Does anyone else have to deal with no...

Does anyone else have to deal with nosey neighbors!

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Crystal City, MO

#1 Dec 13, 2006
I have a neighbor who is so nosey, she will go as far as to ask my kids personal information about what goes on in our household. If we get something new, she wants to know how we bought it and how much it cost!We use to speak to her until we found out from people who know her, just what a back stabber, and lier she really is.
We found out first hand about how this woman can spread rummers about people that aren't true!We can't go out in our yard without this woman staring a hole through my family!
We have lived in our home for 17 years, and yeah when we first moved here, she would try and run over us, tell us what we could and couldn't plant in our own yard, or how we should mow the grass! When we would say anything to her about her behavior, she would say " Well we were here first, or noone likes you around here" at the time noone around here know us, but her!
For several years we just tried to deal with it and tried to get along, we had heard from people that the woman was trouble, but still, we tried! Until my daughter had ran away from home to be with her boyfriend. This woman would tell us how it was too bad that our daughter ran off and feeding us aline of crap, while at the sametime telling other people that we beat her all the time! Well, this got back to my daughter, so my daughter told us the lie she was telling! We confronted her, and of course she lied again and said she wouldn't do that! Well we have learned alot about this woman, and know otherwise!
We just want this nosey woman to mind her own bussiness and leave us alone!Does anyone else have problems with their neighbors, and if so, how do you deal with it, and still act like the mature one in the situation, or is that even possible?

Parlin, NJ

#2 Dec 16, 2006
You know, I used to get into the same kinda BS that you are/were in with the neighbors.

Seems some people are so unhappy within their own lives sometimes they need to focus on the finite details of other people's lives to distract themselves from themselves and escape their misery the drama they create.

I asked a few friend neighbors for advice and what I should do and it turned out they have all had negative experiences of their own. I wasnt alone.
One of my long time neighbors even pointed out to me that some of the newer folks that move into the complex HIDE specifically from her by keeping their blinds closed 24/7.

I always like to maintain the peace. I dont have time for the things that just don't matter anymore.
But, when my nosey neighbor harassing me over the handicapped parking space the complex put in at my request and then caused trouble in a new relationship with a woman who fully accepts and loves me with my disabilities, I called her out on it.

Now she is mad at me for the stupid, toughtless things SHE says and isnt talking to me.
I miss the friend she once "was," but it is nice not having to listen to dirty gossip about every single soul that lives in this community.

People like these hang themselves with their own rope over time. Even if you WANTED to help them, you can't force them to get a life, job, hobbie or break away from their rediculously obsessive behavior.

Good Luck!
Just erase her from your mind.
Either she'll fade away, or stupid her way into a position where the cops will have to handle her for you.

Crystal City, MO

#3 Dec 17, 2006
Thank you Jayce for the reply. I had more to tell you, but everytime I write it and click to enter my post, it won't enter it. Sorry to hear you have the same issues to have to deal with!


#4 Jun 7, 2007
You are gonna love this one people. I rent a home and my 18 year old daughter got her own place,so we was moving her things out of our hose to hers---and the neighbor across the steet called our landlord and told her we was moving.(Our landlord lives out of state).When we got home,there was a message on our machine from our landlord asking if we were vacating the property.We were so pissed! The next day,we were finishing up the moving and this witch sat across the street repeating over and over ----"are you moving?" Finally my husband said--"ya know---why dont you mind your own buisness???"He told her about calling the landlord and said she needs to stay out of our buisness---she just laughed and said ---"shes my fiend" and she said to watch what goes on!!!! Well its a happy day for me today---because i was approved for a home loan----im outta this town

Nelson, MO

#5 Jun 9, 2007
cindy wrote:
You are gonna love this one people. I rent a home and my 18 year old daughter got her own place,so we was moving her things out of our hose to hers---and the neighbor across the steet called our landlord and told her we was moving.(Our landlord lives out of state).When we got home,there was a message on our machine from our landlord asking if we were vacating the property.We were so pissed! The next day,we were finishing up the moving and this witch sat across the street repeating over and over ----"are you moving?" Finally my husband said--"ya know---why dont you mind your own buisness???"He told her about calling the landlord and said she needs to stay out of our buisness---she just laughed and said ---"shes my fiend" and she said to watch what goes on!!!! Well its a happy day for me today---because i was approved for a home loan----im outta this town
Hey, I'm happy for you! We moved away from our nosey neighbor's to after 18 years of hell living next to them! We are so very happy. We can actually go out in our yard, and not have to have the neighbor's wife breaking her neck to see what we are doing! She was soo nosey! I wrote ALL about it under my other name jypsy_rose_lee above.
The woman stoped working since her husband got a good paying job, which made things even worse. She stayed home getting fatter by the week, and stcking her nose where it didn't belong! I honestly didn't know which was getting biggest our nose, or her! From what I'v heard from the new owners of our house, she is doing the same things to them. This woman called the law on the other neighbors for having parties, but them she will make comments out in her yard while watching the police " well hopefully they will blame the neighbors" meaning us!She knew if they thought we called the law on them, that the kids having the party would tear our yard up even more! To top it all off, she was spose to be a freind to the mother of the kids having the party! She was a BIG FAT TROUBLEMAKER who never know when to quit! I am out of that hell now, and have very nice neighbors who live about a half mile day the road! After having her as a neighbor, I never want to live next door to anyone again!

Since: Feb 08

Saint Louis, MO

#6 Feb 25, 2008

Since: Feb 08

Saint Louis, MO

#7 Feb 25, 2008
Stalking exists on several levels. Victims may or may not be aware that it is happening, and the perpetrators may or may not have malicious intent. Stalkers may even have a sincere but misguided belief that their victims love them, or have a desire to help the victims.[1] Contrary to crimes that consist of a single act, stalking consists of a series of actions which in themselves can be legal, such as calling on the phone, sending gifts, or sending emails.[2] Most cases of stalking never escalate to extreme levels of violence or harassment.

Stalkers will often denigrate their victims which reduces the victims to objects. This allows stalkers to feel angry at victims without experiencing empathy, or they may feel that they are entitled to behave as they please toward the victims. Viewing victims as "lesser," "weak" or otherwise seriously flawed can support delusions that the victims needs to be rescued, or punished, by the stalkers. Stalkers may slander or defame the character of their victims which may isolate the victims and give the stalkers more control or a feeling of power.

Stalkers may use manipulative behavior such as bringing legal action against their victims. They may also (with the help of corrupt mental health professionals) falsely label victims with mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia. Stalkers may even threaten to commit suicide in order to coerce victims to intervene - all methods of forcing victims to have contact with the stalkers.

Stalkers may use threats and violence to frighten their victims. They may engage in vandalism and property damage (usually to victims' cars or residences). They may use physical attacks that are mostly meant to frighten. Less common are sexual assaults or physical attacks that leave serious physical injuries.[1]

more info:

Since: Feb 08

Saint Louis, MO

#8 Feb 25, 2008
a long time ago we had a neighbor that seemed she must hate us & I at the time thought I knew who it was who actually called DFS saying that we dragged our son up concrete steps!

DFS came over after CHURCH one Sunday & presented this issue to us & I almost died right there.

I called out across the house for him to come to the front room so I could point out to the DFS worker to look & see for herself his knees (it was warm weather & he had shorts on)

asking her if it LOOKED to her like he had been dragged up steps which were concrete because if he had he certainly would have SCRATCHES up his legs...

they are evil.
I don't care if they know what I think because I also think they shouldn't exist the way they do because most of it is based on LIES to get more money

I had more than enough "go around" with them & quite frankly when it boiled right down to it they are cowards who can't even answer questions online that are presented to them because of the lack of SMARTS they have!

I don't CARE how much NO SMARTS people such as myself have -- we are to take THEM as an EXAMPLE & most of the time we would be better off dead!

one of them who lived in Smithton who's husband is said to be a PEEPING TOM...
how did THAT slip past a DFS worker who was TRAINED to see such a thing in people who's homes she visits & can wreck in only 5 minutes worth of time
...meanwhile at her own home she sits daily at meals across from a known pervert & lays in the same bed & even had kids by yet CAN'T SEE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS?


Fayetteville, NC

#9 Sep 26, 2008
We have a complete lunatic for a neighbor who lives next door to us. This man is in his 60's, had lived in the house with his elderly parents for years until they passed away about 3 years ago, both of his parents died within days of each other.The son stayed living in the house after his parents died. We had been on a semi friendly basis with the elderly parents, they were strange...friendly one week, nasty the next. When the elderly woman was sick with cancer I would make the couple meals a few times a week and take them over, they seemed to appreciate the gesture. Well, there is an old house across the street from us that went up for sale. New people moved into it and we realized that these new people were old acquaintances of ours from about 10 years ago. We got to talking to our new neighbors and they told us that our 'lunatic' neighbor walked over to introduce himself and quickly began telling them all kinds of nasty things about us. All of which were complete and unbelievable lies. We were so shocked! He told them that we harassed his elderly parents into cutting down a 'favorite' old tree because it was dropping leaves into our pool...not true at all! When I saw them out in the yard talking to the tree cutters, I said to them 'please don't cut down that tree, it is so beautiful, I will be so sad to see it go.' The tree created the only shade in our whole yard since we had no trees! He told the new neighbors that our teenage son tears up his yard with his 4wheeler and he keeps calling the cops on him, NEVER HAPPENED! He told many more untruths. Well, these people moved out of the house across the street and new people moved in and I went over to welcome them to the neighborhood and could sense a coldness from the woman and she quickly told me that my next door neighbor had been over already! UGH! Lies, lies and more lies! We have lived in our house for 10 years and have always kept our yard perfect, been quiet and kind and this creep is spreading lies about us. Well, now I have begun allowing my teenager to open his bedroom windows which look down into his side yard, and BLAST his stereo, I mean BLAST! If he wants bad neighbors, he shall have them!

Since: Feb 08

Belleville, IL

#10 Oct 23, 2008
Rotton Neighbors!!
Rotten Neighbor is the first real estate search engine of its kind to provide ratings and reviews of good and bad neighbors across the world. Whether you're an ...

I can relate...
dont even know them

Alto, NM

#11 Oct 27, 2008
i dont know most of my neighbors and i like it like that.

Since: Feb 08

Belleville, IL

#12 Nov 8, 2008
that's up to you --
thanks for typin

“It's really me. Ted”

Since: Oct 07


#13 Nov 3, 2009
We have nosey neighbors that watch my every move.She is especially snoopy looking out the window and door every time that I take the dog out or any other time. She has friends that follow me when I go to the stores and text message every move.I have been followed in cars and on foot.Her and her friends keep in touch by signals with lights and by making dogs bark. Weird neighbors indeed.I feel stalked!


#14 Nov 20, 2009
i have a neighbor from hell, she is nosey as heck, and she either talks bad about me or my other neighbor, i started ignoring her and when i was outside sweeping leaves i held my door as she walked out and said stick around i might need you honey. that day she worked around her property without bothering me... i really think she is a lunatic and i will keep on ignoring her comments until she gets the message... ignoring is hard to do but i think it really works... because it embarrasses her.. she is the one left yelling...


#15 Nov 20, 2009
have to add something to my comments -- i was talking to my husband when i said that...
sharon hewitt

Birmingham, UK

#16 Nov 24, 2009
my daughter is on anti depressents because of mine

Warrensburg, MO

#17 Dec 26, 2009
We used to have a nosy neighbor who was always starting rumors that my wife and I were getting a divorce and so on if we happened to be getting new furniture or something and saw them moving out the old furniture. We nicknamed her "Eagle Eye" and just laughed it off. Some people have nothing better to do than try to run the lives of people who should be of no concern to them.
dreaming of sumer breeze

Bucksport, ME

#18 Jan 10, 2010
i have a terrible neighbor, she is so loud, i made a big mistake moving to a place that the neighbors are so close, i can't wait to get out of here, she is so obnoxious, when she laughs she sounds like a horrible loud nasty witch, because all she does is cackle, and she is constantly screaming for her daughter out her door, i broke down crying to my landlord that i couldn't take it anymore, and then she sat out of the porch, and screamed loudly about something, and then my window was open so she said, shove that one up your ass (and then my name), i can't believe there are people like this! it shocks me so much, and all she does is scream at her poor little girl all the time, i feel so bad for her that i used to have her over and teach my daughter to be nice to her, because she doesn't have very good manors at all, but after a while i just couldn't deal with the whole situation, then one night she locked her husband out the door, and i had to listen to him kick the door until late in the morning, it was awful. i feel like i am being subjected to all of this and it is hurting me so much! i wished i had called the police now, i know if it ever happens again that i will. i won't take it again! i just was scared to get involved. i didn't know what was going on. their just crazy! and she's always talking loudly to all the neighbors, i heard one person say they feel sorry for her, i don't! she brings on her own problems! i can't even have my windows open in the summer when it would be nice to have a cool breeze, i can't wait to leave here, we are hoping to be able to get a house, i hope so! i'm just so tired of it!

Phoenix, AZ

#19 Mar 31, 2011
i have a neighbor that is so terrible she calls the city on me for everything, takes my mail and abuses my dogs. She convinced the city to take me to court over barking dogs but it was dropped. she actually had her friend help her set up chairs tables and ladders against the wall i share with her so she could come over the fence to throw things at and hose my dogs. my dogs are all large breed but have never bit anyone and are praised regularly by new guests for how calm and friendly they are. this woman is such a bitter old bitty her own family changed their numbers so she cant reach them and her only son even changed his last name because he detests her so much. living next to this hag has made my life really stressful all in attempts to appease her. the only advise i have is fight back in small ways and dont give up. people like them need to learn they cant just bully people to get their way.

United States

#20 May 9, 2011
I have never been a socialable person. I go to work. I come home. My neighbor; when they first moved in kept to themselves. Saying "Hello" and "Howdy" I went about my business. I heard from a co-worker that my neighbor had told my boss about my person life. Everything!!!! I don't find myself interesting and important enough to have to go through this. Envasion of my rights at home and work. Everyone at work knows my private life.

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