Pot Grower Busted Early in Growing Se...

Pot Grower Busted Early in Growing Season

There are 13 comments on the Banner-Gazette story from Apr 27, 2011, titled Pot Grower Busted Early in Growing Season. In it, Banner-Gazette reports that:

On today's date in the morning hours, troopers from the Indiana State Police Post at Sellersburg went to 354 West Cross Street in Austin on an anonymous tip of Marijuana growing near the residence.

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Erlanger, KY

#1 Apr 29, 2011
Another grower down going 2 prison for god creation!! When they should be getting the drugs thats killing people!! The meth labs thats all over neighborhoods with kids!! should have steped in the narks house he probley the 1 with meth lab thats the way it goes.. Take down the little growers and pertected the zombies.. I wish som1 up at white house get their head of their a$$ or state of Indiana help us legalise marijuana and get the real drug addics thats out of their head!! Their like witch zombies they make a posion to scamble their eggs and it only takes a couple times 2 be hooked a 16 yr. old trys it and they ruint their life by the time their 18..they try marijuana might be hard 2 find a job because of indiana laws but their going 2 smoke and think of all the things they can do with their life 2 make it better instead of doing homemade drugs off the streets 2 4get about all their problems 4 them 2 remember the next day and do it again!!!

Erlanger, KY

#2 Apr 29, 2011
Who has smoked Marijuana and said im going 2 rob a store or som1? Or has got so high they cant deal with life or has killed a person or raped or beat up a person because their so high? if so it wasnt the marijuana that did it they already had that plan be4 they got high and probley didnt go on with it because they got high!!And if som1 looses their home over it!! its only because they have went 2 prison over it not because they have done anything bad 2 som1!! Smoke joint or go doc. 4 nerve pills well lets put it this way go 2 prison 4 calming down 2 relax or go 2 doc. be legal and get drugs thats going 2 kill ur kidneys and liver and be hooked and need more and be a pill head 4 the rest of ur life!! Then methadone after u know u have a problem when ur doc. takes it away..Marijuana has been here since the 1st of time how long has all this meds. been here and how many makes it on tv 4 money back 2 family 4 the loved 1 that it killed?When they just thought they was getting help they got 6 feet under god is the healer the docs. is the killers!!Sh!t on man made drugs!!Its only bad because the goverment wants 2 keep it 2 theirself.. and they got idiots 2 follow that believes its a bad drug..

United States

#3 Apr 29, 2011
Because we all know pot doesn't cause idiots to do ridiculous things. I'm pretty positive that smoking it causes people to do unsafe things. Not to mention these people drive with clouded thoughts. They sell it to our children. And we all know pot is only the beginning for most of these people. People smoke it, and then they try something else etc. I'm personally glad to see this man arrested. :)
The Austin Eyeball

Salem, IN

#4 Apr 29, 2011
this is harlan combs and i quit smoking pot a year ago becuase i have a terminal illness and wanted to be leagal and the only way i could was to go get put on pain killers that are helping me die faster and i seriously just dropped some seeds last year and forgot them. all i wanted was to straighten up and get right with god before i die.I have been reading the bible and it says let the man without sin cast the first stone and love thy neibor like you love your self so, the low life that done this to me and my son will have to face god and be judged by the all mighty and its not on my sole so, i will pray for the people the police have all ready told me who done it so, so much for the so called anymous tip line huh?

United States

#5 Apr 29, 2011
Is this the gentlemen that was charged with the crime? Is this the man that law enforcement arrested, or is it just another person posting to try and stir the pot.(No Pun Intended) Why try and scare people from a tip line by telling the public they already told you who it was? If your trying to straighten up then you yourself should know that it can hurt you. Why bash the police for doing something that you yourself says is wrong?????
The Austin Eyeball

Salem, IN

#6 Apr 29, 2011
People do change and the police arent sussposed to tell people who told on them thats dangerous and it's there job not to tell on an anymous tiper if i was as bad of a criminal as they make me out to be they endangered those people but all i am going to do is pray for them. the bible says judge not lest you be judged and thats from the lord his self if you people dont believe me read it yourself dont take my word for it the good book only speaks the truth. I am going to be the bigger man and turn the other cheek as my lord would do. i do not bash anyone just thought that people should know how the police opperate and not endanger themselfs but, if they trust them then thats up to them but god be with them if they tell on the wrong one is all i am saying about it but, i made a mistake and i am man enough to own up it and leave it up to god and he will have mercy on me i have complete faith in that.
The Austin Eyeball

Salem, IN

#7 Apr 29, 2011
i have no problem with any law enforcement they just should be more careful is what i mean no bad intentions. I have some cops that are my friends and they wouldn't do that its just not right to mislead people by telling them no one will know and then tell them thats lying to the public and endangerment i just care about peoples welfare and didn't think it was right and i even told the officer who told me that it was wrong. I think it was just a slip of the tongue anyways. no one has to worry about me I have truly changed my ways and mean no harm to anyone.Also i hav committed no crime other than being forgetful if i even done it myself for all i know someone else could have done it but i did used to smoke and have thrown down seeds with no intent to grow anything.I could not even grow mold off bread. I am no farmer and never had been but if it happened then it did and no one can change the past only make the future better for themselves which is what i have tried to do but, no one will let me live down my past but, i don't care wht no one thinks of me but, my son and the good lord on judgement day.
The Austin Eyeball

Salem, IN

#8 Apr 29, 2011
I would also like to ask for any true cristians out there to pray for me and my family as i will pray for those who truly have faith in the lord. This my last comment and you are all in my prayers weather you hate me or not. God bless you all.
i beleive the man

Lexington, KY

#9 Apr 30, 2011
I watched my aunt & uncle die a horrible death. The only thing that give them any releif from the pain was pot. We were lucky enough that a doctor in new albany prescribed it. But had he not prscribed it I would've got it however I could've. My family by no means are around or have ever been around drugs. You watch someone you love suffer day in and day out for months you'll do what you have to do.I'm not to up on this mans case but it thought I read he only had three plants. I don't think you can bring in alot of money with that so there for it what the man said makes perfect sense. Because we have a drug problem in our city doesn't mean everyone with drugs is a drug lord. I myself have had several surgrys and have to take meds but I have a full time job, I'm active in the community and several other things. So don't look at every case the same. I've always said never judge a man until you have to put his shoes on. Mr Combs I'll keep you and your son and family in my prayers. You walk with your head up GOD knows your heart. GOD BLESS
Old Timer

Commiskey, IN

#10 May 2, 2011
Was there any buds on the plants its to early in the season. If you are in pain throw away the doctors cures,man made pills. God made us plenty of cures and things to relieve our pains. But man likes to make money off of man. So the free things God gave us to help is againest the law. Some people are just not wise and believe what they want. But if pot helps I say relieve your pain, eat and sleep better. I wish I could have talked a loved one into to smoking or at least eating it. She woundnt take pain pills. But she was brain washed pot is the devils drug. Man hurts Man. Come on 2012 medical maryjane we need you. 14 states see it maybe Indiana will soon. Write some letters send some e-mails I have been. Help the people in Indiana get off the bad pain meds. Get them off the streets from our young kids. Anyone need address for sending letters or e-mails ask i will post.
just a old hippie

United States

#11 May 2, 2011
G-13 was growing at ius for medical usage back 20years ago still not avalable in indiana for medical!!!

Erlanger, KY

#12 May 2, 2011
I know alot of Old hippies some of the true ones still look like they did 20yrs. ago!! And some went 2 other drugs and look older then their parents!!! The world is a sad place anymore im Old School myself..Peace :}
The Austin Eyeball

Salem, IN

#13 May 21, 2011
I would like to thank the community for the support and no the plants were only 2-3 inches tall like i said me or one of my freinds or SOMEONE threw some seeds in a flower pot in my back yard and they came up.I also think if i was cultivating it the plants would have been in the middle of the bucket they were clustered together at the edge of the bucket and they only had like 4-5 leaves on them and they act like i was growing an acre of it in the middle of austin yeah right. They would have stole them as soon as they were big enough to tell what they were they stole my sons old rusted up bike that wasn't even worth ten cents so, if it will get u high they are going to be all over it.I would've just tore them up as soon as i found them anyways but,i have never had any luck.I have also always treated my neighbors good they could have just told me and i would have tore them down and threw them away but ,I guess they thought it was funny to see me go jail.I got out the next day on bond. And if i was a drug addict i couldn't have bonded out it broke me but it beats that dungeon of a jail. Anyways thanks for the support and i will pray for u all.

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