goes back to the "God's Love" thing.

We live in such a high-pressure world. It seems you must have the ultimate in courage to resist it.

For nine year old son is struggling with schoolwork right now. I feel so pressured to keep up with the school system. Yet part of me...the plain ol' common sense side of me says: just be patient, he will catch up in his own time. He is bright, just needs a little more time...developmental delay, so to speak.

So do I go out and get expensive academic testing or do I trust God and myself and perhaps keep homeschooling even though it is a very difficult task....especially since my mother may also need my care next year.

With my depression comes the struggle to function at a high level. My antidepressant makes me sleepy and I get tired easily. I need God to heal my mental and emotional health so I can withstand more stess.

Intellectualism, Education as "God": I think I've tried this route since I have two bachelor's degrees....and it is a very weak and crazy God to follow.

Without God's wisdom and love all the education in the world won't bring you peace and clarity and God's love.

Anyway....God loves us all. The challenge is to love and respect one another in God and to get back to the basics.

If I stick to the basics of God's truths and keep trying to live for God....quit worrying about living up to or keeping up with the world or even some high goal in some ministry...I will be ok.

I will grow stronger and more loving. But I have to make the choice to keep my life simple and give myself time to heal and time to love others and time to spend in prayer and Bible study.

In my humble opinion RCV is the same way. If they get back to the basics and quit worrying about some high pie in the sky vision or "ministry goals" then they will be ok.

If they could only repent and learn to love themselves more and love others the way God wants them to....they can come out of all this victorious in God.

But what would this take? Maybe Noah stepping down for a while? taking time to talk to everyone...even people who have left? asking forgiveness and trying to make some kind of amends?

Even though Chashaq/Brent has not continued any kind of friendship or communication or discussion or is important to me that he did ask for my forgiveness.

We all need forgiveness for we all have failed.

Some of need a little space. Not everyone can live in a house full of people and be OK.


Huntsville, AL

#25 May 2, 2012
Very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing. Keeping you in my prayers.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Tempe, AZ

#26 May 2, 2012
Thank you Christian. I'm just a sinner saved by grace trying to figure things out.

RCV helped me overcome an addiction and now I'm trying to help them overcome some of their bondage.

Don't always feel good when people tell you the truth, but it is good medicine.

We live in some tough times...the last days, you know.

We have to get solid with God and not worry too much about what other people say or do...not even other christians.

Christians can be so hurtful to one another. It is embarassing.

Peace and Love to you
yes sugar

Scottsdale, AZ

#27 May 2, 2012
Yes it is true....ideas and intellect is nothing..unless it based in love...and love brings peace....good good words sugar....

praise the lord for such a wonderful wife!!!
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#28 May 4, 2012
I heard a preacher say that God does not say to us "you haved sinned one more time! I'm done with you now! To hell with you! I will give you no more chances!

Instead the Holy Spirit says "hhmmmm,(soft voice) kinda messed up about we try doing that a little different next time?

Gentleness, Love, Teaching.

You readin' any of this Noah David Taylor or are you busy cuttin of some other decade-long weary RCV sinner?

Truth again.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#29 May 4, 2012
How can we ask God to have MERCY on us when we have not shown MERCY to others?

How can we ask God to deal GENTLY with US when we have not been GENTLE with others?

How can we ask God to FORGIVE us when we have not forgiven others?

How can we ask God to work things out with US and teach us when we have not had the patience and love to work things out with others and teach others?

Good, GOOD, questions.

Once again...the Bible very clearly states that if we want God to forgive US, we must forgive other's sins against US.

Yes, we are beloved and special to God but so are other people and other christians. If we hurt other christians do you not think that God will not see it?

I am sorry for any fellow christian that I have hurt.
If I have said any unChristlike thing to hurt anyone that I ask humbly for forgiveness of my sharp tongue.
If I have said something enlightening from God's Word or under the Spirit of God, then let it stand.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#30 May 6, 2012
Gees....I had very vivid dreams last night of Rose Creek Village and about nursing. The only thing I can conclude is that these two things have both stressed me out to the point of being traumatized and it is like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In my dream about RCV I was trying hard to get love and acceptance but I felt on the "outside" and I was stumbling around with my speech and I felt humiliated and judged.
In the nursing dream I was trying to take care of a sick baby and her mother and I was exhausted and confused and stressed out.

I remember feeling very anxious.

Maybe now that I am not working outside the home I can relax and deal with some of these emotions pent up inside my soul.

Praise God I know He will heal me eventually and my mental health will get better eventually, but it is a process.

Peace Out.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Peoria, AZ

#31 May 7, 2012
Shucks....nobody wants to write me back?

Oh well....

Had a great day, did some of these days with God's help I will become Susie Homemaker! Miracles still happen!

Does anyone know are Donna and Ed still at RCV?
I don't see any recent blogs of theirs on the RCV website. If they have left the village, I would like to email them.

If anyone knows of their whereabouts, I would appreciate it if you would give them my email and ask them to contact me at:

Love and Peace and Good Night
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Peoria, AZ

#32 May 8, 2012
Been trying to "socialize" lately and I am reminded of why I never tried much to socialize:

....not much time, needed to work for money; people are extremely difficult and relationships get very hard, very fast.

No wonder I developed into a sex addict...wanting intimacy but feeling rather hopeless about finding "good" relationships!!

How do you get good, godly friends? Oh, it seems very hard.

I will cling to my husband and keep looking for that ONE or TWO godly friends....maybe I will take some seminary classes just to find some folks that enjoy discussing Gods Word.

I think I will take a seminary class by next Fall. Just 30 bucks or less at "The Vineyard" Church.

Seems not very many people want to talk about God and have Bible study....

thus, God says in frustration: where are the righteous.?
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Peoria, AZ

#33 May 8, 2012
It does seem hard to have friendships...either people are distant and uncaring or they are wanting a lot of attention and don't know where to draw the appropriate boundaries.

Well lately I have befriended a woman who is very enmeshed with her 40 something year old alcoholic son...and she is wanting me to "intervene", etc.

That is an enabler wanting another friend to be an enabler and I had to tell her today that I am not wanting to be a part of an alcoholic's tornado.

This is Al Anon stuff.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Peoria, AZ

#34 May 8, 2012
This is why I'm having a hard time getting over RCV. They seemed so good in so many ways and I loved them and I'm sure to some degree they loved me. But in the end it seemed much more about CONTROL than God's love.

I just did not feel loved or secure nor like "the leaders" really cared or wanted to work things out.

But now me and my husband have not found another vision, another group of christians to be with. So it is lonely and part of me wonders exactly what God wants.

I guess we will keep pressing on and try to go to a church at the new house we have bought and keep trying. Right now if I get just TWO close christian friends I will be happy.

We live in the end times. We have to be able to stand alone with just God to a large degree because other people just won't be there for us.

bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Scottsdale, AZ

#35 May 10, 2012
May 10


Luke 11:17
A house divided against itself falls

Satan's strategy is to use a problem situation to put you and your spouse at odds with each other. Jesus said, "A house divided against itself falls" (Luke 11:17). Many times I have said to parents, "Don't let this pull you apart." Inevitably they glance at each other, because that's precisely what's been going on.

"If you would have been more firm with our child, this wouldn't have happened," one blames.

"It's because you didn't set the standards by having family devotions every night," the other retorts.

Or if they did have devotions, "You just read to the children, you never communicate with them!"

"If you were home more often, I'd have more time to communicate with them!"

There may be a grain of truth in every statement above. But it's history, and tearing each other down will only make the problem worse. You must be united in order to survive the crisis. Character-bashing is from the pit.

Many parents are intimidated by a child's threats or find it easier to give in to a temper tantrum than not to. But you cannot let a rebellious child rule the home. It takes an iron will and the grace of God to stand your ground and not let your child control you. Sad are the children whose parents let them rule the roost. Even sadder are the children whose parents rule without love. If you manage to control through loveless intimidation and force, your child will be emotionally crippled. Rules without a relationship lead to rebellion.

Any crisis in the home can make or break you. You can choose to grow through the crisis and become a better person than you were before. Romans 5:3, 4, encourages, "We also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope."

Prayer: Lord, I refuse Satan's strategy to divide our home by quenching our love or overemphasizing rules. Help me do my part to keep our home united in You.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Tempe, AZ

#36 May 15, 2012
Gee Whiz...tried to be "social" and one new "friend" yelled out very loud at a soup kitchen meal last week that I was a "MURDERER" when my son said we had eaten one of our rabbits!!

I tried to be as nice as possible without losing my temper, but I told her she was an "accessory to murder" as she had just eaten a large serving of HAM which I reminded her ...came from a pig.

I made some sort of a pelt from the rabbit skin and it is very pretty and fluffy. I think you honor the animal if you use as much of the animal as possible.

I'm a survivalist. I wish to learn survival skills and how to hunt, trap and fish.

Another new "friend" this morning showed me a quote from ?John Adams that basicly said that democracy always collapsed.

I think our government is failing and will continue to fail.

With that thought in mind, I thought....maybe I should have stayed at Rose creek village! They are not a democracy. But I did the best I could and they simply would not meet me in the middle. They did not care to work things out. With me or upteen people they have excommunicated.

Not much to discuss there. They do not "forgive" or "work with people".

Anyway....I would like to live out in the woods of maybe Missouri and learn survival more simply....kinda like the Amish but not the same belief system.

But have to pay off some bills and have some source of income to do that. Not so easy, really to live off grid.

If you are debt free and have some sort of cash flow it would probably work.

But also I have my mother to look after.

Maybe in 3 or 4 years my dream will come true. Horse and buggy, lots of gardening, fishing, hunting, wood stove, maybe a well for water or maybe haul in water.

LOL...what a daydream. Better go to the gym so I will be fit and healthy when my dream comes true.

Until then, press on with what God has given me.

bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#37 May 19, 2012
I praise God for all His Goodness and Mercy and Love.

I really feel that just staying at home and being "Mom" and wife and daughter is the fastest way for me to grow more healthy mentally, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

I feel that I am growing closer to my sons as I relax and have more time with them. My self esteem and self image is slowly rebuilding as I attempt to socialize some and attend even a few "church" meetings.

I've had a bit of split personality...very sweet, loving, caring, compassionate....then very angry, enraged at times, lonely, depressed.

I feel confident as I continue to live a simple but Godly life that my personality will continue to heal and to become more consistent and more healthy and in line with who I really want to be.

I don't have to be angry. I don't have to be super achiever. I don't have to worry about what other people think about me excessively. With God's love I can forgive and learn more and more to grow out of my deep rooted "rejection" complex.

I can slowly grow in social skills and slowly develop more understanding of what "healthy" friendships are and what "healthy boundaries" are.

I am OK. God loves me. I can forgive others and forgive myself and let go of past hurts and heal through the power of God and move forward.

I can depend on my husband and on God to provide for our family and I can become the best mom and wife and daughter that I can be.

We don't need a lot of money or things to be happy.

I can be happy right where I am with just what I have.

Praise God for his strength and goodness.

God is a great, powerful and merciful God and He is still Alive.

Peace and Love to everyone.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Peoria, AZ

#38 May 25, 2012
Hello again RCV...yes, I am thinking about you all again.

I don't want to take a hard, hateful line against you guys.

Obviously you are having problems and the way you have gone is not totally being blessed by God, correct?

Why not be open to talking to people...such as the people who have been excommunicated?

I know some very good people...Brent and Amy, Greg and Renee, Kelly and Margie, Vinny, folks in Rhode Island, etc.

Why not be open to some discussion? Why not visit Reba Place Fellowship...they have been through something similar as you and have had lengthy discussions and have regrouped into a much less controlling organization.

I mean...what have you to fear? God is with you and all the above people....we all have a sin nature and our flesh and even Satan to contend with....but I believe many who have left you do love God....and do love you, too.

Why be afraid? We all need help.

Why be afraid of someone like me? I have admitted to having problems and have received deliverance and am open to continuing to learn and grow in God....

Why do you just excommunicate so many people instead of trying to communicate and talk and work something out?

What do you have to fear?

Obviously just kicking tons of people out has not been the answer.

Look I respect you and love you...I do hate some of the ways you have had, but overall I do love you.

I love myself and hate some of my past failings....but I have to grasp the fact that Jesus loves us sinners saved by grace.

I think that is the key to this whole thing...we have to learn to embrace God's love for US and also for others in order to make this thing work.

I think Noah has a lot of truth and RCV has some wonderful strengths...I really want the village to succeed and be all that God wants it to be.

But please fight the "us against them" mentality and grow in God's love for you....which I think will make you more secure in admitting your failiings or weaknesses and giving you the strength to be humble and reach out for the help you need....

and try to grasp God's love for others more than you ever will help you let go of anger and bitterness and help you deepen your understanding and help you walk in forgiveness.

Come yourselves more and others more....

grow out of this phase you have been in.....

learn from others like Reba Place Fellowship.....

suffering and pain is often just a catalyst for deliverance and change.

Peace and Love, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness to you all today and know that I am humbly here with all my strengths and for you still.
I do love you all still and continue to humbly repent of any sins I have committed against you and I do humbly ask your forgiveness again.

We are all sinners saved by grace.

Let us all drop legalism and religion and strive to love one another the way God wants us to love one another.

I love you Noah, Brent, Havilah, Shammah, Nacham, Greg...Zebbie...all the children and teens and young adults also affected.

Why not start with a forgiveness fest and/or invitations for excommunicatees to come and visit...with gentle but yet candid talks about some issues?

How about some visits/ talks with Reba Place Fellowship? They do reach out to christian communities in efforts to help them.

Reba is not perfect...I know that from personal experience but they have changed and come to accept a wide range of people and they have grown out of being over controlling in a lot of ways....

They have learned to minister to the mentally ill, etc.
They have survived decades and still have some long term members of community that have stayed together over the years.

We can all help each other.

This excommunication is unChristlike and cultlike and you need to grow out of a lot of your ways of dealing with people.

Come on, take the next can do it.

Gods love and peace to you once again....
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Chandler, AZ

#39 Jun 18, 2012
Of course I still continue to think about Rose Creek Village. I am happy that Brent Denson managed to ask my forgiveness.
Even though he doesn't seem to want to have any real meaningful friendship, at least he did that. It does help me some.

Who is really some super christian? I've decided super "executive" christian "leaders" who rush around in some highly driven state and can barely look you in the eye because of their enormously important mission from God.

Well pooplah on that.....

I've decided these overly driven christians who can't even hold a decent conversation with their "followers" or whoever because they are so so busy with their super duper mission from God.....

no time to go back and try to nurse the people they have run over in the name of God...

well they are just on some kind of emotionally charged religious drug.....religion can be an addiction....something that drives people....

if you can't take time to love people because you are so driven by your super spiritual mission....then perhaps you should reevaluate your christian faith and see if it is just some fake, hyped up religious addiction.


I'm not super spiritual and I don't know anyone who really is....well, the closest person I know of who is super spiritual is my husband (I think he'd have to be to put up with me! LOL)....

Oh God help us all.....

Peace and Love everyone...the only rest and peace in this world comes from God.
bethanygrievesat gmaildotc

Phoenix, AZ

#40 Jun 19, 2012
Well....praise the Lord.

I don't feel depressed at this prozac and the spirit of God must be helping me.

God is good.

My mother in law told me today that she saw a lot of progress in me....that I had "gotten better"...matured...
she said she used to say something to me or offer me her opinion and I would get angry and I listen calmly.

well, praise the lord...I can't see that I've made much progress at all...but I'm glad that maybe I have made some progress.
I have been trying to live a righteous life to the best of my ability since we went to RCV in ?2006.
Just because they rejected and abandoned me didn't mean that God rejected me and I did not reject God just because I felt forced to leave RCV.

In fact...I feel the Spirit of God telling me I can do just as well in God OUTSIDE of RCV as inside RCV.

I am no BETTER and no WORSE than anyone at RCV and anyone at RCV is no BETTER or WORSE than me. We are all sinners saved by grace and that is it. I don't think too many people are that much more mature than anyone else either......just perhaps they are experiencing a strong time in their life....

or maybe not in the midst of trials.

We all become weak and strong at different times in our life.

So to heck with some big spiritual hierarchy where man tries to judge who is "more mature" spiritually than someone else.

Peace and Love to everyone...God has great grace and mercy on us all or we all would be dead.

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