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New Harbours Resident

Rochester, NY

#21 Aug 17, 2011
This is all ridiculous... had I know about all this squabbling and the intrusion and control of the board of directors I would not have purchased here. Good luck selling he units the board members own and trying to sell.
Crying Roy

Madisonville, KY

#22 Dec 4, 2011
Yes President Kevin Zipperle there are some disgruntled Homeowners and Residents here, and they was not here until you became President. But rest assure...theirs no felons and no Homeowner putting sugar in any ones gas tank.
Are you High, Power Hungry or just Stupid or all of the above?
Don't worry, if you ask me who posted this, I will tell it to your face.
This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows of this man, considering the disturbing new allegations that are just now coming to light against Mr. Zipperle, especially when you consider prior allegations made against his father.

What a sad, sad life he must lead, with his wife and the rest of his putrid looking family. Any man who jokes about pedophilia on a public internet forum by using a picture of someone else's child to do so-- something that each and every one of his residents and anyone else that he works with within his community need to be made well aware of-- has to be hiding something. There's something there. I urge you and all of his other residents (past and present) to question him, his family, any friends (or former friends who he has had a falling out with who would likely be more willing to spill the beans), and anyone else that knows anything about Mr. Zipperle and get to the bottom of it, for the potential safety of your community.

I would not be surprised to learn that Mr. Zipperle is on the board of some type of "charitable" organization for underprivileged children. Not trying to offend anyone who actually is legitimately trying to help children in need within their community, but that seems to be how some of these strange individuals "get their start." It's an easy way for them to snake their way into the lives of young children. All I'm saying is that anyone who would use someone else's child as the punchline to such a cruel and hurtful "joke" isn't someone to be admired or trusted within their local community-- especially around children. It just raises a huge red flag about his true motives and character, IMO. Sadly, some on the forum in which Mr. Zipperle made this cruel and tasteless joke are taking up for and defending the man, and most of them have even laughed about the joke, including the head administrator of the forum Howie Lindsey. Some sad, sick people to defend such behavior.

Regardless, good luck to you in your situation dealing with Mr. Zipperle, and hopefully the truth will finally come out about the kind of man that he truly is.
Informant dude

Lexington, KY

#23 Dec 4, 2011
This pedophile should be turned into the local police ASAP! Keep your kids away from this guy!!
Big don

Danville, KY

#24 Dec 4, 2011
I hear Kevin has been posting pics of ppl suggesting pedophilia on the Internet. What a sad human being. Is he really small or something that he has problems feeling good about himself. I bet he used to get picked on and now he can't defend himself so he resorts to childlike behavior. What an embarrassment to society.
Kathleen Quiggins


#25 Jan 28, 2012
W PL wrote:
Same Convicted Felon on TV trying to get items under a door.
Same Convicted Felon on the Board.
Same Convicted Felon with a Feb 24th Court date.
Haven't learn his lesson yet.
You don't have a clue get over it you are not worth a hair on his a-- you don't know what really happened so you just judge him on what you know it must be so wonderful to be without sin God Bless you and help you anyone that would write this is pitiful!!!!!!!He is a wonderful man and has never hurt anyone don't judge a man you don't know He had as much right to be on the board as anyone and he did a damn good job some say he is the best president they ever had MOVE ON!!!!!
Kathleen Quiggins


#26 Jan 28, 2012
MARCH 22 AT 2PM wrote:
Well it's Ken's big day in the spotlight...let's see if that $4,000 going to save him.
What a waste!
.Ken and many others will be glad when the truth comes out and be ready for some BIG surprises who do you think ask for the jury trial yep it was Ken the paper caper man himself you all have made this such a big deal hoping it will take the heat off the real crimes that have been committed at the Harbours Get your facts straight befor you judge a man you don't really know What is wrong with you people you just keep going on and on I can't believe I am wasting my time but it get old Ken being slammed by people who don't know the truth get over it
Kathleen Quiggins


#27 Jan 28, 2012
<quoted text>
Is this the same nut that ask the judge for a public defender? Hey thief, why don't you sell one of your caddies.
Are you serious you people just run your mouths when you don't really know the facts Ken has NEVER asked for a public defender where in the world did you get that one you don't know the real truth so why are you even saying anything He is not a thief never has been never will be he also would never say something like that about someone he does not really know just going on what others have said. You need to get your facts straight before running your mouth get a life Ken' and mine is Great thank you very much
Kathleen Quiggins


#28 Jan 28, 2012
Boy Genius wrote:
So, what did the Indiana AG come up with? It should have been an easy job with all of the stuff I read going on there...1086
NOTHING because its all a bunch of Bull c---- and a waste of time but they just keep trying and they just keep getting NOTHING

Danville, KY

#29 Feb 2, 2012
Isn't zipperele a known pedophile too?
Kathleen Quiggins


#30 Feb 5, 2012
W PL wrote:
Your very right, why don't they file a claim?
Board voted,not the Homeowners and Residents.
They say he asked the Board to pay for his attorney fees.
They say this was done to pay for his defense funds and they added staff member as icing on the cake.
They say it was not a Homeowner or Resident.
They say that their a connection between the Board and him on what he did.?
Do you see how many times you said "they say"? who is they do you always believe everything "they" say? do you always make judgements on what you are told by others? can you ever find out both sides before judging another person? You don't have a clue acording to what you have written about the whole story here and what really happened and like to hear it or not what you have heard "they" say its a bunch of BULL S____ T no matter who flat you make a pancake there is always two side. Get both sides brfore writing stuff like this against a good decent man.
Kathleen Quiggins


#31 Feb 5, 2012
MARCH 22 AT 2PM wrote:
Well it's Ken's big day in the spotlight...let's see if that $4,000 going to save him.
What a waste!
What $4000.00 are you talking about? Yes and he can't wait for the trial so the whole truth will come out at last. Who in hell do you think ask for the jury trial? Get your facts straight before spewing this misinformation Please!!!!! By the way why do you all use false names are you ashamed to say who you really are?Notice I have always used my real name because I know the truth and speak the truth.
Bob The Condo Guy

Indianapolis, IN

#32 Feb 7, 2012
He is on the board at our condo building in Jeffersonville. Just check out the Facebook Group "The Harbours...Can you believe this stuff" He doesn't seem to be very popular here either.
Kathleen Quiggins


#33 Feb 8, 2012
The Harbours can you believe this stuff was not started to champion or slam Kevin it was started to let people do some venting and perhaps get people to talk and make things better. Slamming Kevin is not the purpose for the FB group If that is all its used for then everyone missed the point of it. I have found putting all the hatred behind me has made me a happier more peaceful person why don't you try it and maybe you to can use your real name when you make comments about others

Bowling Green, KY

#35 Mar 14, 2012
And for the record in reference to my post above. Kathleen Quiggins was one of our first members of the FB Group. I also served on the Board Of Directors of The Harbours with her husband Ken.

Indianapolis, IN

#37 Mar 16, 2012
Today Kevie had maintenance man, Terry Kessler, apply for a RO against my mom. She only sees the guy in common areas and halls. It is really an attempt to get at me for starting the FB Group. For the record Terry is not the Maint. Guy that pushed my mom into the pool. That was Read T Blasi. the court date for that battery case's jury trial has not been set yet.

Check out the FB Group "The Harbours... Can you believe this stuff?"
Bob the condo guy

Indianapolis, IN

#38 Mar 16, 2012
Kevin Zipperle is a total unit and must be stopped. I hear there is an investigation by the Indiana AG Office underway of the place. And they posted on the FB Group that the old manager took the books from Indiana To Kentucky. That makes any financial shenanigans a FEDERAL CRIME BABY. My advice to the rest of The Board Of Directors - First one to the prosecutors office gets the deal. I'd be at the feds first thing Monday if it were me.
Fed up

Lexington, KY

#41 Nov 29, 2012
If certain residents who cause all the problems would move out and let the good people who don't have any ptoblems with living at the Harbours alone and in peace that would solve the problem
The AG should have never gotten involved in the first place its really none of their business and the only readon they did is to do favors for people they know its a withc hunt and a damn shame
prospective buyer

New Albany, IN

#42 Apr 7, 2015
Are any of the issues discussed in the thread resolved? Are there still problems with the board or the individuals mentioned?

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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