melinda loveless wants early prison r...
tiger tales
#498 Jan 19, 2013
she should stay locked up for life. no chance of parole ever.

United States

#499 Jan 19, 2013
Did that poor girl get another chance at Life? NO!!! Then this woman needs to stay the sentence...which I don't believe is harsh enough. Don't forget that the 12 yr old was alive 3 damn different times and she tried to kill her over and over...then burned her ALIVE!! Don't let that beast loose!
tiger tales
#500 Jan 20, 2013
so true. that was one of the worst crimes in history. melinda is pure evil .only pure evil could do what she did that night. how she can sleep is beyond me

Ashburn, VA

#501 Mar 4, 2013
I actually hope she gets out, because when she does I'm gonna murder her.
Jason Bourne

New Albany, IN

#502 Mar 12, 2013
mjwe wrote: main.asp?SectionID=4&SubSe ctionID=253&ArticleID=3916 2
No can do !!

Lombard, IL

#503 Apr 7, 2013
Why is NASCAR’s Tony Stewart’s foundation for disabled children supporting a prison program led by a convicted child killer?
ICAN is a prison dog-training program Stewart supports and high-profile child killer Melinda Loveless is an active dog trainer there. Melinda masterminded the 1992 kidnapping, 10 hr torture, and murder (burned alive) of 12-yr-old Shanda Sharer.
Fellow inmate and assisted murderer of Shanda, Hope Rippey was in the ICAN program and was released early under suspicious circumstances.
Search:“Hope Rippey”+”Early Release”

ICAN’s mission statement is,“To qualify for the program, offenders must have a background clear of violent behavior.”
So why is Melinda, and Hope before her in this program? Indiana prisons are overflowing with non-violent offenders, so better choices are available.

There is no way Tony does not know about Melinda and Hope with his active support and participation with this prison program.
Stewart should pull his support of ICAN until Melinda is removed from the ICAN program as their mission statement requires.

Tony Stewart’s affiliation to ICAN
Search “ICAN”+”Tony Stewart Foundation”

Time: November 10, 2012 from 5:30pm to 10:30pm
Location: Indiana Roof Ballroom
City/Town: Indianapolsi
Event Type: fundraiser, celebration
Organized By: Dino Sierp – ICAN
ICAN'S Decade of Dogs - 10 years of unleashing abilities and changing lives - on both ends f the leash.
Nascar Champion Tony Stewart and Indy Car Team Owner, Sarah Fisher are honorary co-chairs.

The pups were donated by the Tony Stewart Foundation to the Indiana Canine Assistance Network.
The correctional facility here is the fourth prison to work with ICAN.

Irwin also said that ICAN partners with the Tony Stewart Foundation for financial support,

Lombard, IL

#504 Apr 7, 2013
It appears there is another attempt to release Melinda with ICAN propaganda videos coming out of Charlotte NC where Tony’s racing team is located. One Charlie Petrizzo:
Search; “Charlie’s Scars”
An x-Wachovia banker and 1% GOPer, intimidated and threatened to sue Brenda Nyberg. Brenda created the petition to keep Melinda Loveless in prison and passed recently due to the added stress Charlie created. Brenda was a disabled grandmother caring for her special needs grandson. Stewarts bullying on the track is one thing, but associated with the bullying of a good person, disabled grandmother with special needs grandson, who recently passed is something Stewart should answer for. Is Stewart connected to Petrizzo? If Stewart used his NASCAR standings for political favors in Indiana and this ICAN program, NASCAR is just as responsible.
Petrizzo and his bank stole the SS of senior citizens as to how he gained his wealth, they now eat cat food!

Lombard, IL

#505 Apr 7, 2013
ICAN appears to support only religious Caucasian inmates and the beneficiaries of the dogs they train appear to be only Caucasian as well. Odds are, most of the recipients of the prison trained dogs ($900) are affluent enough to pay for the dogs on the open market ($16,000) and this is another case of wealthy people taking advantage of prison slave labor.

Sally Irvin is affiliated with an all white prison ministry called Kairos. Both Hope and Melinda are converted born again Christians while incarcerated.

Sally’s blog post with Hope Rippey (Anna R) as a follower. Anna is Hope’s middle name.

Lombard, IL

#506 Apr 7, 2013
Patty Spitler, of Pet Pals TV, hosted the event with Sarah Fisher and Tony Stewart (by video) opening the evening with words of inspiration
In addition, we extend our sincere thanks to the following businesses for their generous support:
Tony Stewart Foundation
· Sarah Fisher Hartman (Stewarts race car builder)
· The Sanctuary
· Pet Pals TV
· Liz Kaye Photography
· Periculum Capital Company, LLC
· Lilly
· Payne & Mencias Group/Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
· Community Health Network Foundation
· Puppy Playground
· Community Health Network - Hook Rehabilitation Center
· Little Dreamers
· Sim-Pac Incorporated
· Community Health Network
· SmallBox
· J.P. Morgan, Private Banking
· Walker
· Blice Edwards
· Printing Partners
· Whiteland Raceway Park (Stewarts Indy Racetrack)

United States

#507 May 11, 2013
From what I've seen on Amanda heavrins twitter she's using this tragedy for fame. Even though she did not participate in the murder, I still believe she molested the 12 year old shanda. I dont care what she said On dr Phil, shanda was 12 if she was seeing older men she was manipulated, she's fucking 12 at that time. She'd listen to anyone of older aged authority.

Newport, KY

#508 May 17, 2013
Someone asked for the address of Melinda's former home in New Albany. It was 2211 Charlestown Road, New Albany, IN , but her family hasn't lived there in several years now.
cassie wilson

Louisville, KY

#509 Sep 7, 2013
first of all laurie was not friends with melinda she was friends with hope and toni so people from on here get yall fact right be for you people start to open yall damn mouth to talk out of it because if you people from on here don't no not thing a about this just don't said shit about it now have a good damn night and good bye ass hoe.s people from on here
cassie wilson

Louisville, KY

#510 Sep 7, 2013
and melinda mom move away too atlanta to get away from the pass of what happen from back in november 9 1991/ 1992 rip shanda sharer
cassie wilson

Louisville, KY

#511 Sep 7, 2013
january 11 1992 she was going a long time now 22 year later rip too you girl
cassie wilson

Louisville, KY

#512 Sep 7, 2013
we ain't for got about you shanda sharer

Elmshorn, Germany

#513 Dec 3, 2014
Laila wrote:
Melinda is not a monster. She was just a kid herself. Do you realize what kind of life she had? What kind of childhood she had? If it weren't for Larry Loveless, Melinda would be a lot better off in life.
She shouldn't be in prison, she should be evaluated in an institution.If you want people to not act like animals, the last thing you should do is lock them up in a cage. Melinda needs help. I hope and pray she has had gotten some sort of mental help while locked up.
You are right. Seen her childhood, Melinda had NO chance to develope like other kids and if it had been up to her alone Shanda would have received a beating but would not have died.
She Blew Her Dad

New Albany, IN

#514 Dec 4, 2014
Kathleen wrote:
<quoted text>
You are right. Seen her childhood, Melinda had NO chance to develope like other kids and if it had been up to her alone Shanda would have received a beating but would not have died.
You and others who show this simpathy for a total murdering dirtbag like malinda loveless are scum as well. Do you actually know what those four pieces of trash did to Shanda? I bet you have done some terrible things yourself, right, otherwise you couldn't feel anything but contempt for those four.

Milton, FL

#515 Dec 29, 2014
Laila wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't feel attacked in any way. I have strong feelings about children who commit crimes. Brains aren't even fully developed. Even if it went on for hours, these girls didn't put much thought into what they were doing. They did not and were not capable of making "grown up" decisions. Shandra did die a horrible death. Do I think because she did that Melinda should too? Absolutely not. I don't want to make it seem like Shandra's death is no big deal at all. It is, it was tragic--but I believe this whole case is tragic from every aspect. The answer to killing is not more killings. I couldn't say how I would feel if I was Shandra's mother. What I can say is I would not take the same approach as she does. That's not how I am. Although it would be difficult, I would choose to forgive Melinda. How else is she going to forget and live a normal life? You can't live your life hating someone for taking away a loved one. You can always remember, but forgiveness is important.
Laila. Girl.. I have been behind you all the way as far as your take on forgiveness and Melinda in general. But the girl's name was Shanda.

Milton, FL

#516 Dec 29, 2014
Avengem-BronxBoy wrote:
AAhh the topic continues. Hello laila.
Like I said,, i've been following this case since it happened,, I did time for avenging my niece.
People post that they want to see melinda Executed.
When I first started corresponding with Melinda all I saw was a physically attractive woman in prison who had been railroaded. She told me her side of the story,, I read the book and anything related to Shanda's murder.
I then had melinda's trial minutes mailed to me.
I asked her about the inconsistancies in her testimony on three way conversations via telephone.
I no longer give a crap about whether or not her lawyers left out valuable info. in her defense or whether or not the prosecution lied in SEVERAL occasions.
Melinda loveless is still SICK. And in my opinion,,still dangerous,,or not.
She talked about Shanda's spirit haunting her in cell, chanting her name,, asking her why she hurt her. She talked about Vampires in her cell at night. She talked about biting my neck and sucking my blood. She talked about demons in her cell pouring gas on her and smelling like gasoline when she woke up. This was not even a couple of years ago.
Granted,, she should die in prison.
Look up TOM LUTHER,,ARTHUR SHAWCROSS,and many more people released after 10,,15,,20 years only to kill again.
I stopped corresponding with Melinda when I realized that she was guilty as sin,,still talks of demons and vampires,,
But still,, doesn't deserve to have a crow bar shoved up her ass,, or tortured and burned alive.
The moment of truth for her is coming. Not at your hands or your time. When the man upstairs gets around to it.
What were the inconsistencies in her story? And how did you get court transcripts?

Hillsboro, MO

#517 Feb 7, 2015
Avengem-BronxBoy wrote:
Of course the Bible says that. It also says turn the other cheek.
And if someone did that to one of my daughters I would be as animalistic to want the same in return for the perptrator. in this case another girl in the same age gruop. Cases vary!! If a man did that to my daughter id kill him myself.
People are so bent on wanting to inflict the punishment on Melinda themselves to vent!!!!
People quote the bible to justify the Crap that they want to do!!!!
Shanda can't turn the other cheek...she's dead.

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