melinda loveless wants early prison r...

Lexington, KY

#478 Jun 10, 2012
Jacque is a hero. What a strong and brave woman she is. I admire her so much and wish here peace.

Lexington, KY

#479 Jun 10, 2012
oops...should be ...and wish her peace.

Middletown, PA

#480 Jun 11, 2012
Loving mother from Ohio wrote:
Wow anyone who has or feels remorse or hope for these monsters should feel nothing but shame.I myself had a very horrible and tragic life as a child.My father died in prison for doing some terrible things.I have grown up to be a loving kind and productive adult despite my past.I just shutter at the thought of people using there past as a crutch for the horrible acts they commit.I say every single one of them should be put to death.Anyone standing up for them needs to see a pshyc doctor themselves.Burn in hell for what you sick people have done.
Dear loving mother, The people who support Linda Loveless are the same people who support Charles Boney, All 4 of these girls should of recieved the death penalty. But look at the justice system in Indiana. They let Charles Boney an 11 time convicted felon walk the streets of Indiana felony after felony and look what happened to David Camms family. 2 of these girls were already released and the way their system is you can sure bet the other 2 will be released also. When you choose to torture and murder a 12 year old chid you are not a child you are a murderer. Last meal for all of them should of been an egg McMuffin and the gas chamber.

United States

#481 Jul 6, 2012
A history of child abuse, disrupted family bonds, peer rejection and childhood depression are risk factors for teen violence, that's not to say every one with these problems will behave violently but it can increase the chance. Why some people do and others don't is kind of like asking why giraffs evolved long necks and other herbivours didn't and that will only make sense if you understand evolutionary biology. Humans are completlty different from other animals. It's the mental effect caused by the person's life experience and thought process not the abuse or mental issues itself. Each person has their own perspective, their own strengths, their own weaknesses and their own way of handling things so you can't compare one person to another. I can say without a doubt that while one person comes out one way another may come out of the same situation very differently. No one reacts to the same situation in the same way. You can't compare one person to another because each handles things differently. Anyone who has more than one child knows that each child handles things differently and while raising your children you may use certain methods that work with one child but the same methods may not work with another because children just don't react to the same things in the same ways. Yes it is true that people are abused in a way that wont lead to issues associated with violence but it's also true most violent criminals have been; and even if they are that doesn't mean they'll encounter variations that will bring it out. Sometimes bad things happen, it's just fate. The situations of abuse are different, there is a lot to consider within those circumstances. Some people aren't really that bothered or effected by theirs or only have minor problems and for some people it has a big negative effect. I will say that abuse can cause emotional aggression and lack of empathy but it all depends on the person, their personality, thought process and life experience and prospective and the situations of which they were abused and effected by that abuse. As human beings, we are very complex, and it is far too simplistic to say that A caused B to happen; there is a complex web involved.
I don't know where people get the idea that child maltreatment is common but it is not from reality, sorry. That's a new one for me. If it's from child maltreatment statistics that is propaganda and nothing more. People can't seem tot tell the difference between abused children in statistics and someone who really is seriously abused. Same thing with the studies on abused people the overwhelming majority of these people aren't abused in a severe way, these people represent a very small fraction of the abused people in statistics. So again they are very misleading. Most child abusers in these statistics aren't the child's parents. It just seems logically impossible to me that that number of people would abuse someone else's child. I also find it odd that the rates of sexual abuse are so high yet the rate of PTSD and abortion due to sexual abuse/rape or incest is generally very low at 1%(which is probably at the high end of the rates.) They diagnose people with minor anxiety with PTSD.. so a good proportion of PTSD in rates is hocus bogus PTSD very different from someone who has a severe form of it, same thing with other mental disorders. Those aren't the only statistics that seems way too high. I've seen some sources report that 1 in every 4 children lives in poverty.. that's interesting seeing as where i live in a typical lower than average income area the rate here is about 1.5% of families and 2.3% of the population were below the poverty line. Why am I going to trust people who have been shown to exaggerate, manipulate and out right lie about statistics to further their own agenda?

United States

#482 Jul 6, 2012
The statistics out there on child maltreatment are misleading and controversial but i'm going to try to put them into prospective. I went to school for many years and never witnessed anyone who appeared unhealthy or depressed or any parent would or person who would abuse a kid. I've had many neighbors with kids and all of them were perfectly fine, healthy and happy. I had many friends as a kid and all of them came from good, loving homes with the exception of one who's parents did have problems but neither of them had a personality to abuse their kids. I witnessed a couple of teen pregnancy, and that was out of a consensual relationship not inscest! From my objective analysis and opinion I find sex abuse statistics very unplausible. I find it very hard to believe that that number of people is a sex abuser. So whoever these people are and lying or whatever hell they are doing I really don't know what they are trying to accomplish but it isn't anything good they'd just put more of a burden on people who really do deal with abuse and the severe affects it can sometimes have and get in the way of help and understanding people could get when they do become this way. There is a difference between someone who is abused and someone who is severely abused in their life and devlops a serious mental disorder.

"Being killed by parents is the #1 cause of death in young childhood,” says Dr. Goldsmith I sincerely doubt this statement and most of what comes out of this guys mouth, some credible statistics from people who don't try to blow child abuse out of proportion: Unintentional Injury 38.97% Malignant Neoplasms 17.79% Congenital Anomalies 6.59% Homicide 4.64% Heart Disease 3.05% Benign Neoplasms 1.46% Septicemia 1.39% Chronic Respiratory Disease 1.36% 9 Influenza & Pneumonia 1.26% etc. I've read that "most parents abuse their kids" or sometimes 25% bullshit! Look around at the store do 1/4 people appear distressed or unhappy to you, or look like they would abuse a kid? I also highly doubt that 1/4 of people have been sexually abused. Do 1/4 of people that you know have a personality to sexually abuse a child? Most people have something that prevent them from engaging in that type of behaviour, um it's called a LIFE and inhibition. I can't see anyone I know being interested in doing that either and think the average person would find it sick as I do. I have seen children molest other children but I have never seen or heard of an adult molesting a child. Humans are just sexual beings from the time they are young children and I guess that people can be confused about that if they aren't sure that that is natural and normal. Many people even have fantasies of phsycal and sexual abuse that they find enjoyable, look up "rape fantasy". Makes me wonder if people can become confused whether thye have been abused or not or if it for some reason comes natural for them to say they have when they actually have not been. I mean if you actually believe that 1/4 of people is a child molester I don't see why that would be so far fetched. If you actually look at their information you'll find most of these supposed people are abused in an isolated incident by someone they barely even know and most of the time parents aren't even the perpertrator. They have a special word for people who molest children, they are called pedophiles and I'm pretty sure a small percentage of the population fit that profile. The child abuse epidemic is is a myth, just like dinosaures living with man and Adam & Eve. I neither have ever crossed anything that would make me think that abuse had taken place, you'd have to be living under a rock your whole life to not think those rates weren't bumped up. It doesn't just happen here, in the UK the number of homicides committed by people with mental disorders is actually alot higher then what they report; it is ovbiously to reduece stigma.

United States

#483 Jul 6, 2012
From the mid 1980s to 1993 the number of reported incidents of child abuse nearly quadrupled. Despite the study's assurance to the contrary, there is good reason to suppose that much of the increase reflects heightened awareness. American Enterprise Institute researcher Douglas J. Besharov (writing with research assistant Jacob W. Dembosky) advanced this argument: Besharov and Dembosky noted that child abuse fatalities (for which there is, of course, objective evidence that cannot easily be hidden) have risen only modestly, going from 1,104 in 1986 to 1,216 in 1993. If serious abuse had in fact quadrupled, one would expect to see a comparably enormous increase for the most deadly abuse of all. The increase in serious cases was accompanied by a decline in moderate ones - which might suggest that the increases resulted in some measure from upgraded standards, whereby behavior once thought to be only moderately bad has now come to be considered seriously harmful. Instead, what is mostly at issue is a heightened awareness and sensitivity among child-welfare professionals, who now report more behavior as abusive and neglectful than they would have earlier. Of the additional cases counted in 1993, over 80 percent consisted of cases that did not involve abuse. Fully 55 percent of the additional cases involved endangered children: those who are not actually harmed by parental abuse or neglect, but are simply 'in danger of being harmed according to the views of community professionals or child-protection service agencies.' The figures might indicate something quite different from a real increase in the rate of child abuse. The true incidence of child abuse may actually be declining, even though the number of cases is increasing... This can create the misleading impression of an epidemic of child abuse.

Of the children who experienced maltreatment or abuse, the most common form is neglect at over 75-90%. The most common form of neglect is "educational neglect". Of the physical abuse offenders 6% were under the age of 13; 9% were between the age of 13 to 17; 36% were a parent or a step-parent of the victim; 19% were related to the child victim in another way; 29% were an unrelated person the victim knew;

approximately 30% of sexual abuse offenders are relatives of the child, most often cousins, uncles, or fathers; around 60% are other acquaintances such as friends of the family, babysitters, or neighbors; strangers are the offenders in approximately 10% of child sexual abuse cases. Sexual abuse by a family member may result in more serious and long-term psychological trauma, particularily in the case of parental incest.

United States

#484 Jul 6, 2012
A 2006 study found that six out of every 100,000 children in the U.S. are likely to be seriously abused. The rate is highest in children under 4. Victims in the age group of birth to 1 year had the highest rate of victimization. The recurrence rate for a child victim to be re-victimized within 6 months is 14.1% and 7% with children returned to their parents. In 2010, 1,537 children died due to abuse or neglect; 80% were under the age of 4.

Well over half reports of abuse or neglect are only refferals meaning it was suspected that abuse or neglect was occurring but turned up not to be the case. This usually happens when the child has behavior or emotional problems, comes from a very low income family or appears underweight, unhealthy or has poor hygien. It is usually parental ignorance that gets counted as neglect rather than intentional neglect.

Most parents who "abuse" their children do so because they see physical punishment as a means of disciplining child. So very often the so-called abuse is the child's fault. In other cases, there are normally some personal or situational factors that drive them to abuse the children who are in their care such as mental health issues, substance abuse and financial problems which create frustration and stress. So it usually happens under very different circumstances than that which Melinda experienced.

I don't think the reason people do abuse their kids is because they don't love them, or want to harm them. I think most often people who abuse their kids are stressed parents, or parents struggling with mental health issues and are lacking basic self-control and basic morality. They also probably lack basic parenting skills and have unrealistic knowledge about child development/psychology. It's a lack of education and means. The effects of abuse depend on a variety of factors such as experiencing other types of traumas or stressors (e.g., neglect, domestic violence, parental absence) at the same time. Such 'cumulative trauma' has been found to have greater negative effects than any particular characteristics of the abuse itself. Every person who experiences abuse has a unique combination of risk and protective factors that have influenced the effects in his or her life. Often the effects of abuse aren't experienced until adulthood but children can develop mental disorders too.

United States

#485 Jul 6, 2012
The nature vs nurture debate has to be one of the most pointless debates out there. It is clear that the truth is in the middle. Furthermore, the research has concluded that it is more often an interaction between genes and the environment that predicts criminal behavior. There is no genetic predisposition or any specific genes that contribute to criminal behavior but certain personality traits or characteristics of a person, if they are exposed to the right combination of environmental factors, then their chances are greater for engaging in criminal behaviour. In considering the roles of genetics and environment on criminal behavior, or any behavior for that matter, I think the best explanation is that there is a complex interaction between one's traits and the environment. Criminologist and sociologists do not think the causes of crime are genetic but social, different society/culture, different crime and criminals. Then there are sociopaths, type 1 and 2. The first type of sociopath is dependent on their genetic makeup and personality, the second type has a greater dependence on environmental factors. Childhood abuse makes a person significantly more likely to develop mental disorders this is even true in the case of young adults who experience abuse and have no history of mental problems and when the abuser is not related to the victim. The circumstances under which abuse takes place makes a real difference in the effects in can have. Everyone reacts differently to abuse depending on several factors and situations, including the sensitivity of the mental frame at the time and when the abuse occurs, how the child relates to and the type of relationships they have, and the type of attachments they have with parents, children develop different type of attachments to parents. Not all children are close to their parents, especially where abuse takes place. In many cases abuse effects are directly connected to the relationship between the victim and abuser. The closer the relationship, the more devastating the effects on the child. In most cases the research agrees that there is a much higher incidence of mental disorders in those who commit crimes. Studies point to serotonin as one of the most important central neuro-transmitters underlying the modulation of impulsive aggression. Low levels of serotonin have been found to be associated with impulsive behavior and emotional aggression. Needless to say, there is a great deal of evidence that shows serotonin is related to aggression, which can be further be associated with criminal behavior. The causes of mental disorders are generally complex, and interact and vary according to the particular disorder and individual. Mental disorders can be caused by genetics, early development, trauma, neural/psychological mechanisms, life experiences, enviornmental and social factors or a combination of any or all of these elements.

United States

#486 Jul 6, 2012
I think we all remember our teen years, and how out of control we were at the time, and how we eventually "saw the light". Happens to some of the best of us. Sometimes teens go through a fase where they do things or waste time over things that they'll regret later; such as acting out a grudge against someone or being hateful for many months. Teenagers can say and do really cruel things, even the most well behaved, well adjusted child from a good home can do extremely cruel and insensitive things maybe not in your life experience but I have witnessed that in mine. Sometimes they find themselves within a life experience where they feel and behave that way. I don't know how common it is but it happens. Even in the news, Phoebe Prince killed her self after being tormented for months by girls at the new school she went to, but it turned up that Phoebe was also a bully in her 8th grade school year and with some other girls tried to make another girl miserable the spring of that school year. Phoebe was also on antidepressants when she committed suicide; linked to many acts of senseless violence. Most people have inhibitions and a sense of fear that interdict them from becoming violent, these meds can throw that sense of fear out the window. Murder does not even cross the mind of the most nasty and hateful of people's head not because they are a better person than a criminal they just don't have the wherewithall or find it worth commiting. That doesn't make them a better person then a criminal. A psychopath can appear to be the kindest and most caring person in the wolrd and you'd think that they could never hurt a fly but in reality they could give shit about you and could kill you just like that, but guess what? Most of them aren't serial killers. There seems to be a presumption that many abused children grow up to be successful and caring. Ok, so what? Many psychopaths are successful and appear to be caring too. Besides that's not the case from my study, many abused people do suffer from hostility, anti-social traits and low -self-esteem and that presumption just seems to make these people out as if they have CHOSE to be this way or in some way inferior. I'm not a judgmental person and that means not comparing one abused person to another; I am sick of seeing abused people being compared to others, it is irrelevent. We should help with whatever problems these people have and when they end up in the prison system. More often these people have been abused within a context where that was the case than the people who've turned out okay. Yes some abused people are succesful but it's also true that they have no where near the mental issues as the others. Yes some people aren't effected as much by abuse. So sorry if i'm being offensive but I find that presumption very much, it just makes it harder for people who are already going through a rougher time then these people and could improve and benifet from the help and support that these people have proberly already received.

Daytona Beach, FL

#487 Jul 19, 2012
I agree with you Pam. Melinda needs to spend the rest of her life IN PRISON, WHERE SHE BELONGS! I have been on other sites before that many people are yelling at me. I don't think the state of Indiana is too strict. I read about another case in the 1960's. That woman Gertrude also deserved to stay in prison until her heart stopped. She got out of prison in 19 years. Gertrude and Melinda deserved to be on death row. These crimes they did were very cruel. Both of these victims were tortured to death.

Since: Sep 12

Virginia Beach, VA

#488 Sep 3, 2012
If a person push somebody down some steps then maybe. If someone stab someone once and killed them, maybe. To brutally torture and kill a person, well lets just say... that takes power. No human can attempt such a thing while listening to the agony cries and screams whom this child endured. Only sick twisted minds would ignore the cries for help. People knows right from wrong unless you are retarded. Did they really think they would get away with it??! What did they think would happend if they got caught? A night in wonderland?!.

Since: Sep 12

Virginia Beach, VA

#489 Sep 3, 2012
Drug dealers get life in prison all because they did share their wealth(taxes) with the government. And they can make excuses for these retarded kids who grow up killing!! All the p@## in the world, this dummie goes and kill Shanda who probably wasnt even thinking about the girl at 12yrs old. How retarded can you be. And now they are commending her for taking care of some damn dogs!!! Please... I mean if I was in jail I would do everything I could to get a lil freedom as well. That type of sickness doesnt just fade away. That hoe need help. Instead of her taken on dogs she need to be evaluated each day trust me when I say this. Nobody human could torture a person for hours, while listening to her screams unless they are truely sick!! And twisted!! So I say yes to leaving that hoe in jail for the remainer of her sentence.

San Jose, CA

#490 Oct 7, 2012
Blank wrote:
<quoted text>EVERY ONE of these sadistic, usless bitches should have either one of 2 things done to them: Life in prison with no parole EVER, or DEATH BY EXECUTION.....period!! Death penalty should be used sparingly but some crimes are just so heinous that they deserve death, and all the bitches involved should be lethally-injected or FRIED in the electric chair....PERIOD!!
uh please expliane why sam mcbride of fang 'murdered' his girlfriend and only got 6-8 years in prison for it? HE IS OUT OF PRISON AND NOT A THREAT TO SOCIETY ...
nicole linden

San Jose, CA

#491 Oct 7, 2012
where is the MELINDA LOVELESS FANCLUB webpage?
nicole linden

San Jose, CA

#492 Oct 8, 2012

Since: Sep 12

Virginia Beach, VA

#493 Oct 9, 2012
juvenile wrote:
<quoted text>
uh please expliane why sam mcbride of fang 'murdered' his girlfriend and only got 6-8 years in prison for it? HE IS OUT OF PRISON AND NOT A THREAT TO SOCIETY ...
ugh... how the hell do you know hes not a threat to society?? And besides that he didnt brutally kill his girlfriend either.

Virginia Beach, VA

#494 Oct 24, 2012
ClaraBelly wrote:
<quoted text>I do see the point you are making. I want to say that first before I go on. I'm not trying to argue with you as I feel that is pointless. You have every right to you views, just as others do. My view is this, yes it's horrible what was done, horrible is not even nearly a strong enough word. Yet and still, this girl will be released from prison. Two already have, it's going to happen and there's really not anything that you or quite honestly anyone else on topix is going to do about it. I just feel that a discussion on how she could possibly do something positive after she is let out would be a good discussion. I think that discussing her demise and how it should come about is both juvenile (most of us are adults are we not?)(yes, melinda may have done the things you said, again although it only infuriates people to say it, she was NOT an adult) and futile. You cannot stop what the judge has put forth as a sentence, you as an individual who has nothing to really do with the case, cannot sway a judge one way or the other simply because the facts were put before him and he made his decision, it's pretty final, she was given the maximum sentence. If he chose to reduce that sentence, it would not be based on anything that someone says on a topix board. So, I think that, as people who claim to be sickened by the violence portrayed by Melinda, to respond with violence of your own only serves to perpetuate it. You cannot end violence with violence, this has been proven repeatedly since the beginning of time.--

LOL.... You really should go hug a tree .... You confuse violence with certainty. It is without a doubt an angel was taken to expose the evil in all 4 of these women... and to have sent them to there death would have made certain no more victims would exist. We all have choices, they all have consequinces. Attempting to take refuge behind a the manipulation of those words is the coward crying out. Shanda is dead ... no one can change that, but these feces still exist living there pathedic lives... its so very wrong.!!!

Scottsburg, IN

#495 Dec 7, 2012

Nairobi, Kenya

#496 Dec 17, 2012
I agree. Melinda should never be released. She's unrepentant and a danger to society.

Brooklyn, NY

#497 Jan 19, 2013
I think sometimes we take "reform" a bit too far. Some crimes deserve the fullest extent. If you commit a heinous crime, such as this one, you should be sent to jail as PUNISHMENT, not as a REFORMATIVE system. How do you reform evil? Sooo, if Hitler was caught, would we send him to jail to be reformed? NOPE...we send him to jail to DIE! Because he was evil. If someone killed my daughter in that way, I promise you, they will not see jail because I will kill them. No questions asked.

As for those who say, forgive and forget. First, God says forgive, but nothing about forget. And Jesus says Give onto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. Stop using forgive and forget as an excuse for people who commit crimes. You can forgive them that is God's but you they must still be punished for breaking the law. Jesus never said it was okay to break the law. You must still follow the law. I say they should both rot in prison, not because I don't want them forgiven, but because they deserve to be punished for breaking the law. As for whether they sinned and should go to hell, I cannot judge them on God's level because I am not allowed to.


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