This poll only had a sample of 300 people, and was paid for by the maritime industry... the Polling Group refused to say who paid them. The questions were biased leaning toward opposition. Especially the one about all these groups are against the arena and it will cause living wage jobs to be lost. The Port has not been able to produce a single data point to prove this point and the UW economists have stated quite clearly that their analysis shows that the Port does not have any data to back their assertions that this will cause job loss. But the Port doesn't care about the truth; it is using as its leadership has in the past... tax payer dollars and high paid consultants who are politically connected to the Planning Commission and City Council and others to buy what they want. I have never been more disgusted with Seattle Politics than I am today. We have respectable businessmen offer to build us a stadium, bring back the NBA and NHL and ask us for a partnership. and we let the Port hold us hostage. I say enough is enough. Make the Port prove its case or back off by ignoring the inappropriate and insulting behavior.