1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee-Stalling pro...

San Antonio, TX

#188 Jun 3, 2012
Fuel injector cleaner; I hope it helps you fellow 98' Jeep grand cherokee 6-cylinder owners. I did it twice with 5 gallons of gas(more concentrated) than instructed; so far so good....Big E...good luck...and a cheap fix...

Sand Springs, OK

#189 Jun 11, 2012
I have been reading old posts and mine has done every thing they write about. It has been to 4 garages including Jeep dealer 50 miles away. Towed 4 times.
Right now the Brain is out and I don't know if brain is what I need to look for online parts. The brain was taken off to go to parts dealer here in town They could not find a match so what and where do I go now?

High Point, NC

#190 Jun 12, 2012
The computer has probably went out if you take the computer out and if the back of it is black then that's your problem...

High Point, NC

#191 Jun 12, 2012
No the timing chain broke i just had to replace one on my wifes jeep

Melbourne, FL

#192 Jun 18, 2012
In addition to the stalling problems everyone else is having, my '98 JGC will blow the Auto Shutdown fuse. One question I have is that the owners manual says it should be a 20 amp fuse while the Haynes Repair Manual says a 30 amp fuse should go there. Does anyone know which is correct?
Shari Ege

Glenwood, IL

#193 Jun 20, 2012
I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0. Also having random stalling problems. Since I had just recently purchased the vehicle after it had been sitting for some time, I ran a couple bottles of Lucas through it. The stalling was already happening before I ran the Lucas through. This thing also goes through gas like it is a very 8cyl, and very very slow to pick up speed. I took it to O'Reilly today and it came up with a '320' code. The print out that he gave me said that it could be the PCM or a CKS. I remember the CKS going out on my daughters Pontiac, and when it went out, the car would give her grief starting at all. The Jeep starts up everytime, just randomly stalls. It only has 110k miles on it, and I love this truck, I just don't want to be sucked dry. I'm not opposed to changing out the PCM and the other recommended parts if that is what it TRULY needs. I just don't want to go through sensor after sensor. Please advise as I plan to take this project on this weekend. Driving the expressway in Chicago and stalling in the middle of high speed traffic is getting mighty dangerous.

Dallas, TX

#194 Jul 17, 2012
Steve wrote:
I have the exact same symptoms with my 98 GC. It will start and then after, just as you said, 10 to 30 seconds it will start to stumble and hesitate and even backfire if you try to stomp on it. This lasts anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes on mine, then goes away. Last week it simply wouldn't start at all and I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor and that cured that, but I think that was unrelated to the running issue. Who knows! And ideas out there would be appreciated. I'm just afraid that one of these days it will turn worse and leave us stranded.
change pcm,ecu

United States

#195 Jul 27, 2012
I have a 98 jeep grand and it was giving me prob. Never stalled but sounded like it wanted to. Had no check light on. Just fell on its face then I would punch the gas a few times and it was fine. Then I let it chug for a few and the light came on. It was the o2 sensor on the upstream. Sensor

Fraser, MI

#196 Jul 28, 2012
Try the o2 sensor (upstream)

Haslett, MI

#197 Aug 2, 2012
gregb wrote:
my 98 JC runs fine but wants to stall if I punch it...it will idle ok but as soon as I go to move I have to feather it....can anyone help me out...about to lose it!...lol
Mine did the same thing. I changed the o2 sensor on the upstream ( Before the cat) now runs great. Hope this helps.
Just - Tone

Crofton, MD

#198 Aug 2, 2012
G/F's '98 Grand Cherokee had it's FIRST ever issue with the random shutting off last night. Thankfully I was there. Looks to be the Neg cable coming off of the battery. I gave it a few tugs and twists and it started right up. Had to to this twice last night on our way home. She reported that it did it again this morning on her way to work. I'm 99% convinced that it's a ground-cable issue. I'm going to get a new OEM Neg (-) battery cable and replace it this weekend and see if that fixes the issue. Cable connectors are TIGHT on the posts and the battery is only a few months old. She DID just have a new O2 and Cat installed this past weekend so I'm convinced that when the battery was disconnected it disturbed the current flow.(Stranger things have happened.) I'll get in there "all nice and deep like" with the wire brush and make sure the ground connections are clean too. Hope this fixes it.

Indianapolis, IN

#199 Aug 4, 2012
Having the stalling issues like everyone else...bought a new PCM and still have the same problems....but I have the 4.7 V8....and the coils are above the wires...so I would have to place all of those and the plugs themselves and I should be done?
Just - Tone

Crofton, MD

#200 Aug 6, 2012
Got a little update. It looks like the Coil is not pumping out enough "uhh" part of the time. I'm going to be replacing it this coming weekend, along with the Neg Battery terminal. It has some corrosion starting to form.

Keene, NH

#201 Aug 9, 2012
I have had trouble with my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. When I pull out from a stop sign, it misfires and hesitates for a couple of seconds, then its alright for awile. I had the Throttle Position Sensor changed, but still no fix. I will post an update soon.

Phoenix, AZ

#202 Aug 9, 2012
Just - Tone

Crofton, MD

#203 Aug 10, 2012
Finally got around to replacing the Ignition Coil and the Distributor Magnetic Pickup. Still no fix. Next try will be the Neg Battery Terminal connector. After that, I'm just going to replace the ECU. This JUST started and the G/F is up my butt to get it fixed w/out spending money! Lol.....women.

Hobart, Australia

#204 Aug 15, 2012
Sounds like I'm not the only one with a stalling problem. Mine acts as though idle just isn't there. Foot off pedal, engine stops.
Seems like the PCM is going to be the culprit. Disconnect battery, wait, reconnect, problem gone; for a while!
Has anyone had these symptoms and the problem hasn't been the PCM?
I'm struggling a little bit with the concept that the damage results from high resistance leads causing high current draw. Seems counter intuitive as high resistance usually means low current flow. Could be neglected plugs causing a high spark voltage that's somehow spiking back into the PCM but I'd have thought that would simply fry it?
Anyway, if it works, I'm not arguing!
I'd be interested to hear more from the poster above who simply re-soldered dry joints. I'm in Australia so I suspect getting a PCM isn't going to be as easy for me. Gouging off resin might be an option!

Since: May 09

Los Angeles, CA

#205 Aug 18, 2012
Stalling can be caused by many different problems...lack of power by many different problems. Knowing what OBD2 codes are in the system helps the diagnosis...sometimes more than one component is at fault...unless the problem is intermittent, guessing which part is bad is not required. People need to tell the forum what codes are present. My '97 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 4.0 6 cyl engine currently has 320,000 miles with the original engine, transmission a/c compressor and still running strong...Over the years I've changed the water pump 3 times, 2 radiators, 2 alternators, belts, both front cv axles, the harmonic balancer, rear differential bearings, couple of door lock actuators, 5 times changed the plugs, cap and rotor, one coil, one crank sensor, valve cover gasket, oil filter housing o-rings, all 3 transmission solenoids, brakes and rotors at least 3 times...and a few light bulbs. That's the whole list. Not bad overall.

Since: May 09

Los Angeles, CA

#206 Aug 18, 2012
oh yeah, I forgot the brain...the ecm was changed three times till I got a good one...this one's been in for quite a while. No problems.

Lutana, Australia

#207 Aug 19, 2012
Our problem is definitely intermittent. Hasn't done it now for five days, basically ever since I decided I'd better do something about it!
I'm thinking it might be a worth while investment to get a diagnostic code reader. As you say, makes life easy if you can read the codes.
I was interested to see you've replaced three water pumps. I've just done my second and I was thinking that they're lasting about 100,000 miles (we're just past 200,000). Your three seems to bear that out.
I notice that your list doesn't include a VC. I got so annoyed with full time 4wd that I changed the whole transfer case to give me the option.
Whoops, sorry, I'm off topic!

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