DWI charged in fatal 1-car accident

DWI charged in fatal 1-car accident

There are 229 comments on the Newsday story from Feb 18, 2007, titled DWI charged in fatal 1-car accident. In it, Newsday reports that:

A Sayville man was killed in a one-car accident in Hauppauge early yesterday, and the driver was charged with driving while intoxicated, Suffolk County police said.

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Bronx, NY

#23 Feb 19, 2007
If our legislators don't want to incarcerate these DWI offenders (too expensive) then first offense DWI should result in the total lifelong ban of that person's driving privliges in the State of New York.

Let the drunks walk.

That ban should also be applied to anyone convicted for DWI in another state. Simply legislate THEY ALSO FORFEIT THEIR PRIVLIEGE TO DRIVE in NEW YORK STATE OR THEY WILL FACE ARREST.

No more second chances!


#24 Feb 19, 2007
05 Sayville HS Graduate

Milford, CT

#25 Feb 19, 2007
I graduated with both Chris and Jeff, and they were decent kids, usually in sports. KirkHere, throwing people in jail won't solve anything. It's bad enough a kid is dead, it would be even worse to see the other go to jail. You don't understand these situations, and you only understand the loss of life. Lieb and Chang were friends, and I'm sure if Lieb could say one thing it possibly would be "don't send my friend to jail".

Lifelong ban of driving privileges? What is that, some sort of joke? The amount of people unable to hold jobs would triple. While DWI is a serious thing, causing suffering on millions to save a couple lives is not worth it.

DWI kills? Driving kills, flying kills, everything kills. It's all about how much. Don't fill this article with hate just because you lost someone to a dwi.

Holtsville, NY

#26 Feb 19, 2007
What a terrible tragedy for the families of the three children involved in this accident. First of all I would like to send my prayers and thoughts to all those involved. As a parent I can imagine how difficult it is to see one's child injured or even worse, killed.
Secondly as to the issue of DWI, this is a serious problem, crime, on LI and throughout the country. Those convicted of DWI should be prevented from driving and given the chance to be rehabilitated. Those who are convicted of DWI involving injury or death to others should be severely punished. Hopefully this would send a message to others (although I doubt it), but at least it would keep that driver off the road and held accountable for their actions.
Please note that I used the term "convicted". If the evidence warrants the DA should pursue the case. If convicted in a court of law (not by the press) the book should be thrown at the offender.
Sayville Alumni

Johnson City, NY

#27 Feb 19, 2007
05 Graduate, there has to be some kind of consequence, other than guilt. There has to be. We graduated the same year, you have to admit there are SIGNIFICANT amounts of under-age drunk-driving (and adults, but not applicable here). Reckless driving too, but drunk driving IS reckless driving. If there's no consequence, or it's "not so bad" nobody is going to listen, just like now. People are going to be sad for a month and then crack open that bottle of JD and drive home. Lifelong driving ban is inappropriate because people can grow up and change, but don't blame joblessness on the inability to drive. Millions of people get along fine without cars or licenses.

It's about what will wake someone up. Is it jail? Is it a driving ban? It certainly isn't in-class movies about drunk drivers and death tolls, because we've all seen that and apparently don't care. Your post insinuates shrugging this offense off like it's the same as an airplane accident or malfunction. It's not. It's a decision, a conscious choice that hurts others.

[email protected]' s me!!!”

Since: Jan 07


#28 Feb 19, 2007
My heart goes out the families and the children. Such a terrible loss.

We need to do something very drastic to resolve the issue at hand. Under age drinking is rampant. Not to mention legal age drinking. As long as there is places were liquior is sold this will contiune to be an issue.

I think it is time to bring back Prohibition to Long Island, reenact the 18th Amendment. We as a country have been trying to deal with the issue of Drunkiness since the early 19th Century. Maine was the first state in 1851 to ban the manufacturing and sale of liquior... It is just a thought...what is more important making money or the lives of our children?
Sayville Alumni

Johnson City, NY

#30 Feb 19, 2007
I hope that's a joke. Prohibition isn't the answer.
a sad someone

Milford, CT

#31 Feb 19, 2007
"Chang shouldn't be able to drive for 10 years. I've known all three of these people for at least decade. They were all mean (I'm putting it nicely.) And partiers. I saw the list of names, I wasn't surprised. Leib is the victim, Micello might be, but they chose to get in the car with a driver who was drinking. It's tragic, no one doubts that, but the grander tragedy is that kids are going to do this again and again, and it seems like Sayville is the breeding ground."

i agree on chang not being able to drive, but brit and leib and good kids and they arent "mean," do u even know them personally at all? maybe you should put your foot in your mouth and realize that this kid is gone forever. his family and friends are suffering...and grieving the loss of another friend who recently passed away. they are/were young...and kids dont think about consequences to their decisions sometimes....thats where the saying wisdom comes with age comes from. its not only that group of kids from sayville that have smoked pot 24/7, drank beers, etc....most of the kids from sayville do that....and most of us are all most likely guilty of getting in the car with some one who has been drinking at one point or another. be surprised, bc this shit shouldnt be occurring. have a little compassion and stop talking about things that dont even matter. the real issue with this is that kids from sayville and all over long island have to be educated more and penalized more for these things!!

*rip christopher leib, my heart goes out to your family and friends*

Buffalo, NY

#32 Feb 19, 2007
I've seen a lot of posts on this story with opinions on how to make these tragic events cease from happening. They are all possiblities, but when it comes down to it it's up to the kids to make the right choices. Parents drill into childrens heads not to drive while drunk and if they're not they should be. Sometimes you just hope and pray that they are listening. Maybe it just needs to be addressed more than it is, because something needs to be done and im sure we can all agree with that.
You know kids are going to go out and go to parties. When they are there they have to be the ones to make the right choice. It's a something that could be the difference between life or death.
Also to reenact Prohibition and the 18th Amendment just on LI seems harsh. Kids will find alcohol in places other than long island. It would be a hassle, but they'll find it someway.
So I'll put my two cents in and say raise the age to be able to drive to 21. Maybe it could do a lot of good, or even a little bit of good. It is still a lot better than seeing these news stories and to hear about a teen whose lost a life to a bad choice.
Sayville Girl

Milford, CT

#33 Feb 19, 2007
PLEASE, let's not let this turn into another flaming board like what happened with Billy Raimo. Negative comments, pointing fingers...it's just not needed right now. Please have respect for Chris, Jef, and their families at this time.

RIP Chris, and my utter condolences to the Lieb family.
Melissa M - East Islip

Hamden, CT

#34 Feb 19, 2007
I’ve known Chris my entire life. Our families were good friends growing up, and trust me… no loss is ever an easy one… but this family has been through a lot. And so have the town and the group of friends. I’ve known most of the boys, and those in the past, and it just seems unfair that anyone should have to feel so much pain, know so much loss, at such a young age. I understand that people feel the need to get their thoughts out by commenting, but I’m asking you this... Instead of using this as a blog to talk about some issues you feel strongly about – talk to the people who will listen, law makers, your town supervisor… not the people who are reading this to remember Chris. Think about his family and the families of all the boys tragically lost over the past year, or even couple of years. Think about his friends that will have to live with this forever. Think about their hearts, reading this, breaking… thinking… how could you be talking logistics instead of remembering a beautiful soul, a wonderful young man? Please stop posting about your bad high school memories, or your defense about DWI’s on long island, or even prohibition. If you have this much on your mind start your own blog, or like I said, talk to the people who get paid to listen to your concerns. Don’t talk to the people who are reading this, hurting. We all understand that this is a problem. But the families and those close to Chris shouldn’t have to hear about this at such a difficult time. We’re all human; if this was your son or your close friend, trust me you wouldn’t want to hear it. Thank you. We all are missing you Chris. Rest in peace. I’ll never forget “my 5-year-old BFF,” or “Manhunt on Richard Avenue.” We love you.

Selden, NY

#35 Feb 19, 2007
Chang, that says it all.

Brooklyn, NY

#36 Feb 19, 2007
Kirkhere, I think people using capslocks should get one year in state prison.

Rockville Centre, NY

#38 Feb 19, 2007
Stop Drinking and driving

[email protected]' s me!!!”

Since: Jan 07


#39 Feb 19, 2007
Please I mean no disrespect to the families involved. My heart actually aches for them. I have lived on Long Island all my life. I was 18yrs old when the raised the drinking age to 21. This issue has gotten worse over the years. I have an 8yr old daughter and I worry about this for when she gets older. I do not want to see another LI child be lost this way. I am sure there is a lot more parents on LI than you think who will hold their kids a little tighter tonight. I am also sure that they were good kids, and bothers the hell out of me when people post comments that are negative and bad mouth people. My only intention is to find a solution to stop these horrible tragedies.
22 year old Sayville-ite

Hyde Park, NY

#40 Feb 19, 2007
I knew and hung out with Jeff.. and i agree with most of hte comments above. Every 16-21 year old in sayville, and every where else on this island for that matter, REALLY need to start thinking. The responsibility remains on us .. not on laws, state programs, or bigger punishments to help us learn.

It doesnt take a genius to realize we need to be smarter and more careful in everything we do. Having fun is FINE, drinking underage is illegal but everyone knows it will never stop. Just do it smart .. think twice think thrice .. don't put yourself (or your friends) at risk.

I for one have made a promise to myself about a year ago.. I'd rather walk home in
the snow than get in any car with a drunk driver .. including my own car. I hope my young sister who is still in high school feels the same way ... but yet i know this type of dangerous activity still occurs.

Stay SMART and be SAFE Sayville .... I've seen enough loss in my life.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families involved. And to you Chang .. you have a lot of pain ahead of you, stay strong

Chris D
Chris P
and now Chris L
22 year old Sayville-ite

Hyde Park, NY

#41 Feb 19, 2007
Also .. does anyone notice how no one in this car was legally drinking?

Why were there no charges related to this?

Why isn't some blame put on the establishment they were drinking at (Myst)?

Or on them , if they used fake credentials?

Anyone agree?
Just me

New York, NY

#43 Feb 19, 2007
Ya know when I see these stories I always feel like they raised the bridge instead of just lowering the water (is that how that goes?). If they had raised the driving age it would have been better. You can forge an ID and get into any bar, but try to forge documents to get a drivers license pretty impossible. The driving age should be raised we have the same problems with young drivers here on Staten Island as well. The driving age should be 21. And that's all I have to say about that!
Just me

New York, NY

#44 Feb 19, 2007
anon wrote:
<quoted text>your an idiot if you think that. Dwi still stands for driving while intoxicated NOT driving while icy
I can't stop lauging at your comment

Philadelphia, PA

#45 Feb 19, 2007
22 year old Sayville-ite wrote:
Also .. does anyone notice how no one in this car was legally drinking?
Why were there no charges related to this?
Why isn't some blame put on the establishment they were drinking at (Myst)?
Or on them , if they used fake credentials?
Anyone agree?
Why stop there. Find out what they were drinking and charge the manufacturer. If they didn't make it, the kids couldn't drink it. Right? Didn't they try to do that against gun manufacturers in Florida when that teacher was killed by a student? The widow sued the gun manufacturer.

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