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#123 Dec 4, 2012
I, also, had a bad experience with this company. I will NEVER use them again and if I ever go someplace that uses them as a payment I will walk out. They give you half the information and then you get hit with a bill for all the interest, they set up the payment plan, why don't they set it up so you will have the bill paid off when it is suppose to be instead you go on thinking everything is good until you get that one bill. It is total BS and I will most definately stand behind anyone who would file a suit against this joke of a company.

Los Angeles, CA

#124 Dec 6, 2012
Chase Health Advance is the worst financial company EVER!! I have dealth with many credit companies in my life, but this company finds ways to slap you with fees and extra stuff. They don's communicate correctly and their employees suck because all day long they deal with angry customers like people on this page. BE CAREFUL!! FIND ANOTHER COMPANY! My payment was $2400. I paid $130 to them every month. I opened an account with them. They were charging me every month. My last payment of only $28 was not posted because of the on-line program did not post the payment. Though the dentist told me that there is no interest with ChaseHealthAdvance, the company charged me 29% interest which added up to more than $400!! I called them and asked them to look at my history. I have been paying for 18 months on time, why would I not pay the last payment of $28? It was an error. They are thieves and fraud.

Bainbridge, GA

#125 Dec 7, 2012
I am having the same problems with Chase. There should be a Class Action Suit.
simone tomback

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#126 Dec 26, 2012
this company is totally fraudulent -- they ripped me off and i got nothing. they financed 2500.00 and held me responsible for this amount that they depleted from my account. The other company gave me no services and went out of business but chase kept me liable for 2500.00 and both company robbed my money. beware of these people who are con artists.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#127 Dec 27, 2012

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#128 Dec 27, 2012

Petaluma, CA

#129 Dec 28, 2012
Im glad that you have enough money to piss away...but for some people, they live paycheck to paycheck, and can only pay at the last minute. It's sad that you defend such a dishonest company, but hey, they are out of business now (they do not offer loans anymore).
Blaze Lee

Silver Spring, MD

#130 Jan 4, 2013
I had no issue in the 2 years I had a loan with them. I payed 12k off with no fees or extra charges. But I payed my payments in full and on time, using their online website.
frank kent


#131 Jan 8, 2013
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George Mavris

Chesapeake, OH

#132 Mar 2, 2013
I've felt with over 49 lenders. 4 being "healthcare" related lenders. By far ChaseHealthAdvance is the worst bank I have dealt with. It's like a bad relationship you never wished you were in. They offer NO grace period and they are cocky with you over the phone. If your payment is due on Monday tge 4th you best make the payment by the previous Wednesday as they have NO weekend hours and it take 72 HOURS to process. They said if you post a payment via , "it will show that you made a payment", however, your screwed if the site is frozen for maintenance. PLEASE SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THESE REVIEWS BEFORE SIGNING THE AGREEMENT.

Montgomery, TX

#133 Apr 21, 2013
I used Chase Health Advance for my Lasik surgery. Charged $4,000 with them with the whole interest free program. I never missed a payment and everything went just like they said it would. Absolutely no trouble at all here. I have a friend that did the same without any issues. You have to pay on time to get the benefit!

Montgomery, TX

#134 Apr 21, 2013
Blaze Lee wrote:
I had no issue in the 2 years I had a loan with them. I payed 12k off with no fees or extra charges. But I payed my payments in full and on time, using their online website.
Same situation here. I paid back my LASIK without any trouble whatsoever. Never had to talk to anyone and never had to think twice about it. I put the payment in my online billpay and voila!

Montgomery, TX

#135 Apr 21, 2013
Shonna wrote:
From what im reading.. it looks like a few of you were either misinformed by the practice, didnt read the contract you signed and missed payments, and expect chase to forget it.
they have a business to run people.
they cant hand hold the irresponsible ones.
You are right. I've never had any issues with them. If their system sucks for paying online.....then don't use that!!!! Send them a freaking check or use your online billpay from your own bank! It's that simple. Oh, and don't wait until the last minute like most of you are doing. When you are depending on minutes for something to post on time, you are too late.
simone tom

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#136 Jun 10, 2013
chase health advnce is a horrible co. designed to steal your money and ruine your credit. They are dishonest and have a stupid customer service that gives you the run around and con you. These people should be out of busness for robbing my money giving me nothing and giving me a bad credit report. Ihope they go to hell

Land O Lakes, FL

#137 Aug 23, 2013
I Have chase health advance and it does come out of my chase account automatically i'm not sure if they didn't offer that years ago but even if that was the case i would never be late, im 24 years old and if you look on my credit report it has my payments on time percentage at 100% thats because I sent things early just in case "life happens"
so be on top of your bills and stop whining bout making your payments late.

totally agree with this post.
Jeep2009 wrote:
It is sad to hear that this person is so angry, but I have to set a few things straight! If you know your going to be going out of town and you wont be around pay your bills in advance! "just a tip" I know when my bills are due and I don't gamble when it comes to making a payment that was poor judgement waiting until the last minute! Sorry no sympathy for your tears bud.
Not only that but if you were to call up and ask the question can I pay my bill online the answer is "YES" I know for a fact!
On top of that it doesn't matter if they stop taking payments at 10am or not. Fact of the matter is if you paid your bill a day or 2 ahead it wouldn't matter if they closed at 7am.
Plus think about how many people out there like you that pay at the last minute. A company that is as big as Chase can't sit around just because your being lazy. Chase is not the only one out there that charges for payments over the phone by the way. Suck it up and be a man that takes care of his business on time! Thats whats wrong with things now days. Everyone one wants something for doing nothing, and crys when they have to work for it! Good Luck it sounds like life is going to be tough!
very unhappy about chase

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#138 Oct 4, 2013
These people are very good at taking your money and them giving you additional interest and giving you very bad credit. Stay away from these people they are out for blood. They ripped me off and gave me nothing. Some one should do something and close them down.

Pinellas Park, FL

#139 May 30, 2015
Cary wrote:
I too have had bad experieces with Chase Health Advance and I am considering file a suite in superior court myself if need be.
I inadvertently missed one payment. I keyed the payment into my bill pay service and honestly don't know if it was my error or the websites. When I discovered the error I went back and made the payment. I have to use the bill pay feature on my account to make payments because Chase Health Advance says that they have no automatic account withdrawal option available. I find this to be a strange but somewhat typical way for banks to do business these days.
Because one payment was not received Chase Health Advance advised me that they would be rescinding the Promotional No interest feature on the account and charging me $800 and some odd additional dollars!
The way I see it it's not my fault that Chase Health Advance doesn't have an automatic withdrawal payment option for customers
As I inferred this is a typical tactic of troubled banks these days. They receive our tax money from the government and cheat the customer out of more anyway they can.
If this scenario doesn't represent a violation of banking regulation concerning mandatory available payment options on loans, or the Consumer Protection Act, or both I am surprised.
Damn. You guys need some practice paying your bills. Everybody knows that the bank doesn't send a payment on the weekend. Foolish. Also why not pay your bills early? Why wait to the last minute to send it out. It's no interest anyway. Stop blaming others for your irresponsibility and maybe will learn and grow from your mistake. You may not like it, but it's the truth.
The Ace of Spades

Petersburg, VA

#141 Jun 4, 2015
kjg wrote:
Chase Health Advance is THE WORST credit company I have ever HEARD about! I also took out a line of credit with this company for my Lasik eye procedure. This is the absolute WORST company that I have ever had credit with. The first month I received a bill from them it was due on the 26th of the month. The second month I called on the 20th because I had not yet received a bill in the mail. She sent me a PDF of my bill for the month. Low and behold my bill was due that day! BUT they stop taking payments at 10 am!! What kind of stupid company stops taking payments at 10 am?? Well, the next day I was leaving for my wedding in Mexico and had to call them on my way to Cancun because they were open until 8 am Mountain Time. I waited for FIFTEEN minutes on hold. Then I paid with my debit card over the phone. They authorized a payment for $126, the exact amount every month. She said she would waive the late fee but never once mentioned that I'd be hit with a $24 convience fee. So when I returned from my wedding I had a new bill with the $24 on it and it was taken out of my bank account...unauthorized!!! I only made an authorization for $126 and I know it wasn't for $150 because I only had $130 in that account to cover my bill of $126. They absolutely will NOT return the $24 fee and it's not even listed on the back of the bill!! You can access your account online but why would you want to do that when you can't even pay online?! This company is absolutely a joke and now my eye doctor will get a bad review for recommending this company.
just why is it that imbeciles like you even go to these places. If you cannot afford it, you do not need it! Didn't your inbred mom teach you that, eh?

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