Sayville man gets 4 months for killin...

Sayville man gets 4 months for killing cat -- Animals, New York

There are 98 comments on the Newsday story from Apr 3, 2008, titled Sayville man gets 4 months for killing cat -- Animals, New York. In it, Newsday reports that:

For throwing his ex-girlfriend's cats across a bedroom, killing one of the felines and seriously injuring another, a Sayville man was sentenced Thursday to 4 months in jail.

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A real animal lover

Southington, CT

#91 Apr 4, 2008
Duh wrote:
<quoted text>
You might not have agreed with the other person's opinion, but at least they didn't have to use the language you did. You are the one who is a disgrace to their parents. Do us all a favor and hang yourself.
I have no respect for people who harm animals. If you feel what he says (if he even does these things) is ok, you, yourself have problems.

I find it funny your are offended by a word rather than the sick twisted post he posted.

Now you have a nice day dear.

Caturday Lover

Hauppauge, NY

#92 Apr 4, 2008
Cats...ever smell their litter box? That's enough to make anyone throw one across a room..I mean the cat, not the litter box.
/just kidding, cats are cool, litter boxes are gross.

Whippany, NJ

#93 Apr 4, 2008
Al Kahalik wrote:
<quoted text>
Calm down...god you're annoying.

Whippany, NJ

#94 Apr 4, 2008
Mike Savage wrote:
<quoted text>
OWWWW! You're killing my ears.

Whippany, NJ

#95 Apr 4, 2008
Who ever thinks that 4 months and anger management is enough is out of their minds ! That guy is just as bad as the guy who set the pitbull on fire. We need a tough law against people who kill animals. There should be a law passed stating that minimum jail time should be at "least" 2 years and resttitution to the owner for their loss. If the person who killed the animal and was the owner, again , 2 years and they should not be able to have the privilege of owning a pet. I posted a blog yesterday and I was very angrey. I still am and I want people to know , this is a very serious situation. Animals have feelings, a soul and were created by God. We should love and respect them as intended. It doesnot matter if it is a dog or cat or other type of animal.
His actions were inexcusable , his punishment is dissapointing and the way the cat was killed was horrific.
Deb and Playful

United States

#96 Apr 4, 2008
The sentence was still too light. The next victim might be the girlfriend or someone else who is helpless!

Hicksville, NY

#97 Apr 5, 2008
Stan wrote:
I'm surprised the Navy's keeping this scummer, but rest assured his re-enlistment code will be "HELL NO". In the meantime, I hope the REAL bad mofo's in the joint work him over. Give him the pedophile treatment.
This is a sad but true fact:
Facing an enlistment crisis, the Army/Navy/etc.. is granting “waivers” to an increasingly high percentage of recruits with criminal records — and trying to hide it. Through the use of a little-known, but increasingly important escape clause, known as a waiver. Waivers, which are generally approved at the Pentagon, allow recruiters to sign up men and women who otherwise would be ineligible for service because of legal convictions, medical problems or other reasons preventing them from meeting minimum standards.
Believe me, "what comes around, goes around." This guy will get his one day - and this message board will have a whole new meaning....JUSTICE.
miss kitty

Lenoir City, TN

#98 Apr 5, 2008
Litter Box wrote:
Animal cruelty is part of the psychological profile and pattern of serial killers. I wonder when this jerk will start his killing spree.....
after he joins the navy, of course!

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#99 Apr 21, 2008
The difference, folks, is that he confessed & was given a sentence for a misdemeanor crime, not a felony. It's called a plea bargain.

The military can often forgive misdemeanor crimes, but not felonies. Felons cannot carry firearms or even be around firearms.

It's not Pres. Bush's fault that this guy was allowed to plea bargain. It's not the Navy's or any branch of the armed service's faults either. It's the courts - the judge & the DA particularly. His defense lawyer is only doing her job.

I love cats, & I can 100% assure you that should anyone have done that to mine -#1, I wouldn't let him get off that way. I'd press charges.#2, He wouldn't still be my boyfriend. He'd be out on his ass.#3, He'd be looking over his shoulder, because my brother would be gunning for him. He'd be praying to get into a jell cell where it's safe.

He'll get justice, if not in this life, it'll be after it.

Blossvale, NY

#100 Jun 7, 2008
Cats are evil machines right from birth..
im not surprised that the first instinct for a man in distress is to lash out at an animal that if were his size would quickly kill him given the chance.. just ask tiger and lion trainers..
the big cats are PREDATORS... JUST AS THE SMALL ONES.. some people have those instincts built in.

Haledon, NJ

#101 Jul 1, 2009
Wow this guy definately deserves more than 4 months! People dont understand animals have feelings too. God will give him his punishment anyway so he better say his prayers.
Blue Collar

Bradenton, FL

#102 Jul 2, 2009
He should get 4 life sentences. What a P.R.I.C.K. hurting two cats, what a real man that is. I hope he gets a sampling of the jail toilet plunger jammed in his Anos.

Vista, CA

#104 Mar 9, 2010
Awwww poor little fella' He got sent four months in prison. Just so you know better that he Killed the cat instead of his Likely stupid wife or girlfriend. I know one thing for sure, You guys are worried about a stupid cat that would otherwise be killed in a pet adoption center if he weren't adopted in time. How about the homeless citizens of america? Did you guys think about that? How about the fact that you cat freaks would rather help out a cute retarded flea bitten cat rather than to give a few dollars to a homeless guy on the street. I'll tell you what, the day that there are no abused kids, hungry and homeless. Will be the day that I adopt a kitten from a shelter. And believe me I love animals too, but $hit happens and this incident just proves how ignorant Americans are. And for the record I'm in the Navy as well stationed in NASNI. I would die for my countrymen, and their children... I assume you guys would rather hug a tree and home a lab rat. You guys who think that cats are sooo damn important should see what I've seen in the Navy. You guys.... DISGUST ME. Oh and thanks for your lack of support.

Vista, CA

#105 Mar 9, 2010
NYC wrote:
<quoted text>
You are correct, instead we should also look at all the troops coming home who have killed their spouses, or the ones in Iraq that are also in gangs, or the ones in Abu Ghraib or..........
You are a dumbass. There are more people in the United States who are not in the Navy that do 20 times more than what you know. Shut up you ignorant bastard if it werent because of them this country would be worse.

Try looking up PTS or at least research some of those cases. I value everybody's opinion but not if they can't back it up. You sir or Ma'am did not.

Vista, CA

#106 Mar 9, 2010
A real animal lover wrote:
<quoted text>
You're nothing but a sick, poor excuse for a human being. I feel sorry for your parents who have such a scumbag as a child. That is what you are and the end of the day, a scumbag. You are so big and bad for picking on something that cant defend itself.
What is your problem? Kids picked on you in school? Dont feel like you fit in?(gee wonder why) Small d/ick? Women dont find you attractive and have been repeatedly rejected?
Oh and if you havent advanced to killing people yet,it will be only a matter of time.
LOSER!!! LOSER and always will be!!!!!
Gee sounds to me like you are the one that doesn't get laid and gets rejected. I'm guessing by your name that you are middle aged fat ass average american (lower A because you don't deserve a capital)who has like 4 or 10 cats running around your neighborhood. Let me tell you something else, cats do defend themselves, they are that evil too. If I were you I'd think about what ignorance lies within all your fatty tissues, and then realize that if the guy you insulted starts killing people like you assumed he will eventually, it's gonna be people like you who waste their time and lives trying to protect cats and rodents. Come to think of it... you'll likely be the first.

as for everyone else who reads this... I'm not an jerk, I just think some people big sight of the important things. Cats are not. I love animals but there are more important things to worry about like child molesters, child obesity, adult obesity, and voting for people who don't get awards just for talking but actually walking the walk. SAD SAD SAD.

Yeah I know I'm a loser too right? and I'm going to hell right? and I'm the kind of person that you would kill too if I hurt a kitty right... O.K. Blah blah blah.

Vista, CA

#107 Mar 9, 2010
A real animal lover wrote:
<quoted text>
I have no respect for people who harm animals. If you feel what he says (if he even does these things) is ok, you, yourself have problems.
I find it funny your are offended by a word rather than the sick twisted post he posted.
Now you have a nice day dear.
I also have no respect for people who want to hurt other people or have thoughts of doing so. You aren't any different than the person you hate because of what he did. PREMEDITATED. If you are thinking it its bad, if you're saying it... you should probably go to jail for 2 months since you didn't actually commit the crime. right?

Vista, CA

#108 Mar 9, 2010
Last comment. This is a prime example of what I think about this article and everyone in here defending the cat. No its not offensive.

&fe ature=player_embedded

New York, NY

#109 Mar 25, 2010
Where do sad little bioys like FACE THE TRUTH come from?

Abortions that lived?

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