Jennifer Scott and Steven
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“Sweeter then Sugar, Suga! (;”

Since: Jun 11

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#21 Jun 27, 2011
Idfk wrote:
Ya'll people seriously need to get a LIFE! If she cheats on him, he will realize it. If he hits her good enough hopefully it'll knock some sense into her for being with him, But seriously its not yall buisness to be dogin' someone you prob. don't know $hit about. Thank ya
If they didn't have a life they would be dead!

“Sweeter then Sugar, Suga! (;”

Since: Jun 11

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#22 Jun 27, 2011
anyone wrote:
she works st mcdonalds!

“Sweeter then Sugar, Suga! (;”

Since: Jun 11

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#23 Jun 27, 2011
austin carver wrote:
This is austin carver and steven is a good friend he knows tht she cheated on him cause i was wit him whn we found out. So he knows about tht. And idk about the whole hittin thing but I see them everyday I have first block wit jenifer and I have never saw anything wrong wit her. And she dnt wrk at sonic any more its mcdonalds and everybody is nt goin to think she is pretty but steven does he prolly dnt think your girlfriend is hot but you do and tht is all tht matters cause wat wld happen if we all thought the same girl was hot. So y'all jus need to stop bashin them on her if you wanna bash some body at least have sum balls and put you real name and say it to his face... tht is all I gotta say
Can someone please give this boy a grammar lesson? LOL
ACSHS graduate 2011

Lafayette, TN

#24 Jun 28, 2011
She works at Sonic and she is as abusive as he is to her shes bossy and looks like a freaking toothpick and Steven is too nice of guy to want to realize tht she cheats on him trust me i know i graduated with them!

“Sweeter then Sugar, Suga! (;”

Since: Jun 11

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#25 Jun 29, 2011
I belive she works at McDonalds.

Abusive relationships are no good, at all.

Scottsville, KY

#26 Jul 4, 2011
they broke up. but that's nothing new. they'll be back together before long because "she's in love with him". Steven is too good of a guy to take her shit, and just needs to move on.:)

“Sweeter then Sugar, Suga! (;”

Since: Jun 11

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#27 Jul 4, 2011
lmao wrote:
they broke up. but that's nothing new. they'll be back together before long because "she's in love with him". Steven is too good of a guy to take her shit, and just needs to move on.:)
Who cares

Herndon, VA

#28 Jan 25, 2012
Who cares they are both losers Steven acts like he's a good friend to you but will get you in trouble. If Jennifer cheated on him she would know what good d**k is and wouldn't go back to him.
Her best friend NOT

Elizabethtown, KY

#29 Jun 10, 2012
She is a nasty ass hoe that looks like a pile of bones. She has a nose making her look like a bird of rio. She always braggs about what she has which is nothing and she does cheat on steven.. I have proof!
Jamie Lockheart

Buffalo, KY

#30 Jul 12, 2012
Theresa Scott wrote:
Yea unlike all these other ppl who wanna talk shit and not put there name on here i'm not scared too... why dont ya'll grow up and move the fuck on the only reason you talk about her is because your pathetic little lives are so boring you have nothing better to do. I actually feel sorry for you. so how about u not post anything until u get up enough nerve to add your name.
I see where she gets her smack talk from it must run in the family! Are you responcible for the way she acts andcarries herself? She was sending my 12 yr old sister messages and sying she was going to beat her up and hurt her let me see her out in bowling green fu*k you and her both
witness at the Y

Portland, TN

#31 Jul 13, 2012
She got her a** beat by a 30 something swim mom at the Y Tuesday. That woman walked up...ask her her name...introduced herself...then beat her a**. I heard there was 13 year old girl she was making threats to on the phone and that girls mom broke that up proper. police was called and everything.Blondie got tore up!!!!Maybe she will leave these little kids alone if enough of these moms and kid sisters step up and handle her boney a**.

Smart a** kid predator = 0

Protective swim mom = 1
I saw it

Buffalo, KY

#32 Jul 13, 2012
She said she was jumped from behind thats a LIE!! I saw the video from the "Y" cameras and she was not jumped from behind it was head on! You can only get by with doing reckless things for so long and they catch up to you.Why would you mess with a 13 year old? I know the mom and I would have never thought she could do what she did just from her coming in to the "Y" guess that proves you may not know someone like you think you do

Baltimore, MD

#33 Aug 2, 2012
This bitch is worthless. She lies constantly and always has some drama to start. I know this, because we use to be friends. She has cheated on Steven more times than she can count. He has been told, so it's up to him to act on it.
As far as the fighting goes, she is a pussy. If she thinks she has no chance at all, she will hide behind her phone and avoid in person, at all costs. She will for sure make sure that she has rings on too. There are videos of her admitting to cheating on Steven. I have seen them personally, but her friend Leah moved away and has those videos. I wish she would send them to Steven, but he's such a dumbass, that he believes all her pathological lies.
She looks like a bird with that big ass nose of hers. She has to hide behind all those expensive clothes that she wears, in which she steals anyway. And yes, everyone knows that her mustang is paid off. She makes it a point to let everyone know that. Maybe when she had the reconstructive surgery done on her face from where she was bit by a dog, they should've just redone her whole face. Would've helped everyone's eyes a little.
She needs to learn that once trash, always trash.

Franklin, KY

#34 Aug 5, 2012
Why does she act like she does? As far as the picking on younger girls she got what was coming to her and there needs to be more of it. Sh has gotten away with doing that kind of stuff for to long

Louisville, KY

#35 Oct 1, 2012
She's a triflin' hoe who thinks she is better than everyone, really she is a nobody! She's a waste of space on earth and definately a waste of oxygen! She acts like the victim, when really she's the criminal. I used to feel sorry for Steven but people have made many attempts to show him the real Jennifer and he refuses to believe it! So he's the dumbass and they deserve each other!

United States

#36 Nov 13, 2013

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