Review: Jim Butner Auto Inc

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#167 Apr 11, 2013
The Billing and Collections dept is ridiculous. Especially if you deal with Jaceqlyn or Heather. My dad passed away and I had to pay for the funeral cost out of pocket myself. I asked them for a 3 day extension on my payment and they told me no. So I had to come in the same day with payment. I paid by check for 2 vehicles. The check bounced. Well duh because I told them I needed 2 more days and they wanted me to bring the car back. Over 2 days!!! So I went to make good on the payment today and they wanted cash, which is not what Heather told me on the phone. Who sits in Jackie's office and gets mad when you call her Jackie. Then sit in your own office with the name Heather. She tries to get very literal and uses the bitchy woman syndrome to get her way and use collection tactis to scare you. When I told her that I could have cash payment there before they close at 6, she told me no I had to have it there by noon. I work 6-6 and I was already there and had to leave again in order to make all this work. I was on my lunch break and she wanted me to go out of my way to my bank and bring the money back right then and there by noon. I was in her office at 10am and I work 20 miles away. I am paid hourly and I had to get back to work. I told her my wife would drop the payment off to her by end of day. Low and behold my wife is enroute to make the payment and they reposess my car from work and I have to pay $300 to them now because of 2 hours difference. Heather did it on purpose because she could and just wanted to stick it to me. So now all of my payments are caught up but I can't have my car now until I pay $300 reposess fee. That wasn't done by a towing company, just one of their guys that came to get my car in the parking lot at work.$300 is a bit steep for a 20 mile ride and using my gas. I work in the banking industry and I can tell you this is the worst I have ever heard of or dealt with and I will go to my grave telling everyone to stay away. I have reported Jim Butner and Clarksville Auto to BBB and posted them in every surrounding Topix forum to let people know to stay away!!!!!!
Not a Butfukners Customer

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#168 Apr 15, 2013
They don't seem to be well liked guess I will PASS on them. Reading all these comments other than obviously the ones their empolyees are posting nobody seems to like them. And whats that hillbillys name Bo? on those stupid commercials damn I am sick of those makes me turn the channel when I see them. Hi my name is little Country Jake my Daddy Big Country Jake has been stiffing people selling them junk cars for pert near 50 years and now I am striving to keep you in debt long after that rust bucket you bought from us has been re-popped, re-sold, and rusting in the junk yard where we found it.:-)

Do yourself a favor don't be a dumbass keep your money in your pocket and move on.
Those stupid commercals

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#170 Apr 27, 2013
Big mistake

Chicago, IL

#171 Jun 1, 2013
Don't mess with Jim Butners. Keep driving by and don't stop.

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#172 Jun 4, 2013
Whoever is desperate enough to buy a car from Butners, write on the sales contract "I will record all phone calls I make to Jim Butner Auto" and do just that. Record every phonecall. You have fulfilled your legal obligation to let them know that you are recording the calls so you can't be charges with repo's when they lie to you.
stay away

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#173 Jun 7, 2013
Save your money and stay away from this place they are a lieing back stabbing piece of shit company and people I haven't bought a car from them but was in a car when a friend of mine was talking to them and told butners that she wouldn't be able to pay until she got paid.. I clearly heard stacey tell her that was fine..and that it wasn't a big deal and that they would see my friend on pay day to make her paymant. Welk I'm here to tell you people butners straigjt lied to my friend.. 3 days later 1 day befote payday they repoe her car and my friend lost her job for being late a job she just started and was on 90 day probation so now my friend was told she would have to pay a 300 dollar repo fee CASH OF COURSE then was told she woild have to pay her payment. Now if that isn't some bullshit I don't know what is young lil punk butner is makein it large and watching people suffer and struggle but that's ok karma's a bitch and what goes around will surely come around.. its just a matter of time
They are CRAP

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#174 Jun 12, 2013
Never will I buy from them again!

Lexington, KY

#175 Jun 12, 2013
I have a good car from them and have never been late on a payment. The service I got was excellent and they do report to the credit agencies if you tell them to. However they are very quick to repo, MY SALESMAN TOLD ME THAT UPFRONT. Bottom line do not be late even one day on your payments. You can tell they are repo happy by the piece of paper on one of the receptionists computer screens. It says REPO!! or at least it did the last time I was there. I do have to say that I have recommended them to people but I also tell them if they tend to be late making any payments to steer clear of them. Let me be clear though I got a good car from them.

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#176 Jun 13, 2013
Dealing with Butners, prolly means you can't buy a car anywhere else, so you should be well aware of their tactics upfront. They have heard every sob story in the book and they stay in business by following the procedures that they have. If they were repossessing cars illegally there would be charges filed. There are other dealerships out there and the buy here pay here business is very strict and not very forgiving. So I guess you can play by their rules or pay the consequences. Oh and by the way I am not an employee, I'm someone who buys cars elsewhere.

Holton, IN

#178 Nov 12, 2013
The way they make there money is by garnishing people I got a car from them.... It broke down on me I couldn't afford to have it fixed!! I lost my job I need the car to get back an forth to work! They came an took the car. Now Im trying to get my life back together and there garnishing my wages for 6,000 plus $ I will never see the car again not that I want to! My point is there crocks and the law allows them to be I'm going to be homeless because of Jim butner auto seals please don't buy for these crocks you'll be sorry just like I am!!

Jeffersonville, IN

#180 Feb 13, 2014
These people are extremely nice when you're talking about buying a car, but after that they are extremely rude. I will NEVER go to this lot again. They sell you overpriced cars and make it seem like by care about their customers when they don't. These are cold hearted people who don't car if they're screwing people over or not. They simply care about making money and that's it. Don't go to this car lot.

Jeffersonville, IN

#181 Feb 13, 2014
Do NOT buy from this lot. 2 weeks after I got a car from here, it decided to break down on me. I had to pay for it to fixed ON TOP of the car payments. They act like they care about their customers but they don't. They're all a bunch of grimy, selfish human beings.

Evansville, IN

#182 Feb 21, 2014
DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!! IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE NEAR THIS CAR LOT TURN AND WALK AWAY!!!! My fiancee was on the side of the highway broke down and this was his outlet. He had a friend drive him to this lot and he got a car in trade for his car. in trade for his 01 vw they took off a thousand dollars but we were landed with a $13,000 01 Honda accord. He was suppose to make payments every other Monday and after the car was halfway paid off, one Monday it was a holiday and they were not open so he could not pay, the next day we woke up to the car being gone, We freaked out thinking the car had been stolen, we called them and they confessed saying they repoed the car for 1 day being late. 1 DAY!!! We asked how we can get it back and they wanted to charge $600 for all the repoing and late fees. We told them they are a bunch of bullshit crooks and they can keep their shitty car because it was starting to deteriorate anyways. When we went to get our stuff some money i had hidden in the car for emergency had been pocketed out of my wallet by whoever cleaned the car out and they went through every single thing. Opened mail, opened my wallet, Etc. They are nothing but lying thieving scum-baggy crooks. STAY AWAY!!! STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY!
Jimbutnerisacroo k

United States

#184 Aug 25, 2014
Well here's one for everyone I bought a truck from Jim burners and I am still paying on it I normally don't post reviews but I couldn't resist telling this I got behind one and a half payments on my truck and this is my fault but the turbo went out on the engine and it Was a $1000 repair it and it had sit for three weeks till I got it fixed and the very next day after the repair they come to my job and repo it I called them and they told me inorder to get it back I had to pay $300 repo fee pay the one and a half payment I owed the new payment that was do that Saturday this was a wedensday and a storage fee of $10 per day until I picked it up all my things that was in the truck was just trown into a broken plastic tub so I went and paid almost $800 to get my truck back on top of that jacklin in there collections dept calls me after the next weeks payment was made to tell me I was a $1.89 short on my payment and I needed to pay it right away to avoid a late payment needless to say I will never buy from theses jokers ever again there are plenty of buy here pay here lots in Louisville and southern Indiana to buy from check those out instead of theses ass clowns also the day after I had bought the truck the wireing had a short in it and it cought fire had to take it to ford a $500 repair then new upper and lower ball joints both sides new front tires a carrier barring a piņon seal and front brakes so I had to go back and get the truck I have done fixed all of it issues lol it so sad they are willing to screw you over so fast think twice befor you go to theses people

Decatur, GA

#185 Oct 6, 2014
Ok so I got my car repoed about not too long ago. I had no problem paying the outrageous price of get it bk...but they told me they wouldn't finance my car anymore. I asked why and they said I because I was a difficult customer. I just don't allow Heather and jaqueline to disrespect me. I would never allow any of them to talk down to me,I stood up for myself. But anyway does anyone know if this is legal? Can they really at the drop of a hat decide they aren't going to finance my car anymore. This put me in an extremely fucked up situation !
Fed Up

Bowling Green, KY

#186 Oct 9, 2014
This is a HORRIBLE lot! They are the most dishonest and rude people I have ever met!
I bought a van from them in Feb 2012. My payments are due on Saturdays biweekly. Shortly after buying it, I tried to make my payment on Friday after hours online since I wouldn't be able to make it to the lot on Saturday. The online payment option was messed up and my payment didn't go through. I didn't find out until Monday when they repossessed my van. That is ONE BUSINESS DAY late at no fault of mine!!! They laughed and said they knew there was a problem with paying online for a while now. I had to pay $300 to get my van back so my family would have a vehicle. I got it back within 1 hour of the repo. They tossed a plastic tub at me that was full of my stuff, including my prescription glasses that were in the glove box that were now broken. They REFUSED to pay for them and suggested I file a claim with my insurance. Insurance said it wasn't covered because they were not "inside" the vehicle when they were damaged. I never got them replaced.
Another time, they double charged me and caused my bank account to overdraft and refused to refund the payment or pay the overdraft fees.
My van has been unsafe to drive for the last 8 months due to repetitive failing brakes. After spending hundreds on repairs, the same thing happens over and over. We found out the van had been completely totaled and they rigged it up enough to sell it. The shotty paint job has flaked off the entire front and drivers side of the van. The drivers door and hood are crooked and they sold it to us with a badly cracked windshield knowing it was illegal. They promised to fix it. That never happened either.
They call me every few months claiming I have missed my payment. I have to provide proof that I made the payment every time.
This place is ridiculous and I will NEVER EVER buy a car from them again!!!
Fed Up

Bowling Green, KY

#187 Oct 9, 2014
lun221 wrote:
Ok so I got my car repoed about not too long ago. I had no problem paying the outrageous price of get it bk...but they told me they wouldn't finance my car anymore. I asked why and they said I because I was a difficult customer. I just don't allow Heather and jaqueline to disrespect me. I would never allow any of them to talk down to me,I stood up for myself. But anyway does anyone know if this is legal? Can they really at the drop of a hat decide they aren't going to finance my car anymore. This put me in an extremely fucked up situation !
I'm not sure if it's illegal, but that is definitely something to look in to. I'm sure there are lawyers all over Southern Indiana that would be more than willing to take a case against them!!!
Fed Up

Bowling Green, KY

#188 Oct 9, 2014
They also stole at least $10 in change out of my van.
They are thieves!

Indianapolis, IN

#190 Dec 1, 2014
As a local who knows 20 or more people who have purchased cars from Jim Butner... I would NOT recommend anyone to go here. Let me tell you how JimB works. They go to auctions in Florida,etc.. They buy cheap cars that are barely in running conditions they will work on them either at their lot or at their shop down the road in sellersburg until they are just drive able. You can guarantee that you will have troubles out of a car purchased from here. They will convince you to get a car by offering their warranty. I tried to exercise my warranty and they made me wait 4 weeks with NO CAR at all. Same as for a few of my friends. After 2 years I now still owe 3 times as the car is worth and have put more money into It than it is woth.

Covington, KY

#191 Dec 3, 2014
Call A+ Credit in Louisville and talk to Karen about possibly filing a lawsuit against Clarksville Finance/Jim Butner. I posted my phone number here a few weeks ago, but I think it was deleted.

I have a great attorney that is interested in finding more people who have been legally wronged by having cars repossessed and incorrect information being put on credit reports.

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