Used to drive through Greenwood, De to my beach place, used to stop and get fresh greens and produce. But, one early saturday in March a Greenwood police officer stopped me with my two cats. I had seen him in afar.. and thought those who were speeding would be stopped... NOPE.. he stopped me and gave me a ticket.. I thought it was absurbed.. and just took it.. but guess what, I'm from Washington, DC, and used to stop in the little towns and buy food and stuff, and I used to like to get lots of things from Yodiers. But, this police officer scared me off.. so I just now continue on Route 404 and NEVER go back through your nice town.. So, that's how police negatively affect business.. I already told other's not to take Route 16.. I hope you people enjoyed your $85 dollars they collected in fines... But, just your area and just buy stuff in Bridgville, Thank's Greenwood Police Office.. :)