Woman sentenced for e-mail harassing ...

Woman sentenced for e-mail harassing top Schofield officer - Ha...

There are 31 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from Aug 6, 2009, titled Woman sentenced for e-mail harassing top Schofield officer - Ha.... In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

A federal judge has sentenced a Kansas woman to five years' probation for sending more than a thousand harassing e-mails to Maj.

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Mililani, HI

#21 Aug 8, 2009
H Star slanderers - II wrote:
NO NO NO. Smith did NOT attach any classified material to an unclassified email.
It seems that this reporter was looking at a civil law suit and misreading a memo put forth by the HRC Commander colonel.
That colonel, who harassed Smith for 3 years straight (although she still managed to obtain excellent evaluations from her bosses), was reprimanded by a 2 star and abruptly retired.
This reporter is extremely dangerous and everything he writes should be highly questioned. It's obvious that he, and the Honolulu Star, fawn over media-needy Caslen. He did not stop to gain facts before spewing hurtful lies. That's slander and he is skating on THIN ICE.
What people don't realize is that in binding plea agreements, not even the judge sees the evidence.
People, especially this reporter who takes it upon himself to report court actions, need to educated themselves a bit better before passing judgment.
Thanks for sharing, Debra.

Easley, SC

#22 Aug 8, 2009
H Star slanderers - II wrote:
What people don't realize is that in binding plea agreements, not even the judge sees the evidence.
A la Judge Judy & People's Court,

if she was totally innocent then why did she (you?) plea to another charge, thereby not letting her (your?) "rock solid evidence" to be submitted?
If I were completely innocent I would never agree to plea to a charge that I am innocent of.

Prosecutor conflicts

Kansas City, MO

#23 Aug 8, 2009
Connect the dots:

Caslen headed up the DOD detainee affairs team.[DOD wrote torture policy. Ask Smith. She's seen the classified documents.]
Rumsfeld lied his face off in national press conferences, saying 'I do not recall' many times while officers at CENTCOM laughed because of his bold-face lies. Ask Rumsfeld (and the International Red Cross) about a detainee the DOD called 'Larry.' But don't ask Larry. I'm sure his mind is mush now.

DOJ (Dept of Justice) wrote torture policy. Ask the former US Attorney General, Mr. Gonzales. Or better yet, go to CSPAN.org and listen to his hundred 'I do not recall' statements when asked by the Senate Armed Services committee about detainee issues.

DOJ office in Hawaii is headed by a US Attorney, a political appointee.

The US Attorney in Hawaii sits on the same 'family support group' board as Caslen's wife. The US Attorneys office indicted Smith. Seem a little too cozy? Because it is.

Kansas City, MO

#24 Aug 9, 2009
It's obvious that the US Attorney's office in Hawaii and the FBI office in Hawaii are not interested in justice.

They are interested in winning and improving their conviction rate. Facts and impartial truth and fairness to the accused be damned.

US Attorneys and FBI agents get better evaluations, and therefore better pay and possible promotions when they have higher conviction rates.

Rumor has it that the deputy US Attorney in Hawaii had a big hand in this case, too. Rumor also has it that he wants to be the next US Attorney BADLY.

Write President Obama and tell him that Hawaii doesn't need any more US Attorneys who turn a blind eye to crimes of generals while prosecuting the women these generals lead on and offer to 'mentor.'
US Attorney fired

Kansas City, MO

#25 Aug 9, 2009
An attorney told me that a while back an assistant US Attorney was fired.

Why? He told his supervisor, one of the senior attorneys (the deputy?), that if he were in Iraq, he'd be fragged.

A lot of non-attorneys think attorneys are jerks, but when an asst. US Attorney thinks the US Attorney leadership are such jerks that they tell them they would be fragged (killed), that is pretty powerful.
Martha Stewart et all

Kansas City, MO

#26 Aug 9, 2009
US Sprinter Marion Jones spent 6 months in prison for lying to federal investigators.

Martha Stewart spent 5 months in jail and another 7 on house arrest for lying to federal investigators.

Caslen lied twice to federal investigators and not only did they cover it up, they portrayed him as the helpless victim.

But that's typical of US Attorneys. Attack-dog US Attorney Eliot Spitzer of New York viciously prosecuted crime. When he was elected governor, he committed multiple felonies in his cross-state romps with a paid female prostitute.

Was Eliot Spitzer acquited? No.

Then were the charges against Spitzer dismissed? No.

The US Attorney in New York did NOT EVEN INDICT Spitzer.

The powerful boys protect the powerful boys.

Spitzer, like Caslen, should have known better than to initiate relations with much younger single women. Instead, both go free.

At least Spitzer didn't lie to federal investigators or try to blame the young woman for his crimes.
reporter intimidation

Kansas City, MO

#27 Aug 10, 2009
The reporter of this article also called people close to Smith to try to intimidate her to say nothing while he and Caslen slander Smith.

No, Smith did not make profane or violent threats against Caslen and his wife.

Those lies are the reason that Caslen should be charges with felony crimes of lying to investigators.

Caslen's lies are slander and he will be sued if he continues.

Smith plead guilty to sending ONE anonymous email from Kansas to Hawaii. That one email contained a biblical scripture verse, nothing more and nothing less.

There seems to be a circle of corruption between some top military leaders, the US Attorney's office and this reporter.

Having such a disregard for facts, and yet reporting the lies as facts, is nothing less than criminal slander.
Sexual Assault in militar

Kansas City, MO

#28 Aug 10, 2009
Odd how the FBI scrambles to aid a general over alleged email harassing and cyber bullying.
Yet, the FBI or US Attorney seem to not mind at all when Smith is slandered and cyber-stalked and cyber-harassed on-line.
Mr. "Hot Scoops" can engage in slander and malicious harassment. Others spread down right lies on social media sites.
US Army officials relentlessly harassed, including with email, Smith for years with gross untruths that easily violate 18 USC 1001, and the FBI and US Attorney's office seems not to mind.
Attacking the young female and turning her from 'victim' to 'criminal' is the way of the US Attorney in Hawaii.
Yes, if you are a young woman who's been sexually assaulted and harassed in the Army, like Smith has, you won't be classified a 'victim' like Caslen was. You'll be told you're nuts. And the Army will CALL ON THOSE WHO HAVE HARASSED YOU to try to drum you out.
There is a reason that, in the last few years, female Army officers and enlisted have been KILLED by their Army and Marine 'comrades.' It's because the military laughs when women complain of sexual assault and harassment. The Army and Marine Corps ignore them, and thus open the way for more vicious and violent actions against them.
Just ask the family of the Fort Bragg 2LT who died at the hands of her Army boyfriend. Or ask the Marine enlisted woman who was killed and buried under the BBQ pit in her Marine boyfriend's yard. The military did little to NOTHING to protect these women after they complained, while letting their harassers continue with impunity.
The military would like for everyone to think that sexual discrimination, harassment, assault and death are ways of the past. But, in fact, these incidents have happened in the last few years, and continue to happen.

Platte City, MO

#29 Aug 18, 2009
Yes. It's easy as 1-2-3 to see this woman is accepting absolutely NO responsibility for her behavior choosing rather to deflect blame for her own problems to everyone else. She's a perfect example of a typical litigant on a TV court case. We have enough people in this country who share her attitude. That's why we're in the state we're in now. People behaving badly (Debra), not taking responsibility for their behavior. This leaves us with lazy, ignorant people with their hands out for whatever they can get, i.e., "poor me"
Caslen the saved perjurer


#30 Aug 18, 2009
How did Smith not take responsibility for her actions when she pled guilty?

Caslen lied in this article, as he said that his security detail reported email communications. In fact, law enforcement documents show that he contacted law enforcment. Not the other way around.

Chalk that up to another felony by Caslen.

Smith pled guilty to something she did not do.

Caslen should thank her that she saved him from perjuring himself on the stand. Smith saved Caslen from showing the world all his lovey-dovey emails to her.[The ones he conveniently did not show law enforcement. I guess the USMA motto of not lying cheating or stealing only applies to cadets and not to the former USMA Commandant (Caslen.)]

Smith saved the Army huge embarrassment by not having all their war crimes exposed in a public trial.

They should be very grateful to Smith.
Is she for real

Platte City, MO

#31 Aug 19, 2009
In reading Smith's own blog, it seems she thinks she's above everyone else in the COUNTRY. No one knows what they're doing except her. She obviously is the one who is misinformed. I am a woman who has worked for the Army for over 30 years and I have seen only a very few cases that even come close to what she describes in regards to how the hierachy handles sexually-based complaints. NO ONE can deny you the right to file a formal complaint of any kind. It is your right and your responsibility to report such incidents. However, I've also seen (not only in the military, but civilian life) that if a woman carries herself and behaves with dignity and respect for herself, others will respect her, too. The military is better off without. She's a bad seed trying to find a place to plant herself where she can grow and flourish with others like her. (misery loves company)

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