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Exeter, NH

#22 Oct 20, 2012
stupid people wrote:
listen all ,i've got to tell you ,i'm really saddened by what you people think happened ,someone was sexually assaulted .(doesn't matter what she drove or how many times she got into an accident)the man who did this obviously was'n't in his right frame of mind. the people that were there that night were all really close friends .some just reunited..has any of the mans family contacted the owner of the round rock to see what happened ?..why do people place blame? the owner didn't make him do that .he may of been a great guy and a great father .but something made him snap,for whatever reason no one will know .why don't you stop blaming people and go talk to him ,find out what really happened .or is the truth too painful?just remember this,some of you all know the owner of the round rock .do you think you might have a little compassion as to what hes going through.he lost a best friend.
compassion goes out to the victems families only.if the round rock had not partied with friends and patrons after hours (which by the way is against the law city and state)this more than likely would not have happened. the owner of the round rock, is the same as the drunk driver who got behind the wheel of a car and caused a wreck resulting in the death of someone.and again till the cover ups stop people only have rumors and stories to go on.rember this was a terrable crime in our town,people are concerned for meny know unclesaltybath may sound like a sicko but i for one now understand the comments.
stupid people

Exeter, NH

#24 Oct 31, 2012
compassion we are all adults you idiot.we make our own choices .no one twisted anyone's arm.if he was doing drugs does that mean he got them from the round rock too?so if i crashed my car into the river does that mean its the dealers fault .idiot ,we are all responsible for adults.why don't you get ur facts straight .you don't even know where they partied?where the rest doing come they all weren't acting like that?god damn raper ,raper thats what the hell happened .

Exeter, NH

#25 Nov 1, 2012
they were all doing drugs,it was a gang rape and G is an aids infested coward zombie junky!and the party goes on.......... so f the round rock!
stupid people

Exeter, NH

#26 Nov 3, 2012
so you know that for sure?you was there .wow .who is g?really ,you don't even know what your talking about .dombass.why don't you get your facts straight .because i know what happened .

Exeter, NH

#27 Nov 4, 2012
you stupid zombies!i'm having fun with the rumors! put the facts out there.till then there will be a druged out zombie orgie every night at the round rock.thats what i know,because thats what i hear,ha ha are all fu#%edup zombies if you dont get straighten up the facts till then ,the rumors and stories are our facts.STOP BEING ZOMBIES!!!!
get a life

North Hampton, NH

#28 Nov 4, 2012
why don't u all get a life and stay out of other peoples business

Springfield, NJ

#29 Nov 5, 2012
Why don't all of you stop with rumors and speculation!Its done leave it alone!The people there are all adults and what happened happened cant change it!You can't blame others for peoples actions!!Enough Pls!!!

Exeter, NH

#30 Nov 6, 2012
tonights dinner special at the round rock all dishes served with a side of BRAINS or face take your pick.and dont forget after closing the zombie orgie with all you can eat buffet BYOBS!
The Truth Commission

Hampton, NH

#31 Dec 3, 2012
First off, you're terribly, terribly mistaken if you believe this isn't the townfolk's business! VIOLENT CRIME IS THE TOWNFOLK'S BUSINESS, EVERY TIME! You folks have FAILED, MISERABLY, at providing a safe, and more importantly, HUMANE, environment and society! I promise you this, all the dried-up, stinky boozehounds, cokeheads, pillheads, meth heads, crackheads and steroid-abusing sociopaths and psychotics will ALL be exposed, in time! This area is FRAUGHT with boundless LIES and DENIAL, and the TRUTH will be unleashed upon you scoundrels and abusers, and the Truthtellers will revel in your exposure and demise. Local business owners are in cahoots with taxpayer-paid police, and the police are in cahoots with nationalized unions aka EXTORTION RACKETS. These crooked cop'rs want that big pension plan, but they don't want to work too hard for it... like arrest all the illegal alien job thieves on Hampton Beach, etc, and maybe take those jobs back for American's. How many illegal Russian's you see around, working illegally? SCUMBAGS! You SIMPLETON'S AND FOOLS assume that we are all NAIVE and willfully ignorant, like you, but we aren't. We know of your shady business practices, the hiring of known illegal aliens, the fake marriages to immigrants for money, the bar owners paying off the police with "donations", etc. It's all been documented, and the TRUTHBOMBS will one day fall on this crooked seacoast area. Wally's Pub, Round Rock, Stacy Jane's, it doesn't matter the locale, they are inundated with liars, sociopaths, and addicts. Abusers, users and degenerates. Your money can only protect you for so long. The TRUTH is coming. There are MOLES in your bars, your pubs, after parties, they speak of the truth to fellow Truthtellers. Next time you lie, or cover-up a major crime, remember.....The Truthtellers are everywhere now......

Charleston, WV

#32 Dec 20, 2012
g) A "substantial question of executive privilege" exists if NARA's disclosure of Presidential records might impair national security (including the conduct of foreign relations), law enforcement, or the deliberative processes of the executive branch.
Bubba d

Rohnert Park, CA

#33 Dec 22, 2012
limeybassturd wrote:
g) A "substantial question of executive privilege" exists if NARA's disclosure of Presidential records might impair national security (including the conduct of foreign relations), law enforcement, or the deliberative processes of the executive branch.
What the hell are you talking about?

Hampton, NH

#34 Dec 29, 2012
Three words for you people. HOOKED ON PHONICS

Exeter, NH

#35 Jan 1, 2013
First of all, to those of you who are yelling about after hour parties, the owner of the Round Rock lived upstairs. There were no after hour parties going on except in his home.

To those of you who are saying that the woman deserved it or are noting how many times she drove drunk, get off your high horse and realize that nobody - I don't care who you are - deserves to be raped. I don't care if someone walks down the street naked, THAT DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO RAPE HER!!!

You may have attachments to the rapist, and believe me, I feel for him and his family but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THE RAPIST.

He raped by choice, he died by choice.

To the owner of the Round Rock: Don't take this too hard. I know that it was your relative and a very good friend of yours but please realize that it WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Romulus, MI

#36 Jan 1, 2013
wtf wrote:
<quoted text>i dont i have to know everything,it is everyones RIGHT to know of crimes happening within our towns.crime is public info,so why the cover up. who else was at the round rock that night.after hours parties at bars,A CRIME.round rock known for its after hours parties.petty bull seems to make the papers and news.a person gets arrested for something petty and stupid their name and address is printed in the papers, police logs,and court logs throughout meny towns why are these not covered up.and because this happened in our community it does have to do with me and everyone else within this community.WTF it is our right to know.
How does it concern you, because you are the supplier.?? You really should get your facts straight. And I know you didn't know him, because of what you said. You are solo far off base, dumbass

Romulus, MI

#37 Jan 2, 2013
scumfighter wrote:
What happened at Round Rock estaurant? If what I heard is true I am sad for woman/victim. She is sweet. The pig rapist did the right thing and committed suicide
hey numbnuts.....r u that sheltered from the world.....that u would make such a statement, not knowing a thing about that the reason you hide behind a false name.??? Have you ever heard of tabbing someone up in their drink when they're not looking.??? Lets hope it doesn't happen to u or a loved one.:-) by the way, scumfighter doesn't fit you, but, SCUDfinder does. I LMAO at dumbasses like yourself.........Dumbass....u must b one of the whores clients. LOL

Hampton, NH

#38 Jan 3, 2013
Yo, sputnik, 'scuse me geese but i'm pretty sure a lot of these people KNOW exactly what they're talking about. hahaaaaa dumbass

Exeter, NH

#39 Jan 4, 2013
back from vaca and i see the zombies are still at it. sputnut has become king tell us true sputnut how many zombies have you helped to create,i bet a must be pissed the byobs after hour police protected zombie orgies are getting harder to find. rember zombie hunters always aim for the head and shoot twice make sure!ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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