Review: Chase Health Advance

Review: Chase Health Advance

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Miami, FL

#1 Apr 6, 2009
Do not do business with them!!!

Kansas City, MO

#2 May 5, 2009
Chase Health Advance is THE WORST credit company I have ever HEARD about! I also took out a line of credit with this company for my Lasik eye procedure. This is the absolute WORST company that I have ever had credit with. The first month I received a bill from them it was due on the 26th of the month. The second month I called on the 20th because I had not yet received a bill in the mail. She sent me a PDF of my bill for the month. Low and behold my bill was due that day! BUT they stop taking payments at 10 am!! What kind of stupid company stops taking payments at 10 am?? Well, the next day I was leaving for my wedding in Mexico and had to call them on my way to Cancun because they were open until 8 am Mountain Time. I waited for FIFTEEN minutes on hold. Then I paid with my debit card over the phone. They authorized a payment for $126, the exact amount every month. She said she would waive the late fee but never once mentioned that I'd be hit with a $24 convience fee. So when I returned from my wedding I had a new bill with the $24 on it and it was taken out of my bank account...unauthorized!!! I only made an authorization for $126 and I know it wasn't for $150 because I only had $130 in that account to cover my bill of $126. They absolutely will NOT return the $24 fee and it's not even listed on the back of the bill!! You can access your account online but why would you want to do that when you can't even pay online?! This company is absolutely a joke and now my eye doctor will get a bad review for recommending this company.

Oakland, TN

#3 May 7, 2009
I am having the same trouble with Chase. Just told them I will not pay the finance charge, but was willing to pay in full the remaining balance. She said it would go on my credit rating. I said I don't care. I'm broke and too old to worry about my credit rating

Customer care person got beligerent. She hung up on me. I cancelled my next payment.

Bet they got TARP money

Columbus, OH

#4 May 13, 2009
My husband was having surgery and we had to finance with Unicorn which is now Chase. He was already to go for the surgery but we needed to finance the balance due. They advised me that they would put in his name but I had to fill out the application in my name in order to sign but they assured me that I would not be responsible for the payment. Now my husband and I are divorced and they are coming after me for this freakin payment which is bull. I will be contacting the Attorney General's office as well as the BBB. My daughter is a senior in high school and because of them being on my credit I cannot by my daughter a vehicle for graduation because they want to charge me 22% finance. Thanks Chase Financial and ex-husbands. Arent they just both a blast?
Sultana Ali

Harrisburg, PA

#5 Jun 8, 2009
My whole mouth was x-rayed and this dentist said I need to pay $6,000.00 and I could do it by signing an application for a credit loan. I was told later in the same office that was only for half of my work. When I ask the dentist why he did not tell me that he said, "I did not want to overwhelm you." I believe he is one of the Chase Health Advance share holders. Chase calls me every week, sometime twice a week. WE NEED A CLASS ACTION CASE AGAINST CHASE.
I am going after this deceiving dentist who already got paid by Chase. I have one more procedure to be done, but I am afraid to go back to him.
Sultana Ali

Harrisburg, PA

#6 Jun 8, 2009
I financed a car from Ford. I paid a down payment and then after two payments, I wanted to pay the complete thing; which I did, but the charged me for paying for the car in full early!!!

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Jun 21, 2009
Chase health advance are liars!!! This company should go out of business...They made a mistake on my bill and I had to call about 20 times to reach a manager to fix the problem. When they finally fixed the problem, they charged me with additional finance charges that they said since I didn't pay the amount which was my money on time, and after they had refunded my money, they put finance charges on that amount. Bullshit company should go out of business.

Springs, South Africa

#8 Jun 22, 2009
everyone on here needs to report Chase Health Advance (Unicorn) to the BBB, FTC, and the attorney general's offices for the state you live in and Illinois (the state Chase Health Advance is located the least the office that sends me bills).

I have already complained to the BBB and of course I never heard a single thing from them. I'm happy that my at least the fact that my issue was not resolved with them will now be recorded forever on the BBB website.

The FTC looks for commonalities in bad businesses for legal purposes (if a lawsuit is ever brought against the company they will have information about how horrible they are to consumers). I also filed with the FTC.

I have not yet filed with the Attorney General's offices but I plan to do that sometime this week. The more people that are ripped off and post it online and tell everyone they know the better off we are. Hopefully we can put Chase Health Advance out of business!

Phoenix, AZ

#9 Jul 27, 2009
I too have had bad experieces with Chase Health Advance and I am considering file a suite in superior court myself if need be.

I inadvertently missed one payment. I keyed the payment into my bill pay service and honestly don't know if it was my error or the websites. When I discovered the error I went back and made the payment. I have to use the bill pay feature on my account to make payments because Chase Health Advance says that they have no automatic account withdrawal option available. I find this to be a strange but somewhat typical way for banks to do business these days.

Because one payment was not received Chase Health Advance advised me that they would be rescinding the Promotional No interest feature on the account and charging me $800 and some odd additional dollars!

The way I see it it's not my fault that Chase Health Advance doesn't have an automatic withdrawal payment option for customers

As I inferred this is a typical tactic of troubled banks these days. They receive our tax money from the government and cheat the customer out of more anyway they can.

If this scenario doesn't represent a violation of banking regulation concerning mandatory available payment options on loans, or the Consumer Protection Act, or both I am surprised.

South Africa

#10 Jul 28, 2009
well, not only do they not have the direct withdrawal but you can't pay online and if you choose to pay over the phone you are slapped with a $24 fee. The $24 "convenience" fee is not even on the written contract ANYWHERE! I spoke to three different people when I was trying to get the fee refunded to me; I asked every single person to find and tell me EXACTLY where it's stated on the contract. All of them just stuttered like idiots because there IS no fine print about that. They said they train their staff to VERBALLY tell you about the fee but that's BS because I was never told about it and it's their word against mine. I think with all of the complaints that have been filed again them their word means nothing.

South Africa

#11 Aug 3, 2009
for those of you that lost your 0% for a "late" payment and had to pay the interest after you paid off your bill was there a notation or any kind of reference that you were paying full interest on your bills? I am worried that I made a late payment and could be paying interest there my bill still says that I am paying 0%. I obviously don't trust this company at all so I'm just wondering if any of you saw the interest being charged on your monthly bills.

Thanks for any help.
do not use chase health

Palm Springs, CA

#12 Aug 7, 2009
They are setting us up to fail on purpose!!- so they can end the 0% promotion and back charge all of the high percentage rate. Since they would not accept payments online, I set up automatic payments with my bank. I took the time I had to pay it off and set up a payment system, so the account would be paid off on time. Therefore, I paid them in excess of the amount due every month. Except this last month, they decided to raise the minimun $13.00 over my usual higher payment. Even though I have covered this amount and now pay even more per month - they will not be flexible on the $13.00 being late and have now canceled my interest free - and have added over $500.00 for the past year. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AND TELL YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDERS TO NOT SUPPORT THEM. IF THERE IS EVER A SUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY COUNT ME IN!!
Seattle WA

United States

#13 Aug 13, 2009
Chase uses loan shark type methods!! They are one of the WORST credit companies I have ever dealt with. I had lasik and decided to use Chase health (Unicore) at the time. I was late once, which they of course charged me a late fee. My contract is up end of August 2009. I left on business travel and forgot to drop the payment in the mail (because they don't take on-line payments). I got a statement stating i have a late fee and that they will drop promotion if I'm late again. My balance was $400 so I wrote a check to get it over with. Which they received before the promo or due date. What do they do, send a letter stating they are accruing all back interest for last 24 months. The respresentative's are rude and are trained to wait for a tickler alert to nail you to a wall. They did this to me once before and i closed every account that had Chase's name on it. I'm going to contact lasik surgery center and let them know, DO NOT REFER ANY OF THEIR CLIENTS to this company. I'm thinking next tactic for Chase will be breaking of my arms.

United States

#14 Aug 19, 2009
My husband sent the payment in as usual,(even though many times he tried to get online withdrawl - Chase didn't offer that service), so snail mail was the only usual and customary method of payment option. They say we missed the payment, even tho we got it in before the next month's payment was due, and because it was late, our account defaulted and we were charged 24.75% or about $1,000 on the whole amount of $7,500. For all we know, they could have lost our payment in their mail, since they say they process thousands a day.

Originally we needed to borrow this for medical needs. This seems overly harsh, and I have sent letters to Chase with no change in their stance because that is what their contract states can happen, and did. We did not intend to miss it, but because they are expecting perfection with the mail, makes this sound like the perfect SCAM! They could have received our payment and threw it in the trash. How do we know they did not. They are not budging.

So I am complaining BUYER BEWARE -- especially if you are having health issues, you could find yourself sweating out the finance issues later with Chase who have NO MERCY or sound business ethics, in my estimation. They want to charge for this service - no matter what, though it was promoted as interest free. I have spoken with a few supervisors and they all maintain their right to charge more. How RUTHLESS!
The other address they list is P O Box 4758, Carol Stream, IL 60197.
or another address is: P O Box 7030, Mesa, AZ
or 888-519-6444

Manchester, NH

#15 Sep 6, 2009
I paid off my balance with them last month and just received a bill for finance charges!! WTF?! Finance charges on what?? My remaining balance was $172.94 and I paid them $, oh thanks, they gave me my 6 cent credit and applied it to the finance charge...again...for what?!

Worst of all, the number on the bottom of the bill connected me to directory assistance and the number on their website connected me to a psychic hotline. I am beyond pissed off right now, and only was able to find the right number thanks to the last post.

These a**holes need to die. How can they still be in operation? We need to bond together and SHUT THEM DOWN!!!
Pat west palm beach


#16 Oct 5, 2009
Trust me, I have tried the Attorney General in Florida, The FTC in Washington and even filed a class action suit, but so far Chase is still getting away with their unfair lending practices. In my case, the dental office is a big crook too, and this is great for Chase because they support each other with the lies and deception. I am being charged for dental work I did not authorize and did not have done. I never asked for financing, infact, I told the dental office NO financing, but they put it through anyhow! I hope that people will continue to write to the authorities and not just blogs. Together we can get our money back!

Tallahassee, FL

#17 Oct 15, 2009
It is sad to hear that this person is so angry, but I have to set a few things straight! If you know your going to be going out of town and you wont be around pay your bills in advance! "just a tip" I know when my bills are due and I don't gamble when it comes to making a payment that was poor judgement waiting until the last minute! Sorry no sympathy for your tears bud.
Not only that but if you were to call up and ask the question can I pay my bill online the answer is "YES" I know for a fact!
On top of that it doesn't matter if they stop taking payments at 10am or not. Fact of the matter is if you paid your bill a day or 2 ahead it wouldn't matter if they closed at 7am.
Plus think about how many people out there like you that pay at the last minute. A company that is as big as Chase can't sit around just because your being lazy. Chase is not the only one out there that charges for payments over the phone by the way. Suck it up and be a man that takes care of his business on time! Thats whats wrong with things now days. Everyone one wants something for doing nothing, and crys when they have to work for it! Good Luck it sounds like life is going to be tough!
Pat west palm beach


#18 Oct 16, 2009
Chase health advance is making millions upon millions by people like us who were fooled by dishonest medical providers who lie. Chase loves them, because they work together to rip people off! "Sign here to see if you qualify"..have you heard that one? Before you know it,you have bought yourself a high interest loan!. The author, JEEP is obviously an employee of Chase. There are so many of us that are complaining, we cannot be wront! Chase clearly is in business to rip us off, charging for work we did not have done, work that was horrible, work that we did not want in the first place. I cannot wait for the United States government to intervene in our behalf.

Waco, TX

#19 Nov 11, 2009
What kind of company doesn't have the ability to accept electronic payments from online banking accounts? Chase Health Advance doesn't. Consequently, my first payment was late b/c my bank had to MAIL a check. I got slapped with a late fee. Fine. My fault, but then when I didn't pay the late fee, the next month, I got slapped with another late fee for the next two months. My regular payment was EARLY, but b/c I didn't pay athe full amount, it counts as a late payment, subject to a late charge. This is BS. DON'T USE CHASE HEALTH ADVANCE. Use another company.

Oklahoma City, OK

#20 Nov 29, 2009
Boy do I wish I had found this blog months earlier! I've paid my Chase Account faithfully for over a year. My husband was recently laid off and I was ONE day late paying my account. Well, I have free financing for 18 months and since I was one day late I received a nasty letter from them that they would give me one chance before terminating my free financing contract. The next month I paid the balance due on the Lasik and half the late payment fee ($50!) because I could not afford the full late fee. 2 weeks later I again got a nasty letter that they were terminating my contract. I called Customer Service and got a very rude guy who more or less told me "tough shit, you're an adult, follow the rules" He also said that they would be reporting this to my credit for 8 points!!! And to make matters worse, the give you a measley $5 dollar lee-way on your account, so know I'm paying one years accrued interest at 26% over $17.00. Bad word bad word bad word

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