Review: Aspen Steakhouse

Scottsville, KY

#42 Jan 31, 2009
I Tried It

Scottsville, KY

#43 Feb 4, 2009
I waited forever but finally tried it just weeks ago. It was o.k. not great.. not good service and not a lot of food for what I paid. I'd prefer to go to Dumplins but I eat there almost too much lol.

Scottsville, KY

#44 Feb 5, 2009
the best food ive ever tasted ten times better than dumps

Scottsville, KY

#45 Feb 5, 2009
scottsville resident wrote:
I worked there for one day and if FDA knew what was going on there, they would be shut down. The owner has a mother and they are all hindu and the mother cuts up the meat in a little room behind the register in her bare hands with no gloves on a board on the floor. I quit after one day. I would not eat there.
im sure your someone from dumplins is your guys are so sure your sitting on a gold mine than why are you all always on here bashing other resturants are you feeling a little insecure
english teacher

Evansville, IN

#46 Feb 5, 2009
Curious wrote:
I have never ate here. But when you drive by it never looks very busy... Which makes me wonder why? Of course, one good reason could be because EVERYONE is always at Dumplins.
But I am curious as to what they have on the menu??
Is it mostley steak and baked potato type food?
Hamburgers/fries. Maybe some chicken strips?
If you've ate there, list a few menu items the offer. Maybe some of your favorites.(I noticed on the comment above mine "a fan of aspen" likes the potato soup and club, is that a club sandwich?) Maybe I'll have to check the place out. Haven't really heard much about it to be honest.
I have never ate here!!! Where did you go to school or did you?

Westmoreland, TN

#47 Feb 5, 2009
i didn't like it. tried it twice now.
english teacher

Evansville, IN

#48 Feb 5, 2009
hello curious!!!

Scottsville, KY

#49 Feb 7, 2009
Ok if Aspens is so good then why is it most the time you go by there it is basically empty and somedays it even looks closed. I have ate there a few times always try to try a new place at least twice at different times of the day just in case it was just a bad crew at that time. To be honest at the moment the prices are too high for quality and the service. The food is alright I thought it was better then what Huddle House use to have they really need to consider lowering prices a little bit then maybe they would get better business. The comment about the room and the mother cutting the meat doesn't surprise me I have seen worse in town. Like at the Mexican Restaurant I seen a guy come out to that side area beside the side road had a meat cleaver and chicken and cutting it up on the side walk actually placing the meat on the side cutting out sections and then take it back in the restaurant.
Not Great

Summer Shade, KY

#50 Feb 8, 2009
I've eaten at Aspen three times... I didn't love it any time I went and ordered something different each time. I did enjoy this hot creamy bacon salad dressing they have, but everything else was just okay. I'll eat there again, because there just isn't that much to choose from in Scottsville, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Scottsville, KY

#51 Feb 8, 2009
Tried 3-4 times and may again someday but maybe just for a salad. Nothing very impressive
mr big shot

Summer Shade, KY

#52 Feb 11, 2009
i love the food, myself and my gf eat there all the time. we give it a 110%

Scottsville, KY

#53 Jul 17, 2009
See hungry folks are everywhere!


Since: Apr 09


#54 Jul 17, 2009
Aspen is to high for the small amount of food they serve. I ate there one time, thought I was going to have to stop for fast food to fill up. And no I don't over eat. At Dumplins I usually have to get a to go box, can't eat all of it.

Centerville, TX

#55 Jul 17, 2009
Aspen is alright, but Dumplins is awesome!


#56 Jul 18, 2009
Just wanted to clarify some things... First off, the reason Aspen isn't as popular as Earl G's, is because the owner/operator isn't born and bred in Scottsville. Around here, if you weren't born here, or lived 90% of your life here.. then you're an outcast and can almost never "fit in". Another thing, the owner's Mother couldn't have been sitting behind the register cutting meat or whatever was said, because her Mother is deceased and has been for quite some time. The prices are reasonable when you figure in a drive into Bowling Green to get something equally as good. Earl G's is gross, the employees are rude and the food isn't anything I couldn't whip up in my kitchen myself to taste just as good. Most of the food used come from Save-A-Lot as well (yuck, have you seen their meat section lately?) The reason it's always busy? Because people around here enjoy routines, trying something new just isn't a Scottsville way. Maybe the name is too intimadating.. what if she changed the name to Dale Jr's Food Shack? I think that would draw in some customers!! Bunch of uneducated rednecks.. she also isn't Hindu.. she is from the Philippines. But who am I say anything? Just another outcast who has watched other cities grow and grow, but Scottsville? Let's bash anything new and different.. why in the world would Scottsville want something nice? All we need is another bank and a funeral home to keep up and running!

Westmoreland, TN

#57 Jul 21, 2009
To make things clear, there is only one owner of Dumplings from Scottsville. The other two are from out of state. I do agree Scottsville may be hard to change on a few things, but really? Is trashing someone for coming home to make a living the way to go? So what some people like Dumplings, by the look of this site people also like Aspen too. It shouldn’t matter which one people prefer or if the don’t like to try new things. Aspen has business and so does Dumplings. This should be used as a place people can talk about the food good or bad. If you’re new to allen co and you’re not fitting in, it could be because of that attitude calling them uneducated rednecks. No we weren't raised in a big city and we might not have gone to the biggest high schools but that doesn’t make us stupid. This is a small town as people love to point out, but there is nothing wrong with that. We are in bad times in this country so anything that comes into this town that brings us jobs we should be hoping it stays. Not trashing its every downfall. I’m sorry you don’t feel like you "fit in" but calling the rest of the town rednecks is not going to make things for you or Aspen any better. Oh and by the way I have been to Aspen and Dumplings. I do prefer one to the other, but I do wish them both the best.

Greenbrier, AR

#58 Jul 30, 2009
I've been to Aspen several times, good service, good food EVERYTIME!!! They serve the best salad dressing that I have ever tasted. I think it's Hot Bacon Honey Mustard or something like that. Last time I was there I told them that they need to bottle and sell that dressing, YES, it's that good!
seafood lover

Elizabethtown, KY

#59 Aug 1, 2009
I went to aspen for the first time and ordered flounder, I was served fish, but it was not flounder. Flounder is a flat fish,, and I was served a small fillet that was not the shape of flounder, I also went away hungry for the price I paid. I dont mind paying for quality and quantity but I do expect to be fed enough, and get what is on the menu.

Scottsville, KY

#60 Aug 1, 2009
seafood lover wrote:
I went to aspen for the first time and ordered flounder, I was served fish, but it was not flounder. Flounder is a flat fish,, and I was served a small fillet that was not the shape of flounder, I also went away hungry for the price I paid. I dont mind paying for quality and quantity but I do expect to be fed enough, and get what is on the menu.
I gave Aspen 4 chances, none of the meals I had were worth a flip. The prices are decent but I would rather pay more for quality than pay little for something not worth eating.

Scottsville, KY

#61 Aug 2, 2009
To NewbieWoobie and ACS: Being an outsider from a large city up north I have to agree with the both of you. I've lived in Scottsville now for a few years. Yes, some people here make it hard for outsiders to fit in but, so what!!! Who needs em!!! Look the other way!!! If you go out and mingle there's nice people everywhere you go. Even in Scottsville. I'm giving Scottsville a chance. I've seen positive growth here in the past few years. They're really cleaning the town up.

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