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#120 Oct 1, 2012
Wow! If this isn't a true testament to just how pathetic the people of Scottsville truly are. First of all, every teacher in your school district clearly needs to be fired & replaced with people that possess the ability to teach the imbred mentally challenged offspring of Scottsville's finest. Out of 100 posts, a handful of posts that were legible. Way to go Shana...I'm guessing you aren't from there.

Crystal...I don't know you, however seems you did the right thing. Congratulations on your divorce. Enjoy your life knowing you are away from the white trash, and chuckle hard throughout the years to come as you see those people get arrested time & time again. day your big mouth that spews nothing but illiterate bullshit will get you whats coming. The fact alone that you are on here ranting about a man in jail for god knows what, probably on drugs, and a child molester, already married to someone else shows your character. Obviously, at 17 your parents either don't care about you or are drug addicts themselves & to fucked up to know or care what you're doing. I believe the ole addage "apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" applies to you.
Now go ahead & run your mouth about how I need to shut my mouth, and you can kick the world's ass, and if you want to find me you can, though I seriously doubt you have a vehicle, let alone possess the ability to read a road map. I am an old retired man in Atlanta, GA who knows an complete & utter idiot when I see/hear one. I would just put a bullet in your head & end your pathetic misery.

Ottawa, Canada

#121 Mar 4, 2013
Hi there,
I just wanted to make a statement on this whole event. The fighting engaged on this site and, the fight in person between brandi and crystal. I believe that crystal at that point and time needed to grow up. She was 17 years of age and she was a child and did not know how to think like and adult and act like an adult because of her age and brain development through the 17 years of life. I have one concern for brandi, if she is 17 and the woman she fought is 30, how old is her now husband? That frieghtens me. She is still a child and he may be taking advantage of her inability to think logically in a relationship since she has not had enough experience to be married. She has paid for her actions and I do hope she will move forward and grow into a adult.
As for crystal, rumors do not come for absolutely no where. Obviously there is something that had happend and you acted like a bad person and a promiscuous woman. It may not have helped you favor. You should have never engaged verbally with brandi because that proved that you are indeed a child as well. Even though age may say otherwise. I hope both of you grow, but overall my statement for this whole event....

Grow up and take classes to better your speech and spelling. It will aid you in your future.

From the Canadian Jocelyn :)

Ottawa, Canada

#122 Mar 4, 2013
I apologize I had switched the names around. Please reverse that statement

Since: Feb 13

Westmoreland, TN

#123 Mar 4, 2013
Gee whizzers.
They had to get a backhoe to dig this one back up.
Please, I like a good fight but this is not.
Let it RIP_{:

Thompson, Canada

#124 Aug 23, 2013
i loved readiing about kristina not so much about you tho

Clinton Township, MI

#125 Jun 9, 2017
Brandi wrote:
<quoted text>

Ok first off i dont see why you are putting Hopkins with your name your not with him so and your not going to be Hopkins for long. You say that if you wanted him you could have him. Thats not true b/c he dont want your nasty ass back. He didnt want you in the first place he used you. Never truley loved you. I am not one to just run my mouth we are going to settle this sh*t im tired of you running you mouth and not doing anything about it. Also lieing about everything you here or say. You have benn nothing but trouble your whole life. SO were do you want to meet at? Dont say your not about the the drama b/c you are DRAMA and i will make you be drama. Your the cause of everything you think that your going to come in between us with your lies and sh*t but it ant happening get it through you fat ass head. I honestly belive that your lieing about him writting you from jail. He only gets 2 stamps a week and i get 2 letters from him a week. YOu lie about everything anyway so i have no reason to belive you this time!! Unless you can bring me the letters b/c i know how he writes and spells. If it was him then me and him will deal with that issue. But me and you are going to settle the other issues i mean that so belive it. As for you and randy if yall are doing so good and going to get married then why in the hell was you calling my man before he went to jail? I bet reandy dont know about that huh.. he probley wount like it to good...Who*e! You so... better be glad that i havent seen you out. I dont care if i see you in the white house its going down we gonna have like 100 people in the stands and we gonna see how bad you really are. Aslo heard that you and randy were haveing problems wich is none of my biz dont care about you or him 2 be honest. So you need to stop careing about what goes on with me and my man. How could you have signed divorce papers on 9-13-2010 when that day hasnt even arrived yet you a stupid bi*ch. You dissrespected my family at tammys funeral im out to get you for that to. You DONT go into a funeral home blabbing your mouth out loud about sh*t like that expecially if it's not true. YOu just dont want him being happy. Well to late for that. HEs comeing home to me Not your nasty ass. Ant no telling what you got. Ya know from cheating so much. Well i guess i better stop writting b/c i know your a snitch and probley get me put in jal. Just like you did some other certin person HUM.. wonder who that was. Bi*ch!!! One more thing. YOu dont need to be calling Anita and asking how shes doning. She ant got time for you or your fu*king lies. Your not her TRUE friend anyway. YOu are a peice of sh*t thats all you are!!!!
You honestly can't even spell simple ass words yet you're talking shit about her.... ok crackhead enjoy your felon of a man I doubt she wants his pathetic ass keep it moving

Clinton Township, MI

#126 Jun 9, 2017
Brandi wrote:
<quoted text>

Well miss bitch who are you? I don't give a shit what you say! Do you wont some to?? You can get it. Or are you like your little scared friend? I wouldnt talk about runnin good shit down because if you have'nt notice yet crystal ant nothing good at all she's a whore a bitch and a snitch. What trash are you talking about? Timmy ant trash. He's never been trash to me. Yall just mad because she ant getting the dick anymore. Hell Miss perfect has probley fucked your old man to. Wouldnt doubt it. she been all over this little ass town. Shit nobody is going to jail so thats no excuse to say o he ant worth going to jail oever. The only way anybody would go to jail or the po po would be involved is if she called them. That i promise to you. I ant like her i don't call the po po i take care of my own shit. Never called the po po a day in my life. Who's talking bitch? Talk to miss perfect about calling the po po. So come on with it both of you. Be weman and put the REAL NAME on here. That's what im talking about people are scared for anybody to know who they really are. You see i got my name on here.... Another thing we wasnt friends when he was locked up she just thought we were it was all a way of getting the truth out about the letter. Yea he did write her but it was only for money. Nothing else. Because he don't want that rotten pus anymore said he done enough gagging when he went down on it.
Damn you are one illiterate bitch you and your std infested man are honestly sad you said like some trailer trash honestly did you even go to school or did the drugs just fry your brain? Is that why you're so convinced everyone wants your low life man

Clinton Township, MI

#127 Jun 9, 2017
Mmmmlll wrote:
<quoted text>

Damn you are one illiterate bitch you and your std infested man are honestly sad you said like some trailer trash honestly did you even go to school or did the drugs just fry your brain? Is that why you're so convinced everyone wants your low life man

Clinton Township, MI

#128 Jun 9, 2017
brandi wrote:
you talk abou spelling looks like you need to learn how to spell also. WILL HELP YOU NOW MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE?? Dont you mean know matter were you are in life. Further more i dont do meth my teeth are pretty perfect and white. So get your shit stright. The reason i cant get some of the spelli. right is because i am on my internet on my phone. Wich some like you cant afford and its a touch screen so its kinda hard to get every word spelled out perfectly. You can think cat scratching all you wont i cant make it nothing because tbat bitch is scared. So shut your mouth a.d stay outta it. Thats my advice to you.
Your illiterate ass still got it wrong it would be "will help you no* matter where you are in life" you dumb fuck. How old are you even...? Like 12?(Oh yea forgot he likes them young) You have the grammar of a two year old, have fun sleeping with a man that gets off on raping kids... acting like you know shit about what happened...were you there when it happened..? No I don't think so, so you don't know shit so take your meth head ass on somewhere cause you couldn't beat up a toothpick, your bones are probably as weak as your grammar. All that crank caught up to you nasty ass bitch. If anyone's a dirty ass low life it's you, not Cristal, she got her life back together and got clean. While your dirty ass is probably still shooting up and snorting everything in sight you and him belong together you're both trailer trash...
Schmedley T Troll

Lithonia, GA

#129 Jun 9, 2017
wah waaaah waaaahhhhhh.
for the dead thread.
nice of you flakes to decorate the grave.

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