Fluvanna Farm Owner Speaks Out after ...

Fluvanna Farm Owner Speaks Out after Dogs Attack her Livestock - NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA N...

There are 232 comments on the NBC29 Charlottesville story from Nov 25, 2012, titled Fluvanna Farm Owner Speaks Out after Dogs Attack her Livestock - NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA N.... In it, NBC29 Charlottesville reports that:

A Fluvanna County farm owner is urging people to keep pets on their own property to prevent the terrifying scene that played out inside her barn.

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Charlottesville, VA

#215 Mar 2, 2013
my, this thread has digressed

Charlottesville, VA

#216 Mar 2, 2013
Come on over to my farm page and, while there, take a look at the photos of what her dogs did to my goats. https://www.facebook.com/Harvest.Moon.Farm

There's an easy enough solution to this - pay me what the judge ordered and you'll never have to deal with me again. If the judge hadn't found the evidence convincing, he never would have ruled in my favor. How hard is that to understand?

As far as verbally attacking my family - do whatever makes you feel better. You're not hurting us - we're proud of who we are.

Prospect, VA

#217 Mar 2, 2013
We wrote into the court. Those dogs have been around our lamanchas and never showed interest.

We will never buy, barter, or sell to these people!

Thanks Lori for showing me this link.

Why hasnt anyone called the law? isnt cyberbullying illegal?

When you "eye for an eye" you dont get damages!!

These people aren't farmers!

Nixa, MO

#218 Mar 2, 2013
humm wrote:
<quoted text>
please move back to the city
As long as there are immature people who will not properly control their animals, then there will be a need for laws to force them to do so.

Living rurally does not give you the right to inflict your untrained dogs on others, endangering both humans and livestock.

If you're a "country" person who lets your dogs roam, then get your act together and train your animals.

If you're a country person who controls your dogs, then good on 'ya, because you know what it's about.

Prospect, VA

#219 Mar 2, 2013
I hate bullies!
I will not be buying, selling, or bartering with this women....ever.
The owner's are my friend and have done great favors for me. They had wonderful dogs that loved people and never ever bothered my livestock.
This lady is insane!!! and she will get her come upns'
Harassment is illegal and so is cyber bullying!!!

Prospect, VA

#220 Mar 2, 2013
Thanks Lorri, retta, kim, john, and others. I didn't know there was a published story.

Our farm wrote into the court. The dogs have never bothered our nubians, chickens, or cattle.

This article is yellow journalism. The 'farm owner' didn't see anything there wasn't any proof besides the dogs being on the property....all of us know it!!! You are lucky the judge was doing you a favor that day....actually he wasn't. You really think the judge didn't know what he was doing?

I will never buy, sell, or barter with this women and I will tell my other local farm friends and managers!!

We have never shot a dog and we have never felt the need to. The rule that was passed down to me was if you shoot the culprit you got your 'payment.'

RMFRM I KNOW WHO THE "LITTE BIRD/FARMER" is and its sad because I think "Trish" thinks this lady is her friend.

Kris D

Monroe, WA

#221 Mar 2, 2013
Regardless of the emotion of this situation the facts remain that the owners dogs were out (regardless of how it happened) and attacked and killed livestock. Regardless of whether the owner has money or what she did in the past to save and rescue animals, she and her husband are responsible to reimburse for the cost of the livestock. The judge obviously agreed to this which is why he ruled in favor of the goat owner. If the owner couldn't keep these dogs in then she should either take them out on a leash or fence in her yard. As a pet owner you have a responsibility for them and for what they do. If you can't do this then the answer is to not own animals.

Everyone can be mad and throw insults back and forth but why should Trish have to front the bill for her livestock being killed by someone else's dogs? She had every right to shoot the dogs. The dogs had no right to be on her property. If Trish's goats had wandered over to the dog owners house then Trish would be responsible.

FWIW registered dairy goats can easily fetch $1000 a piece. Honestly if I were Trish I would put a lien on her house. If I were the dog owner I would pay $5 a week if I had to to make it right.

Prospect, VA

#222 Mar 2, 2013
As a farm owner you need to expect additonal expenses.

If Trish valued her livestock she should have invested in better fencing and a livestock gaurdian. There is such a thing as a neglectful farmer.

I raise registered Nubians and before I got them I made sure I read all the books and got what I needed to keep them safe!!!

No judgment for bad livestock owners.

If her neighbor dog got to the property so can anyother animal.

Prospect, VA

#223 Mar 2, 2013
We wll not buy, sell, or barter with bullies!


You shouldnt get squat when you blly, defame, and lie
Animal Lover

Chesapeake, OH

#224 Mar 2, 2013
The court will add interest to the $2500.00 each day it's not paid.

Prospect, VA

#225 Mar 2, 2013
My farm wll also not buy, sell, or barter with Ms. Cooper.
We did not before.Never heard of her.

fence in yer goats!

Charlottesville, VA

#226 Mar 2, 2013
My entire 64 acres is fenced. I fence to keep my animals in; I shouldn't have to fence to keep someone's dogs out. For those of you who care so much to visit my page and to continue with your hateful remarks here, the photos of what her dogs did to my goats are now viewable on my farm page. Even after all of your hateful remarks here, I pray none of you EVER have to go through what we have. Domestic dogs are, at their very core, predators. If you don't know that, you have no business owning them, or any other animal for that matter.
Kris D

Monroe, WA

#227 Mar 2, 2013
You're kidding right Kate? You're actually blaming the goat owner because the dogs attacked her goats? Why is the goat owner to blame for her goats being attacked in her yard?? So what if other animals could get in? Other animals didn't get in, the dogs got in and killed her livestock then came back to finish off her chickens. Why isn't it the dog owners fault?
Yes as a goat farmer we expect additional expenses but not at the hands of other people.

So let me ask you this, if the dogs were loose and attacked your child in your yard is the dog owner still innocent? What if her dogs came over in your yard through your fence and attacked and killed your dogs? Is she still innocent? Do you think the goats deserved to be mauled to death? They feel pain just like the rest of us, they also supply meat, milk, cheese, yogurt etc to their owners. This is literally food taken right out of the goat farmers mouth.

The dog owners were careless, now unfortunately both the goats and the dogs are dead as a result. Her homeowners insurance should cover it.

This is exactly the reason that most farmers shoot, shovel and shut up.

Charlottesville, VA

#228 Mar 2, 2013
For those of you who think it can never happen to you, you might want to do some research. This is only a very small sampling of what domestic dogs do to livestock on a daily basis:

Goats Mauled and Killed By Dogs

Dogs attack, kill 2 goats in Pasadena

Alpacas mauled to death in Essex County (right here in Virginia)
Kris D

Bellingham, WA

#229 Mar 2, 2013
Maybe it's a Virginia thing that people think it's ok to be an irresponsible pet owner. I would have reimbursed the goat owner immediately without being asked, because it's the right thing to do. Yes I would feel horrible if my dogs got shot but it's my responsibility to keep them safe especially from themselves.

Trish you should move here, my dogs aren't livestock killers and we are responsible owners.

Greeneville, TN

#230 Mar 3, 2013
Really no farmer in the area would do business with these people again? Any(Farmer) worth their salt would have done the same thing. Shot the dogs. Farming livestock is expensive. No one is going to stand by and watch their animals being needlessly killed. Really some of you are going to go right in there and stop those dogs in the middle of their blood lust? Go ahead that is something I would like to see. I am a farmer I would not get in middle of dogs killing. Getting bit or having them turn on me is not worth the risk. I would shoot them. Just like anyone in that situation. I have dogs on my farm they are confined to my farm. If they left my farm and killed others livestock I would shoot them myself and compensate the owner of the livestock for their losses. It is never ok to let dogs run free to do as they please. It's all fun and games until some one has to pay damages. What happens if these dogs turned on a person and maimed or killed them?
Just Saying

Chesapeake, OH

#231 Mar 3, 2013
I hope this story doesn't end up on the ID channel.

Charlottesville, VA

#232 Mar 3, 2013
Dude wrote:
<quoted text>what kind of dogs were they?
Mongolese Goat hatin' dogs

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#233 Mar 4, 2013
my farm will never buy, sell, or trade with the goat owner.

We do not condone animal abuse.

Wildkarama....very rarely do farmers shot dogs. We dont shoot dogs over chickens and especially not a dog that belongs to a nieghbor.

I hada loose dog a couple weeks ago. The dog was runnin after my chickens. I followed the dog and found that the owner had a broken leg and was unable to take care of the dog. I donated and helped build a kennel.

Chickens aren't that expensive and they aren't worth shooting someones dog over.

Ive been in Virginia my whole life. My farm was my granddad's never heard of anyone shooting a family dog for something they didnt actually see. Never heard of no one shooting dogs over chickens. Coytoes...yes. Bobcats yes. Wild dogs...yes.

I treat my working dogs as family. Its not right. Its just fckd up and I hope you dont see a dime.

The others and I wil make sure of that....

Prospect, VA

#234 Mar 4, 2013
wow. i was just calling out a bully.

new on the bully blog. Trish thinks shes a computer hacker and threatens to sue for information that already is public or she has made public.

Foreclosure on your property...PUBLIC INFO!
Convos and info about your family you made public.

Your not the sharpest tool in the shed but you are the biggest!!!

when you go to the media you open yourself up to ridicule by the general public. We can decide that you are a jerk.

I have shot a dog once but its jaws were physically on my buck.

Most of the farmers in this area knew the dogs and know the owners. We know the dogs would never try to attack you. Those sweet pups were trained and were good at retrieving and hunting.Your full of it and all the locals know it!

Another thing we all know thats public info.....you rent your 64 acre farm cause and the truth is you cant afford to farm. Ms. Susan would be upset to know that you are cyber bullying people who own there home. Try getting a mortgage with a bad recommendation.

FYI stating information that is true and you have provided is not defamation. The only person who is guilty of that is you. Cyberbullying is illegal.

Yes, it is your repsonsibilty to keep your livestock as safe as possible..it takes many circumstances to create an accident.The owners were required to vaccinat their dogs and give them fencing and they did that. You cannot say the same. A half assed fence and free ranging chickens is poor ownership of livestock.

I spoke with my kin's farm they will also not buy, sell, or trade with you.

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